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5 Steps To Pair A Firestick Remote In 27 Seconds (2023)

How To Pair Firestick Remote

Believe me. 

Pairing your Firestick remote is one of the easiest things you can do in life. 

And in case you run into problems midway, don’t worry. 

I’ve got your back. 

All you need to do is…

Continue reading to discover: 

  • 5 easy-as-pie steps to pair your Firestick remote. 
  • 5 effective fixes if your Firestick remote isn’t pairing. 
  • How to pair your Firestick remote without WiFi under 15 seconds. 
  • And so much more…

How to pair Firestick remote: 5 steps

#1: Plug your Firestick into your TV

Upon unboxing your Firestick, you should have the following:

From here, you need to set up your Firestick first: 

  1. Plug 1 end of the USB cable to your Firestick’s port. 
  2. Attach your cable’s USB end to the power adapter. 
  3. Plug the power adapter into an outlet. 
  4. Insert Firestick into your TV’s port. 

Note: If your Firestick doesn’t fit into your TV’s port, use the HDMI extender. 

#2: Change your TV’s input to HDMI 

Grab your TV remote and hit the “Source” button.  

In the pop-up menu on your screen, select “HDMI” as the correct TV input. 

If your remote doesn’t have any button labeled as “Source,” look for a cable icon. 

Now, why do this? 

It’s because your Firestick’s connected to your TV’s HDMI port.

Without choosing the right TV input or source, all you’ll see is a blank or dark screen.

#3: Insert 2 AAA batteries on your Firestick remote

Open the back cover of your remote. 

Before inserting your batteries, make sure the compartment’s clean. 

Then, insert both AAA batteries into your remote. 

#4: Hold down the home button for 10 seconds

In most cases, your Firestick remote should pair automatically after inserting the batteries. 

However, let’s take an additional step to ensure a successful pairing: 

Hold down the Home button on your remote for 10 seconds and wait for a light to flash. 

The moment you see your remote’s light blink, let go of the Home button. 

#5: Wait for the menu to load on your TV screen

By now, you should see a display on your screen saying, “fireTV stick.”

Wait for the menu screen to appear and test your remote. 

If you don’t see a response or nothing seems to be working, don’t worry. 

I have a couple of fixes below you can do if your Firestick remote isn’t pairing. 

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Firestick remote not pairing: 5 causes & fixes

#1: Remote glitch

“But hold on just a minute. 

This is a brand new Firestick remote. 

How in the world could this have happened?”

Sometimes, glitches happen at random. 

Other times, there might’ve been interference during the process that caused it. 

But either way, you don’t have to worry. 

Because solving this issue doesn’t require you to do anything complicated. 

What to do about it: 

Your next best step is to reset your Firestick remote

Now, before we start, it’s worth noting that this process depends on your remote model. 

Then again, I’ve made sure to include the steps for each one below, starting with…

Amazon Basic Edition remote: 

Step 1: Hold down your remote’s Home button. 

At the same time, tap the Menu button (3-line icon) 3x. 

Step 2: Let go of the Home button. 

Step 3: Press your remote’s Menu button (3-line icon) 9x. 

Step 4: Take out both batteries of your remote.

Step 5: Turn off and unplug your TV. 

Wait for 1 minute. 

Step 6: Insert the AAA batteries back into your remote.

Step 7: Plug your TV back into its power source.

Wait for the home screen to appear.

Step 8: Hold the Home button for at least 40 seconds. 

Wait for another 1 minute to complete the setup. 

Amazon Alexa Voice remote (1st generation):

First things first. 

How do you know you’re using a 1st generation Amazon remote? 

You’ll know because 1st gen remotes don’t have the following buttons:

  • Power.
  • Volume up/down.

Now, let’s proceed to the reset: 

  1. Unplug your TV. 
  2. Wait for 1 minute. 
  3. Hold down both your Left and Menu buttons for about 12 seconds. 
  4. Let go of the buttons and wait for at least 5 seconds. 
  5. Remove the AAA batteries of your remote. 
  6. Plug your TV back in.
  7. Wait for at least 1 minute. 
  8. Place both AAA batteries back into your Amazon remote. 
  9. Tap on the Home button. 
Amazon Alexa Voice remote (2nd & 3rd generation):

Note: The reset process below also works for Amazon Fire TV and Lite remotes. 

  1. Disconnect your TV from its power source. 
  2. Wait for 1 minute. 
  3. Hold down your remote’s Left, Menu, and Back buttons for 12 seconds. 
  4. Release all the buttons.
  5. Wait for about 5 seconds. 
  6. Take out both of your remote’s AAA batteries. 
  7. Plug your TV back in.
  8. Wait for a good 1 minute. 
  9. Insert AAA batteries back into your Amazon remote. 
  10. Press your remote’s home button. 

