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(7 Fixes) Dab Radio Not Picking Up All Stations [2023]

Dab Radio Not Picking Up All Stations

Years ago, inventors promised that… 

DAB radios will end the problem of the weak receptions of AM/FM radios. 

But well, not everything goes as expected, right? 

Turns out, even DAB radios can suffer from weak signal connections. 

But fortunately, it’s effortless to work around this problem.

Continue reading to find out:

  • The reasons why your DAB radio isn’t picking up all stations.
  • 7 quick fixes you can try to get your DAB radio working perfectly again. 
  • The best 2 external antennas you can buy to strengthen your radio signal. 
  • And a lot more… 

Why is my Dab radio not picking up all stations?

Your DAB radio isn’t picking up all stations because it has a poor signal connection. Sometimes, this problem occurs because your device is glitching. And in rare instances, it’s because your DAB radio is broken, so you need to replace it. 

Dab radio not picking up all stations: 7 fixes

#1: Reset your DAB radio 

More often than not, the most effective solution is the simplest 1. 

So if your radio was fine before this issue… 

Maybe it’s just experiencing a simple glitch that stops it from picking up stations now. 

Fortunately, it’s very easy to reset your DAB radio:

Step 1: Find the Info/Advanced button on your device. 

Step 2: Hold it down for 10 seconds. 

Note: Some devices might not require you to press and hold the button for this long. When in doubt, always consult your user manual. 

Step 3: Turn your radio knob. 

Alternatively, you can also use the “+/-” buttons on your device. 

Step 4: Reset your radio. 

Now, the exact term for “reset” will depend on your device’s model. 

But most of the time, you’ll find 1 of these choices on your DAB radio : 

  • Reset. 
  • Initialize.
  • Factory Reset.

So select the 1 that you can see on your device and… 

Step 3: Wait for the process to finish. 

Note: Don’t interact with your radio until the reset is finished. After resetting, your radio will automatically rescan your channels. However, you’ll have to manually add your favorite stations to your presets again

Check if this process fixed the problem. 

If it didn’t, try to… 

#2: Relocate your radio 

Like the regular AM/FM units… 

Even DAB radios will have trouble picking up stations if they’re not in an ideal place. 

As you probably know, it’s harder for radio signals to penetrate through thick materials like:

So if your radio is surrounded by these, it won’t get enough signal to pick up all stations. 

Now, most of the time, signals can slip through other areas even if you have these materials in your house.

However, signals will get blocked if your radio’s in:

  • A cellar.
  • The basement. 
  • An underground parking lot.

See, most of these locations are entirely blocked by walls.

And radio signals can barely reach them.

So if your radio is located somewhere similar to the conditions of the places mentioned…

You should try placing it elsewhere. 

Where should I put my DAB radio?” 

Good question. 

Here are 3 placement tips to get better reception on your DAB radio: 

  1. Place your radio near a window. 
  2. Put it in high places or the highest room in the house. 
  3. Position it away from devices that might interfere with your radio signals.

Note: If you’re unsure about what devices the 3rd tip refers to, I’ll go more into that on the 5th fix later. 

Now, back to relocating your radio.

One thing to note is that not all DAB radios are portable. 

For example: 

If you have a built-in car radio, you can’t just put it somewhere else, right? 

So in cases like these… 

You need to relocate the antenna of your radio. 

Usually, the best place to put it on a car is on the roof or rear window. 

Also, you should position the antenna as far from your engine as possible.

Because it might interfere with the signals of your radio. 

Note: DAB radio antennas work best vertically. So keep it standing up whenever possible. 

#3: Extend the aerial of your radio

Not familiar with what this is?

Don’t worry. An aerial is just another way to call the antenna of your radio. 

But before you go ahead and extend it…

Let me first explain why you need to do this. 

Imagine this:

It’s raining heavily. However, you’re under the leaves. 

And you decide to hold your hand out in the rain to catch any falling raindrops. 

The more you extend your hand, the more it’ll get wet from the rain.

Now, compare this scenario to what happens to your antenna when it’s longer. 

See, the more extended it is, the more information it can catch from the radio signals passing by. 

In short: Your aerial won’t get enough radio signals if it’s not fully extended.

Now that we’ve gone over that… 

It’s time to extend your radio’s antenna. 

