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101 Home Automations Ideas For 2023 (#7 Is My Favorite)

Home Automation Ideas

After a long day…

You might have this urge to lie in bed immediately.

With low energy, you struggle to maintain your place.

And while you lie there, you’re thinking…

“Is it time to automate my home?”

That sounds like a great idea.

And if you don’t know where to start, I got you. 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • 101 home automation ideas to make your life effortless.
  • Must-have smart devices to kickstart your home automation process.  
  • Robust security automation projects to safeguard your home and loved ones.
  • And this is just the beginning…

101 home automations ideas

Note: Aside from smart devices, you must have the following apps to automate your home: 

But, some devices have their own apps. And you must download them separately.

You don’t have to worry, though. 

Because I’ll state which app to use for each idea. 

And in case you need it… 

Here’s a helpful video for the app IFTTT:

1-10: SmartThings Multipurpose sensor 

The multipurpose sensor is basically a pair of magnets. And they’ll notify you whenever they come apart. 

Plus, the magnets have a built-in vibration and temperature sensor.

And those features allow various ways to automate your home.   

#1: Mailbox (SmartThings)

As you know, mail carriers must open your mailbox to drop a mail. 

The sensor will pick up on that, and you’ll get notified whenever you get mail. 

#2: Feed the pets (SmartThings)

As you know, pets usually get excited whenever they eat. Like, they eat quickly and move their plates around. 

And these causes vibrations. 

With that said, if it’s supposedly their mealtime, but the sensor can’t track any vibrations…

You’ll get a notification that it’s time to feed them. 

#3: Medicine tracker (SmartThings) 

Got a health condition you need to monitor closely? Or need some supplements? 

Once you open your medicine cabinet, you’ll be reminded of what you need to take. 

#4: Garage notifications (SmartThings) 

Get alerts when the garage has been left open for quite a while. 

#5: Secret stash alerts (SmartThings) 

Do you have a wine cabinet, a snack cabinet, or something off-limits for others? 

Whatever that may be, you’ll get notified when someone other than you opens that. 

#6: Pool gate sensor (SmartThings) 

The sensor will ring an alarm if a kid enters the pool area without adult supervision.

#7: Glass break alerts (SmartThings) 

Worried that intruders will bust open your glass windows? 

Put a sensor near them to get notified when it happens. With that, you can call the cops right away. 

#8: You left the fridge door open (SmartThings) 

An open fridge isn’t as good as Silk Sonic’s hit song “Leave the door open.”  For one, it increases your bill. 

Good thing that the sensor will notify you if you’ve left it open too long. 

#9: It’s about to rain, man (SmartThings) 

Did you know that the SmartThings app is smart enough to see if it’s about to rain? 

It’ll even remind you to close windows when the sensor detects open ones. 

#10: No more sneaking out (SmartThings) 

It’s past bedtime. 

Catch if your kid’s trying to sneak out by putting a sensor on their door and windows. 

11: SmartThings Multipurpose sensor + Chamberlain MyQ

#11: Garage open sesame (SmartThings) 

Let’s say you’re driving your car. 

And you’re approaching your garage. Or, you’re about to leave. 

Either way, the garage door will automatically open once detected.

12: SmartThings Multipurpose sensor + ULTRALOQ lock

#12: Front door lock (SmartThings) 

Picture this: 

You’re carrying things with both hands, so you can’t lock the door on your way out. 

Well, it’s good that the magnetic sensor will notice that your door’s open and lock it for you.

13-14: SmartThings Multipurpose sensor + Kasa smart plug

#13: Number 1 Fan (SmartThings) 

Fans will turn on in 2 conditions: 

You’re in your room. And the temperature’s quite hot.  

#14: Computer ON (IFTTT) 

Once you enter your home office, your computer will power on. 

15-17: SmartThings Multipurpose sensor + Philips Hue lights

#15: Focus lights (SmartThings)

Say you’re in your office, and you’re ready to work. 

So, certain lights will turn on and signal your brain that you need to focus. 

