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47 Best Alexa Routine Ideas (#13 Will Blow Your Mind)

Alexa Routine Ideas

So you bought a new Alexa speaker…

And you’re wondering how to make the best of it.

Well, it’s your lucky day! 

Cause I’ve got a long list of best Alexa routine ideas that will surely level up your everyday life.

I bet your friends will call you a genius for it. So, without further ado…

Read on to discover:

  • What are Alexa routines.
  • 47 best Alexa routine ideas to try.
  • Which smart devices can you integrate with Alexa.
  • And much much more…

What are Alexa routines?

Alexa routines are shortcuts that allow users to operate several smart home devices all at once. With the Alexa routine, you can group a bunch of actions and activate them with just one trigger. And you can set that trigger via voice, time of the day, geolocation, device interaction, and more.

47 best Alexa routine ideas

#1: Good morning

Creating a Good Morning routine is a great idea if you want to force yourself to get up in the morning.

Once your alarm rings, automate your lights to turn ON, curtains to open, and turn OFF your heated blanket. 

#2: Motivational quote

Want to start your day in a good mood? 

Once you’ve turned OFF your alarm, make Alexa tell you an inspiring quote to motivate you for the day.

Or, if you read the Bible, you can ask Alexa to read you a daily Bible verse.

#3: How’s today’s weather?

So you’ll know what to expect for the day…

Say, “Alexa, how’s today’s weather?” And automate Alexa to report today’s forecast and even the traffic on your usual route. You can also set Alexa to read today’s news headlines.

#4: Breakfast is ready

If you have kids or roommates at home, this routine will come in handy.

After you’ve prepared breakfast, ask Alexa to announce that the breakfast is ready.

Note: Their smartphones should be connected to your Alexa app.

#5: Today’s agenda

And while you’re having your breakfast, you can ask Alexa to brief you for today.

Just say, “Alexa, what’s today’s agenda?” And let Alexa read your today’s to-do list, appointments, and meeting schedules.

This is great for both workers and students.

#6: Off to work

Create an “Off to work” routine, and you’ll never run late at work ever again.

Once you’ve closed your front door…

Automate Alexa to switch OFF the lights, activate the sensors, and turn OFF appliances. Plus, you can also ask Alexa to start running your security cameras.

#7: WFH setup

Or if you’re working from home…

Automate Alexa to turn ON your computer setup at 9 AM. 

You can also play your favorite music playlist and set your smart devices into “Do Not Disturb” mode.

#8: Answer or make a call

Need to answer or make an important call?

Then, set Alexa to turn down the volume of your devices (e.g., smart TV, speaker, PC) once you’ve dialed or accepted a call.

That way, you don’t have to worry about background noises.

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#9: Someone’s at the door

If you’re at the house and someone has rung your smart doorbell

Automate Alexa to turn down the volume of your devices. And also display the live view from your doorbell camera.

So that you won’t have to rush into the door to talk with your visitor.

#10: Lunchtime

Once the clock struck 12, ask Alexa to remind you to take your lunch.

If you’re cooking at home, automate Alexa to send you food recipes at this exact time. And also, activate your cooktop and oven, if necessary.

#11: Workout time

If you’re a workout enthusiast, create a “Workout time” routine.

Say you want to work out at 5 PM, automate Alexa to send you workout guides. And to spice it up, play your favorite workout music playlist and sync your smart lights with it.

#12: Clean the house

Is your house always a mess? Why not create a “Clean the house” routine.

At a particular time of the day, automate Alexa to run your robot vacuum. 

That way, you can focus on your other errands or come home to a clean and neat house.

#13: Play with me

If you have pets at home, then this is a fun routine to create.

Teach your pet to ring a bell or pull a string.

And every time your dog does that, automate Alexa to alert you and say, “Hey! Chewy wants 14 belly rubs.”

#14: I’m home

Working for 8 or more hours can be tiring…

So, set Alexa to open your smart door, switch ON the lights and the AC, and turn ON the TV once you’re near your house.

