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Samsung vs Philips TV: Which Smart TV Is Better? (2023)

Samsung VS Philips TV

Choosing a TV between 2 reliable brands isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

And really, after some time, it can be quite stressful. 

I’ve been there, done that.

So now, I want to help you decide which Smart TV is better based on your needs. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • Which TV brand makes the best devices.
  • 3 features that make each of these 2 brands stand out. 
  • What are the key differences between Samsung and Philips TVs.
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Are Samsung smart TVs good?

Samsung Smart TVs are good. 

And I’m not just saying this because I own 1. 

See, there are many reasons to like Samsung Smart TVs.

And really, it’ll take more than just a couple thousand words to list them all down. 

But to keep it nice and simple, I decided to shrink down the list.

And I’ve eventually compiled the… 

Best 3 features that make Samsung Smart TVs good

Diverse selection 

Everyone is different. And Samsung knows that.

See, out of all TV brands I’ve used and researched…

Samsung tops the list of having the most diverse TV selections. 

So, if you want to choose between TV types and designs, Samsung is the TV brand for you. 

See, most TV brands only let you choose between TV screen types like:

  • LED.
  • OLED.
  • QLED. 

But not Samsung. Because it takes its TV selection to a whole new level.

That’s because on top of letting you choose the TV screen you prefer…

Samsung lets you choose between TV designs.

For example, Samsung has TV models you can hang on your wall like a piece of art. 

They call this type of TV “The Frame.” And its official slogan is “Make your own TV.”

To be specific, when you buy a TV from this series, you can:

  • Place your TV horizontally. 
  • Customize your TV frame or bezel.
  • Display almost 2000 iconic works on your TV screen. 

And honestly, no TV brand has topped this customizability level yet. 

Image quality 

When it comes to picture quality, no brand can beat Samsung TVs. 

See, Samsung has optimized modes for different viewing environments you might be in.

So, whether you’re in a bright office or a dim bedroom…

You’ll be sure to enjoy the high-quality display of your Samsung TV. 

That said, here are the picture modes you can choose from: 


This is best used in bright environments. And it’s perfect for you if you enjoy vivid colors and sharp images. 


This is the most balanced picture mode and the default setting of all Samsung TVs. See, with this option, you can watch on your TV clearly whether it’s day or night.

Natural mode

A display that’s comfortable and easy on your eyes. That’s what Natural Mode can offer. So if you don’t want to strain your eyesight too much while watching TV, this is perfect for you. 

Movie mode

Like its name, this mode will make you feel like you’re inside the movie theatres. And it’s all thanks to its high contrast and saturated colors. 


Samsung TVs have Smart Hub. And this intelligent menu system makes it so easy to control your TV.

See, thanks to this feature…

You can easily launch any of your TV apps from the home screen.

And you can also automatically launch your last used application when you turn your TV ON.

Moreover, you can reset all of your apps with just a single process.

And on top of that, you can access all your TV settings with just a few button clicks.

Speaking of buttons…

Samsung Smart remotes are also incredibly user-friendly.

And their minimal design makes it easy even for my 8 yo nephew to control my Samsung TV.

Moreover, thanks to the Alexa AI on Samsung TV’s system…

It’s easy to search and access content with just verbal commands.

So overall, if you prioritize simplicity, you won’t regret getting a Samsung TV. 

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Are Philips smart TVs good?

Philips Smart TVs are good. 

And that’s not really a surprise because the brand has been around for over 130 years.

Here are just a few products that Philips became pioneers of:

  • Razors.
  • Light bulbs.
  • Bacteria-killing UV light.

So really, with its strong foothold in the electronics industry…

Philips also creates high-quality and durable Smart TVs.

And if you’re wondering… 

“What’s unique about Philips TVs?”

Then let me present these… 

3 features that make Philips Smart TVs good

They process images with an AI 

While most TVs simply display an image on their screen as it is…

Philips TVs go the extra mile of making an AI process their images.

“Why do they do that?” 

