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9 Reasons Why Your Eufy Vacuum Won’t Connect to WiFi + Tips

Why Won't Your Eufy Vacuum Connect To WiFi

Now that you have your brand-new Eufy vacuum at home, you can’t wait to get it up and running.

But to do that, you need to connect to your WiFi network, and your Eufy stubbornly refuses to cooperate.

Why won’t your Eufy vacuum connect to WiFi? 

Here are 9 reasons why your Eufy vacuum won’t connect to WiFi:

  1. Your Eufy vacuum is not WiFi-capable
  2. Your router is out of range or out of service
  3. Your smartphone is not connected to your WiFi network
  4. Your network name and password are incorrect
  5. You have internet connection problems 
  6. There are too many devices connected to your WiFi network
  7. You are trying to connect to a 5G network
  8. Your RoboVac is not charged
  9. Your RoboVac needs a restart 

If you have been tearing out your hair and screaming, “My Eufy vacuum won’t connect to WiFi!” help is here.

Getting your Robovac setup can be frustrating, but if you follow these steps, we’ll be able to troubleshoot your problem in no time.

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1. Your Eufy Vacuum Is Not WiFi-Capable

According to Eufy support, the following Eufy vacuums support WiFi and the EufyLife app:

  • RoboVac 11C (discontinued)
  • RoboVac 11C Pet Edition (discontinued)
  • RoboVav R550C (discontinued)
  • RoboVac 15C
  • RoboVac 15C Max
  • RoboVac 25C
  • RoboVac 25C Max
  • RoboVac 30C
  • RoboVac 30C Max
  • RoboVac 35C
  • RoboVac G10 Hybrid
  • RoboVac G30
  • RoboVac G30 Hybrid
  • RoboVac G30 Edge
  • RoboVac G30 Verge
  • RoboVac L70 Hybrid

Other Eufy vacuums not included in that list cannot connect to your WiFi network, nor can you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or your EufyLife app to control them. 

2. Your Router Is Out of Range or Out of Service

If your RoboVac’s wireless light is rapidly flashing, it means the vacuum is unable to connect to your wireless network.

Move your RoboVac closer to the router and try connecting again. If that does not work, check to see if your router is working.  

If your router’s WiFi signal is weak even when you get close, you may need to reboot it. Many people keep their routers in places where bookcases, furniture, or other items block the signal.

Put your router as high as possible in your room and see if that improves the connection between your RoboVac and router.

Should all else fail, you may need to upgrade your router.

The Netgear Nighthawk R7350 (available on Amazon) has dual 2.4G/5G bands, covers 2,500 square feet (232.35 square meters), and has high-power amplifiers and external antennas to make sure you get your connection.

3. Your Smartphone Is Not Connected to Your WiFi Network

If your smartphone is not connected to the WiFi network, you can’t use the EufyLife app to connect to your RoboVac.

Make sure you have your phone’s WiFi connection enabled. Also, be sure that you are connected to the proper network and did not accidentally sign on to your neighbor’s open WiFi network.

If you are working from home, make sure you are not signed in to your company VPN. You can’t link your RoboVac or EufyLife app to a virtual private network.

If you are using an older smartphone, make sure you have at least Android 5.0 and above installed (iOS 9.0 or above if you have an iPhone).  

4. Your Network Name and Password Are Incorrect

Incorrect Network Name And Password

After you have connected to your RoboVac through the EufyLife app, you must connect it to your WiFI network.

Make sure you get the name and password right.

This can be more challenging than it sounds if you are trying to connect to a network named WiFi and extenders called Wifi1, Wifi2, etc. 

If you are using a network extender in your WiFi setup, ensure that the extender’s network name (SSID) and password are the same as your primary network.

Otherwise, your RoboVac may drop its connection as it moves from one range to another.

5. You Have Internet Connection Problems

If your RoboVac’s wireless light is solid blue, your vacuum has connected to your wireless router but cannot connect to the Internet.

Check to see if your router is still connected to the Internet or if your internet service provider has a local outage. 

If you can access the Internet from other devices on your WiFi network, the problem may lie with your personal firewall software.

While firewalls can keep out hackers, sometimes they also reject innocent connections. Check your firewall and make any necessary exceptions.

6. There Are Too Many Devices Connected to Your WiFi Network

If you are trying to connect your Eufy vacuum while your child watches a 4K streaming movie and your spouse is on a Zoom call, you may have problems.

The chances for trouble increase greatly if you also have a home security system and multiple smart appliances sharing bandwidth.  

Try disconnecting a few devices temporarily or wait until there are fewer demands on your home network.

If you regularly run into these issues, you may want to add another wireless access point to your home network. 

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7. You Are Trying To Connect to a 5G Network

Many people find the additional speed and bandwidth of 5G WiFi useful when downloading large files and streaming movies and HD audio.

But 5G has a shorter range and less wall-penetrating ability than 2.4G.

As a result, many smart appliances, including Eufy vacuums, do not support 5G wireless connections.

Most 5G routers also have a 2.4G band. When setting up your Eufy vacuum, switch your modem to 2.4G only. This will ensure that your Eufy connects through a proper 2.4G channel.

You can change the router back to its original 2.4G/5G dual-band setting after your Eufy is connected. 

According to Eufy, their RoboVacs support the following networks

  • IEEE 802.11b (Not recommended)
  • IEEE 802.11g
  • IEEE 802.11n (Support only for 2.4GHz)

8. Your RoboVac Is Not Charged

Before you connect your RoboVac to WiFi, you need to make sure it is fully charged.

Did you properly align the Robovac’s charging pins with the charging pins on the base?

Was the base plugged in, and was the charging station’s LED indicator glowing white?  

Flip your RoboVac over and make sure the On/Off switch on the bottom is in the “On” position.

Also, check to see that your RoboVac is not in Reduced Power Standby mode, a feature found in many Robovacs. Reduced Power Standby lets you charge more quickly but shuts off WiFi.

9. Your RoboVac Needs a Reset

If all else fails, you can try the time-honored practice of rebooting. Press and hold the Auto cleaning on/off button for ten seconds to reset RoboVac.

You will hear one beep, and then the WiFi status light will begin blinking. Return to the EufyHome app and continue setting up the WiFi connection. 

What to Do if the Problem Persists 

After going over these steps, your Eufy RoboVac should be connected to your WiFi.

Getting your Eufy vacuum connected to WiFi for the first time can be a hassle, but the time you spend setting up your RoboVac will be worth it when you start to enjoy years of thorough automatic sweeping.

But if you’re still having trouble with your Eufy after going over these reasons, don’t worry. 

The EufyLife app lets you chat live with Eufy customer support representatives who may be able to sort your problem out.

And if they can’t, Eufy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month limited warranty.

If a defective unit is the cause of the connectivity problem, the company will most likely offer a replacement.

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