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Can You Use Roku and Firestick at the Same Time? 10 Steps

Can You Use Roku And Firestick At The Same Time

Roku and Amazon’s Firestick are the best over the top streaming devices of all time, according to Forbes.

While most people have either of the two, some have both streaming devices.

But there’s always that nagging question of whether you can use these streaming devices simultaneously.

You can use Roku and Firestick at the same time. If your TV comes with a pre-installed Roku operating system, you need to plug in Amazon Firestick on one of its HDMI ports. If it doesn’t, you can use both by installing a Roku stick on the second port.

The rest of this article explains more on topics related to this question. Read on for more information on how you can integrate the two streaming devices into one TV set.

Can I Use Roku and Firestick on the Same TV?

While most homeowners use one streaming device, you may desire to get the best of both worlds and have Roku and Firestick at the same time. 

You can use Roku and Firestick on the same TV, and using both devices comes with benefits such as voice control features, high-quality audio, and ultra-high-resolution streaming. 

Also, it’s a better strategy if you’re spoilt for choice.

If you don’t like the constant Amazon ads, or your Roku stick keeps losing internet connectivity, then it makes sense to have both streaming devices on your smart TV for uninterrupted movie bingeing.

Here’s how it works:

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TV Sets With Built-In Streaming Devices

Some TV sets come with built-in streaming devices such as Roku TV and display the Roku interface when you switch them on.

But you can also connect your Amazon Firestick to the extra HDMI port and switch between the two interfaces.

Installing an Amazon Firestick on Roku TV is a breeze.

Just plug your Amazon Firestick into an HDMI port on the back of the TV. It’ll show up as a shortcut that lets you select channels from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, among others.

In case you’re wondering how to go about it, these steps may come in handy:

  1. Check behind the TV and identify the HDMI port. It’s like a USB port but slightly larger. 
  2. Connect your Amazon Firestick to a power source using a USB cable.
  3. Then, plug in the stick’s HDMI side to its port on the TV. 
  4. A Roku TV should detect the Amazon device, and you’ll need to follow on-screen instructions. 

Watch this detailed video on YouTube on how to set up an Amazon Firestick on Roku TV:

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TV Sets With No Built-In Streaming Devices

Contrarily, other TV sets don’t feature built-in streaming devices such as Roku TV.

In such cases, you have first to install Roku software and sign in to your account. The TV will then show the Roku interface, just like a built-in device would.

You can also start with the Amazon Firestick so that your TV boots with the Firestick interface. 

After that proceed to install the Roku stick as the second streaming device.

The following steps will help you set up both devices:

  1. You need to decide which streaming stick will act as the primary player.
  2. Plug the primary device into an HDMI port and then connect it to a power source using its USB cable. 
  3. Once the setup wizard appears on the screen, you’ll see a prompt to follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Depending on which streaming device you plugged in first, you’ll receive a prompt with either “Set up Amazon Fire TV Stick” or “Set up Roku.”
  5. Proceed by following the on-screen prompts. 
  6. Once you set up everything, you can access your streaming devices on one TV.

Caveat: There’s a downside to using both streaming devices – you may find it frustrating using two remote controls on one television.  

Can You Use Roku and Firestick in the Same House?

You can naturally use Roku and Firestick in the same house if you can use them on the same television. However, if you have more than one TV set in your home, say one in the living room and another in the master bedroom, you will need to buy an extra Roku or Firestick for each TV.

You can’t have all your TVs watch a show on Amazon or Netflix at once using the same streaming device.

How To Benefit the Most Out of a Combined Setup

To make the most out of an integrated Roku and Firestick setup, you’ll need to observe some best practices, like:

  • Install Roku firmware.
  • Update the Firestick and Roku software regularly.
  • Connect the two devices to the same wireless network. 
  • Install PlayOn. It will improve your viewing experience by letting you record live content, stream your collection, or cast content from one screen to another.
  • To stream more video content, install Plex.
  • Install Kodi so you can watch TV on your Firestick.

With these tips, you’ll get the most out of your Roku and Firestick. Whether you want to watch TV or do different things, you can choose what is best for you.

Which One Is Better: Roku or Firestick?

If you are looking for ease of use, the Roku stick is the better choice. It’s also a budget option for users looking to stream content in their homes. It gives you access to a variety of streaming platforms, including The Roku Channel, where you can access multiple free and premium TV shows.

The Amazon Firestick is not so hard to use either; however, it places more emphasis on Amazon Prime, making it difficult to use other apps.

While it’s tricky navigating through the apps, the Amazon Firestick wins in content suggestions. As you scroll through the apps, it suggests movies and shows that might interest you.

There’s no doubt Roku and Amazon Firestick are the best streaming devices. However, they have some features that set them apart. 

Let’s check them out: 

Top Roku Stick Features

The top-selling feature of Roku is its ease of use.

You can go through menus, see your apps, and change how they look on the screen with a few clicks.

Other top features include:

  • The headphone jack allows you to watch TV without disturbing others.
  • You can use the Roku remote app on your phone to control Roku from afar. 
  • There are over 4000 channels and 700,000 movies as well as TV shows. 

If you’d like to install one on your TV, I recommend this Roku Streaming Stick+ from It guarantees brilliant picture quality and endless entertainment from your favorite channels.

Key Amazon Firestick Features

The main selling point for the Amazon Firestick is its reliability when streaming, especially if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Here are some other Amazing Amazon Fire TV Stick Features:

  • Built-in voice remote control 
  • Improved streaming speed
  • Free movies and TV shows

If you’d wish to buy one, check out this Amazon Fire TV Stick available on It is 4K enabled, and you can control it using voice commands through Alexa.

Bottom Line 

While it’s possible to use Roku and Firestick at the same time and on the same TV, you can’t use one stick on multiple TV sets.

Instead, you can buy a kit for each TV in your household and use one account. 

You’ll notice that some sets have built-in streaming devices such as Roku TV, while others don’t.

Setting up the two streaming devices to work concurrently is a breeze.

If you follow the above steps, you can watch your favorite shows and movies in no time.

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