And that’ll increase your productivity.  

#16: “Open door” light switch (SmartThings) 

You won’t need a switch on your wall.

This time, opening the door is that switch.

#17: Lit room at night (SmartThings)

It’s basically taking #16 to the next level. 

With this, the lights will only turn on in the evening. 

18-23: SmartThings Multipurpose sensor + Amazon Echo dot 

#18: Set alarm for tomorrow, tonight (Alexa) 

When you enter your bedroom to sleep, it’ll set an alarm for tomorrow. 

And Alexa will recommend an alarm to ensure you get enough sleep.

Or, you could say what time you want to wake up. 

#19: Breaking news (Alexa)

You’re walking out of your room. 

And when you step both feet outside, you’ll get the latest news from your favorite sources. 

#20: Flash briefing (Alexa)

This is the perfect follow-up for #19: 

Alexa will brief you on the day’s schedule on your way out. 

#21: “Someone’s home” (Alexa)

Alexa will broadcast to every speaker whenever someone arrives home.

In that way, you can meet them with a hug. 

#22: “Welcome home, master” (Alexa)

Since you’re the automation master, Alexa will play a personalized message for you. 

Plus, it could even play your favorite song. 

#23: Sleep soundly

Wanna try sleeping with relaxing sounds

Let them play immediately the moment you enter the bedroom at night.  

24-27: SmartThings Multipurpose sensor + ecobee SmartThermostat  

#24: Window airflow control (SmartThings) 

It’s a windy day. And you’re looking for some fresh air. 

So, you open your windows. Then the sensor will signal the thermostat to stop your fans and AC.  

#25: Temp control (SmartThings)

Did you know the sensor has a built-in temperature tracker? 

And based on that, your thermostat will adjust the room temperature accordingly. 

So, you won’t worry if it’s getting too hot or cold. 

#26: Hot and cold spots (IFTTT)

You could also check which house areas are relatively colder or hotter. 

In that way, you could adjust based on your temperature preferences.  

#27: Temp in = Temp out (SmartThings)

The sensor could also notify you if the temperature inside your house and outside are the same. 

That could motivate you to turn off the fans and your AC. So you can save energy and money. 

28-31: Aeotec SmartThings Motion sensor + Philips Hue lightbulbs

This motion sensor tracks movement along its field of view. And you can automate specific actions whenever it senses something. 

#28: Guardian angel (SmartThings)

In your kid’s bedroom, lights will keep them company until they fall asleep.  

#29: Bedroom intruder (SmartThings)

If the sensor detects movement while you’re asleep… 

The lights will turn on immediately. 

#30: Stair lights (SmartThings)

Walking down the stairs at night can lead to tripping. 

But don’t worry. Lights will stay on while you’re in there. 

#31: Epic garage entrance (SmartThings)

It’s just like in the movies. 

When you walk inside your garage, the lights will instantly turn on. 

32: Aeotec SmartThings Motion sensor + LifX LED Strip

#32: Accent lighting (SmartThings)

Set your gadgets in “Do Not Disturb” mode? 

The smart light can still update you whenever someone sends an important message. 

33-35: SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

#33: Kettle overflow (SmartThings)

It’s common for boiling water to flow from the kettle. 

But when that happens, there’s a risk of a short circuit. And we don’t want that.

So, the sensor near the kettle will notify you so you can take care of it immediately. 

#34: Fix the pipe (SmartThings)

Maintaining the pipes in the basement can be a bit of a hassle. 

But thanks to the water leak alerts, it’ll be easier to fix them at the right time. 

#35: Burst bubbles, not pipes (SmartThings)

During winter, pipes can burst due to the cold temperature. 

Get updated when that happens, and water starts to leak.   

36-46: Amazon Echo dot

This smart speaker device allows you to interact with Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa. 

And you can use Alexa’s built-in features to automate your home in different ways. 

#36:  Play Audible audiobook (Alexa)

Note: You must have an Audible subscription to do this. 

Books can transform people for the better. But finding the time to read can be a challenge. 

