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How To Get Alexa To Turn On Multiple Lights at Once

How To Get Alexa To Turn On Multiple Lights At Once

Alexa is your to-go smart virtual assistant anytime you need a hand in doing basic everyday tasks such as switching the lights on and off, setting alarms, making to-do lists, getting real-time information or news, etc.

However, most Alexa users often wonder how they can get this AI technology device to turn on multiple lights at once. Let’s find out.

To get your Alexa to turn on multiple lights at once, first install any smart bulbs, plugs, or switches. Next, combine your lights into one group. After grouping the lights, give the group a name. You can then use one voice command to control all the lights in the created group at the same time.

If you’ve been struggling with getting your Alexa to turn on multiple lights at once, you’re in the right place.

We’ll have a detailed look at everything concerning using an Alexa to turn on multiple lights at once.

Read on!

How To Turn Lights on Using Alexa

Before you can turn on multiple lights using Alexa, you need to pair your lights to the device. This allows Alexa to communicate with each individual light you choose to install.  

To begin, you first need to get the Alexa app. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Fire OS operating systems.

You also need smart lights and a stable internet connection.

With this app, you can install and set up your light bulbs, switch, or plug. 

Take note: Depending on the brand of devices you’re using, you may need to first install the manufacturer’s app, create an account, and set up the devices before proceeding to use the Alexa app.

Once you’ve done this, launch your Alexa app and follow these steps to turn the lights on:

  1. Tap on ‘Devices’ at the bottom corner of the menu.
  2. Click on the plus (+) icon in the right corner of the device’s screen.
  3. Tap ‘Add device’ to add your device of choice.
  4. Select the device you want to set up, either light, switch, or plug.
  5. Choose the brand of the device you’re installing: 
    1. Depending on your device, a list of the popular brands will appear that you can choose from. Select the option you’re using and follow the resulting instructions.
    2. If your device isn’t among the listed brands, select ‘Light.’ A menu will pop up allowing you to choose the brand of light you are installing. In some cases, you may be required to download another app and install the lights through that; Follow the instructions that are given.
  6. Once you’ve successfully installed everything, you’ll see a pop-up screen that tells you ‘a light has been discovered.’ Now click on the ‘Set up device’ button. Here you’ll be told that the light has been set up and is now ready to use.
  7. Tap ‘Done’ and hurray; your light is now successfully set up on your Alexa!

Follow these seven steps for all your other lights.

From here, you can bundle the installed lights to create an Alexa light group if you want your AI device to turn on multiple lights at once.

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How To Create an Alexa Light Group

Create An Alexa Light Group

Once you’ve installed your smart bulbs, switch, or plug with Alexa, the next step towards turning on multiple lights at once is creating an Alexa light group.

This will inform Alexa to apply a single command toward multiple lights, instead of you having to repeat the command for each one.

Here is a step by step guide on how to create this lights group:

  1. Launch the Alexa app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Navigate the ‘Smart Home’ section and select ‘Devices’ in the Alexa app’s bottom right corner.
  3. Now tap on the plus (+) sign that appears on the top right corner of the screen, then click on ‘Add Group.’
  4. Create a smart home light group by selecting the group name from the available list or creating a custom name. If you choose to create a custom name, ensure that it’s natural and easy to call out. After choosing a name for your group, click on ‘Next.’
  5. Define your group by selecting the lights you want to add to it from the pre-installed lights. You can scroll down the Alexa menu and add as many smart lights as possible. A blue checkmark appears next to any light you’ve selected.
  6. Click ‘Save.’
  7. Your newly created group will now be available as a tile that you can access directly from your Alexa app’s ‘Devices’ tab. Click on the group name to view the lights within it and make necessary adjustments if need be.

Turning On Multiple Lights Using Alexa

After successfully creating a light group, you can control all the different lights within the group at once using a voice command.

Simply say, ‘Alexa, turn on the (name of the group) lights.’

Ensure you call out the group name in a natural way, as any other command, to ensure Alexa responds as expected. 

How To Get Alexa To Turn On Multiple Lights on a Schedule

Another way to make your life more convenient is to use Alexa to turn on multiple lights at once on a set schedule. 

This means you won’t need to issue a command for Alexa to turn on the lights.

Instead, Alexa will turn the lights for you at whatever time you wish.

To do this, simply create a routine.

And one great thing about the Alexa app is that it allows you to create as many routines as you want or need.

Here is a guide on how to create a routine schedule for your multiple lights:

  1. Launch your Alexa app and tap on the three lines at the top right corner of the app. Or you can swipe in from the left to seamlessly open the main menu.
  2. Select ‘Routine’ from the resulting menu, then click on ‘Plus (+)’ at the top right corner of the resultant tab.
  3. Click on the (+) to the right of ‘When this happens.’ Then click on schedule.
  4. Tap ‘Select’ next to ‘At Time’ and choose when you want the lights to turn on.
  5. If you want the schedule to repeat on certain days, click ‘Select’ next to the ‘Repeat’ option to confirm it, and choose the specific days you want the schedule to repeat.
  6. With your schedule set, click ‘Next’ at the top right corner. This takes you back to the ‘New Routine’ screen.
  7. From the ‘New Routine’ screen, click on ‘(+)’ next to ‘Add action.’ Another menu will pop up.
  8. From the pop-up menu, click ‘Smart Home’ then pick ‘Control group.’ Select the group you want to control. A new tab will open with a ‘Power’ slider button. Ensure the slider is set to ‘On’ then tap ‘Next.’
  9. Click ‘Save’ on the top right corner. And just like that, your Alexa will turn on multiple lights based on a schedule. No voice command necessary!

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Using Alexa to turn on multiple lights at once can save you the hustle of walking around to turn on lights in different rooms throughout the house or office.

Alexa is great for this, as you can launch its app on any device using either Android, iOS, or Fire OS operating systems.

Its compatibility makes it an excellent AI device for many users.

To get your Alexa to turn on multiple lights at once, simply install your smart lights and create a light group.

Then just issue a voice command or set a schedule, and boom, your lights automatically turn on all together!

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