Note: You have to allow Alexa to access your location for this to work.

#15: What happened while I was away?

Once you’re home, you can ask Alexa to update you about anything.

Say, “Alexa, what happened while I was away?” and let Alexa show your security cam recordings and read your call logs.

#16: Finish the house chores

Tired of reminding your kids or roommates to finish their assigned house chores? Then, create this one.

At a certain time of the day, automate Alexa to send text messages to everyone reminding them of their tasks. 

Or play the announcement on the speakers.

#17: Finish your homework

If you want to encourage your kids or siblings to finish their homework, try this one.

Put sensors in your home entertainment room. 

And every time they walk into that room, ask Alexa to say, “Your favorite show is about to start. But have you finished your homework yet?”

#18: Screen time

Are you always in front of the TV or PC? And you want to get rid of this habit?

Then, automate Alexa to track your screen time. 

Once you’ve passed your set limit, automate Alexa to turn OFF your TV and say, “That’s it for today. Rest your eyes.”

#19: Gaming is over

Similarly, you can also limit your gaming sessions by creating a routine.

Let’s say you want to limit your gaming session to 3 hours per day.

A few minutes before your time limit, set Alexa to send an alert that your gaming session is about to end. 

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#20: Time to make dinner

At 6 PM, you can automate Alexa to say, “Time to make dinner.”

Plus, you can set Alexa to send you dinner recipes and play audio guides. And also, turn ON your oven or cooktop, whichever you need.

#21: Dinner is ready

Again, do this routine if you want to gather everyone at the dinner table without effort.

After you’ve prepared dinner, ask Alexa to tell everyone at home that the dinner is ready. And that they should all come down to eat.

#22: What happened today?

Do this if you want to know whether you’ve accomplished everything you have to do for the day.

Say, “Alexa, what happened today?” and let Alexa re-read your today’s agenda. You can also take this opportunity to schedule your errands for tomorrow.

#23: Remind rescheduled events

Alexa Reminds Scheduled Events

While you’re at it, you can also ask Alexa to remind you about your rescheduled events.

After reading today’s agenda, say, “Any important events for this week?” And wait for Alexa to run through your calendar.

#24: Quiet time

We all need quiet time at some point in the day, don’t we?

Say, “Alexa, enable Quiet Time routine.” And let Alexa dim your bedroom lights, play relaxing sounds, and set your devices to “Do Not Disturb” mode.

#25: Kid’s bedtime

If you have kids or little siblings at home, you can take advantage of this routine.

At your chosen time, let Alexa tell your kid, “It’s time to sleep, little one.” And also, turn OFF their bedroom lights and play some lullabies.

Tip: To let them sleep without distractions, also set your devices to turn down their volumes.

#26: Check the home’s security

This routine is useful if you want to secure your home at night.

Before bedtime, let’s say about 10 PM, automate Alexa to check the sensors on your doors and windows. 

You can also activate your security cameras and alarms by this time.

#27: Good night

And if you’re ready to go to sleep, activate this routine.

Say, “Alexa, good night!” And let Alexa turn OFF the lights, close the curtains, set your morning alarm, and play soothing sounds.

#28: Intruder alert

Uh oh! Someone has entered your home premises. 

If you want to get alerted in case this happens, create this routine.

Once your security cameras have detected a person on your premises…

Automate Alexa to turn ON the lights inside your house and ring your security alarms. If you want, you can also tell Alexa to say, “Why are you here? I’m calling the police!”

#29: Someone’s at home

Going on an out-of-town trip? And want to avoid intruders in your home? This routine is what you need.

Before you go out, say, “Alexa, enable Someone’s At Home routine.” And let Alexa turn ON and OFF some lights and appliances in your house while you’re away.

That way, potential intruders would think that the house is occupied.

#30: Party time

Now for the fun stuff…

If you’re hosting a party at home, create a Party time routine.

Automate Alexa to turn ON your LED lights, play party music, and welcome guests as they come in.

Pro tip: Make sure to sync your lights with your Alexa speaker to create more fun and lively atmosphere.

