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Where Are LG TVs Made? 8 Countries Revealed (2023)

Where Are LG TVs Made

Do you have an LG TV at home?

Or at least had one before?

LG Electronics is one of the most trusted brands worldwide.

And it has continued to manufacture high-quality products for decades already.

Does South Korea manufacture all the LG TVs?

Where does your local market get their supplies of LG TVs?

Read on to discover:

  • 8 countries that manufacture LG TVs.
  • Where the largest LG manufacturing plant is.
  • Does South Korea still manufacture televisions.
  • And a lot more…

Where are LG TVs made?

LG TV sets and components are made in South Korea and China. LG factories in Mexico, Indonesia, India, Russia, Poland, and Vietnam mass-produce LG TVs. These local factories also distribute TV products to other parts of the world. Mainly to their own and neighboring countries.

8 countries that manufacture LG TVs

#1: South Korea

LG Electronics is a South Korean company. That’s why its first manufacturing plant is in South Korea as well. 

LG has several factories in their own country. 

Some are for screen productions. And the others are for assembling various electronics.

Since 1958, LG South Korea has continued to produce TVs in many countries and territories. Including New Zealand, Australia, Oceania, and some Asian and American countries.

In recent years, LG Electronics decreased the production of televisions in South Korea.

It’s because they want to focus manufacturing in its other LG facilities around the world.

The company also plans to relocate its two local production lines to Indonesia. They believe that it will help boost the production and shipment of LG products.

Today, large LG facilities in other countries assemble and ship the products worldwide.

#2: China

Aside from South Korea, China also manufactures LG TV components.

There are a few manufacturing plants in China. Each plant produces different electronics.

In 2019, LG Electronics decided to establish a new plant in Guangzhou.

OLED displays are in demand in the global market. And so, this new facility will focus on manufacturing OLED displays.

It can produce about 1 million OLED displays for the local market.

LG sells most of the China-produced LG TVs inside the country. But LG China also ships some products to other parts of the world.

These include several countries in America, Asia, and Africa.

LG China also distributes television components to other facilities that assemble LG products.

An OLED display is an interesting new feature in televisions. 

If you want to know more about it, then watch the video below. It discusses the OLED technology in LG TVs.

#3: Mexico

“I’m from America. Where did my LG TV come from?”

Mexico houses three LG manufacturing plants. 

One is in Monterrey. Which is the largest LG facility in Mexico. 

While the other two are in Reynosa and Mexicali.

Mexico is a popular plant site for many tech giant facilities. That’s why it’s only natural for LG Electronics to build a few plants in the country.

For years, Mexico produced thousands of LG TVs for North American consumers. And some in the South American markets as well.

Things are going well in LG Mexico. Not until the US imposed more taxes on Mexico-made household appliances.

Sure, Mexico is one of the largest import-goods suppliers of the US. With home appliances being its one most imported goods.

But this extra tax affects the labor and production costs of LG Mexico.

So, the future of TV productions in Mexico is unsure.

Nonetheless, LG Mexico continues to produce high-quality TVs to local consumers today.

#4: Indonesia

LG Indonesia is one of the largest television factories.

It can produce over 3 million LED TVs in a year. 

It delivers supplies of LG TVs in Southeast Asian countries and Australia.

In 2020, LG South Korea transferred its two production lines to Citibung, Indonesia.

Indonesia has now become the origin-of-manufacture of 30 types of Ultra HD TVs. 

Aside from that, LG Indonesia will also start manufacturing three other televisions products. These are the LG Super UHD TV 4k, LG OLED TV 4k, and LG Smart TV.

LG Electronics expects this massive shift in production to better everything. They expect it to increase demands, sales, and shipments of LG televisions worldwide.

Who knows that Indonesia may become one of LG Electronics’ main hubs in a few years.

#5: India

LG Electronics is the second-largest TV manufacturer in India.

So, it makes sense for India to have its local LG factory.

