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17 Best Radio CD Players In 2023 (For Every Price Point)

Best Radio CD Players

If you’re looking for a new radio CD player with a specific budget in mind…

Then you’ve found the right person to ask for advice. 

Starting from the cheapest models to the high-end ones… 

I listed the best radio CD players for every price point in the market. 


Continue reading to find out:

  • Which players are Bluetooth enabled and which ones aren’t. 
  • The 17 best radio CD players now and how much each of them costs.
  • The pros and cons of each device to help you decide which 1 is best suited for you. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

17 best radio CD players

#1: GPX PC332B Portable CD Player

You don’t need to spend a hefty price to get a high-quality CD player. 

And the GPX PC332B just further proves this claim.

For less than $25, you’ll get a sound quality that’s much more valuable than this amount. 

Don’t believe me?

Then consider Amazon’s #1 Best Seller tag and the reviews of thousands of satisfied users. 

With this portable player, you can listen to both radio stations and your CD… 

You can do that through its built-in earbuds or an external speaker

Highly portable Buttons are too small
It has an LCD displayBatteries are hard to insert 
There’s a low-battery indicationThe plastic build isn’t the best quality

#2: Jaras JJ-Box89 Portable Stereo CD Player

Whether you’re a fan of fierce color combinations like a “black and red..”

Or you prefer bright colors like a “pink and white,” Jaras got you covered. 

Its JJ-Box 89 portable stereo player doesn’t only have solid software features… 

But it also has a reliable build and eye-pleasing visuals that won’t give away its low price. 

It’s a portable stereo player perfect for bringing to picnics or parties… 

Along with speaker qualities that won’t disappoint you. 

It’s lightweightWeak CD player 
Clear radio receptionNo buttons to eject CD
User-friendly controlsAntennas are very fragile

#3: GPX BC232R Sporty CD and Radio Boombox

If you want to buy a radio CD player that’ll resonate with you immediately… 

GPX BC232R is the 1 for you. 

See, its design is so user-friendly…

That even first-time CD player users won’t need to read the manual to operate it. 


This player also lets you quickly get to the specific radio stations you want to tune in to. 

Which is rarely the case for other speakers within a similar price point. 

Attractive designControls are small
Powerful speakersNo headphone jack
CDs are easy to insert and removeTurning knobs move fast

#4: Magnavox MD6924 CD Boombox with Radio

With a sleek design perfect for both indoors and outdoor use…

This Magnavox player is 1 of the top choices if you want a simple yet strong speaker. 

Plus, this device has large buttons, which you can rarely find in other players of a similar size…

Therefore making it much easier to navigate and operate. 

Easy to useIt’s hard to remove the CD
Very portable Vague instructions on the manual
Loud volume, despite its small sizeCD songs don’t play through headphones

#5: Sylvania SRCD243 CD Player with Radio

With an eye-pleasing pink color and a size perfect for a desk setup….

This Sylvania CD player will make a lovely addition to your indoor space. 

Not only that, but this player’s portability also makes it a good addition to any outside parties… 

As it can also operate on batteries if you’re not using its power supply.

Decent sound qualityNo headphone jack
There’s an LED displayThe radio reception isn’t that good
Works using batteries and power supplyIts plastic body feels cheap when touched

#6: Toshiba TY-CRS9 Portable CD Boombox

From TVs, laptops, and now, to CD players…

As expected, Toshiba never fails. 

With its telescopic FM antenna…

You’ll have no problem hearing your favorite radio stations with high-quality sounds.

Moreover, its exterior design makes it easy to place anywhere in the house. 

As its black color and small size won’t attract too much attention… 

But it’ll definitely steal a glance from your visitors.

Size is perfect for mobilityUser manual is confusing
You won’t hear static noises Buttons are a bit small and hard to press
Projects sound from CD and radio clearlyIt’s not as user-friendly as other CD players

#7: LONPOO LP-D01 Radio Boombox CD Player

If you’re looking for a versatile mid-range radio CD player that:

  • Connects to Bluetooth.
  • Has a memory function. 
  • Is compatible with USB playback.

Then I strongly recommend LONPOO’s LP-D01. 

