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37 Best Alexa Playlists In 2023 (Amazon Music Playlists)

Best Alexa Playlists

It’s the end of the day. And you feel like relaxing to some music.

But you’re too tired to think of specific songs to play.

Good thing you can listen to custom playlists on Amazon Music.

But which playlist matches your current mood?

Read more to find out…

  • The 37 top Alexa playlists.
  • Which playlists to listen to after a long day.
  • The playlists that will go along with your good vibes.
  • Songs on Amazon Music for when you’re feeling sad.
  • And so much more…

37 Best Alexa playlists (Amazon Music playlists)

#1: Country Heat 

Indulge in this emotional roller coaster of a playlist.

In this Amazon-curated country mix, prepare to be uplifted, overjoyed, and even heartbroken.

Every song is relatable. So If you’re having a bit of mixed feelings, this is the playlist for you.

#2: All Hits

Keep up with the times as this mix offers you the hottest songs in the world right now.

Here, you’ll find that new tune you keep hearing on TikTok.

This mix of groovy and upbeat music is perfect if you want to stay awake. Or just get into a lively mood.

#3: Classical Focus

Are you studying, or in need of focus?

This classical music mix helps boost your brainpower. It also helps you calm down when you’re stressed.

Also, perfect if you’re feeling tired and just want to relax.

#4: Mellow ’80s Gold

Missing those radio hits from the 1980s?

In this 90-song playlist, you’ll definitely satisfy that 80s craving!

Imagine doing household chores while The Cure is playing in the background…

You’re sweeping the floor then Eye of the Tiger plays. Wow, now that’s the dream!

#5: Viral Hits

Find internet-famous tracks here in this mix.

Listen to the full version of those viral songs you hear on TikTok.

You’ll be surprised that some of these trendy songs are already classic hits!

So go ahead and explore this 3-hour playlist. Perfect if you have time to kill.

#6: Traditional Irish Pub Songs

Ever been to an Irish pub?

With this mix, you can travel to good old Ireland.

Listen to classic Irish pub music in the comfort of your home.

And of course, don’t forget to pour yourself a pint of beer! Slainte!

#7: Classic Rock Hits

In the mood for some classic rock music?

Dust off your favorite Queen T-shirt and put it on. As this mix will bring you back to your good old rock and roll days.

But beware, this playlist can really get you in the rockstar mood… so be mindful when turning up the volume.

Or you’ll go from “Alexa, turn it up.” To “Alexa, tell the neighbor we’re sorry, no need to call the police!” 

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#8: Oldies Hits

Pack your bags. You’re going on a nostalgia trip.

This 75-song mix features hit classics from the 50s to 70s.

This playlist is also perfect if you feel like singing along to fun music. From The Beatles to the Beach Boys.

So if you’re feeling a bit down, here’s a playlist for you.

#9: Acoustic Chill

This is a chill playlist perfect for unwinding and relaxing.

Featuring hot contemporary Acoustic artists.

So grab a hot cup of coffee. And enjoy this chill, lazy afternoon vibe!

#10: Pop Culture

Two and a half hours of modern pop hits.

This is highly recommended for a sing and dance mood.

You know. For your concerts while taking baths.

Only you and Alexa will ever hear.

#11: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Imagine all the great food and drinks. 

Accompanied by all the dancing, and singing. Made possible by this playlist. 

Specially curated for all your St. Patrick’s day festivities!

#12: Solo Classical Piano

A 5-hour playlist filled with lovely timeless piano tunes.

For a romantic night with your partner.

Or a simple time alone. Perfect for relaxation.

Go ahead and put your pajamas on and grab a glass of liquor!

#13: Soft Rock Love Songs

A lovely playlist to end your day with.

Filled with slow and soft rock tunes. All about love.

Don’t you just love that warm, familiar feeling? 

The feeling of falling in love… and asleep!

#14: Feeling Happy

Are you feeling down?

Are you in need of a mood changer?

This playlist is filled with upbeat and happy tunes to put you right back on track.

Paint over that gloomy vibe with warm and lively tunes!

#15: Mellow ’90s Gold

“Alexa, play I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith”

“How about I play this whole golden playlist instead?”

You definitely don’t want to miss one in this 7-hour 1990s mix.

