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11 Steps To Enable Bluetooth On Samsung Smart TV (2023)

How To Enable Bluetooth On Samsung Smart TV

At some point, don’t you just get tired of staring at cramped wires around your TV?

Luckily, you can connect devices to your TV through Bluetooth. 

But wait… 

How do you use Bluetooth on Samsung Smart TVs again?

Oh, right. It’s so easy that I almost forgot. 

But I got you. So… 

Keep reading to find out:

  • 11 easy steps to enable Bluetooth on your Samsung Smart TV. 
  • How you can check if your TV is compatible with Bluetooth connections. 
  • An easy hack you can try to connect Bluetooth devices to TVs without Bluetooth.
  • And much, much more…

How to enable Bluetooth on Samsung smart TV? 11 steps

There aren’t too many steps to connect Bluetooth devices to your Samsung TV.

But before you continue to enable Bluetooth… 

You need to ensure that your TV supports it first. 

Most modern Samsung TVs will support Bluetooth connections. 

But to check if the model you own supports it… 

Do this first:

  1. Turn ON your TV. 
  2. Go to its Settings. 
  3. Choose Sound > Sound Output. 

If the “Bluetooth Speaker List” shows up, your TV supports Bluetooth. 

Alternatively, you can also look at your TV remote. 

If you have a Smart Remote, you automatically have a Bluetooth-enabled TV. 

Not sure of what that remote looks like? 

For more information on what Smart Remotes are, you can watch this video:

After ensuring that your TV has Bluetooth…

You can proceed to the steps to connect your devices to your TV. 

Note: The exact process will depend on your TV’s specific model. 

But for Samsung TVs that are part of these lineups: 

  • Q/R.
  • K/M/N.
  • MU/NU.

This is how you can… 

#1: Pair Bluetooth speakers to your Samsung Smart TV

#1.1: Go to your TV Settings

Some remotes will have a direct Settings button.

But if yours don’t, you can press and hold the Home button instead. 

This will bring up the quick settings menu. 

And from here, select All Settings. 

#1.2: Select Sound

On the window on your screen, you’ll see all the different settings on your TV. 

Select Sound, which is the 2nd option from the top. 


#1.3: Click Sound Output

Press the Right Arrow on your remote or the right side of its directional pad. 

This will allow you to navigate through the choices on the right side of your screen. 

From the list of choices, click Sound Output. 

A new window will show all the listed audio outputs you can choose from. 

From this list… 

#1.4: Select the Bluetooth speaker you wish to connect to

If your speaker is already in pairing mode, it should appear in this section. 

So if it’s not in the list yet, double-check that it’s ON and ready to pair. 

How do I put my speakers on pairing mode?” 

The steps you need to do will depend on your speaker. 

So check your device’s user’s manual and follow the appropriate steps. 

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#1.5: Tap Pair and Connect

After clicking your device’s name, you’ll see the option to “Pair and Connect.”

Select this button to allow your speaker to connect to your TV. 

Note: Some TV models don’t require this step. And the speakers will automatically connect after step #4. 

Wait for the pairing process to finish.

Once it is… 

#1.6: Try using your Bluetooth speakers

Try Using Your Bluetooth Speakers

You’ll now be able to use your speakers as your TV’s audio output. 

Try to play a couple of movies or music to check that everything works well. 

Finally. No more wires and lesser cleaning maintenance. 

But wait, did you know that… 

Speakers aren’t the only devices you can connect to your Samsung TV through Bluetooth?

If you have Bluetooth-enabled controllers, you can also connect them to your TV.

The steps you need to follow are slightly different. 

But with confidence, I can assure you that…

Pairing Bluetooth controllers will be just as easy as pairing Bluetooth speakers.

#2: Connect Bluetooth controllers to your Samsung TV

#2.1: Put your controller in pairing mode

While this is the most obvious step, it’s also the most important.

Simply speaking, your TV won’t be able to detect your device if it’s not pairable. 

You’ll be surprised by how many people forget this step.

And end up thinking that their controller isn’t compatible with their TV, even if it is.

I know this because I’m 1 of those people. 

A little funny, but really, it happens. 

Not sure how to put your controller in pairing mode? 

Check its manual. Different controllers require different processes. 

Fun fact: Some controllers will automatically be in pairing mode as long as they’re turned ON.

#2.2: Go to your General Settings

After setting your Bluetooth controller to pairing mode… 

Use your remote to navigate to your TV’s settings menu.

From the choices, select General. And then… 

#2.3: Go to the Input Device Manager

To do so…

First, you need to select External Device Manager from the choices. 

Your controller is an external device, so it’ll automatically fall into this category. 

Once a new window shows up, you’ll see the Input Device Manager from the choices.