Really, it’s 1 of the most compact CD players available at this price. 

So if you need a speaker that’s compatible with most audio connections…

Go for this 1. 

Appealing visualsVolume isn’t too loud
All the audio modes work reliablyLED display is too bright
You can replay a whole CD nonstopThe buttons are hard to navigate

#8: JENSEN CD-490 Portable Radio with CD Player

JENSEN CD-490 Portable Radio with CD Player

Who doesn’t love portable speakers?

With this radio and CD player from Jensen

You’ll get both usability and quality, all in under $50. 

And on top of being budget-friendly…

Its top-loading design also makes this player very easy for anyone to use.

So even if you haven’t used a radio CD player before…

You won’t have a hard time getting familiar with Jensen’s CD-490. 

High-mobilityIt has a weak bass
Includes a headphone jack CD lid is prone to getting stuck
Compatible with smartphone connectionsIt’s hard to tune in to specific radio stations

#9: JENSEN CD-550S MP3 Boombox with AM/FM Radio

Jensen really seems to occupy a strong base on the mid-range price point of radio CD players.

Because on top of their CD-490… 

The newer release, CD-550S, is also a highly-regarded CD player in the industry. 

But to be honest, this isn’t that surprising. 

Jensen masters the craft of combining portability with versatility. 

Even with this player’s small build, it’s compatible with:

  • CDs. 
  • Am/FM Radio. 
  • MP3 cassettes.

Now for a more detailed comparison of its advantages and disadvantages: 

Easy to carry aroundNo screen display
Powerful sound despite its small sizeUser manual is hard to follow
It reads cassettes (rare in modern players)Control buttons are a bit hard to get used to

#10: KLIM CD Portable Boombox Audio CD Player

With its elegant contemporary design and high portability… 

You can never go wrong in choosing KLIM’s boombox for your go-to CD player. 

Unlike the players I’ve mentioned so far…

This boombox has built-in rechargeable batteries

As a result, every time you charge your player, your batteries will also be charged.

And you won’t need to go through dozens of them to make your boombox remain portable. 

Clean quality soundHas a weak bass
Easy to follow manualIt only supports FM stations
Uses rechargeable batteriesIts low volume isn’t suitable for outdoor use

#11: Sony CFDS70 CD/MP3 Boombox Radio

Just the brand itself is already enough to tell you what’s coming. 

Of course, it goes without saying that Sony never disappoints.

This CFDS70 boombox is compatible with all:

  • CDs.
  • Cassettes.
  • AM/FM radio.

And on top of being this versatile… 

This Sony player can also provide you with high-quality bass. 

Yes, bass

The 1 crucial sound frequency that other CD players tend to not care about. 

But fortunately, Sony got us bass-lovers covered. 

As this boombox player specifically includes a mega bass function

Built with a strong carrying handleYou can’t skip songs 
Has a solid bass and strong speakersButtons are hard to see at night
Radio has a reliable and great receptionPower cord connects loosely to the player

#12: Sony MAIN-87930 Portable Bluetooth CD Player

Just like Jensen accommodates the lower-end of CD radio players… 

It seems that Sony also has a strong foothold in the mid-high range of these portable speakers. 

Now, you can think of this player as an upgraded version of the previous model.

Because on top of the qualities of the CFDS70 boombox… 

This MAIN-87930 player is compatible with Bluetooth streaming

Which makes it much more convenient and portable. 

Very user-friendlyNo built-in handles
Easy 1-touch Bluetooth setupSmall and dim LCD display
Loud enough to be used outdoorsButtons are hard to work with

#13: G Keni CD Player Boombox (with Remote)

Why settle for just a CD player when you can also have an alarm clock with it, right?

This CD player boombox takes being a “compact device” to a whole new level. 

As not only does it let you play both CDs and radio stations on 1 device…

It also allows you to:

  • Connect to Bluetooth
  • Charge your phones wirelessly
  • Have 2 separate alarms with different sounds. 

Pretty amazing to think that it can do all of these…

Despite having a size smaller than a laptop.

Now, here’s a more detailed comparison of its pros and cons. 