When all your favorite 90s musicians are here! 

Thank Alexa for this awesome recommendation!

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#16: Fresh Country

It’s either you love country music, or you haven’t heard country music!

So turn up your volume. Here’s another country music playlist for you.

Featuring fresh hits to keep your country vibe alive.

Close your eyes and relive all your hometown memories!

#17: Rap Rotation

Here’s an exciting one for hip-hop fans.

This trendy playlist is also updated every Friday.

Perfect for those Friday night parties with the gang.

Be the life of your own party with this amazing Amazon-curated mix.

Coffee Shop Playlist

#18: Coffee Shop Alternative

The best working from home playlist.

This 110-song mix gives you that coffee shop vibe.

Top it off with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and you’re set.

What a great ambiance for you to work on your goals!

#19: ’80s Rock Ballads

Never say goodbye to 80s rock ballads.

Listen to classic 1980s rock artists like Berlin, Journey, and Bon Jovi.

A playlist that will surely take your breath away.

Suitable if you need to pump up your mood and get hyped.

#20: Instrumental Love Songs

This 2-hour mix is filled with instrumental piano covers.

Pop a bottle of wine, and celebrate love.

Then light up some candles. 

This mix is ideal to get into a romantic mood with your partner.

#21: Christian Hits

Explore the most current Christian music artists.

Fill your home with faith and praise.

Perfect for Christians who wish to reflect with music in the background.

#22: R&B Rotation

Are you feeling some R&B music?

Prepare to get hyped with this place.

Here are some of the hottest popular R&B songs for you.

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#23: Certified Country

All country music. No filters. Enjoy hits from classic to contemporary era.

Prepared to be moved again. 

By songs about love, liquor,  rain, and anything under the sun!

#24: Feel-Good Classic Rock

Here’s an easy-listening for classic rock fans.

A hundred-song playlist that will surely turn your bad day around!

All upbeat and energy-filled.

#25: Hip-hop Classics

A decade-spanning playlist that features classic Hip-hop artists.

Perfect motivating playlist if you want to get moving.

#26: Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Are you a fan of Chillhop and Lo-Fi beats?

Here’s a mix that is great if you want to relax or study.

This will surely keep you in a calm state.

#27: Relaxing Classical

Loosen up with a glass of wine and this calming mix.

The perfect playlist to end a very tiring day.

Classical fan or not, you’ll surely appreciate these pieces.

#28: Mellow ’00s Gold

Another golden playlist. This time, featuring 2000s hit artists.

Spend time with Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Alanis, and a whole lot more!

#29: Relaxing Smooth Jazz

Here’s one for Jazz fans. 

Indulge in this decade-spanning jazz tune collection to fill your soul!

A mix you surely want in your pocket.

#30: Iconic ’80s Party

Put your party pants on.

Here are some of the best 1980s party hits.

Prepare to dance your way down nostalgia lane!

#31: Feel-Good Alternative

A mix to keep your spirits high.

Everything is upbeat and fun.

Recommended for alternative rock fans.

#32: Rediscover the ’90s: Alternative

A wide variety of alternative tunes.

From Britpop to indie rock.

Rediscover the 90s through this 100-song mix.

#33: Rediscover the 2000s: Alternative

Another Rediscover playlist. 

This time, featuring 2000s alternative artists.

So if you’re feeling a bit of Blink 182 or some The Killers, here’s for you!

#34: Ambient Dreams

Here’s for fans of ambient abstract soundscapes.

No need to listen to heart-break, or sad lyrics.

This electronic music-filled mix will get you into relaxation mode.

#35: Alternative Hits

Enjoy the best fresh alternative music.

This 100-song playlist will get you exploring for hours.

Discover new artists. Or new songs from your old favorite ones.

#36: Feel-Good Country

Another Country playlist?

But this time, everything is happy and feel-good music.

No songs about breaking up, or losing someone.

Just beer, friends, and maybe some childhood things!

#37: Divine Sound

Are you feeling down and looking for an uplifting playlist?

This one is about life and faith.

Another soulful mix to lift up your spirits.

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And that’s the end of the list. 

You’ve probably chosen a playlist or two already. 

If you haven’t, just head over here and type in whatever mood you’re feeling.

Alexa will have the perfect playlist for you.