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(11 Fixes) Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging [Updated 2023]

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

In recent years, Shark has become one of the top robot vacuum brands.

Known for its cheap but durable robot vacuums…

Its products are great alternatives to Roombas.

And if you happen to own one but it isn’t charging…

Worry not. There are multiple ways to fix that. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • Charging indicators that you should pay attention to.
  • Which parts of the dock you should clean to prevent charging issues.
  • 11 effective fixes you can do if your Shark robot vacuum’s not charging.
  • And this is just the beginning…

Why is my Shark robot vacuum not charging?

Your Shark Robot Vacuum isn’t charging because of a faulty charging dock. It’s usually due to dirt build-up in the dock’s metal contacts. To clean, just wipe them with a dry, microfiber cloth. Also, ensure that the robot vacuum’s power switch is on. And replace their batteries if they’re defective.

Shark robot vacuum not charging: 11 fixes

#1: Check if there are issues with the dock’s power source

So your Shark robot vacuum isn’t charging. 

Well, the first thing you should check is the charging dock.

In particular, its indicator light. You’ll know it’s working if you can see a steady green light.

“What if the dock’s indicator light is off?”

Then perhaps it’s a problem with the power source.

Shark’s charging docks come with a detachable power cord. So ensure that you connect it firmly and securely to the dock. 

You may try to remove the cord. And then reattach it. Also, check for any damages. 

And ensure that the outlet’s working properly.

Did you happen to plug the charging dock into a power strip?

If so, the problem might be with that. The power strip you’re using is likely defective.

So unplug the charging dock from there. And connect it to a wall outlet instead.

Then recheck the indicator light.

If it’s now green, then it’s ready to charge your robot vacuum.

#2: Ensure that the Shark Robot Vacuum’s power switch is on

One of Shark robot vacuums’ unique features is their dedicated power switch. This is unlike other Roomba knockoffs that don’t have that.

You can find it on the right side of most Shark models. Including:

And if you’re trying to charge your robot vacuum, see to it that the switch is on.

Perhaps someone may have accidentally turned it off. Or your robot vacuum bumped into something while working in a small space that toggled it off.

Whatever the case may be, just make sure that it’s on. 

Unlike other electronic devices, Shark robot vacuums won’t charge at all if the power switch is off.

#3: Perform a power cycle on the charging dock

To power cycle is to restart a particular device. And it works in fixing many tech issues. 

Including temporary glitches and malfunctions.

And it’s possible that your Shark robot vacuum has no issue. But that the charging station’s simply having one of those glitches.

So power cycling should definitely help.

This is a quick way to do it:

  1. Unplug the charging dock from the outlet.
  2. Detach the power cord from the dock.
  3. Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Reattach the power cord to the charging dock.
  5. Plug it again into the outlet.

Now, wait until its indicator light turns green. And then try charging your robot vacuum.

#4: Reset the Shark Robot Vacuum

In connection to Fix #3, you may also perform a soft reset on the Shark robot vacuum.

Take note that this isn’t a factory reset. The robot vacuum’s system won’t delete your information.

A soft reset is just similar to power cycling the charging dock.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn your Shark robot vacuum upside down.
  2. Flip the power switch off.
  3. Wait for about 30 seconds to a minute.
  4. Flip the power switch back on.
  5. Turn your robot vacuum upright.

#5: Move the charging dock to a hard floor

Did you know that the charging dock’s location can affect its performance?

According to Shark’s official website, charging docks perform best on hard floors.

If you placed it on a carpet, your robot vacuum might have trouble docking.

It’ll struggle to return to the charging station properly.

So ensure that the charging station is on a hard floor. And lean the station against the wall. 

Also, remove possible obstructions. So it’ll be easier for the robot vacuum to return to its base.

If you’d like a guide on the best way to set up a charging dock, check out this video:

#6: Clean the charging dock

How we wish Shark robot vacuums could also clean their docks, right?

Unfortunately, they’re not capable of that. At least not yet. But it could very well be an added feature soon.

In the meantime, it falls on robot vacuum owners to clean the charging dock.

Particularly the charging plates. These are the 2 metals that connect to the robot vacuum.

Over time, these plates begin accumulating dust and debris. And when they’re dirty, the dock will struggle to charge your robot vacuum.

