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Top 7 Alexa Compatible Bluetooth Speakers (Updated 2023)

Alexa Compatible Bluetooth Speakers

Let’s not lie here…

However great an Alexa device is, there’s one problem…

It’s not loud enough.

And so, you can’t really blast your tunes.

I was bummed by this with my Echo Dot, too…

But not until I opted for an Alexa compatible Bluetooth speaker.

Here, I’ll help you choose the right one for you.

Continue reading to discover: 

  • The top 7 Alexa compatible Bluetooth speakers.
  • How to pair your Bluetooth speaker to your Echo device (required).
  • Whether you can include another Bluetooth speaker on Alexa’s multi-room feature.
  • And many more…

Is Alexa compatible with all Bluetooth speakers?

Alexa is compatible with all Bluetooth speakers. First, you have to put your Alexa device and Bluetooth device in pairing mode. Then, pair the devices with each other through the Alexa app.

Top 7 Alexa compatible Bluetooth speakers

Then again…

Most of the users’ reason for switching speakers is sound quality.

I know. Amazon Echo devices’ speaker don’t work best compared other speakers out there. 

And even if you upgrade to the ultimate Echo Studio

I’ve got some bad news for you… 

It’s still not enough. As it can’t really give that booming sound experience. 

Good thing is that many smart Bluetooth speakers are available now. And that they come with an Alexa integration. 

Note: Don’t ditch your Amazon device just yet. You still need it to pair with your Bluetooth speaker. 

To pair your Alexa device to a Bluetooth speaker, you have to:

Step 1: Ensure that you put your Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode.

Step 2: Access the Alexa app (available on iOS and Android devices).

Step 3: Once the app is open, select “Devices.”

Step 4: Tap on “Echo &  Alexa.”

Step 5: Choose your specific Alexa-enabled device to pair with the speaker.

Step 6: Tap “Bluetooth Devices.”

Step 7: Tap “Pair A New Device” and choose your Bluetooth speaker among the list of devices that’ll show.

So, remember those steps when you finally have your Bluetooth speaker to pair. 

Now, it’s time to help you choose what speaker you should get. Let’s start with…

#1: Denon Home 350

Denon Home 350


That’s how I’d describe the Denon Home 350 wireless speaker.

First, I want to present my favorite quality in it. A lot of users do.

Now, I’m talking about its bass quality. Perfect for those who enjoy hip-hop, pop, or electronic music.  Which are music genres that give out a lot of bass.

But if that’s not something that you can find on your playlist…

No worries. 

You might still like the strong bass. And if not, you can adjust it based on your liking.

And that’s just one notable thing about it. 

Overall, you’ll definitely admire this speaker’s loud and defined sound quality. 

Let me tell you…

You can set it at 30% volume, but it can be enough to fill a room. 

Sounds good, right? 

But most importantly, you can pair it with any Echo device.

With that, you can listen to your favorite tunes hands-free. Just say an Alexa command, and you’re set. 

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#2: Bose Smart Speaker 500

From your measly Echo device that has an ehhh sound quality…

To the Bose Smart Speaker 500 that has a notable wall-to-wall stereo.

It won’t feel like you’re using one speaker at all.

And that’s just the kind of quality that Bose speakers deliver. So they’re always highly talked about.

But let’s not focus on those widely-known features for now…

Because this particular smart speaker has an Alexa voice control built-in.

This means you can play your favorite songs by using voice commands.

And I know. You came here for the music…

But when it dies down, what else is left?

Well, with this Bose speaker, you can also make or take calls. You don’t even need to pick up your phone to start or answera call. 

All of those are possible with the Alexa built-in.

However, there’s one thing you should know…

For some, the setup can be quite tricky. That’s why I’ve prepared simplified instructions for you. 

How to set up Alexa in your Bose Home Speaker 500

  1. Access the Bose Music app (available on iOS and Android devices).
  2. Select the “My Bose” icon. You’d see it in the upper-left corner.
  3. Choose the device that you’re gonna add Alexa in.
  4. On the bottom-right corner, there’s a product image. Select that.
  5. Go to “Settings” and select “Voice assistant.”
  6. From there, select “Alexa.”
  7. Then, link your Amazon account by following the app instructions.

Tip: Use the same Alexa account for all the Bose products that you’d be linking. With that, you’d have a better listening experience, and it’s more convenient.

“Can I include my Bose speakers on the multi-room feature?”

Together with your Echo devices? 

I’m afraid not.

And it’s worth mentioning that…

Bose’s multi-room feature works with other Bose speakers only. 

Moreover, that’s also the case for Echo devices. The multi-room feature is limited within their ecosystem only.

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#3: Sony SRS-RA3000

You wouldn’t know what you’re missing out on…

Until you get yourself a Sony SRS-RA3000. 