And that’s why you can schedule listening to Alexa as it reads your audiobook instead.

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#37: Search engine (Alexa)

You don’t have to type on your keyboard to Google something now. 

Simply ask Alexa your question. 

#38: Alexa, the weather woman (Alexa)

Get a quick weather update from Alexa after your morning alarm sounds.  

#39: Guided meditation (Alexa)

Make sure to have an unwinding routine after you work.

That said, let Alexa help you control your breath. 

#40: Drank your water? (Alexa)

Drinking 2 cups of water an hour is an excellent way to prevent dehydration. 

And you could allow Alexa to give you an hourly reminder to drink that much. 

#41: Screen time Pomodoro (Alexa) 

Let Alexa remind you to stop using your screened gadget for 15 minutes every hour. 

That way, you could stay away from eye strains. 

#42: Jukebox (Alexa) 

Alexa will play music playlists that fit what you’re feeling at the moment. 

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#43: The next on sched (Alexa) 

Stay on top of your schedule with reminders from Alexa about your upcoming meetings. 

#44: Don’t forget to do it (Alexa) 

Have unfinished business during the day? 

And scheduled tasks, such as: 

  • Taking out the trash. 
  • Wiping the windows.
  • Cleaning the bathroom. 

Alexa will remind you at night. So you can take care of it now or the next day. 

#45: You need to leave (Alexa)

Alexa will give you a countdown on when you should leave your house. So you can arrive at your destination on time. 

#46: Broadcast announcements (Alexa) 

Got something to say to everyone? 

Save the time of telling them 1 by 1. And broadcast it using Alexa’s Drop In feature

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47-51: Philips Hue lightbulbs  

#47: Your chauffeur’s here (IFTTT)

You’re waiting for your Uber, but you’re busy. So you can’t check your phone. 

The lightbulb will flash if the driver has pulled up your driveway. 

#48: Gentle wake up (SmartThings)

It’ll dim your lights for the first 30 minutes of your day. 

So you won’t irritate your eyes immediately when they’re fully bright. 

#49: Warm evening lights (IFTTT)

Did you know that warm lights help people unwind? 

That’s because it’s like the sunset. And that signals the end of the day. 

So at dusk, your warm lights will switch on and help you relax.  

#50: Dim lights

In the evening, our eyes can get overwhelmed by bright lights. 

So, your lights can be dimmed to 75% starting in the late afternoon.

#51: Porch lights

Porch lights will automatically turn on when it’s dark. And turn off at dawn. 

52-54: Amazon Echo dot + Philips Hue lightbulbs  

#52: Focus mode lights (Alexa)

Did you know that green hues are best for concentration? 

That said, improve your focus by changing the color of the lightbulb during work time. 

#53: Party lights (Alexa)

Turn the disco lights on when you say, “It’s party time.”

Blasting Bluetooth speakers would also come in handy during this time. 

#54: Relax lights (Alexa)

Had a long day? 

It’s best to relieve stress with blue lighting. 

So, tell Alexa you want to relax, and she’ll turn your lights into that blue shade.  

55-58: Amazon Echo show

The Echo show is a smart speaker like the Echo dot. But it also has a built-in screen that lets you use it in more ways.   

#55: Morning motivation (Alexa)

Hearing encouraging words can help you get on your feet. 

So, automate playing motivational videos in the morning.  

#56: Personal trainer (Alexa)

Consistently train by letting Alexa play you a workout video at your preferred time. 

#57: What happened today? (Alexa)

As you prepare to sleep, Alexa will give you a quick rundown of what you did during the day. 

#58: What to do tomorrow? (Alexa)

You’ll also get an idea of the tasks scheduled for the next day. 

So, you meet tomorrow with a goal-oriented mindset. 

59-62: NFC tags

You can program NFC tags to do specific actions via the NFC tools app.  

#59: Schedule summary (NFC tools)

Scanning an NFC tag will send you a copy of your schedule on your phone. 

It’s the best way to supplement idea #20. 

#60: InstaWiFi access (NFC tools)

Do you have guests in your home? 

