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7 Steps To Reset Your Firestick Remote In 27 Sec. (2023)

How To Reset Firestick Remote

“My Firestick remote has stopped working! What should I do?”

If your Firestick remote became unresponsive,

It must have failed to connect with your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Luckily, fixing a not working Firestick remote is super easy.

You only have to follow a simple and basic set of instructions!

Continue reading to find out:

  • 7 easy steps to reset a Firestick remote. 
  • What happens after resetting the remote.
  • How to reset Firestick remote based on its version.
  • And a lot more…

How to reset a firestick remote?

A Firestick remote can be reset using the device itself. To reset a Firestick remote that’s not working, press and hold a series of remote buttons. Then, remove the remote batteries for a few seconds. Several versions of Firestick remotes exist. And each version has a varying resetting process.

7 steps to reset your firestick remote

#1: Unplug your Fire TV Stick

First, unplug the power cable of your Fire TV Stick. 

“I’m only resetting my Firestick remote. Why do I have to do this?”

Unplugging your Fire TV is necessary not to distract the resetting process.

Pressing a series of buttons on your remote is part of the process.

So, when it’s plugged, it will follow the commands of the pressed buttons.

And so, your Firestick remote will fail to reset.

Plus, unplugging the Fire TV Stick will allow the resetting to process correctly.

A failed reset may cause your Firestick remote to malfunction more.

#2: Press and hold a series of remote buttons

There are several versions of Firestick remotes. 

And their resetting processes vary. At least to this particular step.

Before you proceed, identify first what remote version you have.

Here’s a quick guide on the different Firestick remotes:

  • Basic Edition Remote (non-voice).
  • Fire TV Smart TV Remote (have channel buttons).
  • Alexa Voice Remote (with power and volume buttons).
  • Alexa Voice Remote Lite (have a TV icon in the middle).
  • 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote (no power and volume buttons).

Next, know which group your remote version belongs to.

There are two ways to reset a Firestick remote. And it depends on what version you have.

To help you follow easily, let’s group the versions into two.

Group 1: Basic Edition Remote and 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote.

Group 2: Alexa Voice Remote, Alexa Voice Remote Lite, and Fire TV Smart TV Remote.

The two remote versions in group 1 follow the same process.

And the same goes for all three remote versions in group 2.

Now that you know which group your remote version belongs to let’s proceed to the actual resetting step!

To reset Basic Edition Remote & 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote (Group 1)

You only have to press 2 buttons for the Basic Edition Remote and 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote.

For group 1, press and hold the left button and the menu button for 12 seconds. 

Note: The left button is the left part of the circle navigation button. And the menu button is the one that has a three-horizontal-line icon.

To reset Alexa Voice Remote, Alexa Voice Remote Lite, and Fire TV Smart TV Remote (Group 2)

For group 2, you have to press 3 buttons all at the same time.

Press and hold the left button, menu button, and back button for 12 seconds.

Note: The back button is the one that has a left-arrow icon.

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#3: Leave the remote at rest for 5 seconds

After releasing the buttons, wait for at least 5 seconds.

Doing this will allow your Firestick remote to process the actions you did.

And it will give time for your remote to refresh its system.

Note: When you reset your Firestick remote to factory setting, it will not delete any data. Resetting it is just refreshing its system, in a sense. It will disconnect your remote to the Fire TV Stick device, but nothing more than that.

#4: Remove the batteries from the remote

For the 4th step, you have to remove the batteries from your remote.

All versions of Firestick remotes have their batteries at the back.

You only have to slide down the battery compartment cover. And then remove the batteries from the remote.

Firestick remotes use two pieces of AAA batteries.

Depending on the version, the batteries are positioned either side-by-side or vertically.

While you’re at it, take this time to replace your batteries as well, if you need to. 

In general, Firestick remote batteries last for up to 5 months. Or longer if you’re not a heavy user.

“Why do I have to remove my remote batteries?”

Removing the battery of the device is a common practice when resetting.

When removed, the device loses any memory that it has. And so, it helps reset your Firestick remote more effectively.

Does the battery cover of your remote seem stuck?

This video shows a trick on how you can open a stuck battery cover of Firestick remotes!

#5: Replug your Fire TV Stick

After removing the batteries, you have to replug the Amazon Fire Stick. 

Just plug in the device to the same port you use.

Doing this is necessary for you to know if the resetting process is complete.

Plus, you’ll have to reconnect your Firestick remote to your Amazon Fire TV Stick again later.

Important Note: Wait for 60 seconds after replugging your Fire TV Stick. It will allow the device to refresh and run its system correctly.

#6: Put the batteries back to the remote

Next, put the two pieces of AAA batteries back into your Firestick remote.

