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Eufy Robovac Not Charging: 10 Causes & Fixes (2023)

Eufy Robovac Not Charging

Is your Eufy Robovac not holding enough charge?

Or does it not charge at all?

It can be frustrating, but don’t worry!

Your Eufy Robovac not charging is not the end of it all.

Many things can cause your robovac not to charge. But fixing it is super easy.

I bet you’d hear yourself say, “That’s it?!”

Continue reading to learn:

  • When to replace Eufy robovac battery.
  • 10 causes of Eufy robovac not charging.
  • 10 easy ways to fix not charging Eufy robovac.
  • Where the power switch of the robovac is located.
  • And that’s only the beginning…

Why is my Eufy robovac not charging?

Your Eufy robovac isn’t charging because the charging contacts are dusty, and the power switch is off. It’ll also not charge if the charging base is blocked or not plugged in, the power adapter is damaged, the outlet or circuit board is faulty, the firmware is outdated, and the battery is worn out. 

Eufy robovac not charging – 10 causes & fixes

#1: Dusty charging contact pins

Do you use a charging base to recharge your Eufy robovac?

If yes, then check its charging contact pins.

Your Eufy robovac receives electrical charges via these.

If there’s accumulated dirt and dust on them, the pins will fail to get in contact. And it will block the electric charges from coming in.

As a result, your Eufy robovac will not charge.

Or at the very least, it will receive less charge than normal.

“What are charging contact pins? How do they look like?”

Charging contact pins are metal strips located on both the robovac and its charging base.

There are four (4) charging contact pins in total. And you can find:

  • Two (2) underneath the Eufy robovac.
  • Two (2) at the base of the charging device.

How to fix it:

Locate the charging contact pins on your robovac and its charging base.

If the pins are dusty, clean them by blowing air into them.

But if there’s dirt stuck on the pins, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it off.

Cleaning tip: Charging contact pins are sensitive. So, use a microfiber cloth or any similar material to avoid scratches while cleaning.

#2: Dirty swivel wheel

“What does a caster wheel have to do with my robovac not charging?”

It’s possible for the charging contact pins on your robovac not to “touch” the contact pins on its charging base.

And do you know what causes it to happen?

A dirty swivel wheel.

The swivel wheel is located at the very front of the robovac.

Meaning it’s exposed to more dirt and dust. 

This dirt and dust can get stuck on the swivel wheel. This can cause the wheel to push out.

Once it gets pushed out, the charging contacts on the robovac won’t be able to reach the other pair on the charging base.

And so, your Eufy robovac won’t charge.

How to fix it:

If there’s accumulated dirt on the swivel wheel, clean it by removing the wheel from the robovac.

To remove the Eufy robovac swivel wheel:

  1. Flip the Eufy robovac upside down.
  2. Place thumb and index finger on the sides of the wheel.
  3. Then, pull out the wheel with enough strength.

If that doesn’t work, get a flathead screwdriver. 

Place it underneath the swivel wheel, and use it to lift the wheel out.

Once removed, clean it by pulling out accumulated dirt and hair strands.

Need help in cleaning the Eufy robovac swivel wheel? Here’s an instructional video!

#3: Charging base not plugged in

Go and check your Eufy charging base right now.

Is it plugged in?

No matter how long you dock your Eufy robovac to its base, it won’t recharge if the charging base is not plugged in.

The charging base is not rechargeable. 

It doesn’t store any charge. So, it has to be plugged in all the time.

You use a charging base to allow your robovac to recharge itself.

And your cleaning device can’t do that if there’s no electric charge running from the charging base.

How to fix it:

Check whether the power adapter is plugged into a power socket.

Make sure that the other end of the adapter is also inserted into the charging base.

Once the charging base is plugged in, you should see a solid white light on its LED indicator.

Note: You don’t need to unplug the charging base from the power outlet at night. The Eufy robovac automatically stops charging once it’s fully charged.

#4: Damaged power adapter

“While I was checking whether the device is plugged in, I saw bite marks on the power adapter.”

If there are bite marks on the power adapter, then it must be the reason why your Eufy robovac is not charging.

Any damage to the power adapter can cause your cleaning device not to charge.

And that includes:

  • Bite marks.
  • Exposed wirings.
  • Burnt plug prongs.
  • Melted plug prongs.
  • Badly bent power cord.

Bite marks and exposed wirings are commonly caused by house pets and pests. 

And burnt and melted plug prongs are caused by power surges.

How to fix it:

If there are exposed wires on the power adapter, you can use electrical tape to cover it up.

Doing this is a good temporary solution. But you must replace your power adapter soon, as exposed wirings can cause short circuits.

Short circuits can damage your cleaning device. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.

You should also replace your power adapter if the plug prongs are heavily damaged.

Tip: To prevent this from happening, make sure to tuck the power adapter into a cable box organizer. Or move the cleaning base to a safer area, away from your house pets.

#5: Faulty power outlet

If replacing the power adapter doesn’t work, then the power outlet must have an issue.

Some power outlets in your home can become “faulty” for so many reasons.

For once, power surges can cause the wirings of the outlet to get damaged.

As a result, any electronics plugged into it can not charge.

Or worst, get damaged even further.

Some obvious signs of a faulty power outlet include:

  • Hot outlet cover surface.
  • Burnt marks on the outlet cover.
  • Burnt smell coming from the outlet.
  • Flickering lights when something is plugged.

Most of the time, these signs aren’t present.

And you’ll only know if the power outlet is faulty if you test it out.

How to fix it:

If there are obvious signs of a faulty power outlet in the socket, plug in the cleaning base to a different socket.

If there’s none, you can use an outlet tester to check whether the power outlet is working.