Includes a remote controlRadio reception isn’t too great
The display has a dimmer functionRemote buttons are hard to get used to
Allows you to wirelessly charge your phoneSound is weaker compared to other players

Further reading: WiFi vs Bluetooth Speakers: 3 Sound Quality Comparisons

#14: Crosley CR3501A Fleetwood FM Radio

It’s finally time to talk about this vintage-looking radio CD player by Crosley

With a design inspired by 1970s rock music…

Its minimalistic visuals bring back nostalgia and comfort.

Yet its features and full-range stereo speakers…

Make it evident how modernized its internal components are.

It’s a perfect combination of vintage design and 21st-century technology if you ask me. 

So if you’re someone who loves a touch of history to be part of your daily routine…

This is the perfect radio CD player for you. 

Projects clear soundsControls are small and hard to read
Features a built-in clockThe displayed time randomly changes
Compatible with Bluetooth connectionsIts power cord is loose and falls off easily

#15: Boytone BT-28SPM Classic Style Record Player Turntable

Sitting at a more premium price… 

You can definitely see why this Boytone player is more expensive than the previous ones.

With its larger size and scale, it can play from any:

  • CDs.
  • Vinyl.
  • MP3 files.
  • Cassettes. 
  • AM/FM Radio. 

Honestly, this long list just shows how competent this CD radio player is. 

And why it’s worth the price. 

Easy to set upBass is slightly weak
Accommodates a lot of media typesNo song repeat/shuffle option
Can record and convert audio inputs to MP3The speaker doesn’t have an equalizer

#16: PHILIPS Bluetooth Home Stereo System

If you’re looking for a CD player with preset sound styles you can use… 

This home stereo system from Philips got you covered.

Whether you prefer:

  • Choral. 
  • Hip-hop.
  • Symphony.
  • Rock opera. 

A preset is already waiting for you.

Just 1 tap, and you’ll get the sound quality and style you aim for… 

With the added comfort of being able to play your music wirelessly through Bluetooth.

For more information about this player, here are its:

Bass is rich and clear System takes a while to power ON
Speakers are made of real wood, not plasticThe user manual isn’t detailed enough
Design is a combination of analog and digitalYou can’t skip to a specific track right away

#17: Bose Wave Music System IV

Last but never the least…

If you’re willing to spend more for that high-quality music…

Here’s a representative from Bose’s wave music system lineup. 

With its petite build (7x13x19 inches)…

You won’t believe how much it can fill an entire room with its high-quality and solid sound. 

As they say… 

A Bose radio can’t be beaten.”

And really, not many would argue. 

As this player’s high rating on Amazon (4.6/5)…

Makes it obvious how satisfied customers are with their purchases. 

Great radio receptionHard to make CDs play
Amazing sound quality with strong bassRemote buttons are too small and dark
Easy to operate & includes a remote controlIncompatible with Bluetooth (misleading ads)

So, have you decided on which 1 buy?

Congratulations on reaching the end of the list.

Did any of the players resonate with you? 

Or are you still contemplating whether you should grab yourself a CD player or not? 

Still thinking twice? 

Here’s a video that might help you decide if it’s worth pushing through with that player purchase:

People also ask:

Who makes the most reliable CD player?

Marantz makes the most reliable CD player. Being known for its high-end audio products, Marantz’s CD players also don’t disappoint. Their SR8015 CD player has a premium build, strong amplifier, and is also Alexa-enabled. And this just proves how reliable the devices they make are.  

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Can you still buy new CD players?

You can still buy new CD players. Many companies like Yamaha and Crosley still manufacture and release new models. And they’re not going away any time soon. CD players have a strong customer base, and CDs are still manufactured by big audio companies. 

Are CD players being phased out?

CD players aren’t being phased out. In 2021, the sales of CDs and their players grew for the first time in the past 2 decades. And this proves that there’s still demand for them. Moreover, music companies still release new models of these devices yearly. 

Do CDs sound better than streaming?

CDs sound better than streaming. The songs you hear on online streaming platforms like Spotify are compressed files. This means you’re getting less of the audio quality than it originally had. But on CDs, this isn’t the case, so you’ll hear the full quality of the song you’re listening to.