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13 Best Pocket Radio Devices In 2023 (The Ultimate List)

Best Pocket Radio

Are you looking for a reliable pocket radio in times of emergency? 

Maybe a backpacking or camping partner somewhere remote?  

Or do you just want to take it back to the good ol’ days by listening to radio shows?

No matter what your reason is… 

I’ve got you covered. 


Continue reading to discover: : 

  • The coolest old-school pocket radio.
  • The most practical pocket radio for camping. 
  • 3 reliable pocket radios in times of emergency. 
  • And a lot more…

13 best pocket radio devices

#1: Sangean DT-400W

The Sangean DT-400W deserves the top place on this list. 

Here’s why: 

It has top-notch sensitivity and selectivity

“What do you mean by that?”

Sensitivity is the radio’s ability to pick up weak signals. This means that you can listen to far-away radio stations with this device. 

Meanwhile, selectivity is the radio’s ability to separate different channels. So you can have a crystal clear listening experience. And you won’t worry about other radio stations bleeding in.

Aside from that, the DT-400W has a Weatherband (WX) feature. 

“What’s in it for me?”

Because of this feature, you can listen to NOAA weather radio stations. 

So if you like to stay updated with the latest news on weather, this pocket radio is for you. 

Note: The weatherband feature shines best in times of emergency weather situations. Since power likely gets cut off. 

Ready for more? 

Another edge of this device against other pocket radios is a cable antenna. 

As you already know, radios have these long and shiny antennas to receive signals. 

But isn’t it impractical for a pocket radio to have? 

Normally, an antenna could stick out of the pocket. 

Aside from that, it might even bend and break. 

So you won’t only lose the chance to listen to your favorite radio shows. You’ll need to replace it, too. 

But you’ll have less hassle with the DT-400 as it has a cable antenna. This means you can safely wrap it around the device, and it would still work.

Pro tip: Want to enjoy music from your favorite FM stations privately? You can use headphones as a cable antenna. Trust me. It’ll work. 

And one last thing… 

Did you know? 

This radio even gets 5-star reviews on Amazon from people who rarely give such. Talk about quality.

The DT-400W is so great that people had to talk about their experience with it. 

#2: C. Crane CC Pocket Radio

The runner-up on this list is no other than C. Crane CC pocket radio. 

Like #1, it’s also AM/FM and NOAA Weather-enabled. So you can use it for both entertainment and emergency purposes. 

Aside from that, the power button, volume control, and headset jack are at the top. 

So if you ever put the device in your pocket, you can still access those functions without taking it out. 

And if you want to change radio stations, you can press either of the 5 preset buttons on the front. There’s no need to remove it from your pocket. 

“But what if I accidentally push those buttons?” 

The best part?

You can’t.

That’s because this device features a side lock switch to prevent that from happening. 

Plus, you won’t have problems with weak signals. And you can use earphones as an antenna. 

“But I don’t want to listen privately.“

Don’t worry. There’s a Stereo/Mono/Speaker switch at the side to help you with that. It lets you listen to the speaker even if you plug in your earphones.

#3: Sony ICFP26

The ICFP26 model has a certified Sony Sound. 

And Sony has a reputation for having the best sound systems in the world. In 2021, users voted Sony as the Audio brand of the year in the Trusted Reviews Awards.

ICFP26’s built-in speaker produces above-average radio audio quality. And you also won’t experience slightly muffled sounds. 

That’s why this pocket radio is a must-buy. Especially for people who love to tune into radio shows and FM stations. 

Aside from that, it even has a simple analog design.

But I wouldn’t consider that a flaw. It only makes the device easy to use. 

And it’s just perfect for those who want to keep things simple. 

Plus, the pocket radio also has a reasonable price of about 20$.

You wouldn’t guess that it doesn’t cost a lot for its quality…

And the fact that Sony makes it. 

Take it from me. The ICFP26 won’t disappoint your ears and your wallet.

Plus, this radio comes with a stable flat base. 

This helps the radio not to fall off the surface it’s on. Especially since the device is heavy and has a long antenna. 

Another great thing about the Sony ICF-P26? 

The headphones produce sound in both ears. And most radios can’t do that because of mono audio setting. 

“What do you mean?”

Mono audio means that the sound is recorded on one channel. That’s why you can only hear the sound on one side. 

#4: Sangean DT-200X

The DT-200X is also an excellent pocket radio option from Sangean.

Although this device only lets you listen to AM and FM radios…

It sure has incredible AM/FM reception. So you won’t have problems listening to your favorite radio stations.

On top of that, its headphone listening experience is on a different level. 

It’s because of the dynamic bass boost (DBB) that offers high fidelity.

So, if you want a radio for entertainment purposes only, I highly recommend the Sangean DT-200X. 

On top of that, this radio is heavy-duty. It can last a few years even if you use it regularly. 

With that, I believe you’ll enjoy the DT-200x for a long time.  

And if you want to know more….

Here are its other features: 

  • LCD screen with low battery indicator. 
  • Auto power off after 90 minutes of inactivity.
  • 19 memory presets that you can navigate easily. 
  • Digital tuner with Auto-seek and Quick seek functions.

