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17 Amazing Alexa Music Commands (You’ll Love #7)

Alexa Music Commands

Aside from her wonderful, go-to assistance…

An Alexa-enabled device works great as a speaker.

That’s why you’ve been using it to play music and dance around.

Well, it’s about time to maximize that experience.


By taking note of these amazing Alexa music commands.


Continue reading to discover:

  • What commands you can give Alexa to play music.
  • 17 amazing Alexa music commands (you’ll love #7).
  • Ways to play a variety of music using your Alexa device.
  • How to get multiple Alexa-enabled devices to play music together (it’s very easy!).
  • And so much more…

Disclaimer: Most of these commands work best with Amazon Music. It can be Free, Unlimited, or Prime.

But, these also work with other music streaming services. Just make sure to add the app’s name after the command.

For example, you say:

“Alexa, play [song] on Spotify.”

In order to not do that every time, you can set another app as default. With that, you won’t have to mention from where will Alexa play every time.

Moreover, most of these are playlist-based. That means even users with no music subscription can use most of these.

17 Alexa music commands

#1: Find music that suits your activity

Are you about to start your morning meditation? Or are you ready to begin your early yoga session?

Or maybe…

You’re looking for something to set the mood while you barbecue or cook dinner.

Perhaps you just wanna blast the perfect tunes while you clean around your living room.

Whatever it is you’re up to, Alexa’s got you with this command:

“Alexa, play [activity] music.”

Note: No worries about not having a playlist as Alexa can do the search for you.

 #2: Easily change the volume

Imagine these scenarios:

Your favorite song, may it be your all-time fave or a current one, is playing.

And you just wanna soak every note and lyric.

So, why not pump up the volume? Just say:

“Alexa, louder.”

Next up…

How ‘bout when you want to lower it for a while?

Simply say this aloud:

“Alexa, softer.”

And what if you’re not sure if someone’s at the door? Or maybe someone’s calling you from downstairs?

Immediately shut the music off by simply saying:

“Alexa, mute.”

Note: The last command won’t pause or stop your music. It’ll simply mute the song but it’ll continue to play.

If you want it to stop totally, say:

“Alexa, pause the music.”

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#3: Make the music fit your mood

The ‘activity’ command didn’t really make the cut, huh?

Alexa was close, but the songs she played didn’t fit the scheme.

Well, how about depending the song on your mood?

Maybe then, the music that fits your current vibes will play.

Try it out by saying:

“Alexa, play [mood] music.”

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#4: Stick to your genre

Really not a fan of this or that?

So, you just wanna stick to your preferred genre.

Again and again, Alexa understands. That’s why you can command her to only play a genre of your choice. 

All you have to do is tell her:

“Alexa, play [genre] music.”

And this time, I’m the one who’s got you. Here are some examples of well-known genres you might enjoy:

  • Pop.
  • Rap.
  • Folk.
  • R&B.
  • Rock.
  • Indie.
  • Metal.
  • Opera.
  • Dance.
  • Gospel.
  • Country.
  • Hip hop.
  • Classical.
  • Hard rock.
  • Electronic.
  • Broadway.
  • Children’s.
  • Classic rock.

#5: Discover similar music

Think of that one song that just really fits your vibe.

For some reason, it checks all the boxes.

That’s why you’ve been putting it on repeat.

However, it can get tiring to listen to the same song repeatedly. Yet, you want a refresher that sounds similar.

Don’t fret. Alexa has a solution for that.

She can find you songs that sound alike or falls into the same genre. 

Just say any of these:

“Alexa, play more songs like this.”

“Alexa, play songs similar to this.”

#6: Find your next favorite

As I said, repeating a song over and over can get boring after some time.

Moreover, sometimes you’ll need a refresher from your usual playlist.

If any of those are your case, try this one:

“Alexa, play songs I haven’t heard.”

#7: When you don’t know the song (yet)

Have you experienced this one before? 

You’ve heard a song somewhere, and now, you can’t get it off your mind.

You know its tune and a few words to the song. And that’s what you’ve been singing at the back of your head.

Before, it was hard to Google such a thing. 

How would you search for a lyric you’re not sure of, right? 

Moreover, it’s a shot in the dark to hope that Google might understand your humming.

But with Alexa, you can recite the lyrics or even sing what you remember.

Then, she’ll go search for that music you long to know.

All you have to say is:

“Alexa, play that song that goes like [lyric].”

After that, the search is finally over.

#8: Create playlists

Making a playlist is a beautiful task.

I say so as compiling your favorite songs together is magical. Moreover, it can be for you or someone else you intend to send a message to.

That’s why some people take this task seriously.

And you know what?

Alexa can help with that.

You can just easily command her to make a playlist with you. Say something along the lines of:

“Alexa, create a playlist named [title].”

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#9: Control playlists

Control Playlists

After making that playlist, go on and blast it out.

And of course, it’s with the help of your personal DJ: Alexa.

So, just say:

“Alexa, play my playlist named .”

#10: Enhance your playlists

Oh, we’re not done yet with the playlists…

Alexa’s really set out to help you with it using another amazing command.