Let them connect to the WiFi by just scanning an NFC tag. 

#61: Send messages (NFC tools)

Instead of typing, you can send your loved ones quick updates with just an NFC tag. 

That could be handy in times of emergency. 

#62: Accountant (NFC tools)

Logging in to banks’ mobile apps can be a hassle. 

So, you can program an NFC tag to send bank account updates to your phone instead. 

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63-64: Wyze cam pan + Amazon Echo Show  

The Wyze cam pan has a motion tracking feature that follows any movement it detects.   

#63: Babywatch (Alexa)

Watch your baby on the Echo Show to make sure they’re okay. 

Plus, you can guarantee that you don’t disturb them. 

#64: Pet control (Alexa)

If you’re away from home but your pet’s there… 

The camera can track their movement. And then let you watch a live feed. 

You could even issue pre-recorded voice commands to make sure they behave. 

65: Wyze Sense entry sensor + Brilliant light switch

#65: Child awake (SmartThings and IFTTT)

Do your kids sleep in a separate room? 

With this sensor, you can know if they’re awake in the middle of the night. 

That’s because if their door opens during those hours…

Hallway lights will turn on and help them see.  

66: Wyze Sense entry sensor + LifX LED Strip

#66: Someone’s in the bathroom (SmartThings and IFTTT)  

A light will turn on the moment you enter the bathroom.

Aside from that, another 1 outside the bathroom also lights up. 

In that way, other people will know someone’s using the toilet.  

67-69: Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

#67: Save AirNergy (Nest) 

When you leave home, all your fans and AC will turn off. 

And turning these ventilations off can save you a lot of energy usage. 

#68: Weather (SmartThings) 

You can also automatically adjust your temperature settings based on the weather. 

#69: Hot or cold shower? (SmartThings) 

The thermostat could instantly change your shower settings depending on the weather. 

70-74: Withings Sleep pressure sensor + Amazon Echo dot

#70: Get up, not just wake up (Alexa) 

Start your day right by waking up at a preset alarm. 

The best part? 

With the pressure sensor, you won’t sleep in because it’ll turn off only if you get out of bed. 

#71: Play your theme song (Alexa) 

Who says your life can’t be like a movie? 

Not when Alexa plays your favorite song once you jump out of bed. 

#72: Sleep reports (Withings and Alexa) 

As you know, enough sleep helps you function optimally. 

Get your previous night’s sleep report to see if you’ve slept well.

#73: Good night mode (Alexa)

Once you tap in for the night, all the lights in your room will turn off. 

#74: Night, night, everyone (Alexa) 

Also, when you jump in bed, you can drop in on other Echo devices and say goodnight.  

75-76: Arlo Security Camera + Aeotec SmartThings motion sensor 

#75: On guard (IFTT) 

Trigger the armed mode when you’re away.  

And switch back to home mode when you’re back. 

That way, you’ll conserve energy and reduce possible false alarms. 

#76: You’re on record (SmartThings)

If you’re not home, and the motion sensor tracks something…

The security camera will immediately record everything. 

77: Arlo Security Camera + Amazon Echo show

#77: What’s going on? (Alexa)  

You could ask Alexa to show you a live feed of your security camera. 

That way, you could monitor what’s happening even if you’re away. 

78-79: Google Nest Secure + Google Nest x Yale lock

#78: Office lockdown (Google Home)

Want to stay uninterrupted whenever working? 

No one will barge into your room if it’s instantly locked when you close the door. 

#79: Thou shall pass (Google Home) 

Automatically unlock the front door when you’re in the vicinity. 

80-81: Google Nest Protect

#80: Smoke detector (Google Home)

This isn’t just any smoke detector. 

That’s because it sends updates to your phone. Which means you can take action even before there’s a fire. 

#81: Carbon monoxide detector (Google Home)

Carbon monoxide (CO) is invisible but lethal. 

Stay updated on your home’s CO level before it reaches unsafe levels. 

