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13 Real Reasons Why Samsung TVs Are So Expensive (2023)

Why Is Samsung TV Expensive

I’m fond of Samsung.

And that’s not really a secret because I have a Samsung TV at home.

However, I can’t disagree that they tend to be on the pricier side of the scale.

But tell you what… 

Samsung TVs are expensive for many reasons.

Interested in what they are?

Continue reading to discover:

  • How much Samsung spends on its R&D process.
  • 13 real reasons why Samsung TVs are so expensive.
  • How the company’s extensive marketing plan contributes to the prices of their TVs.
  • And a lot more…

13 reasons why Samsung TVs are so expensive

#1: Diverse selection

Having a diverse TV selection is good for consumers. 

But honestly, having more types of TVs also means spending more for the Samsung company.

See, since the brand offers all types of TVs…

They also spend more on preparing each of them.

And that’s why they charge more than most TV brands out there.

Now, if you’re wondering what the different types of Samsung TVs are…

Here are the most popular types of Samsung TVs:


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. 

And they’re 1 of Samsung’s most popular TVs. 

See, these types of TVs have LEDs on their panel.

And they’re known for their high-contrast ratio and brightness. 

On top of that, they’re also the cheapest type of Samsung TV. 


QLED TVs also use LED lights in their panel.

However, they have a quantum dot layer filter as well.

See, this filter improves the color saturation and quality of the TV.

And as a result, QLED TVs have better colors than other types of TVs. 

So if you’re someone who appreciates vibrant and saturated images…

QLED TVs are the best for you. 


These TVs are on the pricier side of Samsung TVs and generally cost $2500.

But, of course, this high price isn’t in vain.

Because OLED Samsung TVs have the best picture quality compared to other models. 

Lifestyle TVs

These TVs are models that are specifically made for certain locations.

With that said, there are lifestyle Samsung TVs for:

  • Gardens.
  • Office desks.
  • Gaming rooms. 

So if you’re searching for a specific kind of TV design or functionality…

You might be interested in grabbing lifestyle TVs.

See, with all of these TVs…

Samsung spends more on its overall production.  

And that’s why the brand’s TVs are so expensive. 

#2: Research and development (R&D) process

Samsung has always taken its R&D process seriously. 

And that’s evident just by seeing how Samsung has always led the improvement of TVs in the industry.

With that said, are you familiar with wall-mounted TVs?

See, Samsung came up with this idea and popularized it in the market. 

Moreover, it was also 1 of the first companies to launch LED TVs. 

Now, of course, all of these leave anyone wondering…

“How much does Samsung spend on their R&D?”

To answer that, the company spends $13 billion annually to keep its TVs ahead of the market. 

And if you include the salaries of their 114K employees into the mix…

The higher cost of Samsung TVs starts to make sense. 

Fun fact: Samsung plans to expand its facilities over the next 5 years. And it has a budget of $185 billion in mind. 

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#3: High image quality

Samsung TV High Image Quality

When it comes to HD TVs, Samsung immediately comes to mind.

After all, their TVs have 1 of the best resolutions on the market. 

See, most Samsung TVs now are in 4K resolution.

And you can even find emerging TV models that offer 8K images to their users. 

On top of that…

Most Samsung TVs also support High Dynamic Range (HDR).

And this gives them the ability to display more than 1 billion colors on their screen. 

See, this separates Samsung from other popular TV brands like: 

  • LG.
  • TCL.
  • Sony.
  • Toshiba.

Because while these brands also offer HDR and 4K…

Most of their TV models still cater to HD (1080p) display. 

#4: Software features

The better the features, the pricier it is.

This remains true for all technological gadgets, including TV.

That’s why 1 of the main reasons why Samsung TVs are so expensive…

Is their superb software features that are incomparable with other brands. 

And if you’re wondering what makes Samsung software better than others, here are…

3 Samsung TV software features that make it so expensive

Alexa AI compatibility 

Samsung TVs are compatible with this voice-activated AI.

And with her in the TV system…

Streaming your favorite shows becomes much easier to do.

However, of course, this perk doesn’t come without a price.

Because Alexa-enabled Samsung TVs are more expensive than those without AI. 

Auto-adjustments of settings

Sound and brightness.

You’re bound to adjust these 2 TV components regularly. 

That’s because different movies and shows also have different volumes and brightness. 

But fortunately, Samsung TVs auto-adjust these 2 components.

And this way, you’ll always have the optimal brightness and volume, regardless of what you’re watching.

Now, this added benefit is made by adding additional components and sensors to your TV.

That’s why Samsung TVs with auto-adjust settings are more expensive than other models. 

Well-structured user-interface

Even those who aren’t familiar with Smart TVs can use Samsung TVs with ease.

And this is because Samsung TVs have an easy interface. 

See, Samsung TVs have a Smart Hub in their system. And it’s responsible for:

  • Managing your apps and games. 
  • Keeping track of your saved accounts. 
  • Playing your favorite shows and movies.

With that said, even if you’re not familiar with your TV yet…

You can access most of its features just by accessing its Smart Hub. 

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#5: Software performance

My Samsung TV rarely slows down

And even if it does, I can usually fix it just by a simple restart or power cycle.

That’s because Samsung pays extra attention to the performance of their TVs.

And the company makes sure that its products have:

  • Low latency.
  • Faster load time. 
  • The capability to multitask.

With that said, Samsung TVs are equipped with high-end processors.

And that’s why they cost more than other TVs. 

