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Best Alexa For Kids In 2023 (+ 5 Tips From A Parent)

Best Alexa For Kids

Did you know? 

Studies point out that more than 50% of kids have imaginary friends.

While that’s both fascinating and a little scary…

It’s part of growing up.

But how about a virtual friend like the famous AI Alexa?

Will she be a great companion to your kids?

And through what devices?

Read on to learn:

  • 3 best Alexa devices for kids.
  • 5 tips from a parent when providing your child an Alexa device.
  • 7 amazing reasons Echo Show is the best Alexa device for your children.
  • And many more…

What is the best Alexa for Kids?

The best Alexa for kids is the Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) Kids. It has an additional touchscreen and camera feature. Moreover, you’ll get a 1-year free subscription to Amazon Kids+ upon purchase.

Those are just the brief yet notable features of this Alexa-enabled device for kids.

But let’s dive further, shall we? 

Let me discuss the numerous benefits that this device has. Starting with…

#1: Equipped with parental controls

When you let a child use a smart device…

They could access so much content. Just about anything. On the palm of their tiny hands.

You know that as an adult who uses the Internet.

And it’s not a really safe place for kids.

So as a parent, you should always be mindful of what type of information your kid can access.

But I understand. You can only do so much…

Not to worry, though…

Here comes Amazon’s parental controls to the rescue. With it, you can:

  • Block shopping.
  • Set bedtime limits.
  • Set video time limits.
  • Monitor and review activity.
  • Filter the content you want your child to access.
  • Adjust age filter settings for age-appropriate content.

Moreover, you can set “Learn First” as a mode. (Learn more about it under tip #1)

This ensures that your kid only accesses educational apps. And you can set a timer for this.

But before all that, here’s…

How to set parental controls on Alexa-enabled devices

  1. Open the Alexa companion app (available in iOS or Android).
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Amazon Kids” under Alexa Preferences.
  4. Select your kid’s existing profile. 

Note: If your child doesn’t have a profile yet, tap “Add a Kid.” Then, follow on-screen instructions.

  1. Press “Add Voice” and follow the prompts. Doing so teaches Alexa your kid’s voice.

#2: 1-year free subscription to Amazon Kids+

Upon purchase of this device, you also get a 1-year free subscription to Amazon Kids+.

What are the benefits?

To summarize it:

This subscription would provide your kid with so much relevant, entertaining content. 

With that, you won’t have to worry about them seeing inappropriate information anymore.

Plus, it also offers so many fun and educational choices. I’m talking about:

  • Games.
  • Videos.
  • Audiobooks.
  • Music and radio stations.

Note: Again, it’s guaranteed that everything is kid-friendly. 

“What happens when my 1-year free subscription expires?”

Then Amazon automatically charges you $4.99/month excluding applicable tax.

“Oh, what if I want to cancel?”

Don’t worry…

Your child would still have access to kid-friendly content.

Once you cancel your Amazon Kids+ subscription, you’ll be using the free version. That’s the Amazon Kids.

With it, you can still set time limits and educational goals (more on those later). 

And of course, you could still filter content and block websites. 

However, your kid won’t have access to premium educational content. I’m talking about:

  • Books.
  • Videos.
  • Games.
  • Audiobooks.
  • Applications.
  • Ad-free radio stations.

Note: If you wanna access some of these educational content, you’d have to purchase them individually.

Lastly, the free Amazon Kids contain adds. 

#3: Alexa teaches, and your kid learns

Let’s be real. 

Doing homework as a kid isn’t the most enjoyable activity…

And sometimes, a kid’s reluctance to do it can stress out a parent..

But with Alexa’s help, you can turn that around.

Instead of dreading homework time…

Your kid might just enjoy it.

Alexa’s can make it interactive.

For example, your child has an essay to write. Then, they can ask Alexa to spell check for them. A sample command would be:

“Alexa, how do you spell ‘generous’?”

Then, Alexa would proceed to dictate the letters.

#4: Stay in touch with family

On this device, only approved contacts can call your child. With that, no strangers can make any calls with your little one.

