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Where Are Samsung TVs Made? 15 Countries Revealed (2023)

Where Are Samsung TVs Made

Samsung has become a staple TV brand in many households around the world.

Known for their reliable and advanced technology,

Samsung TV has set a high standard in the tech market industry.

But how does Samsung supply TVs in many countries?

Where do Samsung TVs come from?

Continue reading to learn:

  • Where the largest Samsung TV factory is.
  • 15 countries that manufacture Samsung TVs.
  • Which countries supply TV products in Europe.
  • And so much more…

Where are Samsung TVs made?

Samsung TVs were first made in South Korea. Soon they became popular, receiving high exportation demands around the world. It urged Samsung to build several manufacturing plants in many countries. Including China, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Romania, Brazil, and several more.

15 countries that manufacture Samsung TVs

#1: South Korea

Samsung is a South Korean electronics brand and manufacturer.

So, its main headquarters and very first factory is in their homeland.

The very first sets of Samsung TVs came from South Korea. In Suwon, where Samsung built its first large factory complex.

But not until 2018…

In June 2018, Samsung discontinued its mass production of Samsung TVs in South Korea.

And they reused the factory in Suwon as a facility for the production of pilot test equipment.

So, if you have bought your Samsung TV after 2018, it’s most likely not manufactured in the origin country.

You can still buy older models from South Korea. But those are rare.

#2: China

China is one of the first few countries where Samsung has built a TV manufacturing plant.

China has been responsible for many Samsung TV productions since 1993.

“Would that mean that my Samsung TV came from China?”

If you live outside China and its neighboring countries, one thing is for sure. Your Samsung TV is definitely not manufactured there.

It’s because local consumers buy 90% of China-manufactured Samsung TVs. And China exports the remaining 10% to its neighboring countries, like Mongolia.

Samsung Electronics Inc. has recently decided to close down its only TV factory in Tianjin, China.

According to their spokesperson, this action is necessary to enhance their production efficiency.

At the end of 2020, Samsung discontinued local TV production in China.

So, it’d be less likely that Samsung TVs in the market came from China in the years forward.

#3: Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico also houses one of Samsung’s largest TV manufacturing plants.

It manufactures about 18 million Samsung TVs each year.

Samsung TV products in the American markets came from this factory.

So, if you’re from America, your Samsung TV is most likely made in Samsung’s Mexico plant.

Trivia: Tijuana is a popular manufacturing plant site for many tech giant companies. It’s because labor and production are cheap in the area.

If you’re curious about what goes inside a Samsung TV manufacturing plant, watch this video!

#4: Brazil

Samsung TVs sold in the South American markets came from Brazil.

Particularly in Manaus.

Unlike in Mexico, the Brazil factory manufactures Samsung TVs only for South America.

Samsung has been manufacturing various electronics in Brazil since 1995.

And in 2019, the Samsung Brazil factory was able to produce about 10 million Samsung TVs.

Hitting the high demand of South Americans for Samsung TVs.

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#5: Vietnam

One of the largest Samsung TV manufacturing plants in Asia is in Vietnam.

About 60,000 Vietnamese work in the Thai Nguyen province Samsung factory complex.

Huge enough to supply Samsung TVs in many parts of Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Trivia: The Vietnam Samsung plant is the largest existing Samsung factory today.

When Samsung discontinued the TV factory in China, they transferred production to Vietnam.

Increasing the production rate of the said factory. And offering more jobs to many Vietnamese.

#6: Russia

Some of the Samsung TVs sold in Europe are from Russia.

In 2008, Samsung became the top electronics brand among Russian households.

And so, in the same year, Samsung Electronics Inc. built a TV manufacturing plant in the Kaluga Region.

The company did it to address the high demand of the locals for Samsung TVs and other home appliances.

So, if you’re Russian, you can ensure that your Samsung TV is 100% made in Russia.

#7: Hungary

Hungary is also one of the countries that manufacture Samsung TVs in Europe.

In 1989, Samsung established a manufacturing plant in Jászfényszaru, Hungary.

The factory employed about 2500 local workers to work in the facility.

Years later, the production rate of the Hungary TV factory continues to increase.

