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How To Connect Led Lights To Google Home (4 Easy Steps)

How To Connect LED Lights To Google Home

According to the University of Pennsylvania, LED lights are energy-efficient, ecologically friendly, and good at dispersing light over larger surfaces.

Plus, they’re super cool and make for a great aesthetic for any room.

Why not add to the cool factor by controlling them with your Google Home?

Here’s how you can connect LED lights to your Google Home in 4 easy steps:

  1. Buy and set up LED lights and a wireless controller.
  2. Download the Magic Home app on your smartphone.
  3. Add your LED lights to the Magic Home Pro app.
  4. Add the Magic Home app to your Google Home app.

Read on as I go through the steps, so you can have the sci-fi, voice-controlled, LED-lit room of your dreams!

I’ll also go over what apps and products you’ll need to pull this process off.

By the end of this article, you’d have learned how to set up LED light strips with your Google Home.

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1. Buy and Set Up LED Lights and a Wireless Controller

If you want to control some LED lights, you’ll need to get LED lights.

You might already have a set that you’re planning to use in mind.

But if not, I recommend this DAYBETTER 50 Ft (15.24 m) LED Light Strips over on They’ll get the job done for this project.

Plus, the light strips can cover plenty of your wall and furniture space. So you won’t have to worry about running out of lights.

Most LED light strips come with a wireless controller of their own. It’ll allow you to change the colors of the lights, turn them on and off, etc.

While these work fine for most people, we’re aiming our sights a bit bigger. 

Consider buying a wireless smart controller for LED lights, such as this BZONE WiFi LED Controller from

These smart controllers connect to your LED lights on one side and to an AC power supply on the other. They also have an IR sensor.

It’ll allow them to connect to your phone and give you more customizability and access than your standard wireless controller. 

A regular wireless controller will only allow you to control LED lights through itself.

These smart controllers will let you control them from your smartphone. And later on, your Google Home.

Buy both of these products, set them up, and you’re ready to move on to the next step!

2. Download the Magic Home App on Your Smartphone

In order for the wireless controller to connect to your smartphone, you’ll need to install the Magic Home Pro app.

You can also add the app to your tablet.

This application gives you nearly full control over any LED lights that you connect to a compatible wireless controller.

You can name each of your individual light strips, and sort them for easy use. You can also set a precise color for each of them via a color wheel, and more!

This app is available for free both on the App Store and Google Play Store.  

The Magic Home Pro app doesn’t take up too much space, and you need it for the upcoming steps. So, go ahead and give it a download!

The app also works great for some other LED products. It can handle a large load of various LED light strips.

So, don’t worry about having to waste all that storage space just for one set of lights.

If you experience slow loading issues, you can clear the cache through the app or in your smartphone’s settings.

Head to the settings menu, click ‘Apps’, find the Magic Home application, and clear its cache.

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3. Add Your LED Lights to the Magic Home App

Add LED Lights To Magic Home App

Once you open up the Magic Home Pro app, you might notice that you’re staring at a blank screen.

All the while, nothing is happening to your LED lights! What gives?

You need to set up the wireless controller and LED lights with your Magic Home Pro app.

You have to do this step before you can control the LED lights on your phone.

To set them up, follow these steps:

  1. Open the in-app settings of Magic Home Pro. It’ll give you the option to create and sign in to an account.
  2. Follow the instructions to register your Magic Home account with an email address and a password.
  3. Return to the settings screen.
  4. Turn on your LED lights and the wireless connector. Ensure the connector is within its required signal distance listed on the packaging.
  5. Head back to your app, and press the plus sign in the top right corner. 
  6. Click on “Connect device to WiFi network” from the popup menu that shows up. This will bring you to your smartphone’s network settings screen.
  7. Click on the network that appears to start with “LED” and wait for it to set up.
  8. Return to the Magic Home Pro app.
  9. Set up the wireless controller with your home WiFi by entering in your Internet information. 

After this, the app and connector will take a few minutes to set up, and then: voila!

Your LED lights are now connected to your phone for ease of control.

You can mess around with the various settings of your lights on your phone.

Play around on the color wheel to change the exact hue of your light or give your lights various names. 

But we’re not done yet!

We’ve got the lights connected to our smartphones. But we still need one tiny little step to connect it completely to our Google Home.

Read on to find out how to add the app to the Google Home application for quick, easy access.

4. Add the Magic Home Pro App to Your Google Home App

Open up the app for your Google Home device, or install the app if you haven’t already. You can find it on the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you need help navigating through the app, consider looking at Google’s official support page on the subject.

Follow these steps to add the Magic Home Pro app to your Google Home app:

  1. Tap on the three stacked horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the app’s homepage. This will bring up a sidebar where you can click on the entry titled “Home Control.”
  2. In the “Home Control” menu, click on the plus sign in the lower right-hand corner. This will allow you to add Magic Home Pro to your list of apps that your Google Home can control.
  3. Sign in to your Magic Home Pro account once more. You need to verify that you want to connect your Google Home to the app. 
  4. Wait a few more seconds, and you’re done!

You can control your LED strip through your Google Home without even touching your phone. 

Now you can turn the strip lights on and off with nothing but your voice commands. You can also change the color of the LED lights. 

Controlling the LED strips through your Google Home works almost like every other Google Assistant application.

All you need to do is say “Hey Google” and give your Google Home an order. Talk about convenience! 

Final Thoughts

The Google Home is an amazing device for streamlining all of your little gadgets and gizmos around your house. LED lights are no different.

You can set up any LED light strip to be controlled by your Google Home in less than an hour.

All you need are a proper wireless controller and the Magic Home Pro app.

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