Starting with its impressive 360 audio…

Prepare to be surrounded by your chosen song. You can make that happen when you select the Surround feature. 

And if you’d ask me, I’d describe it with one word:


Why so?

Well, I was playing the song “Bang Bang” the other day. And I had it on the loudest volume that my landlord allows me.

Anyway, it really felt like I was belching out the notes with Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj.

It’s that mesmerizing.

But other than making you feel like you’re at a concert…

This speaker is also compatible with Alexa’s voice assistance. 

So, go ahead and pair it with your Echo device. After that, you can enjoy commanding Alexa to play a song or 2 for you. 

Or, if you’re not in the mood to talk…

Alexa will understand. 

With that, just switch the mode to Bluetooth. Then pair the speaker with your phone. 

From there, you can use your phone to control the music you’re going to play.

How to pair your Bluetooth speaker to your iPhone

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Select “Bluetooth.” 
  3. Ensure that it’s on. If not, just toggle the Bluetooth option.
  4. Select your speaker under the “Devices” list.

Note: If you haven’t paired your speaker to your iPhone before, it’ll appear under “Other Devices.”

How to pair your Bluetooth speaker to your Android phone

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen.
  2. Press and hold “Bluetooth.”
  3. Select “Pair new device.”
  4. Choose the name of your Bluetooth speaker to start pairing.
  5. Follow further on-screen instructions.

#4: Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST

I’d say that this speaker is powerful.

Not just for its amazing sound quality.

Sure it features rich and full sounds that are clear. Not to mention its bass that can get your heart pounding.

You see…

This speaker is quite invincible. 

Ultimate Ears says you can immerse it in water for up to 30 minutes. That’s how waterproof it is.

I mean, take a look at how they function well under running water:

Now, connect this speaker with an Alexa-enabled device?

Things are about to get sweeter.

For example…

This is the exact Bluetooth speaker to bring in the shower. Since it’s waterproof, you won’t have to worry about it getting wet.

And when you don’t want the song that played on your shuffled playlist…

Well, you don’t have to draw the shower curtain and stretch out your hands to reach for buttons. All that just to switch songs.

Instead, you just have to give Alexa a command. With that, just see how she does the rest for you.

#5: Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker

As I mentioned before, you’re considering these Bluetooth speakers for better sound quality.

But that’s not the only reason for some.

After a while, an Echo device’s design gets…boring.

Oof. I get ya. It’s too basic-looking.

And I know minimalism is a trend in modernity. 

But ironically, throwbacks are a trend as well. 

So how about a little touch of vintage?

Well then, here’s the Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker.

If you check it out, this speaker gives off that retro vibe. Perfect for those who like blasting songs from a different decade.

Tip: You can even fine-tune your music with this speaker. Just adjust the rocker buttons in the speaker accordingly. 

You can adjust the following:

  • Bass.
  • Brass.
  • Treble.

And if you’re not currently playing any song…

Leave it on display. I swear, it’ll look so good on a complimenting table or shelf. 

But this speaker isn’t just favored for its looks. 

You see, despite its size, the sound it omits can be thunderous

Moreover, it might look old, but it’s up to date with its smart features…

One of which is the Alexa integration.

So not only can you listen to your fine-tuned music on a retro speaker…

But you can even command Alexa to do just about anything with your music choices.

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#6: Sonos One (2nd gen)

Usually, this Bluetooth speaker is the first recommendation.

I mean, I understand. Why shouldn’t it be on top of the list?

I’ll get to that in a bit.

You see, Sonos One is yet another powerful speaker.

You can control it using the Sonos app (iOS or Android), Apple AirPlay 2, or…

More importantly, the Alexa voice command.

Did you know? You can even set and check alarms with Alexa using this speaker.

However, this brings a little trouble for some…

You see, many users attest that this speaker can be a bit slow…

Apparently, it doesn’t easily pick up what you’re trying to say.

For example, there’s a party ongoing. And you want to switch the music.

But since everybody’s talking, it’s too noisy. With that, your Sonos speaker has some trouble understanding you.

I know. It’s a bummer for many. 

And that’s also why I moved this speaker to a lower spot.

Regardless, it still deserves recognition. Because other than that, there aren’t that many problems you can run to with this device. 

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#7: Edifier WiFi Smart Speaker

Let’s tackle one that’s less talked about…

Among the speakers on this list, this is the most budget-friendly.

With $149.99 you have yourself a smart speaker that works with Alexa.

And the Edifier WiFi Smart Speaker might be lowkey…

But its sound quality is the opposite. 

In fact, it comes close to the sound quality of a big brand like Sonos. 

It can also be Wi-Fi enabled. And it’s Bluetooth-functional.

Note: This speaker doesn’t have a microphone. With that, your Echo device should be close to it. Otherwise, you can’t use voice control.