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(11 Fixes) Apple TV Not Working On Roku [Updated 2023]

Apple TV Not Working On Roku

Apple TV issues are like toothaches. 

But yanking it out or canceling your subscription isn’t always the best answer. 

How do I know? 

Because I had the same dilemma too. 

And I’m here to share with you everything I’ve learned on how to fix a bad Apple. 


Read on to find out: 

  • 11 beginner-friendly fixes to solve your Apple TV problem.
  • How to clear your app cache and adjust your Roku’s WiFi bandwidth
  • The Triple R method to fix the Apple TV app when nothing else works. 
  • And many more…

Why is Apple TV not working on Roku?

Apple TV isn’t working on your Roku because it’s running on outdated software or has a corrupted file. Other common issues are an overloaded cache and a WiFi bandwidth issue. Another reason Apple TV isn’t working on your Roku is due to server downtime. Lastly, a system bug might be the root cause. 

Apple TV not working on Roku: 11 fixes

#1: Check Apple support for server downtime

Let’s start with the quickest and easiest fix: 

Verify if Apple TV’s servers are running smoothly. 

Now, I did say “quickest,” right? 

So, here’s all you need to do: 

Go to Apple’s support page on Twitter and check Apple’s System Status website

These pages will tell you 1 thing: 

If Apple’s servers are down, then you’ll have to wait for the system to come back online. 

In other words, this is an issue Apple has to resolve. 

#2: Inspect your Roku’s signal strength 

Don’t worry. 

You can do this by using just your Roku remote. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Tap the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Settings.”
  3. Select “Network.” 
  4. Choose “About.” 
  5. Make sure your signal strength says “Excellent.” 
  6. Hit “Check Connection” below “About” to test your connectivity. 
  7. You need to have at least 2 green check marks to ensure your WiFi’s stable.

If your internet connection’s weak, there are 2 solutions for this, as discussed in fixes #3 and #4. 

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#3: Adjust your Roku’s bandwidth

First things first. 

What does bandwidth even mean? 

The best way to explain this is to compare it to your WiFi speed. 

Think of bandwidth as a pipe and the water as your internet speed. 

If you have a bigger pipe, more water can pass through, resulting in a faster connection. 

Now, what’s the opposite of this scenario? 

With a smaller pipe, less water passes through, right? 

And as a result, a slower connection. 

“Wait – how does this relate to my issue?”

For starters, say you added 2 new devices at home for streaming or online gaming. 

In that case, your bandwidth isn’t enough to support all your devices hogging the WiFi. 

So, should you upgrade your internet plan? 

Not necessarily. 

Instead, you can manually choose your bandwidth. 

Here’s how it works: 

First, grab your Roku remote. 

Then, mentally prepare yourself by taking note of these buttons: 

  • Home.
  • Rewind.
  • Forward.

From there, press these buttons a specific number of times in order:

  1. Home 5x.
  2. Rewind 3x.
  3. Forward 2x.

On your screen, you’ll see: “Bit Rate Override.” 

Now, follow these steps: 

  1. Tap “Manual selection.
  2. On the pop-up screen, select 1.0 or 2.0 Mbps. 
  3. Test the Apple TV app. 
  4. If it doesn’t work, press the same series of buttons above. 
  5. Choose a different Mbps, like 3.5 or 5.0 Mbps. 
  6. Test the app again. 

#4: Restart your router and modem

If adjusting your bandwidth didn’t solve your issue, here’s the next best fix: 

Refresh your WiFi network. 

Now, why does this work? 

Mainly because a refresh clears network glitches or temporary bugs. 

And all it takes are 3 easy steps: 

  1. Unplug your router and modem. 
  2. Wait for 5 minutes so that both devices can cool down and refresh appropriately.
  3. Plug your router and modem back into the power source. 

If this fix doesn’t solve your issue, you might want to test the app on other devices. 

Should every device have buffering problems, it’s worth getting a bandwidth upgrade. 

You’ll need to talk to your Internet Service Provider about this, though.

#5: Unplug your TV

Note: This method works for all Roku devices – Streaming Stick, Express, Ultra, and Streambar

Unplugging your TV is perhaps the oldest trick in the book. 

To this day, it still works because most issues happen due to system glitches. 

Other times, it could be a temporary bug that caused your TV to hang or freeze

But mostly, if your system freezes, any connected device becomes affected too. 

And in your case, any Roku streaming device plugged in experiences the same glitch. 

So, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Unplug your TV. 

Note: Make sure to detach your Roku device as well. 

  1. Wait for 1 minute. 
  2. Plug your TV and Roku device back in. 
  3. Launch the Apple TV app

#6: Reset Apple TV on your Roku

If you’ve reached this part of the guide, here’s what could be happening: 

Your Apple TV app has a corrupted file. 

As ugly as this sounds, there’s actually a simple solution for it. 

And it’s to reset the app. 

