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5 Steps To Connect Alexa To Bluetooth In 1 Minute (2023)

How To Connect Alexa To Bluetooth

“Alexa, connect to Bluetooth.”

Is this something that you have always wanted to say out loud?

You’re going to be able to connect Alexa to Bluetooth today.

In this article, we’ll outline the simple steps that you need to do to connect Alexa to Bluetooth.

Yes, any Bluetooth speaker.

“So does that mean I don’t need to use Amazon Echo and choose my own Bluetooth speaker?”


And you can do that in just 1 minute. Or less!

Let’s get started.

Read on to find out:

  • 5 easy steps to connect Alexa to Bluetooth.
  • Why Alexa won’t connect to Bluetooth and how to fix it.
  • What you need to do to pair Alexa with a non-Amazon speaker.
  • Whether you can play music through Alexa over Bluetooth in multiple rooms at the same time.
  • And so much more…

How to connect Alexa to bluetooth?

To connect Alexa to Bluetooth, you need to first turn on Bluetooth on the device of your choice. Launch the Alexa app, go to Devices, then Echo & Alexa. Choose the device that you want to connect to, then turn on Bluetooth. Finally, pair the device with Alexa and you’re done.

5 steps to connect Alexa to bluetooth?

#1: Open Bluetooth on your device.

Your Amazon Echo, or the speaker that houses Alexa, is an amazing device.

First off, you can play music on demand. From Spotify, iHeartRadio, and even Apple Music.

And so much more…

Next, you can control the bass, treble, and mid-range on your speaker.

Want a full-on concert soundstage? It’s up to you to design it yourself.

You can even control your smart home devices through Alexa and adjust lighting, heat, etc.

And if you have multiple Echo devices in your home, you can set up a multi-room music group through Bluetooth so you can play audio throughout your house.

But the Echo Dot does not have the best sound quality in the entire world.

But the good thing is, you can use another speaker to play audio.

But did you know that Alexa’s Bluetooth allows it to connect to a lot of devices?

We’re talking not just smart speakers.

You can use any device to connect to Alexa over Bluetooth, as long as your device has Bluetooth.

“So aside from smart speakers, I can use other devices? Like what?”

First off, there’s your smart TV.

If your smart TV has Bluetooth, you can pair it with your Echo and Alexa.

Note: If you want to use voice commands for your TV, your TV has to be compatible with Alexa. Examples are Fire TV and TV with a Fire Stick.

And then there’s your car.

Echo Auto is specifically designed to connect your Echo to your car over Bluetooth.

So whichever of these devices you want Alexa to connect to, you don’t have to worry.

You just have to make sure that you turn on Bluetooth on that device.

Doing this is easy as most speakers have a Bluetooth button that you just need to tap.

Like the Sonos One and the Yamaha YAS-209.

Just remember that if your speaker is already connected via Bluetooth to another device, you have to disconnect it.

Note: Your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and speaker must be at least three feet apart for a successful Bluetooth pairing.

#2: Open the Alexa app

Got Bluetooth open on the device that you want to connect to Alexa?

Great! The next thing to do is to open your Alexa app.

You can also go to

Once you’re in:

  1. Find “Devices”.
  2. Click or tap on “Echo & Alexa”.

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#3: Choose the device that you want Alexa to connect to

Up next is connecting your device to Bluetooth.

To do this, just click or tap on the device that you want to connect to your Alexa.

#4: Pair Alexa with your device

Pair Alexa With Device

“Great! Is that all?”


What you need to do next is to pair Alexa with your device.

To do this, you just have to:

  1. Click or tap on “Bluetooth Devices”.
  2. Click or tap on “Pair a New Device”.

Note: It’s important that you know the name of your device.

This will help make sure that you’re pairing your Alexa with the right device.

If you’re not sure about its name, check the model number.

#5: Choose your Bluetooth speaker

Ta-da! You’ll be able to play your audio through Alexa on your device now.

Just click or tap on your speaker and enjoy!

How to Connect Alexa to Your Phone via Bluetooth

“What if I want to connect Alexa to my phone via Bluetooth? Is that possible?”

