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Samsung SmartThings: What It Is & How To Use It (2023)

What Is Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings… does it ring a bell?

If you’re into smart homes, perhaps you’ve already heard about it multiple times.

It’s an app which let’s you control all your smart devices simultaneously.

No doubt, it sounds super convenient and innovative!

But do you really need to have one? 

Find out how SmartThings can make your life easier!

Continue reading to learn:

  • 22 devices that are compatible with SmartThings.
  • What is Samsung SmartThings, and how it works.
  • What features can help simplify your everyday living.
  • And a lot more…

What is Samsung SmartThings?

Samsung SmartThings is an app that lets you control smart devices installed in your home.

It’s Samsung’s attempt to create a central control app for all smart devices.

With this, you can control and manage all your devices without switching from app to app. 

So by using just this one app, you can automate your whole household.

Do you know the best selling point of Samsung SmartThings?

It’s the app’s ability to automate and manage multiple devices all at once.

And yes, it can control your lights, TV, and soundbar with just one click.

SmartThings has 2 interesting major features, which are:


Automations is a control setting that lets you automate several devices at once.

With this, you can schedule automation and run multiple devices based on one trigger.

If you want certain devices to start running once you get home, create automation.

Once you’ve unlocked the entry door, you can automate your lights and air conditioner to turn on. 

You may also automate your head shower to start warming up.


Automations work with “triggers.” And scenes work with “moods.”

With scenes, you can automate smart devices depending on the time of the day. (Or your mood).

Perhaps you want to create a “morning” schedule. 

You can automate your alarm to ring, lights and window blinds to open, and your coffee machine to start brewing at a specific time in the morning.

You can also automate a “movie night” scene. Where your lights will dim, and your TV and soundbar will turn on simultaneously.

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Do I need a SmartThings app on my phone?

You need the SmartThings app on your phone if you have multiple smart devices at home. With this, you can control and manage several devices with one click and during specific periods of time. SmartThings gives you unlimited access to various devices when you’re at home or even when you’re away. 

22 Samsung SmartThings compatible devices

#1: Window Treatment

Do you want your window blinds or curtains to automatically open once your alarm rings?

It’s possible with Samsung SmartThings.

You can pair your smart window treatment with SmartThings to do that.

Just set up your window treatment first and add it to SmartThings’ devices.

If you have a smart window treatment in your home, go ahead and connect it with the SmarthThings app.

#2: Home Lighting

What can make your home feel more cozy or luxurious than automated lights?

Imagine how convenient it is to control your home lighting depending on the time of day or occasion.

Aren’t warm-and-dim lights cozy at night?

Or perhaps you want blue-toned lights for overnight parties?

Whichever you prefer, you can achieve that with Samsung SmartThings.

Here are the lighting and tech brands that are SmartThings-compatible:

  • Arlo.
  • WiZ.
  • LIFX.
  • Vision.
  • TP-Link.
  • Yeelight.
  • XLSmart.
  • Nanoleaf.
  • Ledvance.
  • Megaman.
  • Ajax Online.
  • Luna Square.
  • Adurosmart ERIA.

Do you want to open the ERIA light bulb in your bedroom or the WiZ ceiling light in your living room? You can do that in one sitting using just the SmartThings app!

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#3: Air conditioner & thermostat

Don’t want your air conditioner and thermostat temperature to adjust automatically?

Because if you do, then you should install the Samsung SmartThings app right away!

Aside from scheduling automation of air conditioners and thermostats, 

SmartThings can automatically adjust its set temperature. Making your home feel cozier and more exciting to come home at.

You wouldn’t have to do all those things, yourself.

You can come home anytime, and your home will welcome you with a cozy atmosphere.

Samsung SmartThings also has a “Home Care Wizard.”

This wizard provides an AI diagnosis. And it notifies you whether there’s something wrong with your appliances.

#4: Air purifier & humidifier

Do you have a toddler at home?

Or do you just want fresher and cleaner air in your house?

Regardless of which, SmartThings can assist you with that.

Air purifiers and humidifiers can also work with SmartThings. 

And it provides predictive analytics that helps monitor the air quality in your home.

It can tell you whether the air quality in a specific room is good or bad.

The brands that are SmartThings-compatible are Luna Square, Moodo, and Miro SmartHome.

#5: TV & Display

SmartThings Control TV And Display

SmartThings can also control smart TV and displays.

Whenever you want to watch a movie, you can just tap the app on your phone.

It works with 148 models of TVs manufactured in 2017 and up.

So, pairing your existing smart TV to SmartThings shouldn’t be so much of a problem.

If you want to set up a movie night with your friends, you can just tap the “movie night” scene in your SmartThings app.

And your smart TV will automatically open together with your soundbar.

#6: Soundbar

And yes, Samsung soundbars also work with SmartThings.

It’s compatible with at least 15 soundbar models.

So, if you have one at home, go and try to pair it with the SmartThings app.

The app has access to your soundbar settings so that you can control its volume through the app as well.

Automate it with the other smart devices for an amazing movie experience at home.

#7: Cooktop

Aside from entertainment devices, SmartThings can also control smart cooktops.

If you love multitasking at home, SmartThings can be a great help for you.

With this app, you can control and monitor your smart cooktop from your phone.

While you’re feeding your pet, you can remotely monitor and adjust the cooktop settings, if needed.

It keeps your home and family safe.

And it’s a good addition for busy households.

#8: Refrigerators

Forgot to make a shopping list?

With SmartThings, you can check the content of your refrigerator remotely.

You don’t have to return home if you forgot something, because the app can provide the information for you.

