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27 Best Internet Radio Stations In 2023 (#7 Is My Favorite)

Best Internet Radio Stations

I personally don’t like fidgeting with physical radio dials. 

Which is why over the years…

I’ve been obsessed with listening to the radio via my phone or computer.

So if you’re wondering what the best radio stations on the Internet are… 

I got you. Just… 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • What each radio station focuses on.
  • The 27 best radio stations on the Internet.
  • Why number 7 is my favorite 1 from this list. 
  • And much, much more… 

27 best internet radio stations

#1: Worldwide FM

If what you’re looking for is a platform where inclusivity matters…

Definitely tune in to Worldwide FM.

They’re a music-centered radio station that broadcasts from different cities, including: 

  • Paris.
  • Seoul.
  • London. 
  • New York.
  • Los Angeles.

And on top of covering diverse cultures and perspectives… 

Worldwide FM also focuses on supporting the marginalized sectors of the music industry.

Which are mainly women, people of color, and Asians in the entertainment industry

#2: Relax FM

Needless to say, 1 of the best ways to relax is to listen to music. 

So if you want to tune in to a station that primarily focuses on relaxation and comfort…

Well, from their name itself…

Relax FM is the way to go.

They play calming and serene music from all over the world. 

So not only will you feel at ease…

But you’ll also discover new artists and songs you might like. 

#3: Jazz24

If you love Jazz but hate random interruptions by commercials…

This online radio station will fit you like a charm.

They feature the greatest of all-time Jazz musicians like:

And also recent artists like:

So if you fancy any of these individuals…

You’ll also love the beauty of this station filled with Jazz’s magic. 

#4: Radio Santa Claus

Holiday music brings out the child in all of us, right?

Or maybe some, I guess, if you’re not into them.

But did you know that…

1 of the most popular Internet radio stations plays Holiday music all year? 

Yep. This Radio Santa Claus doesn’t lose its charm no matter what season it is. 

And honestly, I even find myself tuning in to this station even during summertime. 

That just shows how good and magical it is. 

So if you need an excellent station to play during the Holidays… 

I highly recommend playing Radio Santa Claus. 

#5: Vintage FM

If you love nostalgia trips back to the 70s…

I highly recommend playing Vintage FM.

See, this Internet radio station exclusively plays from the 1970s.

So if you want to discover or relive some of the classical hits and wonders from the time…

Definitely give Vintage FM a try. 

#6: KEAN 105.1 FM

Now, for country music lovers, this 1 is for you. 

Based in Texas City, Kean 105.1 FM is hosted by DJs who are experts in country music. 

So if you want to hear and vibe with songs from musicians like:

Drop by their official radio website and check their music selection out. 

#7: Cinemix 

It’s finally time to talk about my favorite 1 from the bunch. 

And if you’re wondering what’s special about this radio station… 

I’ll be glad to answer. 

You see, Cinemix exclusively plays soundtracks from Cinema movies.

So for movie-lovers and fanatics like me, this is nothing less than a gem. 

The soundtracks in this Internet radio station are carefully selected from:

  • Asia. 
  • Europe.
  • The USA.

So with their diverse album and song selections… 

There isn’t any moment of boring airtime in this favorite station of mine. 

#8: SomaFM

Interested in knowing new indie music?

Then SomaFM is going to be your go-to Internet station. 

They exclusively feature unsigned bands and artists that play music genres like:

  • Folk. 
  • Electro-pop.
  • Classic indie tunes.

So if you’re someone who loves giving a chance to underrated musicians…

You won’t regret trying out this radio station. 

#9: NSB Radio

I love parties. Do you?

Now, if you fancy upbeat dance music like me…

I highly recommend listening to the internet radio station NSB. 

Really, unlike most radio stations out there…

NSB radio isn’t just a place where you can passively listen to music. 

Because in this station, you can personally request DJs to play specific songs.

And also chat with the other listeners in real-time. 

#10: Dublab

Based on Los Angeles…

This internet-only radio station specializes in bringing music and culture to life.

That’s because not only do they let you listen to world-renowned artists…

They also have recorded live shows that you can download using their website.

So through this radio station, you can bring the energy of the club to your own home. 

And you can enjoy Friday nights to the fullest even without going to an actual night out. 

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#11: Radio Free Brooklyn

Radio Free Brooklyn

This 1 is of the most inspiring radio stations on this list.

Because although it’s only operated in the basement of a bike shop in Brooklyn…

It has thousands of daily listeners that are drawn to its unique programming. 

This radio station aims to empower the local community and its aspiring artists. 

And they do this by allowing underrated musicians to share their talent with the world. 

#12: WLTW 106.7 Lite FM 

If you’re from New York, you’re most likely already familiar with this radio station. 

Because with no further explanations needed… 

106.7 Lite FM is 1 of the top-rated radio stations in the city.

It plays music from different generations…

Ranging from those from the 80s to modern songs today. 

So by tuning in to this 1, you won’t miss out on any of the latest or classic musical hits. 

#13: Hot 108 Jamz

Now, if you’re someone who primarily listens to Hip Hop music…

You shouldn’t miss out on listening to Hot 108. 