Guaranteed that only family and close friends can stay in touch with them.

#5: Your family’s privacy is protected

As mentioned, your child can only receive calls and Drop Ins from approved contacts.

Other than that, your family’s protection is guaranteed as well.

For one, you can turn the microphone off when not in use. Plus, you can toggle the camera shutter on and off.

Moreover, the Drop In feature is limited to approved contacts only. 

But first, whats that?

For example, you have something to say to your child but you’re in a different room. Then, you can just use the Drop In feature to announce what you want to.

#6: Easier bedtime

Another struggle of being a parent?

It’s having your kid stick to their bedtime.

And here I am to deliver another great news…

Alexa can help with that.

Through the Echo Show 5, you and your child can:

  • Listen to bedtime stories.
  • Set bedtime and alarms (see tip #5 below).

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#7: Worry-free guarantee

You might be thinking about what this means…

Well, this is one of Amazon’s promises to you when you purchase the Echo Show 5 for kids.

You see, for kids, everything can be a toy, even their Alexa-enabled device.

And you know how excitable they can be most of the time. 

With that, they might drop their Echo Show 5 here and there. 

So, Amazon says…

Rest easy. The Echo Show 5 for kids comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

In case your little one breaks their device…

Simply return it to Amazon. Then, they’ll replace it for free.

How cool is that?

Other Alexa devices for kids

Well, the Echo Show 5 isn’t the only Alexa-enabled device for kids.

And if you’re not a fan of screen time for your child…

You can definitely opt for screen-less choices like:

#1: Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kid’s edition (Panda or Tiger design)

The Kid’s edition of Echo Dot works just like the usual one…

But with restrictions, of course. 

It also has a cuter design. Kiddo can choose between a panda or a tiger.

Everything is to keep it kid-friendly.

And get this…

Upon purchase, you also get 1-year free subscription to Amazon Kids+.

Although, the accessible content is slightly different. They’re:

  • Audible books.
  • Educational skills.
  • Interactive audio games.

And since this doesn’t have a screen…

It’ll be up to you and your child to let your imaginations run wild.

So when you ask Alexa to play music or read stories…

Maybe you and your little one can role play. That sounds like an ultimate bonding experience, thanks to Alexa.

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#2: Echo Glow

Echo Glow

This is the cheapest Alexa device for your kid.

And it’s a great start on introducing Alexa to them.

A colorful beginning, you can say.

First, the Echo Glow is a multicolor smart lamp.

And it gets people thinking…

“What’s this for?”

Well, Alexa helps with her voice. That serves as the auditory component.

Then, the colorful swatches work as a visual guide for your kid.

With it, you can set lively family routines. 

You can even count down using colors. 

There’s also this feature called the “Rainbow Timer.” 

It’s where colors serve as a visual reminder of an incoming task. May it be bedtime or other daily routines.

And it becomes more fun when music is playing. It’s like the colors are dancing along with you and your kid.

At the end of the day, it can be a night light as well. 

Note: You should pair this with another Alexa-enabled device. Otherwise, you can’t control it using your voice because it doesn’t have a microphone. The compatible devices are:

  • Echo.
  • Echo Dot Kids Edition.
  • Echo Show 5 Kids Edition.

And to know the pairing process here’s an instructional video:

Best Alexa for kids: 5 tips from a parent

#1: Create daily goals

The ages 0 to 8 years old are a child’s formative years.

According to experts, this is a crucial learning stage for children.


It’s when they learn the most. And during this stage, they learn very quickly.

So take advantage of that.

And have Alexa help you out by setting daily educational goals for your kid.

With that, you can request that your kid complete specific learning categories.

Some examples are…

An hour of reading practice using Audible. Then, another hour of educational videos that you hand-picked.

And after they complete these goals…

They can proceed with playing other educational games. 

What a treat, right? Both for you and your little one.

Note: Creating daily educational goals is particularly applicable on Echo Show 5. 

That aside, here’s…

How to set educational goals in Amazon Kids

Step 1: Open the Amazon Kids app (available on iOS and Android devices).

Step 2: Select your kid’s existing profile.