Aside from that, SmartThings also notify users if ever the fridge was left open.

Helping homeowners converse energy and save costs.

If you want to cook something quick, you can just browse the app to see if the ingredients you need are available. 

Wouldn’t that make your everyday living easier?

#9: Washer & dryer

The SmartThings app is really convenient for busy people.

It’s compatible with washers and dryers, making your laundry days easier.

With the app, you can monitor your washer and dryer while doing some other errands.

In case you have left home and the washing session has been over, SmartThings will quickly notify you.

And will just that you do another round of rinse so that the clothes wouldn’t smell.

Basically, it’s like having a robot assistant, which you can always rely on!

#10: Airdresser

Are you done washing and drying your laundry already?

Why not put them on airdresser to freshen and straighten your clothes?

SmartThings is compatible with Samsung’s AirDresser.

It’s a small smart closet that you can put inside your wardrobe.

So, if you’re about to finish washing clothes, you can set up your airdresser remotely.

Manage its setting according to the clothes fabric type through the SmartThings app.

#11: Valve

Do you have a smart valve at home?

If yes, you can pair it with SmartThings to control it remotely.

Household owners use smart valves to control the water pressure in their faucets.

Doing this helps conserve water and costs.

With SmartThings, you can conserve more water. 

As it provides remote and quick access to your smart valve whenever you need it.

#12: Remote & Switch

SmartThings works with many appliances, but also with remotes and smart switches.

You can connect your smart TV and its remote with the SmartThings app. And control the TV remotely and only with one device.

If you have a smart switch and dimmer installed in your house, you can also pair it with SmartThings.

So, you wouldn’t have to stand up everything you want to dim the lights on your bedroom or entertainment room.

Note: All devices must be registered to one Samsung account for it to work with SmartThings.

#13: Adapter & Outlet

You can turn non-smart devices into smart devices by using smart adapters and outlets.

And you can pair them to SmartThings to control non-smart devices within the app.

Doing this gives you more access and control to all your smart devices at home.

Plus, you can automate several devices together for efficiency.

Just make sure that your devices are  SmartThings-compatible, and you’re good to go!

Tip: Look for the “Works with SmartThings” logo on the device or its packaging. This is how you’ll know whether the device is SmartThings-compatible.

#14: Energy monitoring

Do you have an energy-monitoring device or app?

You can pair it with SmartThings as well.

Doing this can help you monitor your appliances better since you have an overview of all the devices in one app.

If you receive a warning notification for one app, you can adjust that particular app’s setting within just the SmartThings app.

Managing your devices in one app sure sounds convenient, doesn’t it?

#15: Lighting & energy control

SmartThings is also compatible with some lighting and energy control devices.

It makes it much easier to adjust settings and monitor usage.

Not to mention that you also control them even you’re away from home.

If you’re leaving for several days, you can switch off some devices all at once. And automate them to turn on once you’re back.

#16: Camera monitor & CCTV

Baby monitors and CCTVs are great security devices for all types of households.

But it can be a hassle monitoring several units located in different areas in your home.

With the SmartThings app, you can access your security and monitoring cameras easier.

You can monitor your baby in the kid’s room and your pet in the backyard in the same app.

With SmartThings, you can prevent the hassles of monitoring multiple camera displays.

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#17: Doorbell & door locks

If you have a smart doorbell and door locks installed in your home, try using the SmartThings app.

Samsung SmartThings app allows you to control multiple smart door locks in one app.

Making it convenient for non-techie household owners. 

If you’re away from home, you can tap the SmartThings app to double-check the security locks at home.

In case you left one open, you can lock it within the app as well.

Note: SmartThings works with Alexa, Bixby, and Cortana. So, you can also use voice commands to control your smart devices.

#18: Siren & alarm panel

SmartThings also works with smart sirens and alarm panels.

With the app, you can control your alert systems using voice commands.

Plus, you can adjust alarm settings within the app.

So, you wouldn’t have to manually toggle switches on the alarm panel.

This can come convenient, especially during emergencies or when you’re away from home.

#19: Various types of sensors

Different sensors from different brands require separate control apps.

And that can be a hassle, especially for non-techie or busy household owners.

With the SmartThings app, you can control and manage all your smart sensors at home within the app.

SmartThings is compatible with various smart sensors, including:

  • Vision sensor.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Moisture sensor.
  • Presence sensor.
  • Air quality sensor.
  • Open/close sensor.
  • Multi-functional sensor.

Here’s a video on adding smart sensors, hubs, and outlets to the Samsung SmartThings app!

#20: Z-wave hub

Samsung SmartThings has a hub that you should use to connect all other smart devices with it.

But if you’re already using a different hub, you can keep it. 

As SmartThings also support Z-wave hubs.

Just make sure that all devices are connected to the same network for them to work with SmartThings.

Your existing hub and the SmartThings app should be connected to the same network as well.

#21: Range extender

Are you using range extenders in your home?

Well, you can connect it with the SmartThings app as well.

Range extenders use a separate control app.

But you can control these devices at once when paired with SmartThings.

Just imagine how much access and control you can have with it.

Not to mention that you can control connected devices to the router using the same app.

What a win!

#22: Tag & tracker

Samsung has launched its own tag/tracker device called SmartTag.

This device lets you locate lost Samsung and non-Samsung gadgets within 393 ft (120 m) away from your phone.

If you have a couple of Galaxy SmartTag, you can also connect them with the SmartThings app.

Doing this will let you access both devices in one app. Making it easier to locate your lost device.

Just make sure that the tracker is on and set up.

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