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Top 40 US Radio Stations In 2023 [The Ultimate List]

Top US Radio Stations

I bet you’re sitting down in front of your radio… 

Confused about what station to dial in to. 

But now that you’re here, you can stop contemplating. 

Let me present to you the top radio stations in the country… 

Those that can cater to your different preferences and needs. 


Continue reading to find out:

  • The top 40 radio stations in the United States.
  • Which radio stations have the most daily listeners.
  • What each station focuses on and where they’re located.
  • And a lot more… 

What are the top 5 listened to radio stations in the USA?

The top 5 listened to radio stations in the USA are Z100, 102.7 KIIS FM, Channel 99.5, Power 96.1, and 997 Now. All of these radio stations have at least 150K listeners daily. And they’re all in a CHR format, which means they focus on playing the latest hit songs on their stations. 

Top 40 US radio stations

#1: Z100 

Based inNew York

If you’re looking to tune in to a radio station that plays…

The most popular R&B, dance, rock, and of course, pop songs…. 

You can never go wrong with playing Z100.

On top of having 1 of the best music selection, they also have popular hosts like Ryan Seacrest

Which makes it possible for the station to remain both entertaining and attention-worthy.  

#2: 102.7 KIIS FM

Based inLos Angeles

Top DJs, the hottest celebrities, and the latest news in the entertainment industry…

102.7 KIIS FM delivers all of these to its listeners without an hour of boring airtime. 

So if you don’t like missing out on both fun and information…

Definitely check this station out. 

#3: Channel 995

Based inMichigan, Detroit

If you’re in the city, this radio station isn’t 1 to miss out on. 

It’s the perfect place to vibe to dance mixes and entertaining programs…

Hosted by DJs and famous personalities from around the nation. 

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#4: Power 96.1

Based inAtlanta

What used to be 1 of the most popular radio stations that focused on rock songs…

Is now the place Americans go to whenever they want to know the latest contemporary hits. 

With more than 150K listeners daily, no further explanations are needed…

To prove just how capable the station is of grabbing and holding on to its listeners. 

Interested in knowing more about what Power 96.1 has to offer? Watch this short video:

#5: 997 Now

Based inCalifornia

Broadcasting a Top 40 format… 

997 Now is 1 of the go-stations to know all the latest hits in and out of pop music…

Within California. 

Plus, they also have Mix Shows every Friday and Saturday night… 

If you want to enjoy listening to good music and an entertaining DJ after a long work week. 

#6: Q99.7 Atlanta

Based inAtlanta

Q99.7 is known for always finding the best music to play and for their comedic “The Bert Show.”

So, if you want to start your weekday morning light and end the night with fun and laughter… 

This station is 1 of the best frequency you can tune in to in Atlanta. 

#7: 101. 3 KDWB

Based inMinnesota

From the hottest entertainment news to exclusive artist performances…

This Philadelphian station never fails to bring information and entertainment…

To thousands of people daily. 

So dial in the frequency, and you won’t regret it. 

#8: 106.1 BLI

Based inLong Island

Wanna keep up with the latest concerts and music-related events around the world?

Then definitely don’t miss out on 106.1 BLI

On top of playing only the latest and hottest tracks… 

They also hold many contests daily where you can earn cash and free tickets. 

#9: Q102

Based inPhiladelphia

Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, and Kid Laroi.

If you love any or all of these artists, then it’s safe to say that you’ll also love this Philly station. 

That’s because they only play top-charting music and renowned artists… 

So it’s a safe choice if you like sticking with the mainstream. 

#10 103.5 Kiss FM

Based inChicago

With all the US radio stations under the title KISS FM… 

103.5 takes the crown for being the most popular, having not less than 85K listeners daily.

So if you’re looking for a way to entertain yourself through the radio in Chicago… 

You don’t need to think twice about tuning in to this station. 

#11: 80s+ 103.7

Based inSan Franciso

Not fond of listening to modern artists and songs? 

If you feel more comfortable listening to the classics… 

Tune in to this station to go on a nostalgia trip back to the greatest hits from the 80s.

#12: Q1043

Based inManhattan

For rock lovers in the area, this 1 is for you. 

If you’re fond of listening to 60s and 70s hits like the Bohemian Rhapsody and Stairway to heaven

You’ll never get tired of the music choices in this Manhattan station. 

#13: Lone Star (92.5)

Based inDallas

If you love rock songs but also fancy country music from time to time… 

Lone Star got you covered. 

You can listen to both rock and country oldies on 1 station…

Which is unlike any of your regular classic radio. 

#14: 102.5 KDON

Based inSalinas

Playing in a rhythmic CHR format… 

This station lets you tune in to the top EDM, pop, Hip Hop, and R&B songs in just 1 sitting. 

#15: Easy 1350

Based inChillicothe

If you enjoy songs that are easy to listen to…

Check out Easy 1350 for relaxed and chill music. 

With its soft, adult contemporary format…

This station is perfect for listening to while you’re working or studying. 

#16: KCRW

Based inLos Angeles

Looking for a station that balances the latest local news with a good music selection?

Then if you’re in LA, dial 89.9 FM on your radio player

They have engaging hosts that can keep you entertained all day long. 

#17: WRCJ 90.9 FM 

Based inDetroit

“Classical days, jazzy nights.”

Their slogan itself is self-explanatory.

If you’re a fan of classical music, listen to this station from 5 AM to 7 PM.

And for those who appreciate Jazz, tune in from 7 PM onwards. 

#18: Revolution 93.5

Based inFlorida

Looking for an exciting dance radio station?

If so, tune in to Revolution 93.5 to catch up with the recent upbeat and techno EDM songs.

I highly recommend playing this station to play on Friday nights…

If you want to relieve some stress that built up over the week. 

