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9 Best Alexa Speakers For Music (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Alexa Speakers For Music

Are you looking for a solid hands-free listening experience?

The good news is that you have plenty of options for Alexa speakers.

The question is…

What are the best Alexa built-in speakers you can use for music?

Oh, you’re about to find out…


Continue reading to learn:

  • 9 Alexa speakers for any type of music.
  • The best portable speaker with Alexa built-in.
  • Unique smart speaker designs with impressive audio.
  • And a lot more…

Are Alexa speakers good for music?

Alexa speakers are good for music, but you have to find the right device for you. For one, the Amazon Echo and Sonos One are more than enough for everyday listening. However, serious audiophiles can consider the Home 350 and Zeppelin.

9 best Alexa speaker for music

#1: Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

If you want a seamless experience of playing music via Alexa…

Amazon Echo should be your first choice.

And it’s still the most popular smart speaker. Even after other brands launched their own models.

Did you know? As of 2021, Amazon accounts for 69% of the smart speakers market in the U.S.

Well, it maintains its lead for a good reason… 

It offers an overall solid experience for budding and established smart homes alike.

The good news is that the Echo has had leaps in improvements in audio quality over the years. With that, the latest version now has better sound performance. 

Now, you can buy just a single unit…

But, why stop there?

You see, you can buy one for every room to maximize your music experience. Then you can say…

“Alexa, play music everywhere.”

Thanks to the multi-room audio feature, you can blast the same tunes in every Echo in your house.

Or, do you want to play music only on select Echo units?

Then feel free to customize your groups of Echo. And have music everywhere you want.

Tip: Set up the multi-room music feature in the Alexa app first. Create several groups to include select units or each one of them. You can include other models, like the Echo Dot and Echo Studio.

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#2: Amazon Echo Studio

Looking for something more hard-hitting than the Echo?

Don’t worry, Amazon still has something up its sleeves for audiophiles – the Echo Studio.

This smart speaker knows the same tricks as the classic Echo. But, it focuses on the sound quality.

Here’s the fit at a glance:

  • Directional audio.
  • 3 midrange speakers.
  • 3D audio with upscaling.
  • Dolby Atmos technology.
  • A forward-facing tweeter.
  • One downward-firing woofer.

With these specs, the Echo Studio produces a full sound and powerful bass.

For its small size and price tag of $200, you won’t get a deal like this elsewhere. 

The thing about the Echo Studio is that it produces great audio in any room. 

The mic listens to its output to determine the acoustics of the room. It then adjusts the sound mix to adapt to its environment.

What’s more, Echo Studio is compatible with Alexa’s multi-room music feature. 

A small piece of advice, though, is that it’s quite a big unit. You’ll have to mind the space where you put it.

Wondering how it differs from the Echo? Here’s a side-by-side sound comparison:

#3: Sonos One (Gen 2)

The Sonos One produces clear and crisp sounds, deep bass, and audio that’s loud enough to fill a room. It delivers a full-bodied sound that outclasses every other smart speaker of its size.

Well, that’s thanks to its:

  • Tweeter.
  • Mid-woofer.
  • 2 Class-D amplifiers.

Moreover, Sonos has that multi-room feature going on.

Like the Echo, you can group varying Sonos smart speakers. That way, you can play the same song in multiple rooms.

And yes, Sonos comes with Alexa support.

But, note that you can’t use the multi-room feature between different brands of speakers.

Pro-tip: Do you want a stereo listening experience? Pair 2 Sonos Ones in 1 room. Go to Settings in the Sonos app to set up a Stereo Pair. And the manufacturer recommends you place them 8 to 10 ft apart.

#4: Sonos Move

Always on the move?

Then all you need is a Sonos Move.

This one is Sonos’ first attempt at a Bluetooth speaker. And I must say they blew this out of the park.

First, it has the usual high-quality sounds that Sonos is known for. It doesn’t sound like a portable speaker at all.

When you listen to it, its powerful audio and deep bass may catch you by surprise. As such, it’s perfect for serious music sessions at the beach or even in the mountains.

No need to worry, Sonos made this one more durable than their other models. It has:

  • Metal grilles.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Shock-absorbent design.
  • IP56 dust and water resistance.