Make sure to place the batteries correctly.

Check whether the positive and negative sides of the batteries are in the right contacts.

#7: Press the “Home” button

Press The Home Button Of Your Firestick Remote

Finally, the last step!

For this one, you only have to press the home button on your remote once.

Note: The home button is the one that has a house icon.

All the Firestick remote versions have their home buttons in the same location. Except for the Amazon Fire TV Smart TV Remote.

The home button for most versions is right below the circle navigation button.

For the Amazon Fire TV Smart TV Remote, click the home button above the circle navigation button.

You must do this step to reconnect your Firestick remote to the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

“Is there any indicator that tells when the reset process is complete?”

The indicator light of Amazon Voice Remote and Fire TV Smart TV Remote should turn blue. It indicates that the resetting is complete.

If it doesn’t, press the home button again. But this time for 10 seconds. Then, check whether your Firestick TV has reconnected.

This method works too for other Firestick remote versions that failed to reconnect.

When should you reset your Firestick remote?

You should reset your Firestick remote when it becomes unresponsive. Or when it fails to connect with your Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

When a Firestick remote gets unresponsive, then there must be an error on its software system.

“I didn’t change any of its settings. Why would there be an error in its system?”

That error pertains to software bugs. 

And no, it’s not your fault.

Software bugs are errors, defects, or mistakes in the system. They can cause devices to malfunction and misinterpret codes and commands.

These bugs occur when developers make mistakes while updating the system.

And developers fix these errors by creating new software updates.

So, if your remote becomes unresponsive, check whether there’s an update available.

If yes, then make sure to update your Firestick remote software immediately.

Doing this can also resolve connectivity issues of your remote with your Fire TV Stick.

“What if there’s no update available?”

Don’t worry!

You can remove generic software bugs by resetting your Firestick remote.

Resetting your device refreshes its system.

It removes temporary memory data as well.

So, if there are software bugs in your remote, resetting your device should resolve them.

Are you still there? Because we’re not done yet…

Sure, resetting your Firestick remote is an effective way of resolving several issues.

But it doesn’t need to be your first resort.

Several things can cause your Firestick remote to become unresponsive.

And it may surprise you, as these things are minor issues.

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Some other causes of the Firestick remote not working includes:

  • Drained batteries.
  • Battery corrosion.
  • Slow internet speed.
  • Out-of-range internet.
  • Outdated TV firmware.
  • Disconnected Bluetooth.
  • Connection interference. 

So, before you reset your remote, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do the batteries have charges?
  2. Are the batteries correctly inserted?
  3. Is there no battery corrosion?
  4. Is your internet fast and stable?
  5. Is your TV near the WiFI router?
  6. Is your TV software up-to-date?
  7. Is your Firestick remote connected to your Fire TV Stick?
  8. Is the room free from any devices that can interfere with the connection?

If you answer “Yes” to all the questions, then go ahead and reset your Firestick remote.

And if you answer “No” to some of the questions, resolve those other causes first.

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“Help! I’ve reset my Firestick remote, but it still doesn’t work. What should I do?”

If your Firestick remote still doesn’t work after resetting it, then the problem must be on its PCB. 

Your best solution is to replace your Firestick remote with a new one.

“Okay, but I want to know first what PCB is.”

PCB or printed circuit board is the fiberglass board inside your TV remote.

It holds every important internal element of the remote. And it also connects electronic components.

Basically, PCB is responsible for making your remote function right.

Once it gets damaged, the whole system may collapse.

The remote PCB will fail to work for two possible reasons:

  1. The button contacts are dirty.
  2. The PCB itself is damaged and broken.

Over time, your Firestick remote will get dusty and dirty. 

And some dirt enters your device as well. 

When dirt piles up inside your remote, it can block the remote button contacts.

And so, the button contacts won’t be able to communicate with the PCB. Causing your Firestick remote not to work.

But, there’s one thing you can do about it.

Clean the remote button contacts.

You can do it by unscrewing the remote and removing the button contacts from the case. Then, clean it using a cotton bud with an alcohol solution.

Note: Make sure to let the button contact air-dry first before placing it back in the case.

Doing this should resolve problems of Firestick remote buttons not working.

“And what if the PCB is damaged? Can I still fix it?”

If you’re a professional technician, sure, you can.

But if not, your only option is to get a Firestick remote replacement.

You’ll know if the remote PCB is damaged when you see the following:

  • Burnt spots.
  • Cracked ICs.
  • Broken traces.
  • Blown capacitors.

These damages can happen due to electric surges. 

If you see even one of these in your remote PCB, get a replacement as soon as possible.

Warning: Opening your Firestick remote will void its warranty. So, only inspect your Firestick remote PCB if the warranty is already expired.