#19: Real 92.3 

Based inLos Angeles

Now, I present to you the 1st radio station that focused on Hip Hop in LA: Real 92.3

Listen to music and hosts that’ll make you feel like you’re part of the city…

No matter where you are or where you’re from.

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#20: WBBM 780 FM

Based inChicago

Now, are you someone who likes to keep up with the news?

Then this station is for you. 

Focusing on the recent happenings in and out of Chicago…. 

You’ll never lose out on any latest events or news when you listen to this station.

#21: 107.7 WLOQ 

Based inOrlando

Miss the comfort of old Jazz music?

Or maybe you want to discover new emerging Jazz musicians? 

Either way, you’ll never regret listening to 107.7… 

Which is 1 of the best radio stations focusing on Jazz in Orlando. 

#22: Q101.9 

Based inSan Antonio

Want to listen to the best variety of songs from the 80s to the 90s?

Then vibe with Q101.9, a station that focuses on the unforgotten beauty of the oldies. 

#23: 106.7 Life FM 

Based inNew York

For individuals that appreciate both old and new songs alike…

This station is for you. 

From playing recent songs by artists like Olivia Rodrigo

To playing classic hits from the 70s like “I Love Rock n Roll.”

You’ll never get tired of this radio station’s roller coaster of excitement and emotions. 

#24: Mix 96.9 

Based inPhoenix
Mix 96.9

Just like the name hints…

You’ll hear a mixture of old and new songs on this radio station. 

Their music selection ranges from the early 90s to the most recent hot hits. 

Which makes this a perfect station to tune in to…

If you want to listen to the radio with a group of individuals from different generations. 

#25: Jackson’s BIN 98.1 

Based inMississippi

If you want to have an info-loaded radio listening session… 

Don’t miss out on Jackson’s BIN 98.1. 

This station presents objective and accurate news coverage 24/7…

May it be about politics, culture, and entertainment. 

#26: KFI AM 640

Based inLos Angeles

Listening to the news doesn’t always have to be all-serious, right? 

So for those who love comedic and stimulating talk shows…

Listen to KFI AM 640

They relay national and global news in a way that makes it easy and fun to understand.

#27: Majic 105.7

Based inCleveland

Do you want to know how it must’ve felt listening to the radio 30 years back? 

If so… 

Listen to all-time favorites from the 70s and 80s in Majic 105.7.

New songs might emerge every day, but the classics won’t ever die.

#28: Kool 108

Based inMinnesota

Here’s another dose of FM radio for classic song lovers.

If you miss the vibes of international songs from the 80s to the 90s… 

This station won’t fail to give you mixed and matched emotions from the music classics. 

#29: Island 98.5 

Based inHonolulu

Songs for the summertime all year long.

With Island 98.5, you’ll never miss out on classical and new reggae music daily. 

Hear the best island beats on this station, and you won’t regret it. 

#30: Hawaii No Ka Oi 93.3 

Based inHonolulu

Who doesn’t like songs that can make you dance like you’re in Hawaii? 

You can almost feel the ocean’s waves through this radio station’s flow of reggae beats. 

So tune in and dance like you’re on the beachside. 

#31: Rock 95.5 

Based inChicago

If you love rock music and you’re in or near Chicago…

Then you definitely need to dial in this frequency to your FM radio. 

Their diverse playlist will not only let you listen to your favorite artists…

But also allow you to discover emerging rockstars that you would otherwise not hear of. 

#32: 98 ROCK Tampa

Based inTampa

Are you interested in listening to a radio station that holds its own concerts?

If your answer is “yes,” and you love rock music… 

Then I highly suggest you check out 98 Rock Tampa.

Really, it’s more than just a frequency you can tune in to… 

Because with their yearly concerts, they’ll bring the soul of rock personally to you. 

#33: Sunny 99.1

Based inHouston

Listen to this sophisticated radio station’s best variety of 80s songs. 

Being in a soft adult contemporary radio format…

The talk shows and music choices in this station are easily digestible.

And are a great way to incorporate the 1980s vibes into your morning routine. 

#34: 98.1 The Breeze

Based inSan Francisco

Looking for a radio station that can make your work environment relaxing?

If so, 98.1 The Breeze is a good station choice. 

Listen to their chill songs and talk shows to help you relax and focus stress-free. 

#35: ESPN 1530

Based inCincinnati

Of course, for sports lovers out there… 

I’ve also prepared a station best suited for you. 

Through listening to ESPN 1530, it’s never been easier to listen to national sports live…

And catch up on the latest news in the sports industry.

#36: Sports Talk 790 AM

Based inHouston

Now, if you’re in Houston and want a high-energy sports-centered radio station…

This 1 is for you.

Sports Talk is known to have the most unbiased way of delivering news to the city… 

While still being experts in dropping witty jokes here and there. 

#37: Wild 95.5

Based inFlorida

If you want to keep up with the latest music and trending news… 

Don’t miss out on listening to Wild 95.5.

They have a 24/7 on-air schedule…

Hosted by energetic individuals with varying personalities. 

So you don’t have to worry about being entertained at any time of day. 

#38: Hot 98.3

Based inArizona

Hip Hip lovers, I got you. 

If you love listening to artists like Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, or Kanye West… 

Then trust me. The music choices of this radio station won’t fail you. 

#39: 102.5 KNIX Phoenix

Based inPhoenix

This is a must-know radio station if you’re from Phoenix and love country music. 

Not only does the station play songs from the 80s…

They also feature young and new aspiring country musicians that are rare to find.

#40: KEXP

Based inSeattle

If you’re a musician at heart or in practice… 

KEXP will be a great addition to your preset radio stations. 

With their mission to enrich people’s lives by championing music and discovery…

You’ll know promising local artists and musicians that can inspire and teach you.