LG India already manufactures the entire range of LG television. So it gives local consumers a wide range of choices.

And in May 2018, LG India started with its open cell manufacturing in Pune. They started with only two models. And soon after, it manufactured a lot more products.

It allows them to produce more LG television models at a lower cost.

If you live in India or Africa, your LG TV most likely came from a manufacturing plant in India.

#6: Russia

Russia also houses one large manufacturing plant of LG Electronics.

Its facility is in Ruza, Russia. 

In a year, LG Russia can produce about 1 million LG televisions. 

Enough to supply many parts of the world. Including Russia, Asia, and the Caucasus Regions.

Some of its TV products go straight to Eastern European countries. 

LG Russian still exists and continues to produce high-quality LG TVs around the world.

#7: Poland

Aside from Russia, some of the LG TVs in the European markets came from Poland.

LG Poland has several facilities in the country. And it supplies LG TVs to the entire European region as well.

And in 2007, LG Electronics opened another manufacturing plant in Wroclaw, Poland. But this one focuses on manufacturing LCD components.

This particular facility produces about 3 million LCD panels a year. 

But only until 2019.

In early 2019, LG Electronics announced that it was closing its LCD factory in India. The company said that they want to focus more on manufacturing OLED TVs instead.

Another reason is that display manufacturing in Poland has become unprofitable. And the competing Chinese brands in the country don’t help either.

It may have closed its TV component factory. But LG Poland remains faithful in fulfilling the demands of the Europeans for LG TVs.

#8: Vietnam

LG Electronics also has one of its TV manufacturing plants in Vietnam.

With high demands, the company decided to build a local factory. To help produce more television products and ease their shipments.

In 2015, over 16,000 Vietnamese started working in the Haiphong Campus. 

Haiphong Campus is an LG project in Vietnam. LG Electronics established it to help produce more home electronics and appliances worldwide.

LG Electronics sees excellent potential in manufacturing its products in Vietnam.

So, in September 2021, LG Electronics increased its investment to $1.4 billion. So the company can build an OLED factory in Vietnam.

OLED TVs are in demand today. And this significant investment may bring LG Electronics to further success.

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Are LG TVs reliable?

Lg Tv Reliability

LG TVs have gained an excellent reputation around the world. It’s one of the oldest and pioneering brands and manufacturers. It ensures that its products are well-made. And has features that will level up the viewers’ experience.

From its screen size to its display quality, you can expect LG TVs to give the best performance.

LG TVs have various screen sizes.

Whether you want a 32-inch TV (18.28 cm) or a 65-inch TV (165.1 cm), LG Electronics will always have to offer.

“What about the display resolution? Is it good?”

Good is an understatement.

Many home electronics consumers worldwide trust LG TVs for a reason.

For once, LG TVs offer some of the best picture quality ever. 

From HD to 4k, LG TVs never fail to let viewers have a fantastic movie or gaming experience. 

There’s another thing that users often disregard about LG TVs… 

Its navigation system, which is super easy to use.

LG TVs have a simple and easy-to-use interface. That lets users navigate the device with convenience.

Plus, its remote control has several shortcut buttons. Indeed, it brings convenience to every user.

“I’ve heard about LG OLED TV 4k. What is it? And is it worth it?”

OLED is a new technology in the television industry.

In simple terms, it enhances the picture display in LG TVs by using different panels. 

OLED TVs have a color refiner on TFT and an OLED panel. 

These two control the TV display light. And so it gives a better and cleaner display image.

Plus, it’s usually equipped with a 4k display resolution as well.

So, you can expect to have a different and higher quality experience with it.

In summary, you can rely on an LG TV because:

  • It lasts for up to 7 years.
  • It comes in various sizes. 
  • It has a high display resolution.
  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Newer models come with OLED technology.
  • It offers excellent and enhanced picture quality.

So, if you want a home TV that you can rely on for different uses, an LG television is a great choice. 

It doesn’t only offer a great viewing experience. But the device itself lasts long.

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