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#2: Defective batteries

Battery leak? 

Or perhaps the batteries you received were damaged or defective? 

These are 2 of the biggest possibilities that could cause the remote to not pair with your TV. 

Although rare, it’s still worth considering. 


Because you have to account for shipping and handling factors. 

Worse, it might even be a manufacturing defect. 

And as a result, if your batteries are defective, it means your remote’s not going to work either. 

What to do about it: 

If you have spare AAA batteries lying around, try inserting them into your remote. 

Alternatively, you can try using both batteries on another device. 

Another option’s to buy a new pair

I recommend using Duracell batteries since they’re less prone to wear and tear. 

That aside, try cleaning your remote’s battery compartment. 

With dirt and debris inside, it might block your batteries from sending power to your remote. 

#3: Obstructions blocking your remote’s signal

See – here’s the thing. 

Remotes need a clear line of sight to connect with your TV. 

If there are obstructions in the way, such as…

Your remote’s signal can’t pass through. 

In other words, think of the connection between your TV and remote as a yarn string. 

If a radio signal from a walkie-talkie interferes, the string loses its grip. 

Add more obstructions, and the yarn string falls down, causing the signal to be cut.

In effect, without a string to connect your remote and TV, nothing’s going to work. 

What to do about it:

Remove any object or device that’s blocking your TV’s sensor. 

In addition, don’t place your router too close to the TV. 

The waves from routers can jam your remote’s signal. 

Last but not least, try pointing your remote closer to your TV’s sensor. 

#4: Loose connection

Is your Firestick device tightly attached to your TV’s port? 

Because if it’s not, then a loose connection’s enough to create pairing problems. 

Not to mention, it could even lead to issues with streaming apps, such as:

What to do about it:

Unplug your Firestick device and reattach it to your TV’s HDMI port. 

If you notice it’s not a snug fit, here’s what you can do: 

  1. Grab the HDMI extender that came with your Firestick. 
  2. Attach your device to the extender. 
  3. Plug your Firestick with the extender into the HDMI port.

#5: TV port issue

TV Port Issue

When it comes to TV ports, it’s more of a hardware issue. 

Meaning that it could be that your TV’s HDMI port is damaged. 

In other words, it’s not the cable or your streaming device’s fault. 

Instead, the port itself is a damaged TV component that needs to be fixed. 

But before you start panicking, I have a solution. 

What to do about it: 

Nearly every smart TV today will have at least 2 HDMI ports. 

In some cases, you might even see 3. 

So, try plugging your Firestick into the second HDMI port. 

As an alternative, grab another streaming device like Roku or Chromecast

Then, insert either one into your TV’s HDMI ports. 

Doing so should tell you the following: 

  • 1 HDMI port’s damaged if the other port works fine. 
  • If none of your streaming devices worked, it’s a hardware issue. 
  • Your streaming device could be defective if a Roku or Chromecast works normally.

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People also ask:

How to pair Firestick remote without WiFi?

To pair a Firestick remote without WiFi, hold the Back, Menu, and Left buttons at the same time. 

You’ll need to hold all 3 buttons together until you see a pop-up on your screen. 

From here, you should be able to access your settings and choose a WiFi network. 

Just in case, here’s a great instructional video on how it’s done: 

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How to pair a Firestick remote without the old remote?

You can pair a Firestick remote without the old remote using the Amazon Fire TV app

“What devices are compatible with the app?”

You can use any of the following: 

From here, make sure to download the app too on either the Google Play Store or App Store.

Then, follow these steps to set up the app: 

Step 1: Open the Amazon Fire TV app. 

Amazon will ask if you want to enable notifications by tapping on either “Sure” or “No, thanks.”

Step 2: Connect your app to the WiFi. 

Make sure the Amazon Fire TV app’s connected to the same WiFi network as your TV. 

Step 3: Choose the TV that your Firestick’s plugged into. 

Step 4: You should see a code appear on your TV screen.  

Enter the same code on your phone or tablet to complete the setup process. 

Pairing a Firestick remote using the Amazon Fire TV app

With the app successfully setup, here’s the next thing you wanna do: 

  1. Launch the Amazon Fire TV app. 
  2. You’ll see all the buttons similar to what you’d find in the Firestick remote. 
  3. On your Fire TV main menu, scroll left and tap on “Settings” or the gear icon.
  4. Click on “Fire TV Settings.”
  5. Tap on “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.”
  6. Select “Amazon Fire TV remotes.”
  7. Insert AAA batteries into your new remote. 

Note: Make sure you also remove the batteries of your old Firestick remote.

  1. Choose “Add New Remote.”
  2. Pair the new remote with your Firestick.