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Where Are Toshiba TVs Made? 10 Countries Revealed (2023)

Where Are Toshiba Tvs Made

Toshiba is one of Japan’s most popular electronics brands.

It has reached millions of households around the world.

And Toshiba TV is one of its best-selling products.

But what happened with Toshiba?

Does the company still manufacture televisions?

Read on to discover:

  • 10 countries that manufacture Toshiba TVs.
  • Why did Toshiba stop producing televisions.
  • Who is now distributing Toshiba TVs in the US and Europe.
  • And so much more…

Where are Toshiba TVs made?

Toshiba TVs were first made in Japan. Over the years, its company has built several TV factories in many countries around the world. And that includes Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, and Taiwan. Today, most Toshiba TVs sold worldwide come from China, Mexico, and Turkey.

10 countries that manufacture Toshiba TVs

#1: Japan

As you may know, Toshiba is a huge Japanese home electronics and appliances brand.

So, its first and main TV manufacturing plant is in Japan. Its only domestic plant in the country is in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture.

Since 1939, Toshiba’s plant has produced and exported millions of televisions. And it became one of the most popular and trusted brands across the globe.

In 2006, the plant stopped manufacturing CRT and plasma TVs in Japan. In an attempt to focus on producing LCD TVs.

During this time, LCD TVs were dominating the market. 

So, it only made sense for Toshiba to shift its focus to new productions.

But in 2015, Toshiba announced a significant decrease in TV productions in Japan. 

It’s because of low sales and tight competition in the market.

Meaning all Toshiba TVs for 2015 onwards wouldn’t have come from Japan.

“But can I still buy a Toshiba TV made in Japan? Is there any way I can get one?”

No, you can’t buy a Toshiba TV today that is authentically from Japan…

Unless you live in Japan.

Manufacturing TVs is not Toshiba’s priority anymore. So, finding one in the market can be challenging.

Today, different manufacturers produce most of the Toshiba TVs in the global market.

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#2: US

Toshiba used to have several TV plants in the US.

In 1977, Toshiba became the 6th Japanese TV maker to build a plant in the US. 

Toshiba built its first manufacturing facility in Tennessee. And it used to produce 10,000 to 20,000 colored TV sets a month.

Until 2005, various types of TVs sold in the US market came from one plant in New York.

It stopped producing televisions when the company decided to stop manufacturing CRT TVs.

“So, where do Toshiba TVs in the US market today come from?”

From 2015 onwards, most Toshiba TVs in the US came from the Mexico, Turkey, and Poland TV factories. 

#3: Malaysia

In the early years, Toshiba manufactured TV sets in a plant in Malaysia. 

This plant produces TV sets for Malaysian and other Asian markets.

But in 2006, Toshiba shut down its CRT TV factory in Malaysia.

The company made this decision after experiencing heavy losses. 

During this time, CRT TVs are unprofitable.

#4: Egypt

“Is there any Toshiba TV plant in the Middle East and African region?”

Yes, there’s one Toshiba TV plant that caters to the MEA markets. And it’s in Egypt. 

In 2010, Toshiba signed a joint-venture deal with a local manufacturer, El Araby.

And in 2011, the plant started producing LCD TVs for the Middle East, Egypt, and North Africa.

In its first few years, the local plant was able to produce about 60,000 TVs a year.

#5: Indonesia

Toshiba built a plant in Indonesia to increase sales to Asia and Australia.

Trivia: The Toshiba TV plant in Cikarang was the largest Toshiba plant outside Japan.

But in 2015, the company decided to stop manufacturing TVs in the country.

That year, the company faced many investment losses. And so, Toshiba sold the plant to a Chinese manufacturer, Skyworth.

The Toshiba TVs in the Indonesian markets today are from the same plant. The only difference is that Skyworth is the one who manufactures it.

In simple terms, Skyworth manufactures TVs but uses Toshibas as its face brand.

Curious about what a typical Toshiba plant looks like? Then watch this short video!

#6: Mexico

Like other tech giant companies, Toshiba also has a TV manufacturing plant in Mexico.

But in the same year of 2015, Toshiba left the North American market. 

“What do you mean? I still see Toshiba TVs in North America.”

That’s true. 

Toshiba TVs are still available in North American markets.

But unlike before, these TV sets are from a different manufacturer.

In 2015, Toshiba sold its Mexico plant to a Taiwanese manufacturer, Compal.

Compal receives TV components from China. Then, manufacture and assemble the TVs in the old Toshiba Mexico plant.

So, in 2015, Compal manufactured most Toshiba TVs for the US, North America, Mexico, and Canada.

#7: China

One of Toshiba’s first few plants outside Japan is in China. 

This plant produces Toshiba TVs for China, Japan, Russian, and other countries worldwide. 

But in 2013, Toshiba closed its long-existing LCD plant in Dalian, China. 

The company said that it will continue to sell Toshiba TVs in China and Japan. But this time with the help of other local and foreign manufacturers.

Since 2013, Compal has also been producing Toshiba TVs for China and Japan.

Not long after, a Chinese manufacturer, Hisense, bought large shares from Toshiba.

This deal made Hisense responsible for manufacturing Toshiba TVs back in China.

#8: Poland

The Toshiba TVs sold in the European market are from a Toshiba plant in Poland.

But in 2013, Toshiba sold the manufacturing plant to Compal.

Like in Mexico, Compal manufactures LCD TVs but uses Toshiba as its brand.

So, all the Toshiba TVs in the European markets today are not from Toshiba itself. But a manufacturing company, Compal.

If you’re from Europe, you have no choice but to have a Compal-manufactured Toshiba TV when buying one.

#9: Taiwan

Compal took over most of the production and sales of Toshiba TVs worldwide.

It’s producing Toshiba TVs in several countries, including Mexico and Poland.

But, of course, Compal also manufactures TVs in their own country, Taiwan.

Since 2015, Compal has manufactured Toshiba TVs for Asian, American, and European countries.

#10: Turkey

Aside from Compal, another manufacturing company bought several Toshiba TV plants.

That manufacturing company is Vestel. A subsidiary of Zorlu Holding in Turkey.

Toshiba TVs have left the European market for several years.

But it made its return in 2015 when Vestel acquired a license to use the Toshiba brand.

So, all the Toshiba TVs in the European markets are either from Compal or Vestel.

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Are Toshiba TVs reliable?

Toshiba Tv Reliability

Toshiba TV was one of the most leading brands in its early years. The company is known for pioneering a lot of things in the television market.

Past Toshiba TVs are no doubt reliable and worth it to buy. 

Toshiba TVs have top-standard components and advanced technologies. But despite that, it remains one of the least expensive TV brands.

“That’s nice to hear. But does it hold the same standard, knowing that it has different manufacturers today?”

Toshiba TV manufacturers today follow similar standards in making earlier Toshiba TV models.

But it’s hard to tell for the newer TV sets.

Sure, these new Toshiba TV manufacturers have reputations to protect. So, they wouldn’t dare to take risks.

But if you’re loyal to a brand, buying a Toshiba TV today might not be the best option.

Unless you’re a techie person who is willing to do in-depth research on these manufacturers.

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