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5 Steps To Pair LG Soundbar With Subwoofer (2023 How-To)

How To Pair LG Soundbar With Subwoofer

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could bring the movie theatres to your home? 

Unfortunately, that’s impossible. 

But I’ll tell you what you can do.

You can pair your LG soundbar with a subwoofer…

And get a theatre-like audio quality from the comfort of your own couch. 

Keep reading to find out:

  • 5 simple steps to pair your soundbar with your subwoofer. 
  • 2 different ways you can connect your LG soundbar to your TV.
  • Effective fixes you can try if your subwoofer won’t pair automatically. 
  • And a lot more… 

How to pair LG soundbar with subwoofer? 5 steps

#1: Find optimal spots for your soundbar and subwoofer

While there are no strict dos and don’ts for placing these 2 devices… 

It’s best to keep the 2 of them as close to each other as possible.

As a general rule… 

They should be within 15 feet of each other. 

Because the longer the distance between them is, the lower the sound quality becomes. 

#2: Plug both devices to power

Although your LG soundbar and subwoofer will connect wirelessly… 

You still need wired cords and adapters to connect them to power. 

Both devices require a direct connection to a wall outlet.

So, find an available socket and where you can plug your devices into. 

To plug your LG soundbar:

  1. Get your LG soundbar’s power cable
  2. Plug the connector into your soundbar’s power input port. 
  3. Insert the adapter head into a working wall outlet. 

To power up your subwoofer: 

  1. Prepare your subwoofer’s power cable. 
  2. Connect the power cable to your subwoofer. 
  3. Plug the adapter into the power source. 

Once you’ve powered both of them ON… 

#3: Connect your LG soundbar to the TV

Your subwoofer will only pair with your soundbar if the latter is connected to the TV. 

So don’t worry if the 2 speakers aren’t paired yet. 

There are 2 ways you can connect your soundbar to your TV, and that’s by:

  1. Using an HDMI cable
  2. Using an Optical cable

Which method is better?”

According to LG themselves… 

Using an HDMI cable is the best way to hook your soundbar to your TV. 

HDMI cables can relay higher-quality audio than optical cables can. 

And they’re also essential if you want to have a more immersive sound experience. 

Using sound technology like Dolby Atmos, for example. 

So if you can, stick to an HDMI cable. 

Note: This HDMI connection requires your TV to have an HDMI ARC port. Any other HDMI ports won’t be able to transmit your TV’s audio to the soundbar.

To connect your soundbar to the TV through HDMI:

Step 1: Prepare a high-quality HDMI cable

Step 2: Plug either end of the cable into your soundbar’s HDMI OUT TV ARC port.

Step 3: Find the designated HDMI ARC port on your TV. On LG units, this is labeled port 2.

Step 4: Turn ON your TV. 

Your soundbar should automatically turn ON. 

To connect your soundbar to the TV using an optical cable:

Step 1: Locate the optical ports on your soundbar and TV. 

Step 2: Plug 1 end of your optical cable into the OPTICAL IN port of your LG soundbar.

Step 3: Plug the other end of the cable into your TV’s OPTICAL OUT port. 

Step 4: Turn your TV ON using its remote or physical power button.

Wait for your soundbar to turn ON. It should show “OPT” on the front display.

My soundbar didn’t connect to my TV. What should I do?”

If so, follow these steps. 

  1. On your remote, click Settings. 
  2. On the left sidebar menu, click the sound icon.
  3. Scroll and select the connection method you used (HDMI Or OPTICAL). 

#4: Wait for your subwoofer to connect to your soundbar

When your subwoofer is in pairing mode… 

Its LED light will either be a solid red or flashing green. 

Wait for this standby light to turn to a solid green color. 

Once it does, that confirms that your subwoofer has paired with your soundbar. 

This process should happen automatically.

The light will change without you needing to press anything. 

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#5: Check if both are working properly

Try to stream a movie or a show from your TV. 

And check that both your soundbar and its subwoofer project the proper audio. 