And it continues to sell more Samsung TV units in the local European market.

And in 2014, to celebrate its 25 years milestone, Samsung built a new plant in the same town.

#8: Slovenia

Not far from Hungary, another Samsung manufacturing plant is in Slovenia.

Like Russia and Hungary, some TVs in the European markets are from the Slovenia factory.

All parts and types of machinery are 100% made in the local plant.

#9: Slovakia

Samsung has built two manufacturing plants in Slovakia as well.

One of those was already closed.

The closed factory used to be in Voderady City. It used to manufacture TV components and shipped them to the main factory.

And in 2017, the closed factory merged with the Galanta factory.

The factory in Galanta City acts as the central factory. And now is the only exciting Samsung manufacturing plant in Slovakia.

Some Samsung TVs in the European markets also came from this plant.

#10: Romania

In the early 2010s, there was a great demand for newer models of television in Romania.

And so, Samsung has built a local manufacturing plant in the country.

The production started in small quantities, producing TV components.

Then later on started manufacturing monitors and assembling Samsung TVs.

#11: Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the Southeast Asian countries that have a local Samsung TV plant.

Some of the Samsung TVs sold in many Asian countries came from Seremban, Malaysia. 

But in 2016, Samsung Electronics Inc. decided to stop operations in Malaysia.

As told, this closure was due to changing market conditions in the country. 

Because of this, Samsung transferred TV productions to the Vietnam manufacturing facilities.

#12: India

Samsung has been manufacturing TV sets in Chennai, India, for many years.

But only until 2018.

In 2018, the Indian government had imposed taxes on imported TV components.  As a result, the company discontinued local production in India.  

Since then, Indian markets have sold Samsung TVs that came from Vietnam.

But then, at the end of 2020, the Indian government abolished some duties on the said policy.

It made it possible for Samsung Electronics Inc. to set up a local TV manufacturing plant in India again.

Samsung sells the TVs produced in this factory in India and some other Asian countries.

#13: Egypt

In 2013, Samsung Electronics Inc. built its first TV manufacturing plant in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) area.

Particularly in Beni Suef, Egypt.

This particular factory produces cutting-edge QLED Samsung TVs. And the Middle Eastern and African markets sell it for the local consumers.

Eight years later, the Samsung Egypt factory continues to produce high-quality television sets.

The company considers it as an outstanding achievement and milestone.

#14: South Africa

Samsung now has its first MEA manufacturing plant in Egypt.

But in 2018, Samsung decided to build its second African TV factory at the Dube TradePort.

It’s a logistic hub located in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

With a US $20-million investment, this South Africa plant can produce 5,000 units per day.

Its goal is to supply the demands of Africans for Samsung TVs.

Samsung sells most of the TV sets produced in this factory in South Africa. And several other products in countries in the SADC region.

#15: Pakistan

Samsung continues to address the demand of consumers for Samsung TVs.

This year, a new manufacturing plant opened and started operating in Karachi, Pakistan.

In collaboration with R&R Industries, Samsung Pakistan aims to produce 50,000 TV sets every year. 

And supply high-quality Samsung TVs in many Asian countries.

Pakistan’s government believes that this action will improve the country’s economy. 

And it will attract foreign investments and increase exportation demands.

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Are Samsung TVs reliable?

Samsung Tv Reliability

Samsung TVs are popular in many countries for their durability and advanced features. And so, it’s considered as one of the most trusted brands in the market. 

Today, it’s more known for its QLED technology. 

It’s a display feature that gives greater and brighter colors. Something that other TV displays don’t have.

Aside from that, most of the latest Samsung TVs offer a 4k or UHD quality resolution display. Letting users experience more realistic and textured images. 

If you’re a movie geek or a gamer, then a Samsung TV is an excellent device for you. 

Several of its models have a “smart” function. And so, you can use your TV for many other things.

About its durability, a Samsung TV can last up to 4 to 7 years. That’s if you’re a heavy user. If not, then expect it to last even longer. 

Samsung Smart TVs also receive regular software updates

Helping ensure that each user gets the best experience. And that your device is well protected and secured.

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