It’s to make the pictures you see as realistic as possible. 

Because this way, you’ll be more immersed in the show or movie you’re watching.

On top of their AI…

Philips TVs also have P5 processors that further enhance the images on your screen.

And they do so by optimizing these 5 features:

  • Color.
  • Contrast.
  • Sharpness. 
  • Source signal.
  • Motion sharpness. 

Ambilight technology 

You can’t talk about Philips TVs without mentioning their Ambilight technology.

Because it’s a feature that’s entirely unique to them. 

See, Ambilight TVs are models that have LED lights on their edges.

And these LEDs extend the picture on your screen beyond the bezels of your TV.

“What do you mean?”

You’ll only appreciate Ambilight’s beauty once you see it yourself, so here’s a small clip about it:

As you probably noticed, it makes not just your TV but also your room stand out.

Now, it’s also worth noting that…

Apart from its aesthetically pleasing appearance, Ambilight also has health benefits.

That’s because when your TV screen has a light source behind it…

Your eye strains less when you stare at its display. 

Note: This is also called bias lighting. 

Sound quality

When you need a bouquet, you go to a florist. 

And when you need new suits, you go to a tailor.

See, it’s always best to ask the experts when you need something.

And that’s exactly what Philips did for their TV speakers. 

That’s because high-end Philips TVs have speakers made by Bowers and Wilkins. Which is 1 of the leading manufacturing companies of premium speakers for:

  • Media rooms.
  • Home theaters.
  • Entertainment rooms. 

So really, Philips TVs’ sound quality is top-tier. 

And their speakers are better than those from other TV brands. 

Differences between Samsung and Philips TVs

There are many differences between Samsung and Philips TVs.

That’s because while both are good brands…

They each excel in other areas more than others.

So when choosing between Samsung and Philips TVs…

It’s best to take note of which features you care about the most.

So that you can eventually pick a TV brand that suits your preferences best. 

That said, let’s start by comparing Samsung and Philips TVs’… 


Philips TVs may appeal to you more if you’re on a budget.

That’s because, no doubt, Samsung TVs are usually more expensive than other TV brands. 

For example, a 32” Philips 32PFL4664 Roku TV will cost you $120… 

While a TV of the same size from Samsung (UN32N5300AFXZS) costs almost double, at $230. 

But it’s worth noting that there are several reasons for this huge price difference.

For starters, Samsung TVs spend more money on their Research and Development process.

And they also use higher-quality materials than other brands like Philips usually do. 


When it comes to design, Samsung TVs are your best choice.

That’s because, as I mentioned earlier, they have various designs you can choose from.

Moreover, you can even go out of your way and customize the bezels of your TV.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Philips TVs are also aesthetically pleasing.

See, they have thin builds that make them appealing to the eye.

And they also offer various TV stand designs. 

However, you can find these qualities on most modern Smart TVs now.

So they’re not really enough to make Philips TVs stand out.

With this in mind, Samsung TVs have better design quality.

So if you want to buy a TV that speaks out your personality, you should opt for Samsung. 


You’ll be glad to know that both Samsung and Philips TVs last around 4-7 years.

Moreover, both brands also offer a 1-year warranty for all their TV models.

So if your TV fails within that time frame, you can get it fixed for free. 

However, in closer comparison, Philips TVs are sturdier than those from Samsung.

That’s because Philips models have a heavier build. And they also have bulkier stands.

It’s worth noting, though, that how long your TV stays with you relies heavily on how you take care of it.

On that basis, if you never pay attention to your TV…

It might not last longer than 4 years with you, even if it’s from Philips. 

Accordingly, even if you have a Samsung TV, your device can last longer than those from Philips. And that’s as long as you properly take care of it. 

“How do I make my TV last longer?”

Good question. Here are…

3 tips to make your TV last longer (regardless of its brand):

Tip 1: Regularly clean your TV  
Regularly Clean Your TV

Here’s how you can clean its screen:

  1. Turn your TV OFF.
  2. Unplug it from the outlet.
  3. Let it cool down for 10 minutes.
  4. Prepare a microfiber cloth.
  5. Use this to wipe your TV screen gently. 

