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5 Steps To Reset Your Dab Radio In 27 Seconds [2023]

How Do I Reset My Dab Radio

Dab Radios are fairly easy to reset…

In fact…

By the time that you finish reading this intro…

You’re already halfway through it.

Sounds good?

Well, let’s not waste any more time and…

Read on to find out: 

  • 5 easy steps to reset your Dab radio.
  • How to store your favorite radio stations.  
  • When you should reset your Dab radio. 
  • And many more…

How do I reset my Dab radio? 5 steps

#1: Hold down the “Info/Advanced” button for 10 seconds

Note: Always read your user manual beforehand as a guide when doing the reset process. 

In some cases, you don’t need to hold the button down for this long. 

You can let go of the “Info/Advanced” button on your Dab radio once you see a change in the display.

For other Dab radio models, your display might flash too. 

What if I don’t see an “Info/Advanced” button on my Dab radio?

Don’t panic. 

The “Info/Advanced” button’s usually found in Sangean Dab radios. 

For example. 

The Sangean Traveller 670 has its “Info” button beside “Auto Tune.”

Be sure to consult your manual too. 

For other Dab radio brands like Sony and Panasonic, you’ll see a “Menu” button instead.

Both brands will also have their respective manuals: 

Once you see the display change in your Dab radio, head to…

#2: Turn your Dab radio knob 

If you don’t have a knob, that’s okay. 

An alternative way to navigate through your Dab radio’s settings is by using the “+/-” buttons.

While navigating, look for either of the following on your Dab radio:

  • “Reset.”
  • “Initialize.”
  • “Factory reset.”

Now, take note. 

All three have the same function of resetting your Dab radio. 

The only difference is the term it’s given, depending on your Dab radio’s brand. 

#3: Select “Reset”

Select Reset

Once you’ve found “Reset” on your Dab radio, hit “Enter” to select the function. 

Help! I don’t see a display on my screen

If you barely see any text on your Dab radio’s screen, it’s mostly a temperature issue. 

That means exposing your Dab radio to extreme temperatures makes the display dimmer. 

In other cases, it might even cause your screen to have no display at all. 

Make sure your Dab radio isn’t exposed to extreme heat or cold like a furnace.

#4: Confirm the reset by hitting “Y” or “Yes”

As with any electronic device, a reset always requires confirmation. 

You can simply confirm the reset process by hitting “Yes” or “OK” on your Dab radio’s screen. 

#5: Wait for your Dab radio to reset

Give your Dab radio ample time to complete the entire reset process. 

Once done, it’ll also rescan your channels automatically. 

However, you’ll have to reprogram your favorite stations and preferences manually after. 

Need a quick refresher?

Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Look for the station you want by using your radio’s knob or “+/-” buttons. 
  2. When you find the radio station you want to store, tap “Enter.”
  3. Hold down the pre-set number you want to store on your Dab radio for 5 seconds. 
  4. Wait for your display to show a message, saying: “Stored.”

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When should you reset your Dab radio?

You should reset your Dab radio when it has tuning problems or can’t find available stations.

In most cases, you can also hit the “Auto Tune” button to retune your Dab radio. 

This process takes less than a minute to do and is a quick way to troubleshoot most issues. 

Then again, a factory reset’s only needed when your Dab radio’s unresponsive despite your efforts. 

What it does is it reverts your Dab radio back into its default settings. 

So while a factory reset clears most tuning issues, the downside is…

You also lose your saved favorite stations. 

In other words, you’ll need to set them up manually after.

Finally, the factory reset process might vary depending on your Dab radio model. 

For instance. 

Say you’re using the Sangean Traveller 760 Dab radio. 

Based on the user manual, the process is as follows: 

  1. Hold down the “Info/Menu” button.
  2. Choose “System Settings.”
  3. Select “Factory Reset.”
  4. Hit “Yes” to carry out the reset. 

If you have a Panasonic Dab radio, the process is similar but slightly different: 

  1. Hit the “Menu” button on your Dab radio.
  2. Turn the knob and choose “System.” 
  3. Press “Enter.”
  4. Turn the knob again until you hit “Factory Reset.”
  5. Tap “Enter” again. 
  6. Press “Yes” to confirm the reset process. 

Ultimately, make sure to have your manual to guide you throughout the process.