Click it and… 

#2.4: Access your Bluetooth Device List

Select this tab from your screen. 

It’ll show all pairable external controllers in your surroundings. 

And by now… 

You should be able to see the Bluetooth controller you set to pairing mode earlier.

Once you find it… 

#2.5: Connect your wireless controller

Select your Bluetooth gamepad’s name from the list.

Once you do, it should automatically pair with your TV. 

Depending on the controller you have…

You might even see an indicator light or sound confirming that they’re connected. 

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Why won’t my Samsung smart TV enable Bluetooth? 5 causes & fixes

#1: Your device is too far from your TV

Bluetooth devices give you the freedom to place your device wherever you want. 

But you shouldn’t enjoy this privilege too much.

Because although there are no physical limits to where you can place your device… 

You won’t be able to connect it to your Samsung TV if it’s too far away.

As a general rule, Bluetooth connections should be within 30 feet of each other. 

If your device is any further than that… 

You need to bring it closer. 

Pro tip: Keep your device within 10 feet of your TV during pairing. Doing so removes the possibility of distance causing the issue. 

#2: Don’t try to turn your Bluetooth ON

It happens.

Some people search for options that aren’t there in the 1st place. 

And I don’t blame you if you’re trying to turn your Bluetooth ON on your Samsung TV… 

Because I can totally relate to that. 

But the reality is… 

You don’t need to turn it ON.

And, in fact, you can’t. 

Unlike other technological devices like phones or computers… 

Samsung TVs don’t have a toggle option to turn Bluetooth ON or OFF. 

Your TV’s Bluetooth is, by default, always ready to pair.

So simply proceed to the steps listed above, and you’ll be good to go. 

#3: Your device isn’t in pairing mode

It’s easy to pair Bluetooth speakers and controllers to your Samsung TV.

But if they’re not in pairing mode… 

You can wait for hours or days, and you still won’t be able to connect them to your TV. 

So if you’re having problems finding your device on the list of pairable gadgets… 

Double-check that they’re ON and that they’re in their pairing mode. 

Always refer to your device’s user manual on how to do this. 

You might think it’s in pairing mode because it blinks colorful lights…

But you might just be seeing an indicator of another mode or problem.

Like a low battery signal. 

#4: Your devices are experiencing minor glitches

If you’re still having problems pairing your Bluetooth devices… 

You should try restarting them to eliminate minor bugs. 

Although technological devices have endless mind-blowing features… 

The annoying little bugs and glitches that come with these can’t always be avoided. 

You’ve probably experienced Samsung TV apps glitching before. 

And just like them, your TV settings and connections can also be stuck from time to time. 

But don’t worry. These minor problematic details are easy to remove.

All you need to do is restart your devices. 

To restart your Samsung TV by doing a soft reset:

  1. Turn your TV ON. 
  2. Grab your remote. 
  3. Press and hold its power button for 5 seconds. 
  4. Wait for the TV to turn OFF and ON again. 

To restart the unit you want to connect to your TV, you should check its user’s manual. 

And once you’ve restarted both devices, try to pair them again.

If you still can’t pair the 2… 

#5: Your Samsung TV might not be compatible with Bluetooth

Although all Samsung TVs can provide you with a high-quality streaming experience…

Not all of them have a Bluetooth function. 

So if you’ve tried all the previous fixes and still can’t connect devices to your TV…

It probably doesn’t support Bluetooth at all. 

To be sure… 

Check if your Samsung Smart TV has a Bluetooth function:

  1. Go to your TV settings. 
  2. Head to Sound > Sound Out.
  3. Check if there’s a Bluetooth Speaker List from the options. 

If you can’t find this list, your TV isn’t Bluetooth-enabled. 

“Can I still connect Bluetooth speakers to my TV if it doesn’t have Bluetooth?”

I’m glad you asked. Because actually, you can. 

To connect Bluetooth speakers to TVs that don’t support Bluetooth:

Step 1: Get a high-quality Bluetooth adapter

This is also referred to as a Bluetooth transmitter.

Step 2: Connect the adapter to your TV.

Find the 3.5mm audio port on your Samsung TV. 

You can also use your unit’s standard left/right AUX audio ports. 

Step 3: Power ON your Bluetooth adapter. 

Some adapters are battery-powered, and some needs to be plugged in. 

Accommodate the type you have accordingly. 

Step 4: Put your Bluetooth transmitter into pairing mode.

The exact steps to do this will depend on the model of the 1 you have.

Step 5: Put the speaker you want to connect into pairing mode. 

Step 6: Change your TV’s audio output. 

Go to Settings > All Settings > Sound > Sound Output.

From the list of choices, select the name of your Bluetooth device. 

Step 7: Your TV and Bluetooth speakers will now pair.