#31: Happy birthday

Is someone’s birthday coming up? Make it fun by creating a Happy Birthday routine.

Once their alarm rings, tell Alexa to say, “It’s your birthday! I wish you a fun-filled day.”

And to make it more exciting, command Alexa to play a “Happy Birthday” song. And play with the LED lights once they’ve come out of their room. 

#32: The show is about to start

If you love watching TV shows, this one’s for you.

Minutes before the show’s schedule, ask Alexa to tell you that the show is about to start. And also, automate your smart TV to turn ON and the lights to dim out.

#33: Watch the replay

But if you can’t catch the show…

You can ask Alexa to remind you to watch the replay or recording once you get home. Set Alexa to say, “Don’t forget to watch the replay,” once you’ve opened your front door or turned ON your TV.

#34: Movie marathon

Create this routine to let you and your friends enjoy the movie better.

Say, “Alexa, enable Movie Marathon routine.” And let Alexa turn ON your home entertainment setup. 

You can also automate your lights to turn OFF, curtains to close, and set your devices to “Do Not Disturb” mode.

#35: I’ll get a snack

Need to pause the movie to get a snack?

Just say, “Alexa, I’ll get a snack.” And Alexa will pause the movie and turn ON the lights for you. While you’re away, Alexa can also play music. So your friends won’t get bored.

#36: Are you really hungry?

Want to limit yourself from eating snacks any time of the day? Do this routine.

Once you’ve opened your smart fridge, Alexa will say, “Are you really hungry? Or are you just bored?”

#37: Drink your water

If you’re that type of person who monitors their water intake, create this one.

At several times of the day, automate Alexa to remind you to drink water. You can ask Alexa to send you a text message or tell you through the speaker.

#38: Grocery run

Need to do grocery shopping?

Automate Alexa to read you the current traffic report so you’ll know what to expect. And also ready your shopping list. 

You can also tell Alexa to ask your housemates whether they want anything from the grocery.

Note: Alexa would need access to your housemate’s contacts for this to work.

#39: Wash your hands

This routine is very helpful, especially if you have young kids at home.

During specific times of the day, ask Alexa to remind everyone or specific people to wash their hands. 

You can also activate it after running an errand outside.

#40: Cool Down

During summer or warmer days, take advantage of this routine.

Place several sensors inside your house, especially in shared rooms or areas. And then automate Alexa to turn ON the fans or AC every time a person walks into the room.

#41: Lawn care

Activate this routine if you want to maintain your lawn without much effort.

Ask Alexa to activate and run your robot lawnmowers at a particular time of the week. That way, you can keep your backyard neat without breaking a sweat.

#42: Appliance maintenance reminder

Do this to ensure that you’re not missing any appliance cleaning schedules.

Create maintenance schedules on your calendar and let Alexa access it. And then automate Alexa to remind you of it when the time comes.

#43: Reading time

Are you a bookworm? Or are you studying for an exam? This routine suits your needs.

Say, “Alexa, enable Reading Time routine.” And let Alexa turn OFF the volume of your smart TV and speakers. You can also set your devices into “Do Not Disturb” mode to avoid distractions.

#44: Play music at certain times of the day

At certain times of the day, automate Alexa to play music of different genres. 

For example, ask Alexa to play vibey songs in the morning to lift up your spirit. And soothing sounds at night to help you sleep better.

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#45: Skip a song

Tired of your sibling playing the same song several times a day?

Then, automate Alexa to block a specific song whenever someone asks for it. 

For some giggles, you may also ask Alexa to say, “That’s enough ‘Ghost’ for today. I’m already seeing weird figures running around the house.”

#46: Hijack a routine

Again, for some giggles, hijack the routines made by others.

For example, if someone asks to send dessert recipes…

Automate Alexa to play workout videos instead.

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#47: Get into the holiday spirit

And last but not least, if you want to get the best of your holidays, create this routine.

During a holiday, automate some of your outdoor lights to turn into certain colors. And you may also ask Alexa to play holiday music.