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Samsung vs Philips: Which Smart TV Is Better? (2023 Guide)

Samsung VS Philips Smart TV

Getting a new TV is exciting.

But when you can’t pick between 2 TV brands…

It can be a bit stressful.

That said, if you’re currently thinking… 

“Should I choose Samsung or Philips?”

Then allow me to help you know which Smart TV is better.

Continue reading to discover:

  • Which brand makes better TVs. 
  • A simple 5-step guide to buying your new TV. 
  • 3 unique features of Philips and Samsung TVs. 
  • And a lot more… 

Is Philips a good Smart TV brand?

Philips is a good Smart TV brand. 

And I say this both as a tech expert and someone with a Philips TV at home. 

See, Philips has always been 1 of the leading tech companies in the world.

So it goes without saying that their TVs are also built with quality. And the reliability that all Philips appliances have. 

On top of that…

Philips TVs have 3 unique features that make them stand out

#1: Ambilight 

I’m always fascinated with vibrant colors.

So when I saw that Philips TV has this Ambilight feature…

I couldn’t help but buy 1 of their OLED TVs.

Now, I know that Ambilight isn’t commonly known. 

After all, only Philips TVs have this feature. 

So let me explain what it is in detail. 

See, Philips TVs have LED lights around them. 

And these lights mimic the colors on your screen. Then reflect them on the wall behind your TV. 

As a result, the Ambilight effect is created. 

But of course, it’s hard to capture the beauty of this feature unless you see it yourself.

So here’s a short clip of what Ambilight on Philips TVs looks like in action:

#2: They have P5 processors with AI

Philips TVs are powerful.

And it’s all thanks to their P5 processors equipped with AI. 

See, the name P5 comes from the TV’s ability to optimize these 5 features:

  • Color.
  • Contrast.
  • Sharpness.
  • Source signal.
  • Motion sharpness. 

So you can rest assured that Philips TVs will excel at these components.

Moreover, even when most TVs simply display the media from the input to your screen… 

Philips TVs go the extra mile of using an AI to process the images before you see them.

This way, the pictures you’ll see will look as realistic as possible.

And you’ll feel like you’re part of the movie itself. 

#3: Speakers made by Bowers & Wilkins

Many Philips TVs have speakers designed by the audio company Bowers & Wilkins

So it goes without saying that you’ll hear high-quality cinematic sounds from their TVs.

See, Bowers & Wilkins speakers are known for projecting:

“Exactly what the pictures sound like.”

And really, I can’t agree more. 

With that said, if you’re an audiophile interested in being immersed in the sounds of your TV…

Philips TVs will be perfect for your home. 

Is Samsung a good Smart TV brand?

Samsung is a good TV brand.

And although their TVs are generally more expensive than other brands… 

I can confidently say that you get what you pay for with Samsung. 

Now, I know it’s not a secret that Samsung TVs are well-made.

But allow me to go into the specific details and present to you the…

3 unique features that make Samsung TVs worth it

#1: Mode selection

When it comes to TV picture settings…

It’s safe to say that Samsung TVs are almost unbeatable. 

And I’m not just saying this because I have 1 in our living room.

It’s because out of tens of TV brands I’ve encountered…

Samsung TVs have the most diverse mode selections. And here are some of them:

Dynamic Mode

This mode works best if your TV is in a well-lit area.

See, the colors in some TVs tend to fade out when it’s too bright…

But in this picture mode, your Samsung TV will always have vibrant colors in the daytime.

Standard Mode

As the default selection… 

This is an all-in-1 picture mode that’s perfect if you like watching TV in the morning or at night.

Fun fact: Out of all modes, this is the most energy-efficient. Because it uses the least effects. 

Natural Mode

A picture mode that’s easy to the eyes… 

That’s what I think of when it comes to Natural mode.

See, with this selection…

Your TV will automatically adjust the brightness of your screen. So that your eyes will always be comfortable regardless of what you’re watching.

That said, if you’re sensitive to scenes that are too vibrant or bright…

This mode will significantly help in reducing your eye strain and fatigue. 

Movie mode

Bring the theaters to your living room.

Because with this mode, it’ll feel like you’re watching in the cinema.

With that said, it’s best to choose Movie mode if you’re in a slightly dark environment. 

So if you want a movie-night session alone or with your family…

Definitely check this mode out. 

