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How Do Eufy Boundary Strips Work? 3 Things to Know (Video)

How Do Eufy Boundary Strips Work

You want your Eufy robot vacuum to work automatically, but you don’t want it going into certain areas.

The instruction manual says you can keep your Eufy out by laying down boundary strips.

But how do Eufy boundary strips work? 

Eufy boundary strips work by using magnetic sensors to signal Eufy vacuums to change direction and avoid the area. When vacuums reach a magnetized Eufy boundary strip, it treats the strip like any other obstacle and goes around it. Boundary strips let you customize your Eufy’s cleaning area.

This article will teach you how robot vacuums work, how magnetic sensors work, and how magnetic boundary strips work.

If you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of your little round vacuuming friend, read on.

Eufy Vacuums Have Sensors

Your Eufy vacuum’s path may seem random as it moves along its way. But there is a pattern behind all those bumps and turns.

Robotic vacuum designers use what mathematicians call a random walk equation to ensure their vacuums will get the most spots as they venture forth.

When a moving Eufy vacuum encounters resistance, it moves in a different direction.

This keeps your Eufy from getting stuck against a wall or in a corner.

But random walk patterns could also send your Eufy into an active fireplace or down a flight of stairs. 

To protect your robot vacuum and improve its cleaning performance, engineers have also added several sensors.  

Cliff Sensors

Cliff sensors keep the Eufy from going downstairs or tumbling into open vents by bouncing infrared light off the floor.

When the sensors detect a sudden increase in distance, the Eufy steers away from the edge.

Because a robot vacuum tumbling downstairs could injure people going up, cliff sensors are included on every robot vacuum as a safety feature.  

Bump Sensors

Bump sensors inside the Eufy’s bumpers report impact with foreign objects and allow the Eufy to recognize obstacles like chairs, pet dishes, toys, or other things it might encounter while vacuuming.

When a bump sensor is triggered, your Eufy turns in the opposite direction and looks for a clear path.

Wall Sensors

Wall sensors send infrared light from your Eufy’s sides.

The Eufy uses those sensors to run alongside the wall and clean the edges without scuffing the wall or baseboard.

Some more advanced Eufy vacuums use wall sensors to map your room. 

Magnetic Sensors

In addition, some Eufy vacuums also have magnetic sensors that can detect and respond to magnetic fields.

Eufy vacuums equipped with magnetic sensors can recognize and respond to magnetic strips laid down on the floor as boundaries. 

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Eufy Boundary Strips Are Magnetized

Like other commercial magnetic products, boundary strips contain tiny particles of ferromagnetic materials like iron, nickel, cobalt, or rare earths.

After these particles pass through a strong magnetic field, their electrons line up and become magnetized.

When a magnet sensor comes near the boundary strip, a current passes through its thin semiconducting film.

This current flows to the Eufy’s central processing unit, which registers the information and takes action.  

Eufy is not the only robot vacuum manufacturer that uses magnetized boundary strips.

Several other companies offer their brands of magnetic boundaries, and you can also find generic boundary strips like Housmile Boundary Marker Magnetic Tape on that work just as well as the big names. 

While there is no official standard for magnetic boundary tape, in practice, magnetic boundary strips are interchangeable between different robot vacuum brands. 

Eufy Magnetic Sensors Treat Boundary Strips Like Walls

The Eufy’s CPU responds to boundary strips as it responds to walls.

It moves parallel to the magnetic boundary at a safe distance.

While you generally want your robot vacuum to cover as much floor space as possible, there are situations where your Eufy can do more harm than good.

​​How To Use Eufy Boundary Strips

Using A Eufy Boundary Strips

Here are just a few situations where boundary strips may come in handy.

Tangled Cords and Low Spaces

Ideally, your cords should all be carefully labeled and sorted so that you know exactly which signal is going to which piece of equipment.

We don’t live in an ideal world, and most of us have great tangles of cables and power cords behind our computers and home theater equipment. 

A Eufy’s bump sensor might not sense the labyrinth until your vacuum is caught in it.

In backing out, the Eufy could jar loose a connection, unplug your server, or even damage expensive equipment.

Blocking off the cords with boundary strips can save you a lot of wasted time and money.

The robot vacuum’s algorithm is modeled off ant behavior.

Like ants, robot vacuums can engage in surprisingly complex behavior with a few simple commands. But they also get stuck in loops.

Your couch may be low enough for your Eufy to get under it, then get stuck beneath the sagging center.

Boundary strips can save you a lot of time extricating your Eufy from repeated mistakes. 

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Spills and Wet Floors

Robot vacuums can clean your floors, but they can also leave long trails of spaghetti sauce, spilled milk, mud, or even less pleasant substances.

A boundary strip can keep your Eufy out of your just waxed hallway or away from your puppy’s latest accident.

Your Eufy can go about vacuuming where it can be useful while you take care of the mess unhindered.

Do Not Disturb Areas

When you’re trying to sleep after a double shift — or when your 3-month-old has finally fallen asleep — you may not want to be disturbed by a robot vacuum.

Boundary strips let you keep your Eufy away from areas where immediate quiet is more important than prompt cleaning.

Fragile Items on Your Floor

You may not want your Eufy bumping into your grandmother’s irreplaceable floor vase or running through the enormous Lego set you just built with your child.

Boundary strips can protect your heirlooms and save your special moments. 

How To Apply Eufy Boundary Strips

Unlike many other magnetic boundary strips, Eufy boundary strips do not come with an adhesive back.

Most Eufy boundary strip users affix their strips to the floor with double-sided tape like Ezlifego double-sided tape (available at Amazon). 

Apply this tape to the area where you want your Eufy boundary strip, then place the strip atop it.  

Troubleshooting Problems with Your Eufy Boundary Strips

If you are having problems with your Eufy boundary strips, here are a few things that might be causing your issues.

Does Your Eufy Vacuum Recognize Magnetic Boundary Strips?

Many Amazon reviewers complain that Eufy boundary strips do not work because their Eufy rolls right over them as if they weren’t there.

Further inquiry reveals that their Eufy lacks magnetic sensors.  

The Eufy vacuums that can sense and respond to boundary strips are:

  • RoboVac 30C
  • RoboVac 30C MAX
  • RoboVac 30
  • RoboVac 35C
  • RoboVac G30 Edge 
  • G30 Hybrid 11c Pet Edition

If your Eufy is not one of these models, you will need to find alternative ways of setting its boundaries or upgrade to a model with magnetic sensors.

Eufy Boundary Strip Is Hidden Under the Carpet

While Eufy vacuums can handle low and even mid-pile carpets, they frequently get tangled in longer and thicker piles.

Many Eufy owners use boundary strips to keep their Eufy away from heavy shag carpets. 

If you place the boundary strip beneath a thick carpet, or if the rug gets shifted in daily usage so that it covers the strip, your sensor may not be able to pick up the magnetic field.

Make sure that your strip is clear and not blocked.  

Eufy’s Sensors Are Dirty

If you are having problems with your Eufy recognizing boundary strips — or giving you a Code 9 (Magnetic Strip Detected) where there are no strips — you could have dirty sensors.

This video from Eufy will show you how to clean your sensors. If the problem persists, contact Eufy support.

Final Thoughts 

If you have a Eufy vacuum with magnetic sensors, Eufy’s boundary strips can be a very useful tool that will help you get the most out of your Eufy.

If you love your Eufy but hate the way it keeps ending up in places you don’t want it to go, Eufy boundary strips may solve your problems.

But be sure to check your Eufy model before ordering!

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