Today, there’s no finished playlist.

You’ll always end up adding another after another…

And yet again, Alexa’s set for that task.

For example, the song you wanna add to your playlist is currently playing. Then, simply say this:

“Alexa, add this song to my [paylist name] playlist.”

#11: Catch your favorite part of the song

There’s your favorite song…

And then there’s a part that’s closest to your heart.

How ‘bout skipping to other parts of the song and immediately getting into it?

Just tell Alexa:

“Alexa, skip forward to [timestamp].”


“Alexa, skip forward [amount of] seconds.”

Now that it has played, you’d like to relive it…

No worries about that, just say:

“Alexa, skip back [amount of] seconds.”

#12: Get caught up with the trends

Been listening to the same playlist for quite some time now?

Or maybe you haven’t caught up with what’s up in the music industry.

Then, it’s about time…

And it’s worthwhile to ask Alexa for help by saying:

“Alexa, play the top songs.”

You can also continue exploring your preferred genre by being specific:

“Alexa, play the top [genre] songs.”

#13: When the artist sounds familiar

Imagine this:

You’re on a refresher playlist.

What I mean by that is you didn’t create that collection of songs.

Maybe you tried out the command before this. And apparently, you’re starting to like this one song…

Moreover, the voice that sings it sounds kinda familiar.

Wanna confirm your hunch on who sang it?

Go on and ask:

“Alexa, who sings this song?”

#14: Extract some info about the song

Hear me out on this one…

Sometimes, we like a song so much that we wanna know everything about it.

The song’s that amazing.

It got you asking Alexa the following questions:

“Alexa, what year was this song released?”

It also gets you to wonder about the artist. So, you ask something like:

“Alexa, who is in the band that sang the song [song title]?”

#15: Explore an artist’s craft

So, you’ve just discovered this one cool artist, huh?

Or you’ve always loved their music. And yet, you wanna know more about them.

However long you’ve known an artist, there’s still more to discover.

All you got to do is to start the search.

And on this quest, Alexa could be your map.

She’ll provide directions. But all you have to do is say:

“Alexa, play [band/singer] songs I haven’t heard.”

#16: Let her understand your preference

First of all, Alexa is undoubtedly a smart AI.

She can actually do this task alone.

I’m talking about the fact that Alexa can understand your music preference.


The music that you repeatedly play creates your algorithm. That’s how recommendations appear to be perfect for your taste.

Those are a result of your listening sessions and activity.

However, it isn’t always right as well. Sometimes those recommendations aren’t exact. 

With that, you can familiarize Alexa with the type of music you’re into.

You can do it by rating the songs that’ll play through your device.

Rate a song using these Alexa commands:

When you like the song…When you don’t like the song…
“Alexa, I like this song.”“Alexa, I don’t like this song.”
“Alexa, thumbs up.”“Alexa, thumbs down.”

#17: Listen everywhere

Here’s something that you can enjoy alone or with many other Alexa users.

It’s a feature where you can listen to multiple Alexa devices.

This one’s called the Multi-room feature. 

What it does is sync one music streaming to every device that belongs to a group. And according to Amazon, here’s how to create one:

Step 1: Access your Alexa app on your device.

Step 2: Select Devices.

Step 3: Click the plus (+) sign. It’s located on the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Click Combine Speakers.

Step 5: Select Multi-room music.

Step 6: Choose the devices you wanna add to the group. Then, click the Next button.

Step 7: Create a group name and save it.

Note: You might see that a group is already created, even if you haven’t made any.

That’s the automatic group that Alexa sets. It’s named ‘Everywhere.’

Hence, listen everywhere.

Moreover, it’s made up of all the Alexa-enabled devices under your account. 

Here’s a list of Amazon Echo speakers that support the multi-room feature:

And now, you can blast your music simultaneously on all your device.

To do so, say the command:

“Alexa, play [song] on [group name].”

People also ask:

What commands can I give Alexa to play music?

A command that you can give Alexa to play music is: “Alexa, play some music.” But, there are more than can be specific based on your need.

Here’s one that you can alter depending on your music mood:

“Alexa, play [song/artist/album/genre/playlist].”

You can also use the following:

  • “Alexa, play [song title] by [artist].”
  • Alexa, play popular songs by [artist].”

How do you control songs on Alexa?

To control songs on Alexa, you can use simple commands. Here are the basics:

Skipping a song

“Alexa, next.”

Repeat a song

“Alexa, restart.”

Taking a break

“Alexa, pause.”


  • “Alexa, mute/unmute.”
  • “Alexa, volume up/down.”
  • “Alexa, decrease/increase volume.”

How do I get Alexa to play a variety of music?

To get Alexa to play a variety of music, you can ask her to access a playlist. Just say: “Alexa, shuffle .” Moreover, you can use this command even without streaming subscriptions.

Fortunately, many music streaming services let you listen to playlists for free.

This also gives you a chance to access a variety of music.

But if you wanna stick to your taste, you can also say:

“Alexa, play [genre] music.”

And here’s something I suggest:

“Alexa, play top songs this week.”