On top of that, you should also clean its ports:

  1. Prepare a high-quality air duster.
  2. Position its nozzle an inch from your TV port.
  3. Angle it in a way that’ll push the dust outside. 
  4. Spray the port in short intervals. 
  5. Change the angle in each spray.
  6. Wipe the dust that comes out of the port. 
Tip 2: Keep your TV up to date

Doing so ensures that your device always has the latest security features.

Moreover, updating your TV also helps it run more efficiently. And that helps in extending the lifespan of its processors.

Tip 3: Keep your TV brightness low

Increasing your TV’s backlight for long periods exhaust its components faster.

So if you want your TV to last as long as possible…

Use its Standard picture mode. Or maintain its brightness on the minimum level. 

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Sound quality 

Both brands can offer you high-quality audio.

However, for the trained ears, Philips TVs have better sound quality than Samsung TVs. 

See, while both brands offer:

  • Dolby Atmos.
  • 20W speakers.
  • Various sound modes.

Philips has better sound quality because they have more audio features to offer.

“Like what?”

My favorite ones are their noise reduction feature. And their DTS Play-Fi compatibility. Or the feature lets you sync multiple speakers to play the same audio. 

On top of that, because of their partnership with the company Bowers & Wilkins…

The Philips TV speakers can maintain their sound quality even when years pass. 

Picture quality 

Samsung TVs have better picture quality than Philips TVs.

However, that’s not surprising because, as mentioned earlier, they cost more than other TVs. 

Now, you’re probably thinking…

“But don’t Philips TVs also have a 4K display?”

Well, you’re not wrong.

However, the resolution isn’t the only factor affecting the TV’s picture quality.

See, the customizability of the TV display also affects this factor. 

On that note, Samsung TV’s picture settings are more flexible than that of Philips.

That’s because you have a wide array of options when adjusting Samsung TV’s:

  • Color tone.
  • Picture mode.
  • Picture settings. 

And while you can also do this on Philips TVs…

Their display’s colors are harder to optimize when you change some picture settings. 

Operating system 

Both brands have efficient operating systems.

So, honestly, deciding which side has a better OS wasn’t an easy task at all.

However, after observing both TV platforms for months… 

The brand that has a better operating system became much clearer.

And so the winner of this category is Samsung.

See, Samsung uses their own OS called Tizen.

And it just works very efficiently with the rest of their TV design.

In comparison, Philips TVs use the Android OS.

And since various TV brands commonly use this operations system…

Some of the features on Philips TVs aren’t that beginner-friendly. 

Which brand makes the best smart TVs?

Samsung makes the best Smart TVs. 

That’s because in comparison to other TV brands like Philips…

Samsung TVs excel in these categories:

  • Design.
  • Picture quality.
  • Operating system. 

Moreover, their user interface is incredibly easy to use.

And Samsung’s customer support is also very accessible when you have any concerns about your TV. 

Now, of course, it’s not a secret that Samsung TVs are on the pricier side. 

But if you weigh the features and quality you’ll get for the money you pay… 

It’s safe to say that spending more on Samsung TVs is worth it.

However, as I said earlier, the best TV brand for you depends heavily on your preferences.

For example, if you’re someone who loves high-quality and dramatic sounds…

Philips TVs may be more suitable for your lifestyle.

Likewise, if you want to work within a specific budget…

Grabbing a TV from brands other than Samsung might also be a better idea.

That’s why instead of getting a TV based on its brand, I highly suggest you… 

Follow this process when buying a new TV: 

  1. Decide on a budget.
  2. Find TVs from the brands you like within that budget.
  3. Narrow your choices and pick 1 TV from each brand. 
  4. Check each TV out in person. 
  5. Pick the device that left the best impression on you. 

This way, you’ll be able to buy a TV that fits your budget and lifestyle.