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31 Best Alexa Alarm Sounds In 2023 (#3 Is My Favorite)

Best Alexa Alarm Sounds

There’s this one sound that just makes us go “ugh…

And that’s the ever-familiar beep-beep of our morning.

There’s even a study that suggests that the sound itself is the problem.

If that’s the case, then it’s time to change that alarm sound, buddy. 

And we’ve got the perfect list for your needs.

Continue reading to discover:

  • 31 best Alexa alarm sounds in 2022.
  • Simple alarm sounds that’ll encourage you to get up.
  • Creative alarms that can let you start with a good mood (cartoons, movies, etc.).
  • And a whole lot more awaits you…

31 best Alexa alarm sounds

#1: Man City Football

Are you a fan of football?

If so, this is the perfect sound to get you up and kicking every morning.

Hear the hair-raising chant of the fans of Manchester City Football Club.

The feeling to face the day bravely is being emitted in this alarm sound.

#2: Blake Shelton: Day’s Work

“See, where I’m from, we’d already be up by now and put in a day’s work. You better get up.”

Imagine getting to hear this first thing in the morning…

The deep, accent-riddled voice of the infamous country singer, Blake Shelton.

Well, sign me up!

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#3: Blake Shelton: A Drink

Alexa features another Blake Shelton alarm sound.

In the mood to get invited for a drink – a cup of coffee, rather?

Get a chance to prolong your dream with this alarm sound.

#4: Grand Tour: Season 2

Adding a Grand Tour: Season 2 alarm sound for laugh-sake is a smart move.

If you want to wake up with giggles, then activate this short and funny skit.

#5: Sharknado: Ian Ziering

Wake up from the fear-inducing line from the movie Sharknado.

Ian Ziering convinces you to get up as soon as possible with two choices…

“Wanna eat breakfast or be breakfast?”

Your fate is in your hands.

#6: Grand Tour

Get ready to jump out of your bed if you choose this as your alarm.

Don’t get fooled because, at first, they’ll be talking in hushed tones…

Then screams “Wake up!” repeatedly in your ear.

If that doesn’t prompt you to get up, then you may be really sleepy.

#7: Kids – Patrick Star

Who said Alexa only caters to adults?

Whoever thinks so, get this…

You see, waking a kid up may be one of the most challenging things to do as a parent.

But, worry not! They’ll be hearing their favorite starfish knocking at their door to wake them up.

Just don’t tell the kids that it’s an automated voice though.

#8: Kids – Spongebob

“I’mmm ready! I’m ready! I’m ready!”

The infamous Spongebob Squarepants has graced us with his presence.

Use this as your alarm, and you’ll surely wake up with optimism seeping into your veins.

That’s the effect of hearing Spongebob first thing in the morning.

#9: Kids – Squidward

Do you want to hear Squidward play his clarinet as your alarm?

Well, our musical genius shares his talent through Alexa.

Wtih that, you’ll be waking up stress-free with this as your customized alarm sound.

#10: Kids – Lincoln Loud

Be part of the big and blaring family of Lincoln Loud.

He uses his trustee-megaphone, with his matching scream, to wake everybody up…

Including you.

#11: Kids – Dorothy

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz sends an inspiring message to us early in the morning:

I wish, I will, I’ll do. And that’s how wishes come true.

Start your day with confidence and strength, thanks to Dorothy.

#12: Kids – Scarecrow

Scarecrow is a forgetful one, I’m telling you.

But when it comes to reminding you that you’ve set an alarm…

Well, help him remember that every single day.

So, you need to wake up on time for Scarecrow since friends have each other’s back, right?

#13: Kids – Reigh

Another forgetful one on the list, kids.

A seemingly panic-riddled character from “Lost in Oz,” Reigh says, “time’s up!”

Wake up in a hurry…

By the alarm, you’ve chosen.

#14: Kids – Ben 10

Who wouldn’t remember Ben 10? 

The boy who transforms into different alien species with his wristwatch?

Although, you can’t do the same with this alarm…

You’ll get the chance to sing along with the theme song of Ben 10 as soon as you wake up.

#15: Pixar Brave: Merida

Pixar Brave: Merida

Alexa also has alarm sounds from Pixar movies. 

For one, a line from Merida, the red-head princess, will motivate you every morning.

So, are you brave enough to use your feet to face the day?

#16: Pixar Coco: Hector

The sound from Hector might trigger your fight or flight response.

Imagine hearing Hector’s lively howling before the sun goes up…

Oh, it’ll surely give you tingles down to your bones.