You may also try plugging other devices into the same outlet. And see if any device works.

The general rule is: If the power outlet is faulty, you have to plug in the cleaning base in a different outlet.

#6: Power switch is off

Eufy Robovac's Power Switch Is Off

Unlike other robovacs, Eufy robovacs have mechanical power switches.

Mechanical power switches are switches that you can toggle on and off.

They can come as a push button, slide button, or joystick.

“I thought Eufy robovacs automatically turns on?”

It does. Eufy robovacs remains on when charging and cleaning.

But then, Eufy manufacturers included power switches so users can turn off the device when not in use. Especially when stored for a longer period.

If your robovac isn’t working, maybe you might’ve turned off its power switch while cleaning the device.

How to fix it:

To get your Eufy robovac back to running, just turn on the power switch.

Flip the Eufy robovac upside down, and locate the power switch.

Once you’ve seen the red power button, push it on.

If that doesn’t work, try these other tricks:

  1. Toggle on and off the switch six (6) times.
  2. Gently shake the device to remove dust on the switch.

After that, make sure again that the power switch is on. Then, try placing it on the charging base.

If the LED indicator turns orange, it means that the device is charging.

It will turn blue once the device is fully charged.

#7: Blocked charging base

“My Eufy robovac charges if I place it in the charging base. But it doesn’t return on its own, even when I command it to “go home.”

If that’s the case, your robovac may be having difficulty finding its charging base.

Aside from placing the charging base in a different room, many other things cause it to happen.

For once, if the charging base is placed on a dark-colored surface or a high-pile carpet, the robovac may avoid it.

This is especially true for some of the latest Eufy robovac vacuums. Because they use laser lights to detect objects and obstructions.

Other times, clutter around the base prevents the robovac from returning to its base.

How to fix it:

First, make sure that the charging base and the Eufy robovac are in the same room.

Or at least schedule the last cleaning session of your robovac in the same room.

Doing this will help the robovac to immediately dock on its charging base once its battery gets low.

Other things that you can do is to:

  • Place the charging base in an open area.
  • Remove cable cords on the robovac pathway.
  • Remove any clutter surrounding the charging base.
  • Avoid placing dark-colored or high-pile carpets near the base.
  • Avoid placing the charging base near a huge piece of furniture or appliance.

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#8: Outdated firmware

Your Eufy robovac works “smart” because it has firmware.

It’s the firmware that provides instructions and guidance to the device.

Like other smart devices, Eufy robovac firmware updates from time to time.

And when its firmware is outdated, the cleaning device can malfunction. And also prevent itself from charging.

“Why does it happen?”

When developers update firmware, they often change or replace codes and features.

A robovac will malfunction when new updates become incompatible with the older version.

How to fix it:

If you’re using a WiFi-enabled Eufy robovac, updating it would be easy.

You can update your cleaning device through its companion app.

To update WiFi-enabled Eufy robovac:

  1. Place the robovac on its charging base.
  2. Open the EufyHome app.
  3. Select your Eufy robovac device.
  4. Tap the three-dot icon on the top-right corner.
  5. Then, click “Firmware Update.”

To ensure that the update is successful, here are some things that you should note:

  • Make sure that the WiFi connection is stable.
  • Don’t close the app while the update is ongoing.
  • Don’t disconnect your phone from the WiFi network.
  • Make sure that your phone has at least a 50% battery charge.
  • Move closer to the Eufy robovac and its charging base when updating.

Learn more: Why won’t your Eufy vacuum connect to WiFi? 

#9: Worn out battery

How long have you been using your Eufy robovac?

If it’s over two years, then its battery must be worn out.

In general, robovac batteries can last up to 2 years.

Depending on your usage, its battery can die a year earlier or so.

You’ll know if the Eufy robovac battery is worn out if:

  • It recharges too fast.
  • The device cleans in under an hour.
  • The LED indicator doesn’t turn blue at all.
  • The device dies out minutes after leaving the base.

According to its manufacturer, a Eufy robovac will fully charge from 0-100% for 5 to 6 hours.

And it can clean for about 100 minutes in “Standard” mode.

If your Eufy robovac doesn’t last this long, take that as an indicator that its battery is already dead.

How to fix it:

The only way you can troubleshoot this issue is to replace the battery of your Eufy robovac.

When getting a replacement, make sure to buy a Eufy-certified robovac battery. And buy directly from Eufy stores.

Other brands can work as well. But you can’t guarantee its safety and quality.

#10: Damaged circuit board

If nothing above works, your Eufy robovac circuit board may be damaged.

The circuit board is a small piece of hardware inside your robovac. It ensures that electricity flows throughout the device’s system.

So, once it gets damaged, your robovac will fail to hold electric charges.

“What causes the circuit board to get damaged?”

Many things can cause the circuit board to get damaged, including:

  • Moisture.
  • Overheating.
  • Power surges.
  • Water spillage.
  • Accidental impact.
  • Accumulated dust.

If your Eufy robovac gets exposed to any of these, it can malfunction and stop recharging.

How to fix it:

Fixing a circuit board is tricky, especially if you’re not an electronics technician.

So, if your Eufy robovac isn’t charging, visit a service center as soon as possible.

Have a technician look at your device and fix the damage on its circuit board.

“My Eufy robovac is still under warranty. Can I call the support line for replacement?”

Yes, you can.

But only if an external element didn’t cause the damage.

If your robovac is defective in the first place, you can request a replacement.

If you accidentally spilled water on it, it might be best to bring it to a service center.

Warning: Opening the Eufy robovac void its warranty. So, make sure to try other solutions first before bringing your device to a service center.

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