“How long should it be?”

Generally, you should extend your aerial to its maximum length capacity. 

Because as I mentioned in the previous tip…

The higher your radio or antenna is, the better signal you’ll get. 

But I know not all DAB radios have a built-in antenna. 

So if you have a handheld or a pocket 1… 

#4: Ensure that your earphones are inserted properly

If you have a handheld DAB receiver… 

You know exactly what I’m talking about here.

But if you’re wondering why earphones matter if you’re radio isn’t getting any signal…

That’s because in pocket DAB radios, they’re the ones that act as the aerial of the device. 

Now, you already know how crucial the aerial is to getting a high-quality reception.

So, for handheld devices…

Ensure that the earphones are plugged in correctly.

Because they’re the antenna of your device. 

But bear in mind that… 

Handheld DAB radios are generally less reliable than tabletop models. 

So if you can, I suggest investing in high-quality portable DAB radio in the future. 

Having a firm aerial on your radio makes all the difference. 

Because DAB antennas are best placed vertically…

And this is hard to achieve if you’re using earphones with flexible wires. 

Want to go more in-depth about how radio antennas work? Watch this video:

#5: Turn OFF nearby interferences

Your thick walls or insulation aren’t the only things that can block your DAB radio’s signals. 

Because depending on where your device is placed…

Other devices can also interfere with the signals of your radio.

Now, this event is commonly referred to as a Radio Frequency (RF) interference.

And this happens when other devices use the same frequency your radio uses. 

“Why kind of devices?” 

Some examples of devices that can cause RF interference  are:

So if you have any of these gadgets in your house, I suggest turning them OFF temporarily. 

Once you do, try to tune in using your DAB radio again. 

And if your radio starts to pick up the stations that it couldn’t before… 

You should place your radio away from these devices from now on.

“How far should they be?”

If possible, keep your radio 30 feet away from these devices. 

But if that’s difficult to adhere to, try sticking with at least 10 feet of distance instead. 

This won’t remove the interferences completely… 

But it’ll remove enough of them for you to not lose the radio stations again. 

#6: Buy an external aerial

Another fix concerning antennas, right?

This just proves how crucial it is to your DAB radio. 

Really, a radio without a high-quality aerial is…

Just like a bicycle with a rusty chain.


Because in both instances…

Even if your radio or bike works, it won’t be as efficient as it can possibly be.

And you’ll end up always getting the bare minimum quality. 


If you’re still having trouble, I highly recommend buying an external aerial. 

Trust me. Not only will it solve this problem…

But it’ll also make your radio better than how it was before. 

And to make this fix even easier for you, I’ve gone ahead and researched… 

2 of the best external aerials you buy on Amazon now: 

#1: Superbat FM Telescopic Antenna

This high-quality aerial is easy to use and works with most DAB portable radio models. 

Many testified that this antenna improves the reception significantly…

Even if you’re living in a remote area. 

#2: Eightwood Universal Car Radio Antenna

If you’re using the DAB radio in your car, I recommend getting this extended aerial. 

It has different fittings included in the package to suit most car models. 

And its simple aesthetics fit well with any car design or color. 

#7: Replace your DAB radio 

It’s not a surprise to anybody that, as with all technology…

DAB radios can also fail over time.

So if you’ve already had your radio for over 5 years, it’s probably time to replace it. 

Don’t worry. You can buy tons of high-quality DAB radios on Amazon these days. 

And depending on your location, you might even have it on your door in just a day. 

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Bonus: Listen to the radio through the Internet

Listen To The Radio Through The Internet

If you were really looking forward to hearing your favorite station today… 

Don’t worry. You don’t have to miss it entirely.

Thanks to genius developers…

It’s now possible to tune in to your favorite radio stations using the Internet.

And do you know what makes this method even better?

It’s the fact that you can do so using either your phone or your PC. 

Moreover, when you listen to the radio using the Internet…

You won’t have to worry about your device not picking up any stations due to poor radio signals. 

Similar to this problem your DAB radio is experiencing now. 

Plus, you can also tune in to stations from anywhere in the world. 

Without needing to adjust your antenna, or any of the such. 

Really, all you need to do is… 

Hook up to your Wifi and enjoy listening to the radio using your phone or PC.