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SmartThings Not Connecting To TV: 10 Causes & Fixes (2023)

SmartThings Not Connecting To TV

“I can’t add my TV to SmartThings. It has been over an hour!”

Is your TV not appearing on the SmartThings app?

Or does the pairing keep on failing?

I know, it can be really frustrating.

Especially if you’ve been trying to fix it for over an hour.

Calm down for a moment, take a breather…

And we’ll show you how you can troubleshoot this issue!

Continue reading to discover:

  • 10 causes of SmartThings not connecting to TV.
  • How to add Samsung TV to the SmartThings app.
  • 10 ways to successfully pair a TV with SmartThings.
  • List of SmartThings-compatible Samsung TV models.
  • And a lot more…

Why doesn’t SmartThings connect to my TV?

SmartThings doesn’t connect to your TV because the Bluetooth is disabled, the WiFi is unstable, and the phone is out of the TV’s range. The devices don’t pair because they’re not connected to the same WiFi network and Samsung account, and the app, phone, and TV have outdated software and firmware.

SmartThings not connecting to tv – 10 causes & solutions

#1: Bluetooth is disabled

“My TV doesn’t show on my SmartThings discovered devices…”

Well, have you turned on the Bluetooth on both your phone and TV?

The SmartThings app pairs with other devices via Bluetooth.

And it can only discover devices that have their Bluetooth on.

If it’s off, the device is considered “non-existent.”

So, no matter how much you refresh your phone or restart your TV, both devices won’t connect.

How to fix it:

In this case, you just have to turn on Bluetooth on both devices.

To turn on Bluetooth on your phone, head over to your settings and select “Bluetooth.” Then, toggle on the button.

For the Samsung smart TV, just navigate its setting and enable the Bluetooth connection.

Also, make sure that your phone is not on the “Power Saving Mode.” 

As this particular mode turns off Bluetooth automatically.

You can turn it off by accessing your quick setting panel. And then, press the “Power Saver” button once.

#2: Out-of-range device

Are you close to the TV?

Because if not, the Bluetooth connection can easily get lost. And disconnect the pairing of your devices.

Bluetooth has a significantly lower range than WiFi.

Yes, it can still connect two devices from separate rooms, but only to a certain distance.

Plus, any object in your home can act as an obstruction to the connection.

How to fix it:

When pairing SmartThings to your TV, make sure that you’re close to it.

The phone you’re using to pair should be within 30 ft (9.14 m) away from the TV.

This ensures a strong connection between the two devices. And that no object can interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

So, make sure that you’re in the same room when pairing with your Samsung TV.

If there are too many wireless devices in the room, try moving in front of the TV.

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#3: Devices not connected to the same account

“I’ve already tried sitting next to the TV. But SmartThing can still not recognize my device!”

If that’s the case, then maybe your devices are not connected to the same account.

Using the same account is important to sync data between devices easily.

Doing this also makes it easier to control and automate the devices you have.

When adding a device to SmartThings, the device you’re connecting should be registered to the same Samsung account.

How to fix it:

First, check on which account your devices are connected to.

To check the account of the Samsung SmartThings app:

  1. Open the SmartThings app.
  2. Go to the menu.
  3. Click the profile icon.
  4. Then, review the account registered.

To check the account of Samsung smart TV:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select “General.”
  3. Click “System Manager.”
  4. Choose “Samsung Account.”
  5. Then, review the account registered.

If they are not registered to the same account, make sure to change it.

Also, make sure that your Samsung account is verified.

#4: Devices not connected to the same WiFi

Your SmartThings app and Samsung TV should be connected to the same WiFi network.

These devices communicate by sending and receiving radio waves.

And they can only do that when they are connected to the same network.

This rule is not exclusive to Samsung smart TV.

But to all the devices you’re planning to pair with your SmartThings.

Note: Checking the WiFi network of your devices is important. As devices tend to connect on the stronger network if you’re using a dual-band WiFi router.

How to fix it:

Check whether the devices are connected to the same network and band.

If not, change it immediately.

To change WiFi network on Samsung SmartThings app:

  1. Open the SmartThings app.
  2. Go to the menu.
  3. Proceed to settings.
  4. Select “Network.”
  5. Then, connect to your preferred WiFI network.

To change WiFi network on Samsung smart TV:

  1. Go to settings. 
  2. Select “General.”
  3. Click “Network.”
  4. Choose “Open Network Settings.”
  5. Select network type (wireless or wired).
  6. Then, connect to your preferred WiFi network.

Tip: To prevent your device from connecting to a different band, disconnect it from the device.

Need more instructions on how to connect your preferred WiFI network to your Samsung TV? Then, watch this instructional video!

#5: Unstable WiFi connection

Unstable WiFi Connection

“My devices are connected to the same Samsung account and WiFI network. But nothing has changed.”

Perhaps your WiFi connection is unstable.

The Samsung SmartThings app can only work if your phone is connected to WiFi.

And the WiFi connection should be strong and stable enough to complete the pairing process.

Many things can cause the WiFi connection to become unstable, including:

  • Outdated firmware.
  • Out-of-range device.
  • Low internet bandwidth.
  • Connection interference.
  • Congested WiFi network.

How to fix it:

To receive a stronger and stable WiFi connection, move closer to the WiFi router.

But then, make sure that you’re not too far away from the TV.

If it’s possible, install a WiFi router in the same room.

Doing this may be a hassle.

