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Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death: 6 Common Causes and Fixes

Echo Dot Blue Ring Of Death

The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most popular Alexa devices on the market.

This device can do many great things, including playing music, setting timers, and answering questions.

However, the Blue Ring of Death is taking a toll on many Echo Dot owners.

The leading causes of the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death are issues with the logic board, power supply, wireless connectivity, and software complications. To fix these problems, update the software, use the correct adapters, change to a mobile hotspot, and turn off the DND mode.

The Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death doesn’t necessarily mean your device is irredeemable. Keep reading for more insights into how to fix it.

What Is the Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death?

The Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death is a blue light that comes from the LED lights inside the Echo Dot that indicates a problem with the device. You can see it if you look close enough or when you are in a room with bright lighting. It can also appear if your device is in “Do Not Disturb Mode” (DND).

The DND mode is not a problem. However, those who don’t have experience using the Echo Dot may find it difficult to resolve.

1. Blue Light on Alexa Won’t Turn Off

Arguably, it’s annoying when you want Alexa to perform some functions, but all you get is a blue light that won’t turn off.

If the Blue light on Alexa doesn’t turn off and keeps spinning, it’s an indication that your Echo Dot is having problems. Some of these problems include low power supply, software complications, and wireless connectivity issues.

However, it doesn’t call for alarm because there are a few things you can try to solve the problem yourself.

This YouTube video details how you can reboot your Amazon Echo Dot to fix this problem:

2. Power Supply Problems and How To Fix Them

Power supply issues are among the most common causes of the Echo Dot blue Ring of Death.

In most cases, it’s because your Echo Dot is not receiving enough power supply, or maybe a power surge tripped the circuit breaker.

Some of the causes of low power supply include:

  • A faulty AC adapter
  • A defective cable that connects your Echo Dot to the power outlet
  • Loose connections

The good news is that fixing power supply problems is a breeze. The following steps may help resolve the issue:

  1. Make sure you are using Amazon certified cables
  2. Check if there are any links on the cable where it connects with the adapter
  3. Ensure all the cables connect properly, including the power supply cables and the speaker wire connections from the Echo Dot.
  4. Replace any cables with cracks or any damage with new Amazon certified cables

If your power adapter is faulty, I recommend replacing it with this Amazon Echo Power Adapter available on It’s a 5-foot (1.52 m) long cord, which you can also use on Echo Spot and Fire TV Cube.

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3. Logic Board Problems and How To Fix Them

Logic board problems on Echo Dot are when the device gets power but can’t start up because of a bug in the system.

In most cases, the main reason is usually an electrical short circuit due to water damage or a power surge. Sometimes, it is a manufacturing defect, which you need to contact customer care support for.

The blue light will stay on, and the Alexa Voice Assistant won’t turn back on.

However, many times, the problem is a fixable software issue.

If you are confident that water got into your Echo Dot, unplug it and wait 24 hours before trying to power it on again. It helps to dry up the components and prevent further damage.

The following fixes may also help in solving problems associated with the logic board:

  • Open the Echo Dot and look for capacitors on the logic board that appear swollen or leaking. You will find them on the underside of the logic board near the metal frame.
  • If you find the capacitors with such symptoms, replace them and inspect other areas for signs of liquid damage.
  • If you think your Echo Dot is flashing blue because of water damage, try turning it off and cleaning with a dry cloth.
  • Once you drain the liquid, contact customer service for more information on replacement options.

Note: To fix logic board problems, you might need the help of a  technician at a local electronics store or the manufacturer, Amazon.

4. Wireless Connectivity Issues and How To Fix Them

Sometimes, an issue with your wireless connection can cause the blue light on your Echo Dot to start spinning nonstop. If there is a problem with the internet connection, Alexa may find it difficult to connect.

Fortunately, you can take the following steps to fix this problem.

If you think it is an issue with wireless connectivity, these steps may help in solving the problem:

  1. Power the Echo Dot off and back on, then check if it is working. This step will solve the problem if it is a temporary glitch with Alexa’s voice recognition.
  2. Check the wireless connection. You may have to update the Echo Dot firmware or change the wireless channel.
  3. Hold down both volume buttons for about 20 seconds.
  4. Check if there is an update on Amazon.

If the above fixes don’t work, your Echo Dot may have a hardware issue. In this case, contact Amazon for assistance with the device warranty and further troubleshooting.

5. Software Problems and How To Fix Them

Another major cause of Echo Dot Blue Ring of Death is problems associated with its operating software.

Your Echo Dot starts spinning blue in most cases due to software complications and bugs that need fixing.

In some cases, these software bugs may cause other issues that trigger the Blue Ring of Death. 

For instance, software bugs that cause the Echo Dot to start without voice or physical instructions.

Such issues are a result of incomplete updates, incompatible apps, and out-of-date software. 

Sometimes, the spinning blue light happens after deleting vital software before installing a new one. These updates and downgrades may interfere with the relationship between software and hardware.

One way to fix these problems is by updating all of the software on your Echo Dot as frequently as possible.

You can also reboot your Echo Dot by tapping the action button on top of the device then selecting reboot.

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6. “Do Not Disturb Mode” (DND) and How To Turn It Off

If it’s your first time using an Echo Dot, you may find it challenging using the device.

If the DND mode turns on by accident, it will trigger the Blue Ring of Death. When in this mode, Alexa won’t respond to voice commands.

Turning off the DND mode is straightforward. Press the mute button on top of the Echo Dot. If you cannot press this button, make sure you uncheck the “No Interruptions” tab in your Alexa app setting and press the voice command to confirm.

Turning it off will fix the Blue Ring of Death, and Alexa will respond to your voice commands again.

Bottom Line

The Blue Ring of Death is a significant problem affecting most people who own the Echo Dot. However, it doesn’t call for alarm as you can fix most of the issues without professional help.

By understanding the 5 major causes and fixes I’ve described in this post, you’re a step closer to getting your Echo Dot working again.

Consider the following key points from the post:

  • Turning off the Do Not Disturb Mode can solve the Blue Ring of Death problem.
  • Contact Amazon customer support to help you out with troubleshooting the device.
  • Updating the device software can remove bugs.

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