#2: Top-notch design 

When it comes to having diverse designs that fit any type of house…

Samsung TVs won’t lose to any brand.

See, they have TVs for those who love minimalist layouts.

And even for those who love experimenting with new moods and designs. 

Moreover, Samsung also has Lifestyle TVs. 

And if I were to describe them…

They’re TVs that can be mistaken for wall arts when not in use.

That’s because Samsung Lifestyle TVs are framed similarly to paintings in museums. 

And the best thing is, you can customize this frame to your liking. 

On top of that, Samsung also takes cable management seriously. 

So if you give importance to aesthetics and the visual aspect of your TV…

You should check out what Samsung has in store for you. 

#3: Convenience

Most TVs now are Smart TVs. 

But not many are as convenient as Samsung TV models. 

See, Samsung TVs allow you to:

Easily connect your phone to the TV

1 tap.

That’s all you need to do to connect your phone to the TV.

So if you’re someone who always tends to cast apps or shows to the bigger screen…

Samsung TVs won’t fail you.

Use your Samsung remote for other channels or consoles. 

Your Samsung remote isn’t just for your TV’s user interface. 

See, you can also use it for other platforms like your:

  • Blue-ray player.
  • Gaming consoles.
Pick an AI that suits you

While other TVs only offer 1 AI that you can use…

Samsung TVs let you select from 3 different voice assistants:

  • Bixby.
  • Alexa.
  • Google Assistant. 

And with that said…

Here are the best features of each Samsung TV AI:


“Bixby got answers.”

That’s how Samsung introduced this AI.

That’s because it’s the best AI to ask for:

  • Fun facts. 
  • Latest news and events.
  • Shows recommendation.


She’s the best AI to use if you have a Smart home.

That’s because most smart devices now are compatible with Alexa.

So you can even control your living room’s lights through your Smart TV. 

Google assistant: 

The best AI to get things done.

That’s what Google Assistant is.

See, out of these 3 voice assistants, only Google can do 2 actions simultaneously.

For example, you can say:

“Hey Google, open Netflix and increase the volume.”

And it’ll do both at the same time. 

Samsung vs Philips Smart TV: How do they compare?

Both Samsung and Philips are reputable TV brands.

But of course, each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. 

See, by all means, Samsung is more popular than Philips.

However, it’s with confidence when I say that some Philips TVs are also on par with Samsung.

Moreover, just like the bigger brand… 

Philips also produces new and improved Smart TV models yearly. 

So both companies can offer you cutting-edge technology. But in their own unique way.

With that said, Philips TVs are known for their sturdiness and simplicity.

And on the other hand, Samsung TV models are known for their advanced features. 

But I wanted to dig more into what makes the 2 different.

So with the help of research and the TVs that I own…

I compared the most crucial features of Samsung and Philips TVs.

With that said, I’ll start with comparing their… 


Philips TV Has Better Sound Quality Than Samsung

Both TV brands have high-quality speakers. 

And for the untrained ears, their audio quality can even sound identical. 

But as someone who used to work for Spotify projects… 

Tell you what, I can hear the subtle differences between their sounds. 

See, while both Samsung and Philips offer:

  • Dolby Atmos. 
  • 20W speakers. 
  • Different sound modes.

Philips beats Samsung when it comes to attention to sound details.

That’s because Philips TVs like this 6000 Series 24″ TV have noise reduction functions. 

And they’re also compatible with DTS Play-Fi. A feature that makes it easy to play synced audio across different speakers.

Moreover, as mentioned, Philips speakers are made by the Bowers & Wilkins company. 

So really, when it comes to sound quality…

Philips TVs are better than Samsung. 

Picture Quality

Both Philips and Samsung have TVs that can cater to not only 4K…

But also 8K resolution.

However, among the 2 brands, Samsung has the better picture quality. 

In fact, their high-tier picture quality is usually why people opt for Samsung TVs. It’s also why customers are willing to pay more.

Now, you’re probably thinking… 

“What makes Samsung TVs’ picture quality better than other brands like Philips?”

Simple. It’s the flexibility of their TVs’ picture settings.

See, all Samsung TVs let you adjust the display’s:

  • Picture size.
  • Picture mode. 
  • Viewing mode. 

And on top of that, you can also…

Adjust the color tone of your Samsung TV

Similar to how photographers can enhance the colors of their shots…

You can also adjust the color tone of a Samsung TV with the help of its Expert Settings.