#5: iRonsnow IS-088

If you’re looking for a camping companion with excellent features…

The iRonsnow IS-088 is the right choice for you. 


This radio has NOAA weather radio coverage. It can give you up-to-date weather alerts. So you can focus on your safety.

But there’s already a lot of radios with NOAA coverage?”

That’s true. 

But the iRonsnow IS-088 has a hand crank and solar panel to keep the radio running. This would help you stay on top of emergencies.

It also has a lot more to offer, including: 

#6: Tecsun R-9012

Do you want to listen to different radio stations from all over the world? 

Then Tecsun R-9012 is the right pocket radio for you. 

Its main features include international FM coverage and 10 shortwave bands. And because of that, you’ll really be able to keep in touch with the world. 

And for that, I’ll say that this pocket radio is 100% world-class. 

Pro tip: Charging this device can be a bit tricky. You should be careful in choosing a power adapter. The Tecsun R-9012 requires a negative center.

For more information about how to pick the right adapter, check this video out: 

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#7: PRUNUS J-189

Hearing one of your favorite songs on the radio is a different kind of joy. 

But what if you can play all those faves on your radio? 

“How’s that even possible?”

It’s possible through Bluetooth, a USB flash drive, or a micro SD card. But with PRUNUS J-189, you got all three of them.  

You can choose whatever option is best for you. 

Note: You can’t listen to radio stations using Bluetooth earphones. But you can connect your phone to the radio via Bluetooth and use the radio as a speaker. 

Aside from that fantastic feature, this radio also has: 

  • An emergency torch if the power went out. 
  • A Li-ion battery for 12 hours of nonstop playback. 
  • An Auto search feature for browsing radio stations.

#8: Vondior AM FM Portable Pocket Radio

If you’re looking for some old-school radio…

Then the Vondior Portable AM FM Pocket Radio is the one for you. 

Its design is like radios in the ’60s. And it’s effortless to use. 

That’s why elderlies will surely love it. 

But don’t get deceived by its classic build. 

It’s combined with today’s technology. So you’re going to have crystal clear reception. 

Even if you listen from coast to coast. Or live in the middle of nowhere. 

And the best part is that you don’t need an antenna to give you better reception. 

Aside from that, it has the most oversized speakers for its small size. You wouldn’t expect to fill the room with something so tiny. 

#9: Eton Elite Mini Compact

Do you like listening to shortwaves?  

Then you should get the Eton Elite Mini Compact. It can pull SW1 and SW2 channels even with just its antenna. 

Pro tip: If you want to take your shortwave experience to the next level. Get a Sangean ANT-60 short wave antenna and attach it to this radio. 

Plus, this device has a very crisp and clear sound for its mini build. Plus, you won’t hear hisses on your headphones

Its extra features include: 

  • A leather case that gives a luxurious appeal. 
  • Orange LCD screen that’s still readable outdoors. 
  • 24/7 clock mode with sleep timer and alarm mode.

#10: Avantree SP850

This Avantree SP850 is strongly recommended for avid music fans. 

It allows you to listen to FM stations at high quality. And this radio is Bluetooth-enabled. So you can connect your phone to it and use it as a speaker. 

Plus, you can insert a micro SD card and shuffle play the songs stored in there. 

Not convinced yet?

The Avantree SP850 lets you enjoy music privately through the headphone jack. And blast party music with the AUX jack. 

#11: Retekess V112

Retekess V112

Are you looking for a radio that won’t use a lot of batteries? 

I’m introducing you to the Retekess V112. One of the most environment-friendly pocket radio options today.

Its built-in battery is rechargeable. And the radio runs for at least 6 hours before you need to charge it again. 

Some extra features include: 

  • Great AM and FM reception due to digital tuner.
  • Saves 29 of your favorite stations in its memory.  
  • Small and lightweight enough to put in a shirt pocket.

#12: PowerBear Portable Radio

Do you want a cost-effective pocket radio that does its job pretty well? 

Then you should get this PowerBear Portable Radio. 

It’s small and mighty. Very power efficient and has really great reception. 

With this device, you could stay updated with the latest news for over 30 hours. 

It’s the perfect addition you could squeeze into your hurricane preparedness kit. 


The BTECH MPR-AF1 is the exact definition of a pocket radio. 

It’s way smaller than a mobile phone and as light as a pencil. And the reception is just excellent. 

This is the perfect choice for exercisers who like to jog or go to the gym since it allows you to move freely. 

It also has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to change it every now and then. 

Aside from that, it has 58 presets that’ll accommodate all your favorite radio stations. 

Note: If you long-press the radio’s power button, your device will turn off. But a short press will only enable sleep mode.

People also ask:

Which Pocket radio is best?

The best pocket radio is the Sangean DT-400W. This is because of its top-notch sensitivity and selectivity. It also has a weatherband feature for weather alerts and a practical cable antenna. The C. Crane CC Pocket Radio and the Sony ICFP26 follow the DT-400W for the best pocket radio. 

Is there a pocket radio with Bluetooth?

There are pocket radios with Bluetooth. You can connect phones or laptops to these pocket radios via a Bluetooth connection. And then you’ll be able to use the pocket radio as a Bluetooth speaker. The best ones include the Avantree SP850 and the Prunus J-189.