But it can still benefit you after, as your Samsung smart TV would also need a stable WiFi connection to work.

Also, consider disconnecting WiFI from some devices that are not in use.

Or perhaps refresh your router to receive a stronger connection.

#6: Connection interference

Did you know that certain devices and materials in your home can also interfere with your WiFi?

Yes, it’s true.

Many gadgets and home appliances use a 2.4 GHz frequency. Which is the same band the most WiFi networks and TV use.

The frequencies of these devices sometimes clash and cause interference to their connection.

And that can happen with your WiFi as well.

The most common appliance that can interfere with the connection is a microwave open.

And concrete, in terms of materials.

How to fix it:

To troubleshoot this, remove potential devices that can interfere with the WiFi connection.

Move gadgets and appliances away from the TV and WiFi router in the meantime.

Make sure that these devices are turned off as well.

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#7: Outdated phone software

The latest Samsung SmartThings app only works on smartphones that run at least an Android 7 or iOS 12.0.

So, if that doesn’t support your phone, you can’t use the SmartThings app on your phone.

“My phone is compatible. But I can’t use the SmartThings app sometimes…”

If that’s the case, then maybe your phone software is outdated.

Outdated software can affect the connectivity of your phone.

It may fail to connect with your WiFi network or with other devices.

Plus, it’s prone to software bugs which can further cause apps on your phone not to work.

How to fix it:

First, check if your phone’s software is up-to-date.

Here’s how to check or update your phone’s software:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select “Systems & Updates.”
  3. Choose “Software Update.”
  4. Press “Check for updates.”
  5. Then, click “Update Now” if displayed.

If doing this doesn’t improve anything, you may restart your phone to eliminate generic bugs.

#8: Outdated SmartThings app 

If your SmartThings up is lagging and freezing, then it’s the app that has an issue.

Perhaps the app is outdated as well. That’s why it malfunctions.

Sometimes developers change or replace features when updating an app.

And your app can malfunction once these new updates don’t match the ones you have installed.

Some features on the app may not work.

But the biggest effect is its connectivity with the other devices.

When the app is outdated, it can fail to discover devices and process pairing requests.

How to fix it:

To resolve the problem, you just have to update your Samsung SmartThings app.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the app store.
  2. Click your profile icon.
  3. Select “Manage apps and device.”
  4. Go to “Manage.”
  5. Click “Updates Available.”
  6. Then, see if the SmartThings app is listed.

If not, then the app is up-to-date.

If the app continues to malfunction, you may try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Warning: Uninstalling and reinstalling will disconnect paired devices from the SmartThings app. So, only do this if the app continues to malfunction.

#9: Outdated TV firmware

“I’ve checked my phone and the app’s software, and they’re both updated.”

Then this time, try checking the firmware of your Samsung smart TV.

Your TV has firmware as well. And it also updates from time to time.

Similarly, outdated firmware can cause your TV to malfunction.

It can avoid pairing with other devices.

Or choose not to follow any commands.

When that happens, you’ll be having a hard time pairing your TV to SmartThings.

How to fix it:

The only thing you can do is to update your TV’s firmware.

Normally, your TV will notify you if there’s an update available.

But if it fails to do so, you can still update it manually.

To update the firmware of Samsung smart TV:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select “Support.”
  3. Click “Software Update.”
  4. Then, press “Update Now.”

#10: Incompatible TV

If your TV still fails to connect with SmartThings, then your TV must be incompatible with it.

Sure, SmartThings can pair with many devices. But only with certain models.

Samsung smart TV is the only TV you can connect with SmartThings. 

(Unless you use a SmartThings hub).

And not all Samsung TVs are compatible with SmartThings.

How to fix it:

Before you lose hope, check first the model of your TV.

You may refer to your TV’s user manual to check that.

The only models you can pair with SmartThings are models from 2016 and up.

If your device is manufactured earlier than that, then there’s no way you can connect it with SmartThings.

Your only solution is to get a more up-to-date Samsung smart TV.

You may also wonder: Where are Samsung TVs made?

How do I get SmartThings on my Samsung TV?

Since SmartThings is also from Samsung, connecting your Samsung TV with it shouldn’t be hard.

In fact, Samsung smart TVs are the only TVs that you can directly add to SmartThings.

First, make sure that your SmartThings app and Samsung TV connect to the same WiFi network and Samsung account.

Also, make sure that both devices are up-to-date to ensure a smooth and fast pairing process.

To add Samsung smart TV to SmartThings:

  1. Make sure that the TV is plugged in and on.
  2. Open the SmartThings app from your phone.
  3. Tap the “Device” tab.
  4. Press the home icon.
  5. Select the location.
  6. Tap the add (+) icon.
  7. Click “Add Device.”
  8. Press “By device type.”
  9. Select “TV.”
  10. Choose “Samsung.”
  11. Select “TV” again.
  12. Click “Start.”
  13. Choose its location and room.
  14. Tap “Next.”
  15. Select your Samsung TV device.
  16. Then, follow the on-screen instructions.*

*Here’s what you should do to complete the pairing action:

  • For 2016 models: Press “Allow” using the remote.
  • For 2017 to 2019 models: Input displayed PIN to the app.
  • For 2020 and 2021 models: Press “OK” using the remote.

After this, rename your TV on your SmartThings app.

Then, navigate the setting to automate it with your other devices.

And there you have it!

You can now SmartThings to manage and control your Samsung smart TV remotely.

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