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LG Subwoofer Not Working: 5 Easy Fixes (Updated 2023)

LG Subwoofer Not Working

Tugs! Tugs! Tugs!

Using subwoofers can make your heart feel in sync with every beat.

So, what do you do when your LG subwoofer stops working?

Don’t fret… 

Because it can be fixed in a heartbeat!

Let me guide you…

Continue reading to know:

  • 5 simple ways to fix an LG subwoofer that won’t work.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to manually connect an LG subwoofer.
  • The reasons why the light on the LG subwoofer starts blinking when it isn’t working.
  • And so much more…

Why is my LG subwoofer not working?

Your LG subwoofer isn’t working because it has connection issues with the LG soundbar. You need to reset the connection and pair the devices together again. Hardware issues may also be a reason why your LG subwoofer won’t work.  

LG subwoofer not working: 5 fixes

#1: Check the power

If your LG subwoofer isn’t working, 1 of the first things you should look into is the power.

First, check if the device is plugged into the power source properly.

Then, you can also inspect if the power cord is in good working condition.

How about the power source?

Yes, that too. So, see if the outlet has power. 

It’s possible the socket died or tripped.

If that’s the case, just plug your LG subwoofer into a different source…

And that should work. If not, you can…

#2: Connect the subwoofer to soundbar

Before doing anything else with your subwoofer, ensure that it’s paired properly.

You won’t have to do much if it’s the first time you’re pairing the devices.

Simply plug the soundbar and subwoofer and turn them on. 

Then, the devices would automatically pair with each other.

If the initial pairing attempt failed, the LED indicator would light up red. 

The light on the subwoofer would also flash and blink green. 

Pro tip: You can use the LED indicator to know the pairing status of your subwoofer. It would be solid green if it’s connected and working properly. However, if it’s disconnected, it would either flash red or turn off completely.

#3: Reset both devices

Reset Both Devices

As I mentioned earlier, the LG sound system is designed to automatically pair with each. 

However, there are some instances where this pairing feature fails. 

This would require you to manually connect the subwoofer to the main unit. 


You need to force reset the soundbar and subwoofer. 

This will restart its automatic pairing feature.

How do I reset my LG subwoofer?

Let me show you…

Step 1: Turn the volume of the soundbar down. Bring it down to the minimum. You can use either the remote or the button on your main unit.

Step 2: Press and hold the volume down button. Doing so initiates the manual pairing process. Wait until you see the LED indicator on your soundbar light up red. 

Step 3: When the indicator on your soundbar starts to blink red, press and hold the mute key on the remote control. Then, wait until the red LED flashes noticeably faster.

Step 4: Find the pairing button on your LG subwoofer. You’d need to use a paper clip or ballpoint pen to access it.

Step 5: Press the pairing button on your subwoofer for 5 to 10 seconds. The LED indicator on your soundbar should flash red and green interchangeably.

Step 6: Unplug both devices from their power source. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes before plugging them back.

Step 7: Power the soundbar and subwoofer back on. The two devices should automatically pair with each other.

#4: Keep the subwoofer and soundbar close

When connecting 2 devices, even the tiniest space can make a difference.

Moreover, the connection range between the LG subwoofer and the soundbar isn’t endless.

So, your subwoofer wouldn’t work if it’s placed too far from the soundbar.

Therefore, you need to find the perfect distance.

LG support suggests placing the subwoofer and the main unit within 15 feet of each other.

However, any physical barriers may affect their connection.

With that, place your sound system away from walls, cabinets, or drawers.

Remember that:

The closer the 2 devices are to each other, the better connection and sound quality as well.

Pro tip: Placement is king when using subwoofers. To get the best quality sound out of your device, your unit shouldn’t be touching the wall. Instead, keep it within a couple of inches away from the wall.

Need more information? Check out this video:

#5: Turn off other devices using the same frequency

Are you using a wireless LG subwoofer?

Most LG subwoofers connect to the main unit using a wireless connection. 

This can either be Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This allows the devices to easily and automatically pair with each other.

Although it’s convenient, it provides a slightly less reliable link between the 2 devices.

Why is that?

Other devices that run at the same frequency can interfere with its connection.

Think of it like traffic. 

For example, your LG subwoofers work at 2.4Ghz frequency. 

The frequency is the highway the subwoofer uses to connect to the main unit. 

If many devices use the same road, it’ll be difficult for the subwoofer to travel.

I’m talking about devices like:

  • Radios.
  • Phones.
  • Digital clocks.
  • Baby monitors. 

So, how do you make sure that the signal between the subwoofer and the soundbar doesn’t get disrupted?

If you have these devices around, you can either place them somewhere else or turn them off.

You can also bring the subwoofer and the soundbar closer to shorten the gap. 

This will also strengthen their connection to each other.

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LG subwoofer not working – FAQ

Why does my LG subwoofer keep cutting out?

Your LG Subwoofer cuts out when it isn’t paired properly, or it’s damaged. If it’s only a connection issue, all you need to do is to re-link the subwoofer and the soundbar. However, if the issue is caused by damaged or broken parts, it’s best to contact LG support for help. 

Why is my LG subwoofer blinking green?

The LED indicator on your LG subwoofer blink green when it’s actively pairing. It would turn to a solid green light when the connection is successful.

Why is my LG subwoofer blinking red?

Your LG subwoofer blinks red when it isn’t connected to another device. When this happens, you need to restart the device’s pairing mode.