#17: Pixar Coco: Miguel

Not only can you choose Hector’s howling, but Miguel’s also.

This is a toned-down version of their loco howling.

Plus, if it’s for kids, having a kid wake them up might be a lot better.

Moreover, it’ll influence them to start their day early and in a festive mood.

#18: Pixar Inside Out: Anger

Don’t worry. He’s not angry.

He’s simply reminding you to act now, and not later.

It’s time to take action.

You wouldn’t want Anger to get angry, right? 

Then, move those muscles of yours!

#19: Pixar Inside Out: Joy

Our lovely Joy says a one-liner, yet it’s enough to get us moving for the day.

For her, thinking positive should be our mindset all throughout the day.

And optimism isn’t easy to achieve…

But Joy is more than willing to remind you to stay joyful every day.

#20: Pixar Finding Dory: Dory

Just keep swimming.

A refreshing and cool line to hear while the sun hits your eyes.

Metaphoric it may sound, but it’s basically telling us to keep on going.

What a good reminder, Dory!

Fun fact: The animated film “Finding Dory” holds the record for the biggest opening weekend. It earned a whopping $136.2 million.

#21: Disney Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph

Be surprised by Ralph.

It might be a fun idea to wake up from his angry voice saying…

I’m going to wreck it!

Make sure that if you select this that you’re alert because… 

He might wreck your door. Just kidding.

#22: Disney Tangled: Rapunzel

Cheer along with Rapunzel before you start your day.

You can really feel her excitement in seizing the moment.

This is also a reminder that even if the day hasn’t started yet…

Consider it your best day ever right away.

#23: Disney Frozen: Olaf

Olaf and Rapunzel share the same sentiment as they both say…

This is the best day of my life.

And alarms are made to refresh our minds.

So use this one to drill positive thoughts before heading off to your different Alexa-generated routines.

#24: Disney Zootopia: Judy Hopps

Judy Hopps is one of the characters that proved the world wrong.

Every day, she stood up and trusted her capabilities.

Ready to make the world a better place?

With just a few words, you can feel her determination.

And this sounds like a good alarm for the fighters.

#25: Disney Big Hero 6: Baymax

Do you remember how Baymax made a “booming” sound after fist-bumping?

Yes, you got it right – “Balalala.”

The idea of waking up to that sweet yet innocent alarm sounds enticing to choose.

This is my personal favorite since I love Baymax. 

Oh, how I wish to really have my own healthcare companion and have it wake me up every day. Well, activating this alarm is close. 

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#26: Adrift

We’ve now proceeded to the default alarm sounds of Alexa.

This alarm sound is made up of a tune that is chime-like.

Moreover, it’s very rhythmic and solemn to listen to.

A study discovered that noise-induced alarm might cause stress to the brain.

So if you’re looking to wake up stress-free, then tap on this.

#27: Clarity

If you’re looking for a livelier, yet quiet alarm – Clarity is the perfect sound for you.

The ringing of it sounds very harmonious to the ears.

Additionally, the liveliness of this alarm will give you the energy you’ll need for the whole day.

#28: Glimmer

My personal opinion the first time I heard this alarm? Magical.

It created imagery in my mind of a bed of roses and stardusts.

That’s how good this sound is if you’re just about to kick off your day.

#29: Orcas

Want to wake up to the sound of water?

Choose this one for a serene, underwater vibe.

Nope, it won’t give you the sensation that you’re drowning.

But rather the feeling that you’re floating and resting peacefully. 

#30: Simple Timer

This is a typical sound for a timer accompanied by the beeping sound.

Its monotonous and predictable tune makes you want to wake up so you can stop the sound.

But, if this is your personal preference for a wake-up alarm, then that’s still fine.

#31: Squared Waves

The sound of this is shrill.

It’s not relaxing, but the sense of urgency in its tunes makes it an effective sound altogether.

Though it isn’t a discord of tunes, I can attest to that.

Can I get more alarm sounds for Alexa?

You can get more alarm sounds for Alexa. The best way to do so is from Amazon Music, which offers many sounds and premium music. 

Add more alarm sounds via Alexa App:

  1. Tap “More” on the bottom-most part of the Alexa app.
  2. Click “Things to Try” and then look for Amazon Music in the “Music” tab.
  3. Choose “Select Music Service.”
  4. Link your Amazon account to Alexa by following the on-screen prompts.
  5. Use the voice command, “Alexa, wake me up at [time] with my playlist,” and you’ve already set your alarm.