They play songs by famous Hip Hop artists like: 

So if you like discographies similar to the ones done by these musicians…

Vibe with Hot 108 Jamz, and you won’t regret it. 

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#14: KEXP 90.3 FM

This station from Seattle focuses on underrated local musicians… 

Rather than those that are already known nationally or globally. 

So this KEXP 90.3 FM is perfect for you…

Especially if you love finding and supporting artists before your friends do. Or just before the artist becomes mainstream.

It’s also worth noting that they also hold regular live studio sessions. 

That you can also watch on their website for free. 

And who doesn’t love free shows, right? 

#15: Pandora Radio

If you want to listen to a station that’ll feel personalized to you…

Pandora Radio is the 1 to go.

What’s unique about this station is that it lets you rate a song a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

And with enough data over time… 

The radio will start to play songs that you personally like. 

With this, your listening experience will get only better and better. 

And never the other way around. 

#16: K-LOVE 

Now, this station is for those who are passionate about Christian Music.

K-LOVE plays tracks about faith by musicians like:

So listen to this radio station if you want to enrich the musician in you…

And also your bond with your Christianity. 

#17: Instrumental Hits Radio 

They say you can tell if a song is great…

If it still sounds impressive without any lyrics or vocals. 

And if you’re someone who loves music that’s only composed of instrumentals…

You’ll be pleased to know that this radio primarily focuses on that.

Instrumental Hits Radio features songs that are:

  • Jazz.
  • Lounge.
  • Classical.

So if you’re interested in these genres…

Hit that link up and enjoy your chill radio listening session. 

#18: XRAY.FM KXRY 107.1 FM

Want to know how it feels to vibe in Portland?

Then you shouldn’t miss listening to Xray FM. 

See, it has more than 80 local DJs and curators manually picking each song they’ll play. 

So you can rest assured that all the tracks you’ll hear on Xray FM are handpicked by a person…

And not just by the algorithm. 

#19: GYM Radio

If you love working out, you’re in luck.

Because this station specifically caters to people like you. 

Really, it only broadcasts tracks that are perfect for boosting your energy.

So whether you’re trying to finish that 1km run…

Or you want to give an extra pump to those biceps…

Just vibe to this station, and you’ll feel the energy flow through your body. 

#20: WQXR 105.9 FM

Classical music lovers, this is the station you’ve all been waiting for. 

See, 105.9 FM is the 1st commercial classical radio station in the United States. 

And since it was founded in 1936, it has expanded from serving the nation…

To eventually serving the whole world with its top-class classic song selections.

Plus, the station also hosts fun shows and operas. I guarantee that they won’t fail to keep you entertained all day long. 

#21: Balamii

This radio station based in London focuses on making a community…

Rather than just playing good songs over their frequency.

You can think of Balamii as a stepping stone for local artists and DJs in the UK to express their talent to the world. 

So if you love supporting underrated artists…

I highly recommend checking this station out. 

#22: KIDJAM! Radio

This station is an excellent life-saver for those with little ones around.

So if you ever find it hard to entertain your kids…

Just hop into this radio’s website and listen to their educational yet fun songs. 

You won’t have to worry about your children listening to inappropriate music again. 

Alright, just check this station out and thank me later. 

#23: KCMP 89.3FM

Based in Minneapolis…

KCMP 89.3FM is another station that highlights indie music from local artists.

The station focuses on genres like:

  • Surf rock.
  • Dirty shoegaze.
  • Experimental R&B.

And on top of its fresh music choices…

It also broadcasts free live-streamed concerts from the locals. 

Which makes this station 1 of my personal favorites.

#24: WWOZ 90.7 FM

New Orleans is widely known as the birthplace of Jazz music.

And this radio station from the city definitely shows the quality of Jazz that only they can offer. 

Because from adults to teenagers…

Individuals of all ages express their love for music through this radio.

Now, on top of Jazz, they also play genres like:

  • Soul.
  • R&B.
  • Bounce.

And this just shows how the musical tradition is still well and alive in the city.

Interested in knowing more about how Jazz started in New Orleans? Watch this video:

#25: KCRW Eclectic 24

This radio station from Los Angeles gives attention to indie solo artists and bands.

So if you love discovering musicians that’ll most likely zoom into the mainstream soon…

This station will be perfect for your taste. 

On top of its refreshing music selection…

KCRW Eclectic 24 also holds yearly festivals in the city. 

Where both established musicians and rising artists perform on the same stage.

#26: WMOT 89.5FM 

This Nashville radio station is dedicated to showing what the city can offer to the world.

And since it’s deeply connected with the culture of its community…

It showcases songs from local artists that play:

  • R&B.
  • Bluegrass.
  • Country music.
  • Old school rock and roll. 

So if you want to get a taste of what an afternoon in Nashville feels like…

Tune in to WMOT 89.5FM.

#27: Soho Radio

If you like London or New York…

Then you’ll find yourself also falling in love with this radio station. 

Soho Radio integrates the cultures of both cities into 1.

And with that, it creates a unique ambiance and vibe.

Where you can feel like you’re on the street side of both cities…

Regardless of where you actually are.