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3 Steps To Reset Your Astro A20 Headset In 13 Seconds

How To Reset Astro A20 Headset

Quality headsets provide an amazing listening experience.

That’s why you have the Astro A20 on hand.

But what do you do when your device isn’t working properly?

Performing a hard reset can fix a lot of issues on your Astro A20.

Let me show you…

Continue reading to know:

  • How to identify power issues on Astro A20 headset.
  • Locating the function buttons needed to reset your Astro A20.
  • A 3-step guide on how to perform a hard reset on the Astro A20 headset.
  • And so much more…

How to reset Astro A20 headset – 3 steps

#1: Make sure it’s not a power issue

Before you perform a hard reset on your Astro A20, you should first identify if the problem is a power issue or not.

Hard resetting your headset will delete all settings. 

It’ll also revert the device’s software to its factory state.

Don’t want to lose your personal settings and audio preferences?

Then determine if a hard reset is even the likely solution for your headset’s problem. 

But, how do you know if the problem has something to do with the power or not?

It’s simple.

First, get your Astro A20 headset and try to turn it on.

If the device is working, the LED indicator on the left-hand side should light up red.

If the LED doesn’t turn on, the next step is to plug in your headset to your console.

You can use the Astro A20 in your:

  • XBOX.
  • Laptop.
  • PlayStation.
  • Personal Computer.

Ideally, you should use the same cable and hub that the Astro A20 headset came in with.

Once plugged in, see if the LED indicator would light up and turn orange.

If the light turns on, it simply means that your device died and needed a charge.

However, if it didn’t light up, then it’s more likely a hardware or software issue.

But don’t worry… 

A hard reset is the right solution for that.

But before we get into that, you must first…

#2: Locate your function buttons

Locate Your Function Buttons

Your Astro A20 headset comes with a handful of navigation buttons.

These keys are located along the outer edge of either ear cup. 

The button placement is meant for ease of use and accessibility while gaming.

Moreover, the keys serve as the primary function tools. 

They provide users with an amazing experience.

This includes the following:

EQ Modes

Astro headsets are meant for gamers. 

That’s why Astro products come with unique features. 

All in all, they aim to offer an improved and quality gaming experience.

The Astro A20’s EQ button is located on the left ear cup. 

It sits right under the headset’s LED indicator and features a 3-line icon.

Now, what’s it for?

For one, the EQ button is used to control the headset’s EQ settings.

It also allows users to choose from the headset’s pre-programmed EQ modes.

The sound quality of the headset changes depending on the setting.

The Astro A20 Wireless Headset comes with 3 different modes: 

Mode #1: Astro 

The Astro Mode is programmed for gamers and with gaming in mind. 

It’s characterized by precise bass with balanced mids and highs. 

And its primary goal is to provide better immersion for the best gaming experience.

Mode #2: Studio

The Studio Mode provides balanced audio for different types of media. 

Now, a balanced mix brings less stress and strain to the ears. 

That’s why it’s perfect for entertainment purposes and longer uses.

Mode #3: Pro

The Pro Mode offers audio precision and details. 

That makes it best suited for pro gamers and streamers.

Aside from that, the headset focuses more on the mids and the highs. It also lessens the bass since it can lead to spatial distortion.

Game and Voice

The Game and Voice keys on the Astro A20 headset provide voice and sound balance.

When you’re gaming, there are instances where you’d want to hear more of the audio than your team.

On the other hand, there are also times when you’d want to listen intently to what’s on your voice chat.

How does Astro A20 deal with that?

It introduces the Game and Voice audio settings.

If you prefer to hear more of the game audio, you press the Game key above the wheel.

On the other, you switch over to the Voice key when you want to hear more of chat and dialogue.

And for your ease, the Game and Voice buttons are located above and under the volume wheel button. 

It’s easily accessible when you want to change audio preferences while you’re in a game.


The Astro A20 headset comes with a built-in microphone.

This is perfect since you don’t need to buy another mic to communicate in-game.

Moreover, the microphone on the Astro A20 also comes with a unique feature.

Since it’s built-in, there’s no option to remove it when you don’t want to use it.

Because of that, Astro included a directional mute function on the A20.

What’s that?

It’s a function that automatically mutes the mic whenever it’s pushed to a vertical position.

Then, it would turn back on when you bring the mic back down to your mouth.

Isn’t that convenient?

Some other buttons and features you can find on the Astro A20 include:

  • Power button.
  • LED indicator light.
  • Master volume wheel.

Want to know more? Check out this video:

#3: Perform a hard reset on your headset

The first 2 steps are necessary to ensure you’re doing the hard reset right.

By this time, you know that the problem has nothing to do with power.

Also, you’re familiar with the different function keys located on your Astro A20 headset.

So, how do you reset your Astro A20 in a matter of 13 seconds?

It’s pretty easy and simple.

  1. Grab your Astro A20 headset.
  2. Make sure that the device has a charge performing a reset.
  3. Find the EQ and the Game buttons on your headset.
  4. Press and hold the 2 keys for 10 to 20 seconds.
  5. Press the power button to turn the headset on.

The hard reset is successful if the LED indicator lights up red.

When plugged in, the LED indicator should light up red and turn orange.

This shows that the device is charging.

Note: Hard resetting isn’t the only fix for an Astro headset that won’t turn on. If you perform a reset and your device still won’t power back on, it’s best to contact Astro Customer Support.

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When should I reset my Astro A20 headset?

You should reset your Astro A20 headset when you’re having connection or audio issues. Doing so will revert all settings. This will also allow your device to fix minor hardware problems.

Why won’t my Astro A20 headset reset?

Your Astro A20 headset won’t reset if it doesn’t have any power in the first place. When performing a reset, make sure that the device has enough battery to complete the process.