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5 Ways To Connect Apple TV To WiFi Without Remote (2023)

How To Connect Apple TV To WiFi Without Remote

The Apple TV remote is so tiny that I can’t blame you for losing it. 

But before you lose your patience as well…

And your money by buying a new one… 

Let me show you that you don’t have to.

Keep on reading to learn: 

  • How to use other Apple devices to connect Apple TV to WiFi. 
  • A clever trick on how to transform any spare remote into an Apple TV Remote. 
  • 3 must-know effective apps to connect Apple TV to WiFi without a remote.
  • And this is just the beginning…

5 ways to connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote (how-to)

#1: Apple TV Remote app  

If you have an iPhone, I’ve got some great news.  

Thanks to the Apple TV Remote App…

You can control your Apple TV without using the remote. 

This also means that you can connect your TV to WiFi. 

The best part? 

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you don’t even have to download the app. You’ll find it automatically on the Control Center. 

“But I don’t see it.”

Don’t worry.  


How to manually add Apple TV remote to the Control Center:  

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center. 
  2. Look for the Apple TV Remote.
  3. Tap the green plus sign on its left side.

Now, you should be able to see the Apple TV Remote App on the Control Center. 

And from here on, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Connect your Apple TV to your WiFi router using an ethernet cable. 
  2. Open the Apple TV Remote on your iPhone. 
  3. Click ‘Choose A TV’ on the top-middle part of the screen. 
  4. Tap your Apple TV from the list. After connecting, you’ll be able to use your iPhone as a trackpad. 
  5. Go to Settings > Network > WiFi using your phone.
  6. Connect to your WiFi connection.

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#2: Spare remote

Do you have a spare remote lying around somewhere? 

Maybe from a DVD player or an old TV? 

What if I told you that you could transform that into a makeshift Apple TV remote? 

This isn’t some magic DIY trick. I’m serious. 

“But how is that possible?”

It’s because Apple took things to the next level by adding a ‘Learn remote’ function on their Apple TVs.

And because of this function…

Your spare remote and Apple TV will learn to understand each other. 

So you’ll be able to use your spare remote to navigate the TV screen.

In other words…

You won’t only connect your Apple TV to the WiFi. But you’ll also maximize the TV’s features. 

Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice your iPhone each time you want to use the Apple TV. 

Talk about life hacks. 

“That’s impressive. But, how do I do that?”

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your Apple TV to your WiFi router using an ethernet cable. 

Step 2: Open the ‘Apple TV Remote’ on your iPhone. 

Step 3: Click ‘Choose a TV’ on the top-middle part of the screen. 

Step 4: Tap your Apple TV from the list. 

Step 5: Go to Settings > Remotes > Learn Remote.

Step 6: Click Start.

Step 7: Follow the instructions on the screen. At this point, the TV will prompt you to ‘Press and Hold’ certain buttons on your remote. Match them correctly to avoid any problems.  

Step 8: Go to Settings > Network > WiFi using the remote.

Step 9: Connect to your WiFi connection.

#3: Bluetooth keyboard

If you’re unable to use the 2 methods above… 

Then it means that you haven’t paired your iPhone and your spare remote with your Apple TV. 

“So, how do I pair them?”

If you’ve lost your Apple TV remote…

I’m sorry to break it to you, but you won’t be able to do that.

Because in order to pair those two devices… 

You’ll need to enter the 4-digit code shown on your iPhone into your TV. 

And you can only do that with an Apple TV remote. 

But don’t you worry… 

I guarantee that the Bluetooth keyboard method won’t get you stuck in that loop. 

Note: For this method, you’ll need to factory restore your Apple TV. Doing this will erase all your information on the device. 

But before you stop me and say no… 

I genuinely think that it’s a lot better than being unable to use your Apple TV. 

“Okay. What do I do?”

You’ll just need to have the following:

If you’re ready, here’s how you’ll proceed: 

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer. If you don’t have one, you can download it here

Step 2: Log in using your Apple ID. 

Step 3: Connect the Apple TV to your computer using the Micro USB cable. Your Apple TV should show as a device on your iTunes.

Step 4: Click the ‘Restore Apple TV’ button.

Step 5: Tap ‘Restore and Update’ and wait for the process to complete. It may take some time if you haven’t updated your Apple TV in a while. 

Step 6: Plug in your Apple TV and power it ON. After a while, you’ll see the boot screen where you can select the TV’s language. 

Step 7: Turn ON your Bluetooth keyboard. 

Step 8: Make sure to enable pairing mode. 

Step 9: Enter the 4-digit code on the TV screen using your Bluetooth keyboard.

Step 10: Press Enter. If pairing them is successful, you’ll see an icon on the top-left corner. 

Step 11: Complete Apple TV Set-up. 

Step 12: Go to Settings > General > Network > WiFi.

Step 13: Connect to your WiFi connection. 

Also, if you find it easier to follow through a video walkthrough…

Then check this video out: 

Note: You can now use your iPhone or a spare remote to navigate your TV easily. Especially if you find typing on your keyboard a hassle.   

#4: CiderTV app

Do you have an Apple computer like an iMac or a Macbook? 

Then using the CiderTV App might work best for you. 

The app’s legit. It’s even available on Mac App Store. This means that you won’t get into a sketchy website. 

This method uses Bluetooth instead of an internet connection. That’s why this method is helpful if your Apple TV isn’t connected to the WiFi.

Here’s how to do this: 

Step 1: Visit CiderTV App on Mac App Store. 

Step 2: Install the app on your Mac. 

Step 3: Turn ON the Bluetooth on your Apple computer. Make sure that it’s discoverable.

Step 4: A Bluetooth preferences window will pop up. Don’t close it during pairing. 

Step 5: Connect the Apple TV to your Mac via a Micro USB cable. 

Step 6: Factory restore your Apple TV using the iTunes app. 

Step 7: Turn your Apple TV ON and wait for it to discover your Mac. 

Step 8: Click “Pair” on the pop-up window. After pairing, you’ll see CiderTV’s interface. 

Step 9: Go to Settings > General > Network > WiFi using your Mac.

Step 10: Key into your WiFi network. 

#5: Android app

Don’t have any Apple products other than your TV?

You don’t have to worry. 

Even if all you have is an Android phone, it’ll be more than enough. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Sign in to your Google account.

Step 3: Search “Apple TV remote.” 

Step 4: Download the app.

Step 5: Using your Android phone, Go to Settings > General > Network > WiFi.

Step 6: Connect to your WiFi connection. 

BONUS: Ethernet cable 

Ethernet Cable

I’m aware that using an ethernet cable means that it’ll be a wired connection. 

But ask yourself these questions…

“Do I really need WiFi or just an internet connection?”

And if it turns out that you just want to access the internet… 

Then I highly suggest you use an ethernet cable to save you from all the trouble. 

Because aside from its convenience…

You’ll also experience a much faster internet connection. So you could enjoy your Apple TV much better.