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7 Steps To Play Amazon Music On Alexa (2023 How-To)

How To Play Amazon Music On Alexa

If you’re wondering if you can play Amazon Music on Alexa…

The answer is yes.

It’s possible to listen to your favorite music by only using a voice command.

But how?

Continue reading to learn:

  • 7 easy steps to play Amazon Music on Alexa.
  • The 2 different methods to connect these apps.
  • List of music-related voice commands for Alexa.
  • How to activate the “Hands-free with Alexa” feature.
  • And a lot more…

How to play Amazon Music on Alexa?

To play Amazon Music on Alexa, you need to connect the apps first. Install and open Amazon Music on your phone. Then go to “Settings” and tap “Hands-free with Alexa.” Click the toggle on its right then tap “Allow Microphone Access.” After this, say “Alexa” once. Then you’re done setting up your app.

But, this can also be done using the Amazon Alexa app.

I’ll discuss both methods so let’s dive right in.

7 steps to play Amazon Music on Alexa

#1: Install the Amazon Music app

First off, there are 2 ways to set up your Amazon Music to Alexa.

One is through the Amazon Music app itself. While the other is via Amazon Alexa app.

But in case you haven’t downloaded the music app yet, here’s what you need to do.

Search for it in your App Store (for IOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). 

Then click to install it. 

This will only take a few seconds or minutes. 

But if you already have the Amazon Music app, make sure it’s updated. Then skip to step #4.

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#2: Open and log-in to your Amazon Music account

After downloading Amazon Music, launch the app on your phone. 

Then, sign in to your account.

Enter your email address or phone number. As well as your password.

And then, a window will pop up asking your permission if Amazon Music can access your media library.

“What does it do?”

By clicking “OK,” you’ll be able to access music both on the app’s streaming library and your mobile phone.


#3: Give access to Alexa

Once you’re done with step #2, you should be taken to another window.

This time, the one asking permission is Amazon’s voice service – Alexa.

By allowing it, you’ll be able to play music or playlists using its voice command system.

So to grant it permission, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Hit the “Get Started” button first.
  2. Press “Allow Microphone Access” so you can use the voice service of Alexa.
  3. Say “Alexa” to activate it. (Just loud enough for your voice to be picked up by your phone.)

After this, you’ll be taken back to Amazon Music’s homepage.

“Help! I don’t see these options on my phone.”

If the app was already installed on your phone and you don’t see the windows above, check out the next step.

#4: Go to “Settings” on your Amazon Music app

While the app is open, tap the icon with 3 dots on the upper right side of the screen.

Then go to “Settings.”

After that, you’ll see the “Hands-free with Alexa” option.

This feature was introduced last 2020. And it’s very helpful as you don’t need to touch your phone to play a song.

To activate this:

Step #1: Click the toggle button beside it.

Now, you should see the “Allow Microphone Access” window that I mentioned above.

Step #2: Tap the blue “Allow Microphone Access” button.

Then click “OK” so that Amazon Music can access your microphone.

Then as a final step…

Step #3: Say “Alexa” once.

A message will appear prompting you to say it. And once it’s done, you’ve not only given access to Alexa. 

But you’ve also turned on its hands-free option.

Meaning, you’ll not be tapping the Alexa button anymore before saying a command.

The system will detect and follow what you say. Like if you prompt Alexa to play a specific song in Amazon Music.

However, this will only work if both your phone and Amazon Music/Alexa app are on.

So now, we’re done with the Amazon Music app.

If this worked for you, proceed to the last step. 

But if not, you can also do these things using your Amazon Alexa app.

#5: Download and open Amazon Alexa app

Again, you can install this from your App Store or Play Store.

Once it finished downloading:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap the “More” button on the bottom right corner.
  3. Go to “Settings.”
  4. Find and click “Music & Podcasts.”
  5. Tap “Default Services.”
  6. Set “Amazon Music” as the default for the two options. (These are “Music” and “Artist and Genre Stations.”)

Note: By making it a default service, Alexa will automatically play songs through Amazon Music. As well as if you say a genre or station.

After this, you can now play Amazon Music on Alexa.

But, your phone might not be hands-free enabled yet.

“How will I know if it’s activated or not?”

While your Amazon Music/Alexa app is open, try saying “Alexa” or ask it to play certain music.

If it doesn’t respond, your hands-free feature is off.

But, there’s another way to activate it.

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#6: Activate the hands-free option via Amazon Alexa

I’ve already discussed how to turn this feature on using the Amazon Music app.

But this time, I’m going to teach you how to do it on Amazon Alexa.

How to enable “Hands-free Alexa” on your device

  1. Open your Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Click the “More” button on the bottom part of the screen – far right side.
  3. Find and click “Settings.”
  4. Choose “Alexa on this Phone.”
  5. Enable “Alexa Hands Free” by clicking the toggle beside it to the right. (It should be blue in color if it’s turned on.)

And that’s it!

But again, for this to work, your Amazon Music/Alexa app should always be running.

So you need to open either of these apps first. Or else, Alexa won’t detect your voice commands if you want to play some music.

I know. It’s a bummer.

But there’s a way to make playing Amazon Music on Alexa totally hands-free.


Check out the trick below.

#7: Use Siri or Google Assistant to launch Alexa

Use Siri To Launch Alexa

This could be a bit of a workaround.

But trust me, once it’s done, life will be so much easier.

So, to open your Alexa or Amazon Music app hands-free, setup Google Assistant if you have an android phone. Or Siri if you’re an iOS user.


For iOS users, you only need to ask Siri to launch Alexa. Just say, “Siri, open the Alexa app” and you’re good to go. 

But for Android users, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the “Google app” on your phone. (This can be downloaded from the Play Store.)
  2. Click the 3-button icon on the bottom right side.
  3. Press “Settings.”
  4. Choose “Google Assistant.”
  5. Go to the “Assistant” tab above.
  6. Cycle down and click “Phone” under “Assistant devices.”
  7. Enable Google Assistant by clicking the toggle beside it. (Again, it must turn to blue.)
  8. Tap “Get Started” to set it up then press “Next.”
  9. Click “I Agree” to proceed with the voice match.
  10. Follow what the screen tells you to do. For example, say “Ok Google” and then “Hey Google” twice each.
  11. If Google detected your voice successfully, tap “Next” then “Finish.”

And there you go. You can now open your Amazon Music/Alexa without touching your android phone.

After this, go back to your phone’s home screen. 

Then test your Google Assistant if it’s working. Say, “Ok Google, open Amazon Alexa” or Amazon Music.

If it’s functioning well, it’s time to play some music.

#BONUS: Ask Alexa to play some music

Once you’re done setting up your Amazon Music on Alexa…

You can now play songs using a voice command.


If you’re wondering what to say, here’s a list of some commands:

  • “Alexa, create a playlist.”
  • “Alexa, play a Prime playlist.”
  • “Alexa, play (song/album/artist).”
  • “Alexa, play (name of the station).”
  • “Alexa, play (name of the playlist).”
  • “Alexa, stop/pause/play/resume/shuffle/stop shuffle.”
  • “Alexa, add (song/album/artist) to (name of the playlist).”
  • “Alexa, show me (songs/genres/playlists) from Prime Music.”
  • “Alexa, play (music version – e.g., live, remix) + (song/album).”
  • “Alexa, play (music version) + (name of the genre) + (song/music).”

The list goes on. You can even make Alexa stop playing music at a certain time.

So if you want a full list, visit this Amazon Alexa page.

Note: If Alexa can’t still play your Amazon Music, you may need to reset your device. Remove its power source then turn it on. This might help clear any errors in the system. So your Alexa app can work properly again.

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