Of course!

Your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot can serve as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone.

To connect an Android phone to Alexa via Bluetooth:

  1. Check to see if your phone is connected to another device over Bluetooth.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  3. Say, “Alexa, turn on Bluetooth.”
  4. Go to your phone’s Settings, and find Bluetooth.
  5. Tap on Alexa to pair.

“But I have an iPhone!”

That’s not a problem at all.

You can also connect Apple devices to Alexa via Bluetooth.

To make that happen:

  1. Make sure your iPhone isn’t connected to another device via Bluetooth.
  2. Put your iPhone within close range of your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.
  3. Say, “Alexa, pair.”
  4. Tap “Pair” when your phone prompts you if you want to connect to Alexa.

See? Easy-peasy!

Once Alexa is paired with your phone or your smart speaker, connecting in the future will be easy.

You can just say, “Alexa, connect to…” and then say the name of your device or your phone.

Note: You can only connect one device via Bluetooth at a time.

If you have multiple devices that you’d like to connect to Alexa, only choose to connect one at a time.

Watch the entire process here:

“What if I want to remove the Bluetooth connection?”

That’s not going to be difficult, either!

Step 1: Open your Alexa app or go to

Step 2: Go to Devices.

Step 3: Choose “Echo & Alexa”.

Step 4: Tap or click on the device that you want to disconnect from Alexa.

Step 5: Click or tap on “Bluetooth Devices”.

Step 6: Click or tap on the device that you want to disconnect, then choose “Forget Device”.

Why won’t Alexa connect to bluetooth? 5 causes & fixes

#1: Your device has low battery

The very first thing that you should check when trying to connect Alexa to a device via Bluetooth is the battery on your device.

For a successful Bluetooth connection, your device must be fully charged.

If your device is running on low battery, charge it first or connect it to a power source.

That should fix the issue.

#2: Your Echo and your device are too far from each other

Your device should be at least three feet away from your Echo or Echo Dot for a successful Bluetooth connection.

“But shouldn’t my device be right next to Alexa?”

Well, no. 

According to Amazon itself, putting your Echo or Echo Dot close to external speakers will make it difficult for Alexa to hear your requests. 

And even her name, which is commonly the wake word.

“Okay, so I’ve moved my device. It still won’t connect!”

Check if there are things that can interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

First would be physical barriers, especially those that are made of or have metal.

Some common examples include:

  • Metal doors.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Filing cabinets.

Thick plastic or concrete may also make Bluetooth signals weaker.

Another source of interference is radio frequencies emitted by other electrical devices.

A microwave, for example, can block Bluetooth signals and stop your device from connecting to Alexa.

It’s also a good idea to check whether the interference is caused by your WiFi.

Some WiFi access points use the same bandwidth as Bluetooth, and this may cause an issue with your connection.

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#3: Your device is connected to another device via Bluetooth

Okay, so your device is fully charged and it’s positioned well from your Echo or Echo Dot.

There are also no barriers that can block the signal.

Why won’t it still connect?

Maybe your device is already connected to another Bluetooth connection.

If this is the case, you need to disconnect your device so that you can try pairing it with Alexa again.

#4: Your Echo needs a software update

Still no luck?

It’s time to check whether your Echo device is in need of a software update.

To check the current software version, you just need to:

Step 1: Open your Alexa app or go to

Step 2: Go to the main menu and then find Settings.

Step 3: Choose your device.

Step 4: Go to “About”, and take note of the “Device software version”.

Step 5: Check Amazon’s Help page and see if that’s the latest version, or you need to update.

“Okay, I need a software update. How do I do that?”

We got you.

  1. Make sure your Echo device is powered and connected to the WiFi.
  2. Press the Mute button on your Echo.
  3. Wait until Alexa announces that she will do an update.

#5: Your device is using a non-supported Bluetooth profile

If none of those fixes haven’t worked, check your device’s Bluetooth profile.

According to Amazon, Echo devices support these two Bluetooth profiles:

  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP SNK).
  • Audio/Video Remote Control Profile.

Check whether your device is running on either of these two.