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Are Eufy Cameras Secure? 5 Things You Need To Know

Are Eufy Cameras Secure

While upgrading your home’s security systems, it’s crucial to consider all of your options.

Eufy cameras are a popular choice, but it’s vital to consider how secure they are before investing in the Eufy Security Wireless Home Security Camera System from

Eufy cameras are some of the most secure home cameras available. These devices store information locally and stream video via the Eufy app. The app itself is protected by near-seamless encryptions that make hacking virtually impossible. As such, Eufy cameras pose few privacy or security concerns.

Many of the leading smart home camera systems utilize an online Cloud service for video storage.

Hackers can penetrate these systems, uploading your home footage onto their own devices.

That’s why it’s crucial to choose your smart cameras carefully.

Are Eufy Cameras Secure?

When compared against other leading home smart cameras, Eufy cameras might be one of the safest options. That’s because Eufy utilizes a localized upload system that stores video footage onto a microSD card and can stream live footage to your Eufy app.

The only way that someone could hack into your Eufy security system is by using your Eufy account information.

So long as you don’t share your password and account information with others, there’s almost no way that someone could hack into your cameras.

This setup is far different from other smart camera systems. The Amazon Ring device, for example, has caught a lot of flak over the last few years for its security concerns.

Sadly, any device that relies on a WiFi connection or Cloud is a target for hackers.

Eufy cameras don’t suffer from this design flaw. Their lack of Cloud connectivity is a massive draw for shoppers who are concerned about security.

What Are Eufy Cameras?

Eufy cameras are smart home cameras that allow you to monitor your property without requiring Cloud or WiFi connections with all their potential security issues.  

Though you likely have a good idea of what Eufy cameras are, it’s a good idea to touch on their features, prices, benefits, and drawbacks. These smart home cameras might be more secure than alternative options, but they might not be the ideal option for your home. 

To ensure you end up choosing the best possible option, we’ll need to take a closer look at Eufy cameras and their related systems.

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Firstly, it’s crucial to note that Eufy cameras can be installed in interior and exterior locations.

This means that you can have cameras on the outside of your home and in each room. That’s a lot of potential security to take advantage of.

Eufy cameras have night vision and can stream in 1080p resolution. They’re weatherproof, so there’s no need to worry about rain, snow, or harsh sunlight.

Notably, Eufy produces a wide range of smart home cameras. In addition to standard home security systems and cameras, you can also find baby monitor kits and doorbell cameras. 

Nearly every Eufy device is compatible with Amazon, Apple, and Google smart home devices. This means that you can integrate your Eufy cameras and systems with some of the top-rated and most popular smart home systems available.


Eufy cameras and security systems vary in price. Generally, Eufy camera systems are a little costlier than competitor options. Of course, when you invest in a Eufy security system, you’re not only paying for the technology.

You’re also paying for the added benefits of a non-Cloud camera system.


The benefits of using Eufy cameras and smart home products might make the price point more reasonable.

Eufy cameras are some of the most secure cameras available, and they don’t require a monthly subscription.

Because each additional camera is so affordable, Eufy systems can be a smart choice for larger homes and properties. They also don’t require a WiFi connection to record video.

As such, a Eufy system could be an excellent option for areas with little internet connectivity. Of course, users should understand that their ability to stream to the app can be affected by a lack of nearby WiFi.


Eufy Camera Drawbacks

Though Eufy cameras are some of the most secure options, they’re not without potential drawbacks.

Firstly, Eufy camera systems tend to be a little pricier than their counterparts.

Of course, the price ends up working out to about the same when you consider that Eufy users don’t need to pay monthly service subscription fees.

Secondly, Eufy cameras can be challenging to integrate with other smart home systems.

These cameras are compatible with Amazon, Google, and Apple devices. But if you’re using other brands of smart home devices, be prepared to struggle with pairing.

And then there’s the physical hub component.

Because Eufy cameras don’t stream and store their recording to a virtual Cloud, you’ll need to make room for a Eufy storage hub. Fortunately, these hubs tend to be reasonably compact.

Finally, some users have complained about the streaming speed and notification speed associated with their Eufy cameras. Because Eufy camera systems aren’t dependent on Cloud services, on-app streaming can be lackluster.

How To Use Eufy Cameras

Using Eufy cameras is a straightforward process that starts with installation and ends with long-term maintenance. Understanding how to use Eufy cameras may help you grasp their security features.

Generally, you’ll need to follow four steps to operate Eufy cameras. You’ll need to:

  1. Install
  2. Activate
  3. Access
  4. Maintain

Let’s briefly touch on each of these steps to help you understand how Eufy cameras work and remain secure during use.

1. Install

Eufy cameras can be installed indoors or outside. They can attach to walls or sit on flat surfaces. There are also Eufy doorbell cameras that are designed for exterior wall attachment.

The precise installation method you’ll need to use varies depending on the type of camera you’re using.

Weatherproof cameras are an excellent choice for exterior locations, and flat-bottomed sitting cameras are better suited to indoor use.

Once you’ve placed your cameras, you’ll need to activate them.

2. Activate

Activating your Eufy camera system is simple. You’ll need to ensure that your camera hub is plugged in and that it contains a microSD card.

You’ll also need to download the Eufy security app, available for Apple and Android smartphones.

Once you’ve done these two things, your app will walk you through the precise steps you’ll want to take to activate your system.

3. Access

Accessing your system is straightforward enough. The Eufy app on your phone or tablet will allow you to see live footage from your cameras, as well as helpful notifications. 

Because it uses short-range Bluetooth connections, your data never goes on the Internet and remains on your MicroSD card rather than somebody else’s server.

4. Maintain

Most Eufy cameras have an internal battery that lasts an entire year. Be sure to access the Eufy app to keep track of battery levels. Otherwise, you won’t need to perform much maintenance to keep your Eufy cameras in excellent shape.

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Could Someone Hack Into a Eufy Camera?

It is not possible for someone to hack into a Eufy camera unless they had all of your personal account information. Eufy cameras don’t rely on consistent WiFi or Cloud services and are far more challenging to hack than other types of smart home cameras. 

How To Keep Your Eufy Cameras Secure

Keeping your Eufy cameras secure starts with creating a Eufy account. You’ll need to do this while installing and activating your cameras.

Ensuring that your account password is unique and challenging can help prevent unwanted hacks and security threats.

Of course, the Eufy app itself features military-grade encryption to keep hackers at bay.

As such, the only thing you’ll likely need to do to maintain your Eufy camera’s security is to update your password every once and a while. 

Apart from that, there’s nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the exceptional level of smart home security!


Are Eufy cameras secure? While no digital system is ever entirely secure, Eufy cameras are one of the most protected and least hackable smart home cameras available.

These cameras store their recordings onto a microSD card rather than a Cloud service. 

Users can access live footage via the Eufy app. This smartphone app is protected by superior encryption, ensuring that hackers cannot access your account.

The only way a Eufy camera system might become a security risk is if the user shares their account information. Otherwise, these cameras remain fastidious in their ability to keep homes and homeowners safe.

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