#6: Marketing expenses

I bet if you stroll inside your local mall for 15 minutes…

You’ll see a Samsung ad at least once, regardless of where you live.

Moreover, if you search for keywords related to TVs a couple of times…

You’ll also end up seeing Samsung TV ads in your browser.

See, this is all possible because Samsung gives importance to its Marketing plans. 

And by importance, I mean it allocates a lot of money for marketing its products.

Wanna know how much?

It’s around $100 million annually. 

See, the company pays millions for their ad campaigns that are in the forms of:

  • Videos. 
  • Posters.
  • Digital pop-ups. 

And they do this so that they can reach and entice more customers. 

With that said, since they spend so much on their marketing…

They also need to charge more for their products.

#7: High-quality internal components

Have you ever seen the internal components of a TV?

Really, they look like a maze from another dimension, right?

But as a tech expert…

I know how to distinguish the internal components of a TV from each other.

And I’m not going to lie, out of all TVs I’ve opened up…

The internal components of Samsung TVs are of the highest quality. 

Let me expand on that by focusing on… 

The 3 main components of Samsung TVs

Power board

This component is responsible for giving power to your TV. 

And it delivers power to all the other components of your Samsung device. 


Samsung TV motherboards have:

  • Several cooling fans. 
  • Quad-core processor. 
  • 1200 semiconductors. 

And these are all made with high-quality materials.

With that said, a single Samsung TV motherboard replacement can cost more than $200. 

And that costs almost double the motherboards from other cheaper models.

This means that Samsung TVs have higher-quality motherboards. And they can function better. 

Smart real engine

This is a core part of the components of Samsung TVs. And it acts as the brain of the device. 

With that said, the smart real engine aids in the high picture quality of your TV. 

However, since adding this to the device also increases its production cost…

You have to pay more for Samsung TVs. 

#8: Samsung uses expensive materials

While other brands use cheaper metal or plastic for their TV…

Samsung uses aluminum for the frames of their TV models.

See, this allows their TVs to be:

Easier to clean

Aluminum TV frames don’t accumulate as much dust as plastic and other metals. 

So Samsung TVs are generally easier to clean than other TVs. 

Visually appealing

Aluminum looks better and improves the total aesthetics of devices.

That’s why it’s also used in other mobile devices like iPhones. 

More heat resistant

Aluminum can withstand up to 600°C. 

So Samsung TVs can remain cooler with ease. 

All in all, using aluminum has a lot of perks. 

But really, it’s also pricier compared to other alternatives. 

That’s why Samsung TVs are generally more expensive than other TV brands. 

#9: Durability

I’ve had my Samsung TV for over 5 years now.

And guess what, it barely even shows that it’s that old.

That’s because Samsung TVs are reliable and durable devices.

And really, they were built to be that way.

See, Samsung spends a lot of time and money to improve the reliability of their TVs. 

And by doing so, their TV models can last up to 7 years of constant use. 

#10: Extra accessories 

Most TVs only come with a remote. 

But Samsung TVs have more accessories in their box apart from their controller. 

See, Samsung TVs also come with…

A streaming device

From 2016 to 2020, the company included free streaming devices with their TVs. 

And by including this, customers could access thousands of free movies and shows. 

But of course, this also added to the overall price of the device. 

Cleaning accessories

Samsung TVs also come with chemicals and dusters that make cleaning your TV easier.

This way, you don’t need to expose your TV to water or dust for long periods.

So you’ll avoid damaging your device. 

Cable Organizer

No need to have all of your cables hanging around your TV.

Because many Samsung TV models also come with a cable organizer. 

Now, with all these extra accessories…

Samsung TVs are bound to cost more than other TV brands. 

#11: Sleek design

Despite the complicated internal components of Samsung TV…

Their external designs are still top-quality.

See, Samsung TVs have:

  • A slim build. 
  • Metallic frame.
  • Luxurious color shades. 

And of course, for this to come to life…

Samsung had to spend millions of dollars on their TV designs and structure. 

But really, their efforts aren’t put to waste.

That’s because many people opt for Samsung TVs because of their look. 

For example… 

The QLED TVs of Samsung also gained popularity because of their physical designs. And not just solely because of their features. 

With that said, 1 of the main reasons why Samsung TVs are so expensive is because…

You’re not just paying for their usability. You’re also paying for their high-quality designs and aesthetics. 

Want to see how Samsung TV designs evolved over the years? Watch this video:

#12: Sound quality 

Samsung TVs have advanced sound technologies. And I say this because their audio has:

Auto-enhanced dialogue

Samsung TVs detect the distracting sounds around you.

And they boost the volumes of on-screen dialogues if you’re in a noisy environment. 

This way, you’ll hear the movie or show regardless of how loud it is around you. 

Auto-optimized by scene

The scenes of the movie or show you’re watching will alter your TV’s sound volume and quality.

Auto-calibrated by location

Samsung TVs are self-aware of their location.

And they adjust their audio volumes according to their surroundings.

This way, you’ll hear your TV well even if you’re in a big room. 

See, these high-end audio quality and settings require better materials and intricate design.

And that’s why Samsung TVs are more expensive than other TV brands. 

#13: Samsung has many physical stores and service centers

Samsung has a great physical presence.

And, of course, this comes with a cost.

With thousands of service centers worldwide ready to help customers anytime…

The company has to spend more than other TV brands.

With that said, the fact that you can easily access Samsung support anytime…

Also contributed to their expensive TV prices.