However, this isn’t just any ordinary restart where you close the app and reopen it. 

How resetting your Apple TV works (the proper way) is by clearing its cache.

“Say what now? Did you say money as in cash?”

Both sound the same but have 2 very different meanings. 

Caches are temporary files or information stored on your device meant to…

  • Speed up information and images on apps or sites.
  • Reduce the time it takes for an app or website to load. 

But here’s the problem: 

Cache can take up a good chunk of your TV’s storage and memory. 

With too much stored on your device, it can cause a few glitchy problems. 

One of which could be app-related issues. 

In fact, this even happens on your iPhone and laptop too. 

So, what next? 

How to reset your Apple TV app on Roku

You’ll need to press a series of buttons on your Roku remote in order: 

  1. Home 5x. 
  2. Up 1x.
  3. Rewind 2x.
  4. Forward 2x. 

From here, wait for your Roku to restart. 

After all your cache has been cleared, launch Apple TV to see if the app works. 

#7: Update your Roku’s OS

Update Your Roku's OS

Software updates don’t solely mean adding new features. 

Most of the time, a software OS update’s used to…

  • Improve any system or app-related issues.
  • Resolve bugs or glitches in the previous OS.  
  • Maintain compatibility requirements with certain apps.

With your Apple TV experiencing issues, it may just need a simple update:

  1. Hit the Home button on your Roku remote. 
  2. Tap “Settings.”
  3. Press the right button on your remote to access your Settings menu.
  4. Scroll down and select “System.”
  5. Hit the right button on your remote again.
  6. Tap on “System update.”
  7. Hit “Ok” on your Roku remote. 
  8. Click on “Check now.” 
  9. If there’s a new OS version, tap “Ok” to confirm the installation. 

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#8: Check for Apple TV updates

See – here’s the thing. 

It’s not just TVs that need frequent updating. 

Your Apple TV needs it too. 

Even apps like Youtube TV, Crunchyroll, Prime Video, Hulu, etc… need regular updates. 

In fact, some refuse to work or load unless it’s using the latest app version. 

And that’s exactly what your Apple TV might be demanding from you. 

So, go ahead and…

  1. Tap the home button on your Roku TV remote. 
  2. Press the right button to access your list of apps. 
  3. Look for Apple TV and highlight it. 
  4. Tap the star icon (*) on your Roku remote. 
  5. Select “Check for updates.
  6. Wait for your device to finish scanning for a new update. 
  7. If there’s a new app version, tap “OK” to install it. 

#9: Reinstall the Apple TV app

Remember how I said you could remove corrupted files by clearing your cache? 

Well, there’s another way of doing that and dismantling app issues into dust: 

Delete your Apple TV app and reinstall it. 

Not to worry, though. 

It’s not a complicated process. 

Here’s all you need to do: 

  1. Press the home button on your Roku TV remote. 
  2. Hit the right arrow button to access all your apps. 
  3. Choose Apple TV or highlight the app. 
  4. Tap the star icon (*) on your remote. 
  5. Click on “Remove channel.
  6. Go back to your Roku’s home menu. 
  7. Scroll down and click on “Streaming Channels.”
  8. Tap “Search Channels.” 
  9. Enter “Apple TV” on the search bar. 
  10. Select the app. 
  11. Hit “Add channel” to reinstall Apple TV. 

#10: Factory reset Roku

If Apple TV refuses to play nice, you have to do a factory reset.

What this does is restart your Roku and return it to its original settings. 

After the reset, it’s as if your Roku’s brand new. 

However, this process erases all your data, so you’ll have to set up your Roku again. 

But on the bright side, all your issues will be out the door. 

With that, let’s get right into it: 

  1. Click on your Roku remote’s home button. 
  2. Tap the Up arrow button and hit “Settings.” 
  3. Select “System.”
  4. Scroll down and select “Advanced system settings.
  5. Click on “Factory reset.” 
  6. Enter your PIN. 

Note: the default is usually set to “0000.”

  1. Wait for your TV to restart. 
  2. Set up Roku and launch Apple TV after. 

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#11: Do the Triple R method

“What does that even mean?”

Think of it as a 3-in-1 fix that consists of the following: 

  • Remove or uninstall the Apple TV app. 
  • Restart your device in Roku’s power menu.
  • Reinstall the Apple TV app to complete the process. 

Why does this work? 

Because it combines removing any app issues and errors along with a system refresh. 

Although these are all simple fixes, combining them is like adding steroids into the mix.  

And with that, you get an ultimate fix to solve your Apple TV issue. 

Earlier, you learned how to remove the app. 

Now, what about restarting your device in Roku’s power menu? 

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Click on “Settings.”
  3. Tap “System.”
  4. Scroll down and choose “Power” (located below “Time”).
  5. Tap on “System restart.
  6. Hit the right arrow button on your remote.
  7. Choose “Restart” to perform the reset. 

After your Roku restarts, reinstall the app as mentioned in fix #9.