If you want a visual guide to this whole pairing process, you can also watch this video:

Why won’t my LG sound pair with my subwoofer? 5 causes & fixes

#1: Your devices are too far from each other

Wireless connections give you the freedom to place your devices wherever you want. 

And because of this… 

It’s easy to lose track of how far your subwoofer is from your soundbar. 

But having too much distance between the 2 can stop them from pairing. 

And so the first fix you need to try is to bring them closer together. 

LG recommends that your subwoofer and soundbar be within 15 feet of each other. 

But if you’re having trouble connecting the 2… 

Try to keep them within 5 feet of each other instead and try the pairing process again. 

If cutting the distance didn’t fix the issue, it’s possible that… 

#2: There’s a signal interference

With all the wireless devices using the same frequency in your house… 

It’s easy for signals and connections to get lost amongst the crowd. 

Some examples of devices that can interfere with your pairing process are:

If you can, turn OFF these devices temporarily. 

And keep them OFF just until you’ve successfully paired your LG soundbar and its woofer.

#3: Both devices need a restart

All technological devices act a little weird sometimes. 

But the good thing is a simple restart can quickly fix this problem. 

A universal restart that works for all devices is a power cycle. 

So it’s what you’re going to do to both your soundbar and subwoofer. 

If this is your first time encountering this techy term…

Don’t worry. 

Power cycling simply refers to cutting the power from your device and giving it power again. 

Just like the name states… 

It’s cycling the power ON and OFF. 

Fret not. This is very easy to do. 

To power cycle your soundbar/subwoofer:

  1. Unplug your device from its power source.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds. 
  3. Plug it back into the outlet again. 

Make sure to do this process on both devices. 

Once you do, repeat the pairing process. 

#4: Your soundbar’s volume is way up

Soundbar's Volume Is Way Up

For some reason… 

LG soundbars have a harder time pairing if their volume is high. 

So to fix this problem, you need to set your device’s volume to its minimum.

I know this solution sounds a little funny.

But a minimum volume helps pair the 2 devices together. 

And in fact… 

It’s the 1st step in manually connecting your soundbar and subwoofer if… 

#5: Your devices can’t pair automatically

If you still can’t make your devices pair… 

You need to opt for the manual procedure. 

Don’t worry. 

Manual pairings work, even if automatic ones don’t. 

And this is how you can do it:  

Step 1: Set your soundbar’s volume to its minimum. 

You can do this using the buttons on your soundbar or the remote.

If your soundbar has a full display, you’ll see a “VOL MIN” on its screen. 

For models with partial displays, the indicator light on the soundbar will be a solid red. 

Step 2: Press the Mute button for 3 seconds on your remote.

If this doesn’t work, press the STOP button on your soundbar for the same duration. 

You’ll see a “WL RESET” message on your soundbar if it has a full display.

And if you have a model with a partial display, the solid red light from earlier will start to blink. 

Step 3: Press the pairing button of your subwoofer for 10 seconds. 

Let go when your subwoofer’s light alternates from red to green. 

Note: You can skip this step if your subwoofer is already blinking green light. 

Step 4: Unplug both devices.

Remove your soundbar and subwoofer from their power source. 

Step 5: Plug both devices into a wall outlet again.

Wait for your subwoofer’s LED light to become solid green. 

Once it does… 

Your devices are now paired together. 

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How to pair LG soundbar with subwoofer – FAQ

Why won’t my subwoofer connect with my soundbar?

Your subwoofer won’t connect with your soundbar because the 2 devices are too far from each other. It can also be due to signal interferences from other wireless devices in your home. And in other cases, it’s because your soundbar and subwoofer need a simple restart. 

Why is my LG subwoofer blinking green?

Your LG subwoofer is blinking green because it’s waiting to be paired to your soundbar. Once paired, this blinking green light should turn into a solid green LED light. This light signifies that your devices have successfully paired with each other. 

How do I know if my LG subwoofer is working?

You’ll know if your LG subwoofer is working if its LED display shows a solid green light. You should be able to hear the bass from your subwoofer if you hear sound from your soundbar.