Furthermore, Sonos claims that the Move can run up to 10 hours of constant playback. Now that depends on your actual usage, but it should last you a long time regardless.

Note: Alexa doesn’t work on Bluetooth only. The Sonos Move has to be connected to the WiFi.

#5: Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose is a trusted brand when it comes to audio products. That’s why there’s no doubt it’ll have a first-rate Alexa speaker, as well.

And what do you get from the Bose Home Speaker 500?

Well, its main advantage over its competitors is Bose’s audio technology.

Its performance doesn’t give a hint of compromise, unlike other speakers. After all, most had to balance the smart features and sound quality.

Plus, Bose says that the Home Speaker 500 has the widest stereo image. Even with its small size, it can fill the room with pronounced highs and lows.

Another feature that sets it apart is the small full-color screen. It displays the time and album artwork when you play music.

I admit, though, that this feature isn’t something you’ll pay a premium for. Nonetheless, it’s a nice bonus to an already well-rounded smart speaker.

Furthermore, it offers a hands-free experience because of the Alexa integration.

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#6: Marshall Uxbridge Voice

Impress your friends as soon as they walk into the room with the Marshall Uxbridge Voice.

Its stylish design is far from being inconspicuous, but why would you want it to be?

After all, it’s a Marshall.

However, the classic amp aesthetic isn’t the only thing it can show off.

The Uxbridge Voice lives up to the audio quality you can expect of Marshall. 

For one, it delivers a solid experience with strong bass depth and loud sounds.

Still, remember that it’s a mono speaker so its performance isn’t that mind-blowing. To make up for that, the Uxbridge Voice uses digital signal processing.

Another advantage you have to consider is that it’s cheap at only $200. For that price, you’re getting the benefits of a smart speaker with an amazing sound performance. 

#7: Denon Home 350

Denon Home 350

Even 2 years after its first release, the Denon Home 350 is still one of the best Alexa speakers today.

To start, it offers a balanced sound profile, powerful stereo, and a loud presentation.

That’s because Denon Home 350 has 2 of each built-in driver:

  • ¾-in tweeter.
  • 6 ½-in woofers.
  • 2-in midrange driver.

That totals 6 drivers, allowing the speaker to deliver clear highs and lows, plus full mids. With that, look forward to an overall robust sound performance even in large spaces.

Moreover, when you buy a Home 350 speaker, you get HEOS built-in. It’s a wireless multi-room system that groups compatible Denon speakers.

Whether you want to listen to the different audios or the same song in every room, HEOS makes it possible.

Though, its functions don’t stop there. Group a pair of Home 350s with a Denon sound bar plus a subwoofer for an instant surround system. 

#8: Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin

Are round and rectangular builds too boring for you?

So how about something zeppelin-shaped?

Well then, I have just the right product for you – the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin.

For a quick background…

The first-ever iteration of Zeppelin was nothing more than an iPod dock. Since its launch in 2006, it already sported the iconic shape that it borrowed from its namesake.

The latest update has come a long way since then. Yet, it still retains the design while improving its features.

So what can you expect from the new Zeppelin?

  • Built-in Alexa.
  • Powerful bass.
  • Loud and bold audio.
  • Adjustable treble and bass settings.

All these make for an impressive sound performance. Couple this with the unique design, and Zeppelin sure stands out from the rest.

However, note that it uses digital signal processing. It isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t take away from the whole listening experience.

#9: Ultimate Ears Megablast

What do you think you can expect from a speaker named Megablast?

As for me, I imagine a loud and powerful sound performance. To the point that it might make my neighbor think I’m having a party.

Well, it’s a good thing that the UE Megablast delivers.

This model is the loudest speaker from the lineup with built-in Alexa. Yet, it doesn’t sacrifice quality for power. 

As UE claims, it still produces heart-pounding bass and defined sounds.

What’s surprising is that the Megablast is portable. It comes in a small, lightweight package that allows you to take the party wherever you go.

Moreover, it has the mark of an Ultimate Ears speaker: extreme durability.

With its IP67 certification, the Megablast is the toughest speaker on this list. Meaning that it can stay submerged in up to 1 m depth for 30 minutes.

Safe to say, you can take this to a pool celebration without a worry. Plus, its 16-hour battery life ensures you keep the party going.