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Is Tuya Smart Safe? 4 Things You Need To Know

Is Tuya Smart Safe

Converting our home into a smart home is easy with all the smart products available out there.

Of course, we also need a way to control all these smart products, and a cloud-based platform such as Tuya Smart can help us with that.

However, you might wonder if Tuya Smart is safe enough to secure your network and customer data. 

Tuya Smart is a legitimate smart platform and is safe to use. In fact, Tuya ensures the security of its infrastructure and operations through its security team and third-party security service providers. The company also guarantees the protection of user privacy and data.

This article will discuss Tuya Smart/Tuya Smart Life and what you need to know about the platform.

We will also discuss how the app benefits users and how it ensures security.

You will also get a quick look into what users think of the platform.

1. Tuya Smart Is Safe and Secure for Users

If you’re concerned about privacy, Tuya Smart assures its customers that it is safe to use and does not give away user data.

In a white paper published by the Tuya Smart Security Team, Tuya Smart is devoted to providing users with reliable, secure, consistent, and conforming IoT access services.

Tuya Smart guarantees the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of user data. 

Tuya assures customers that building a cloud security system for its cloud infrastructure is one of its key development strategies. Information and data protection is at the core of Tuya Cloud’s IoT solutions.

Moreover, Tuya states that it has deployed all-around security protection at all levels.

The company protects its customers by performing security monitoring, security defense, and security audit for all its external services. 

Tuya also discussed in detail its actions on various security concerns, such as:

  • compliance
  • data security
  • security responsibilities
  • cloud platform infrastructure
  • security personnel
  • cloud security assurance
  • terminal security
  • risk control
  • business sustainability
  • security operation and maintenance.

Is Tuya in Compliance With Industry Standards?

Tuya complies with industry requirements and international security standards.

The company maintains high compliance as its internal control framework, especially when it comes to implementing cloud and app specifications.

Tuya prides itself on having the most comprehensive certificates among IoT solution providers in the Asian region.

To earn its information security and privacy and compliance certifications and validations, Tuya works with various global agencies, independent security service providers, consultants, and auditors.

According to Tuya’s white paper, these compliance certifications include:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27017
  • ISO 27018
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • Test Assessment of Intelligent hardware (IoT) Open Platform

Tuya is a member of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association’s Smart Home Appliance Cloud-to-Cloud Connectivity Work Group.

The company even heads the group’s security team and helps establish cloud-to-cloud connectivity information security standards for Chinese smart appliances. 

Moreover, Tuya helped make smart-home appliance information security standards for China’s National Intelligent Building and Residential Digitalization Standardization Technical Committee.

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Tuya Is Safe According to Users

An analysis by JustUseApp of more than 24,000 user reviews on the Appstore found that Tuya Smart is very safe to use. The app store cumulative rating for Tuya Smart is 4.7 out of 5. JustUseApp also gave Tuya a safety score of 64.3 out of 100.

You might be wondering what JustUseApp is.

JutUseApp is a platform that utilizes crowdsourced reviews and machine learning to help users stay safe on the internet.

The platform tells users whether or not a certain app is legit or a scam by tracking customer subscriptions, extracting insights, and generating reports about these apps.

JustUseApp ran over the Tuya Smart reviews and classified it as a legit app because users believe in it. It also concluded that the app works most of the time.

2. Tuya Does Not Produce Smart Home Products

Tuya Does Not Produce Smart Home Products

Tuya Smart does not produce smart products for your home but takes care of the backend technology used to connect your smart device to the cloud.

The app provides the tools for suppliers to easily create a proprietary smart home app for themselves.

In other words, Tuya Smart should not be confused as a smart device brand.

However, there’s what you call Tuya-compatible devices. These are smart devices that work with the Tuya Smart app.

With the Tuya app, you can reach these smart home products from anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to WiFi.

3. Tuya Smart Has Been Around for 7 Years and Is Global

Tuya Smart was founded by Alibaba and has been around for seven years since 2014.

It is a Chinese company, but it also has headquarters in the United States, Japan, India, and Germany. That said, Tuya Smart has a global presence.

Through its 4A IoT platform, Tuya supports devices regardless of region, supplier, product, or protocol.

Due to its broad geographical reach and support for a massively wide range of devices, Tuya’s client base has reached more than 180,000.

Tuya delivered over 90,000 Tuya-powered products in over 190 countries by the first half of 2020.

The Tuya Smart app also supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, and French, allowing suppliers to tap smoothly into the global smart home market. This language localization is continuously improved and updated.

Tuya-compatible or Tuya-powered products cover over 500 types of smart products.

Some of them include smart plugs, smart switches, smart lights, security cameras, doorbells, air conditioners, heaters, water dispensers, robot vacuum, tea machines, and more.

4. Tuya Smart Is Free To Use

You can use the Tuya Smart or Tuya Smart Life app free of charge.

There is no need to invest in the company’s operations, development, maintenance, or systems updates. You can also download the app on Google Play, the App Store, and other app stores. 

Despite the app being free, you can enjoy compatibility with a wide variety of smart products. Tuya’s R&D team also offers regular system updates and maintenance.

What’s more, technical support is available to users 24/7.

Furthermore, Tuya Smart allows you to connect and control your smart home devices using any protocol, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and Zigbee.

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What Users Have To Say About Tuya Smart

According to most Tuya Smart user reviews on JustUseApp, the app works great and is easy and quick to set up.

It is fast and responsive, which means it loads fast and quickly establishes communication with connected smart devices.

A lot of users also love that Tuya works great with Amazon Alexa.

Users also appreciate Tuya’s customer service and technical support team.

They are quick to respond via the app and will give instructions on how to fix issues.

However, users do have a few recommendations for improvement. These recommendations are mostly related to difficult scheduling and confusing time setup. 

Tuya Smart’s list of disadvantages also includes a user’s need to create an account and have their data stored in the cloud.

Others also don’t like how slow it is to read a sensor over a Tuya network compared to a local Zigbee sensor. 

Moreover, some devices need a (Zigbee) gateway with Tuya. It also doesn’t work with Philips Hue and other proprietary smart home systems.

Additionally, pairing a new device via the Tuya app is not always straightforward, thanks to the platform’s large base of supported devices.

Final Thoughts

Considering that Tuya Smart has a security system in place and has an impressive list of compliance certificates, you can say that it is a safe platform to use.

But like other apps and platforms around, Tuya is not perfect and has plenty of room for improvement. 

Nevertheless, many users are happy with the service and would vouch for how great it works and how easy it is to use.

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