82: Roborock E4 Vacuum

#82: Clean up time (Alexa) 

Get a robot to clean the floor whenever you’re:

  • Sleeping.
  • Inside your room.
  • Outside the house.

In that way, you’ll keep your place tidy all the time. 

83: Gryphon router 

#83: It’s homework time (Gryphon)

Schedule an “Internet off time” for school-aged children when it’s time to do their homework.

84: LifX LED Strip 

#84: Must-read messages (IFTTT)

Set your gadgets in “Do Not Disturb” mode? 

The smart light can still update you whenever someone sends an important message. 

85: URPOWER Motion lights

#85: Spotlight (no app)

You’re walking outside your house in the dark. 

The built-in sensors will track you and turn on lights at your location.

Then, instantly turn them off once you’ve passed by.

86: LED Closet Motion light (no app)

#86: Wave goodbye to the dark

It’s night, and you’re looking for something in the cabinet. 

Just wave to the lightbar, and it’ll turn on right away. 

87: Rachio smart sprinkler controller + Google Nest Protect

#87: First fireman (SmartThings)

Knock on wood. But if your house catches some fire…

The smart sprinkler will immediately release water to put it out. 

88-90: Rachio smart sprinkler controller

#88: Rain skip (SmartThings)

It’s the sprinkler’s feature to stop watering your lawn when wet. 

#89: Seasonal shift (SmartThings)

Summertime can get pretty hot. 

With that said, the sprinkler will adjust the amount of water accordingly. 

#90: Water garden for you (SmartThings)

Automate the sprinkler to water your plants based on the soil moisture. 

So you don’t have to worry about any of them withering.

91: Ring Video Doorbell Pro + Philips Hue lights 

#91: Blinking lights (IFTTT)

Let’s say you’re in your locked office – in focus mode. 

If people ring the doorbell, your lights will blink. This will let you know that it’s important. 

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92-95: Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

#92: Find your phone (SmartThings)

Attach a tag to your phone, so it’ll ring whenever it gets misplaced. 

#93: Where’s the remote? (SmartThings)

Did you know that 71% of Americans lose their remotes at least once a month? 

Be a part of the 29% by putting a smart tag on your remote. 

#94: Don’t keys them goodbye (SmartThings)

Of course, car keys are very important. But they’re also very small. 

So get a tag on their key chain to avoid losing it. 

#95: Wander pets (SmartThings) 

You can know when your pets leave your house and when they come back. 

And if you notice they’re missing longer than usual, you can immediately start looking for them.

96-97: Logitech Harmony Hub + Philips Hue lightbulbs 

The Harmony hub is a master control panel for all your lights. With that said, you can use it to automate your smart lights in different ways. 

#96: Home theater mode (SmartThings)

When you turn on your TV, the room lights will dim.

You could even add light strips behind your TV. And they’ll glow to enhance your viewing experience.

#97: Random lights (SmartThings)

Left your home? And you can’t go back before dark? 

Make it look like someone’s home with a randomized switching on and off lights.  

98: ShadesU Window Blind 

#98: Dawn of the new day (Alexa) 

According to a study, getting that morning sunlight helps improve our energy levels. 

So, you can automate these window blinds to open during the dawn. 

99: SmartDry

#99: Dry alerts that won’t leave you high and dry  (SmartDry)

You don’t have to wait beside your washing machine until it finishes cleaning.

SmartDry will update you when your laundry’s ready. 

100: WeMo smart plug + Philips Hue lightbulbs  

#100: Outdoor holiday lights (IFTTT)

If it’s a holiday like Christmas, your outdoor lights will light a festive mood. 

101: Kasa smart plug

#101: Charge timer (SmartThings) 

Whenever you charge a device, the smart plug will start a timer. 

That’ll ensure you fully charge it. While you reduce charging problems such as: 

  • Fire. 
  • Short circuit.
  • Battery overload. 

BONUS: Yootech Wireless Charger

#102: Hands-freecharge (no app)

Home automation is all about using technology to elevate your lifestyle. 

While at it, charge your devices by just placing them on top of a wireless charger.