That said, you can choose between:

  • Cool.
  • Warm1.
  • Warm2.
  • Standard.

And all of these bring a different mood to the images on your screen. 

Customize Picture Settings

Samsung TVs let you customize these components of your picture:

  • Tint.
  • Contrast.
  • Backlight.
  • Brightness.
  • Sharpness. 

So, you’ll always have the picture quality you’re aiming for…

Regardless of what show you’re watching. 

Now, let me point out that Philips TVs have customizable picture settings too. 

However, their picture quality degrades during dark scenes. 

And their colors are hard to recalibrate after adjusting some settings.

So honestly, it’s hard to adjust the image quality of Philips TVs, especially if you’re a new user. 

With that said, between Samsung and Philips…

Samsung TVs are superior when it comes to picture quality.

Because regardless of the brightness or contrast of the show you’re watching… 

You’ll still see high-quality images with Samsung. 

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Both Samsung and Philips TVs last for 4 to 7 years. 

But when it comes to their physical build, Philips TVs are sturdier.

See, Samsung TVs are known for their aluminum and thin frames that make them pleasing to the eye. 

However, these also cause Samsung TVs to be less-durable compared to TVs from Philips.

That’s because Philips TVs are wider and heavier. And they also have bulkier stands. 

With that said, if you’re looking for a stable and durable TV for long-term use…

I suggest going for Philips TVs. 

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Last but not least, of course, I have to compare their prices.

Now, Samsung TVs are generally known for being on the expensive side.

On the other hand, Philips TVs are known for their lower costs.

For example, this 32” Philips 32PFL4664 Roku TV only costs $120. 

While a Samsung TV of the same size, like this UN32N5300AFXZA model, costs $230. 

As you can see, Samsung TVs cost more than those from Philips.

However, it’s worth noting that there are many reasons why Samsung TVs are expensive

And if I were to name some, it’s because Samsung:

  • Use high-end internal components. 
  • Invest in high-quality software features.
  • Include more accessories with their TVs. 
  • Spends more on their Research and Development (R&D) process.

See, Samsung spends a lot to optimize their TVs, so they charge more.  

With that said, if you’re on a budget…

You might want to opt for Philips TVs instead.

But if money isn’t a significant consideration for your choice…

Go for a Samsung model. Because with gadgets like TVs, you’ll get what you pay for. 

That said, more expensive TVs usually have better software qualities and designs. 

And those that cost less also have fewer features to offer. 

Samsung vs Philips: Which Smart TV is better?

Between Samsung and Philips, Samsung is better.

That’s because Samsung TVs have:

  • Better AIs.
  • Modern software.
  • Higher picture quality.

But don’t get me wrong. Philips is still a good TV brand.

See, Philips TVs are designed to be budget-friendly.

And their aim isn’t to make the best TVs in the world. But to create TVs that people will get the most value of.

So, as mentioned, if the cost isn’t an issue for you…

Definitely go for a Samsung TV like this 65-Inch QLED model

But if you want to buy a TV that costs less but still has the necessary TV features…

Go and grab a Philips TV.  

However, if you’re still undecided about what type of TV you want to get… 

Use these steps as a guide when buying a new TV

Step 1: Decide on how much you’re willing to spend

Your budget will greatly influence what type of TV you’ll get. 

So know how much you’re willing to spend and from there…

Step 2: Find TVs that fit your budget

Now, for this step…

You should find TVs from both Samsung and Philips.

That’s because while both brands have their pros and cons…

Each TV also their own strengths and features.

So don’t limit yourself to 1 company yet. And consider the TVs from both brands. 

Pro tip: You can find the specifications of TV models on the official pages of Philips and Samsung

Step 3: Narrow your choices to 1 TV from each brand

Decide on 1 TV model from Samsung that fits your budget and need.

And also, select 1 Philips TV that you can see yourself using in the future. 

Step 4: Get a proper demo for each TV

Visit the physical stores of Samsung and Philips.

And get a live demo of the TVs that you shortlisted. 

Now, take note of your likes and dislikes about each TV.

Then finally…

Step 5: Pick the TV that impressed you most

From the live demos of both TVs…

Decide which 1 impressed you.

And after picking out the 1 that stood out the most… 

You can proceed to buy your new TV.