You may wipe them using a microfiber cleaning cloth. This type of cloth is effective in trapping dirt. While also preventing scratches on any surface.

In addition, you should also wipe the charging dock’s sensor. This is another area that’s prone to dust build-up. 

And your robot vacuum will also struggle to find its dock when the sensor’s dirty.

#7: Clean the Shark Robot Vacuum

Some of the more recent Shark robot vacuums can now self-empty their bins.

But that doesn’t mean they’re also able to clean themselves on their own.

So if your Shark robot vacuum couldn’t find its charging base…

It’s likely because its proximity sensors are also full of dirt. So try to clean them as well.

Moreover, you should also ensure that the robot vacuum’s charging plates are clean.

As with the charging dock, you may also use a dry microfiber cloth for the vacuum.

#8: Manually place the Shark Robot Vacuum on the dock

As a robot vacuum owner, you’ve likely experienced this.

Your vacuum’s already low on battery. It’s now within a few feet of the charging dock. 

And yet…

It just won’t go home. 

Frustrating, right?

And if that’s the case with your Shark robot vacuum…

Just send it home yourself. Manually dock the robot vacuum.

You can do that by gently pushing the robot vacuum. Guide it towards the dock. 

And ensure that its metal plates touch the dock’s charging plates.

#9: Check the Shark Robot Vacuum’s batteries

Shark robot vacuums use rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs

These batteries generally last 2 years. And it could be longer depending on how often you charge.

So it’s likely that your Shark’s not charging because of a faulty battery pack.

Now before replacing it, check it first. Perhaps something may have just dislodged it from the connector.

To check, you’ll need a Philips screwdriver to remove the cover. 

And if you already have one, follow these steps: 

  1. Toggle the robot vacuum’s power switch to off.
  2. Flip the robot vacuum upside down.
  3. Remove the battery cover with the Philips screwdriver.
  4. Ensure that the battery’s securely attached to the connector at the bottom.
  5. Place the cover again and re-screw.

You may try to turn on the robot vacuum again. And check if it can now charge.

#10: Replace the Shark Robot Vacuum’s batteries

So you’ve checked that the battery’s placement is secure. Yet it still won’t charge.

Perhaps it’s a case of a defective battery.

Shark actually offers a 2-year warranty for that. 

But take note that it doesn’t cover the usual wear and tear.

They’ll only replace the battery if it’s proven to be a manufacturing defect.

But if the warranty doesn’t cover your case, don’t worry. You have other options.

One is to order a replacement battery through Shark’s official website.

Another is to buy compatible battery packs from other vendors. Such as VLM.

#11: Contact Shark’s robot specialists for support

Contact Shark's Robot Specialists For Support

If none of the fixes work, then either the robot vacuum or the charging dock’s defective.

And if that’s the case, you should contact Shark’s robot specialists. 

You may call them at ​​1-855-427-5121. 

They’re available Mondays to Fridays. From 9 am to 9 PM ET. 

On Saturdays, their schedule is 9 AM to 6 PM ET.

People also ask:

How do you know if your Shark robot is charging?

You’d know your Shark robot’s charging if the dock’s indicator light turns blue. And if the battery indicator light on the robot vacuum is on. If the light on the charging dock is off, plug it into a different outlet. And if the robot’s battery light’s off, its battery may be defective.

So always pay attention to the indicator lights. That’s how you’ll know if your Shark or Roomba or any robot vacuum is charging

Now many factors might prevent your Shark from charging properly. 


  • Faulty outlet.
  • Defective battery.
  • Dirty charging dock.

You may resolve any of these with the fixes above. However, if the robot vacuum itself is no longer working, you’ll have to take it to Shark for repair.

Is there a reset button on Shark robot vacuum?

Shark robot vacuums don’t have a reset button. What they have is a power switch that you can toggle on and off. You can use that switch to restart the robot vacuum. However, if you’d like to perform a hard reset, you’ll have to do it via the Shark ION mobile app.

A hard reset, also known as a factory reset, is usually a last-resort troubleshooting step. 

It’ll erase all of your info. And you’ll have to reconnect your Shark robot vacuum to your account via the app.

These are the steps to do it:

  1. Launch the Shark ION app on your phone.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Factory Reset and tap it.
  4. Click OK to confirm.

Your robot vacuum should then reset. It should only take a few seconds. 

You’ll then receive a notification on the app after the process finishes. 

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