Note: If your child doesn’t have a profile yet, just tap “Add a Kid.” After that, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Choose “Set Daily Goals & Time Limits.” 

Step 4: Toggle the button that appears to enable.

Step 5: Tick the “Learn First” checkbox.

Step 6: Adjust the time you’re willing to allow for Apps, Books, Audible, and Videos.

#2: Make learning fun

With the scheduling and limits that you’re gonna apply…

You might think you’re being too strict with your kids.

But you’re not. The options there are all necessary. Hence their availability.

However, you should also include fun in the spirit of learning.

And you recognize that need. So does Amazon’s Alexa.

That’s why there are many fun and educational skills available. 

Plus, your kid won’t be the only one who can enjoy them…

The whole family can bond over Alexa’s informational and enjoyable skills.

Some examples are:

Animal Workout

This one is suggested for the little kids. But you can jump in and play it together.

With this skill, you get to hone your kid’s imagination. Plus, they get exercise, too.

What a win-win, right?

And the rule of the game is simple:

Pretend to be the animal that Alexa asks you to be.

So, start turning your house into a zoo by saying:

“Alexa, open Animal Workout.”

Sesame Street

If before, you only got to watch Sesame Street on your old TV…

Well, your kid can now feel like they’re in Sesame Street. Oh, and they can even talk to Elmo.

I love that little red furry friend. And I’m sure your kid would love him as well (if they don’t already).

Anyway, this skill continues to provide the same fantastic experience of Sesame Street:

Learning through imaginative play. And giggling all the way.

Just say:

“Alexa, ask Sesame Street to call Elmo.”

Lemonade Stand

Before they open up a real lemonade stand one day…

Opt for an imaginative one for now.

With the help of this skill, your child is encouraged to be creative.

They’ll also be able to plan and think ahead. 

For example, they’re gonna need to budget their capital. And you can watch how they’d do that. You can also coach them along the way.

Plus, they’ll be challenged to solve some problems themself. 

A great scenario is when it gets rainy. Hmm, how would your child face that kind of day in the business?

Well, to know the answer, start by saying this first:

”Alexa, open Lemonade Stand.”

#3: Satisfy their curiosity

A child’s curiosity is just wonderful…

Well, most of the time…

Because there are days when you get the endless question: “Why?”

Again and again. 

Until some divine intervention or something. Because you don’t really want to shoot down your child’s curiosity…

So you answer and answer.

But, hey, Alexa can help with that.

The next time kiddo asks something, excitingly prompt them to ask Alexa. 

Unlike us, she won’t be tired of answering your child’s questions.

Note: You must be there when this happens. You might want to explain some terms yourself. After all, it’s up to you to decide which type of information your kid should know.

Fun fact: Research tested whether a social robot can make a child curious. Turns out, it can. In the end, the social robot promoted the children’s curiosity further.

#4: Set time limits

Apart from setting educational goals…

You can also set time limits on a specific activity.

With that, you remain in control of what your child accesses on their Alexa device.

And you’re not gonna be new to this if you’ve set up educational goals.

See what I’m talking about by following these short and easy steps:

How to set time limits on specific activities with the Amazon Kids

  1. Follow steps 1 to 4 on tip #1. 

Tip: It’s under “How to set educational goals in Amazon Kids.”

  1. Adjust the timers accordingly.

#5: Set a bedtime schedule

As I said, bedtimes can be difficult…

Lots of parents find it hard to have their children go to sleep.

Sometimes, you can never convince your little one to take a rest.

And if they end up being really attached to their device…

That’s where the problem begins.

They might refuse to take off for the day and let go of their device.

With that, you can establish a bedtime. 

Once you do, the device turns itself off. Making it inaccessible to your little one.

This ensures your child goes to sleep early. And that they don’t overindulge in their devices.

So heres…

How to set a bedtime schedule in Amazon Kids

  1. Follow steps 1 to 4 on tip #1. 

Tip: It’s under “How to set educational goals in Amazon Kids.”

  1. Select “Turn off by” time.
  2. Choose the bedtime of your child to set.