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Why Is the Alexa App So Slow? 3 Reasons and Instant Fixes

Why Is The Alexa App So Slow

We all know technology isn’t perfect, but there are ways that we can help it become more efficient.

Alexa is a great way to stay connected, but it can come with issues.

If you notice your Alexa app is running slowly, we have some possible reasons and fixes to help your Alexa get back to a timely response.

Your Alexa app could be running slowly because your internet connection isn’t strong enough, Alexa could require an update or your Alexa could have a technical issue that requires a factory reset. 

Repairing your Alexa yourself can be tough, but these fixes can help with latency and overall performance.

Continue reading for a more in-depth look at each possible issue and detailed ways to fix them.

Your Internet Connection Isn’t Strong Enough

The Journal of Librarianship and Information Science features a research study regarding the use of Alexa. In their study of Alexa users, most people used Alexa to check the weather and play music

These popular inquiries use a lot of internet bandwidth to produce. Alexa uses the internet to respond to your requests. When making these types of requests, your Alexa is using the internet to respond and also to gather the data you requested. 

So, your device is using a lot of bandwidth every time you make a request like that. 

With so much bandwidth being used for these commands, your internet may be struggling to keep up. 

There can be a couple of reasons for this:

  • Your internet connection may be very strong, but distance matters too. If your device is too far from your router, it may not be getting a full signal. 
  • Certain appliances in your home can interrupt your internet connection, even if your device is relatively close to the router. Microwaves, power cables, and other things in your home emit signals. Those signals can interrupt your internet signal, causing devices to have a weaker connection. 

How Can I Fix This? 

If your device is a considerable distance from your router, consider moving it closer. Your internet signal will fade the further away your device is from the router. Keep it strong by having them close together. 

Sometimes, moving your device isn’t an option. 

In that case, boosters are available that can help you. You can place Wifi boosters throughout your home or in places that do not get a strong signal. This may help your device work at full Wifi strength.

As another fix, consider moving your device away from appliances that can interfere with your Wifi signal. 

For reference, here is a helpful list of common household items that can block your signal.

If all else fails, try to contact your internet provider and ask them about your options. Sometimes internet companies offer a better router or stronger service for a fee. This can help strengthen your signal and allow it to reach further.

Alexa Could Require an Update

Alexa Requires An Update

Normally, your Alexa will look for updates overnight and install them by morning.

If not, then your device may require an update to get the best possible connection. 

There are many possible reasons why your Alexa may not automatically update.  

  • If your device stops being connected to the internet overnight, it will not update. 
  • Your Alexa may stop automatically updating based on a setting you have in place on your app. 
  • There could be a simple technical issue with your device.

Updates are vital in ensuring your Alexa is working at its full potential. If updates aren’t happening automatically, you’ll need to manually update your device. 

The easiest way to check for updates is through your app. 

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What’s the Solution?

First, make sure that your Alexa app doesn’t need to be updated. Do this by going to the IOS store or Google Play store on your device. 

If everything is current, then it is time to check the device itself. 

The easiest way to update your Alexa is to go to the “About” section of the app. Here, you can check and see if there is an update required or if your device is running the latest software. 

Whether it’s the hardware or the software that needs to be upgraded, there are ways to ensure you get back to those automatic upgrades. Make sure that you have your Alexa set to automatically update. This can be done within the app. 

The solution is fairly simple, but it could require a good amount of effort if the problem persists. 

If automatic updates are turned on, but your device isn’t updated, you may need to reset it. Also, consider checking it every few days for pending updates. 

Your Alexa Could Have a Bug or Technical Issue

We are living in such a tech-heavy world that we sometimes forget our devices can be imperfect.

If the problem persists beyond the first two suggestions, then it might be time to consider that there could be a bigger issue with your device.

Sometimes the problem has nothing to do with your internet connection or missed updates. 

This is when it is time to consider that your Alexa could have some sort of bug or technical issue. These issues can’t be fixed by the solutions provided above. 

Thankfully, these issues can still be fixed. 

What Can I Do if This Happens?

There are a few options for potential bug fixes if the above fixes don’t work for you. 

The first step is to do a factory reset on your Alexa. You can do this directly on your device or through the app. If your app isn’t working, then you may need to just do it on your Alexa.

A factory reset is also useful if your Alexa becomes unresponsive.

Depending on how bad of a technical issue you are having, your device can stop working altogether. A factory reset can help get it working again. 

Keep in mind that a factory reset will wipe all of your information. This will be a bit of a pain because you will have to set up your device like you did when you first got it. 

Doing a factory reset is handy for returning or selling because it wipes your information from your Alexa.

Each generation is constructed a little differently, so there isn’t one standard way to factory reset every Alexa device. 

Here is a helpful resource for factory resetting each generation. Find your device there, and it will walk you through resetting your device.

Amazon also has a help section on their website for support. They have videos and information about restarting and resetting your device. If the previous resource doesn’t work for you, this may be more helpful.

It may help to speak with someone at Amazon as well. You may want to call them before making any decisions to return or discard your Alexa. Technical support may be able to help you with any recurring issues or bugs. 

If it is still new, then your device may be under warranty. Make sure you research this before returning or getting rid of it. Be sure to check out Amazon’s return policy to ensure you qualify for a refund or exchange.

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Final Thoughts

Your Alexa app may be running slow for multiple reasons, but it’s important to diagnose exactly what the issue is.

Many latency issues can be fixed by checking your internet connection and restarting your device.

So, try these fixes for your Alexa app being slow to respond and see if they help.

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