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(9 Fixes) YouTube TV Not Working On Roku [Updated 2023]

YouTube TV Not Working On Roku

After a tiring day… 

Watching Youtube is one of the best ways to unwind. 

But if recently, you’ve had problems playing Youtube TV on your Roku device…

You’re not alone. 

Many have reported this problem in the past few months.

But you’re in luck, as I’m here to help you. 

Continue reading to learn: 

  • Reasons why Youtube stops working on Roku. 
  • How the 2 Youtube apps on Roku are different.
  • 9 quick fixes to make Youtube TV work on Roku again. 
  • And much, much more… 

Why is YouTube not working on my Roku?

Youtube isn’t working on your Roku because Youtube’s servers are down or because you’re having software issues. Having a slow internet connection and an outdated software system are common software problems that can cause this issue.

YouTube TV not working on Roku: 9 fixes

#1: Check Youtube’s servers

Before you dive deeper into any of the fixes below… 

Double-check if the problem isn’t from Youtube itself. 

You can do this by checking Youtube’s servers and seeing if it’s down or not. 

Unfortunately, Youtube doesn’t have an official dedicated server status page yet.

But luckily, there are plenty of alternatives online that can tell you this information. 

You can check Youtube’s status through:

If Youtube is down, all you can do is wait until the developers get it running again.

Rest assured that it won’t take too long for Youtube to fix its servers. 

With millions of users always using the app at any moment…

Youtube gives importance to customer satisfaction. 

#2: Reboot your internet connection

Like all streaming services, Youtube needs an internet connection to work. 

If another streaming platform like HBO Max isn’t working on your Roku as well… 

Then there’s a high chance your internet isn’t fast enough to keep up. 

How do I check my internet connection?”

Fortunately, your Roku device has its own connection check. 

To view connection results on your Roku:

  1. Get your Roku remote and press Home.
  2. Scroll until you find Settings.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Click the Check connection option. 

Once you finish, you’ll be able to get a detailed overview of your internet status. 

To access this overview: 

Step 1: Go to About above the Check connection option

Step 2: Scan your internet test results on the right side of your screen.

Step 3: If you’re using Wi-fi, you’ll see your Signal Strength and Internet download speed. 

Step 4: If you’re using an ethernet cable, you’ll only see Internet download speed. 

There are 4 different outcomes of signal strength on Roku:

  1. Poor.
  2. Fair.
  3. Good.
  4. Excellent.

And there 2 outcomes of internet download speed:

  1. Poor.
  2. Good.

If you’re getting poor on either of these internet speed measurements…

You need to improve your internet connection. 

“How do I do that?”

There are plenty of ways to do this.

Rest assured. I listed Roku’s official tips for you:

  • Use an ethernet cable instead of Wi-fi. 
  • Move your router closer to your Roku device.
  • Reduce the number of devices using your network.
  • Remove wireless interference like microwave and phones away from your router.

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#3: Restart your Roku

Like other electronics, your Roku device can also experience glitches.

And these glitches can affect Youtube’s playback along with other platforms. 

But fortunately, a simple restart can resolve this issue. 

Plus, there are 2 easy ways to restart your Roku. 

So, don’t worry as I’ll guide you through them. 

Restart your Roku without unplugging:

  1. On your Roku remote, click the Home button. 
  2. Press Up once. 
  3. Press OK on your remote to access Settings. 
  4. Click the Up button once to go to System. 
  5. Scroll down and select System Restart.
  6. Select Restart.

Older models don’t have the System Restart function. 

If so, you can just restart your Roku by unplugging it from your power source. 

To restart Roku manually:

  1. Turn your TV off. 
  2. Unplug your Roku device from the power source. 
  3. Wait for 3 minutes. 
  4. Plug it back into your outlet. 
  5. Open your TV. 
  6. The Roku logo will show, and the booting process will begin. 

If a restart didn’t fix your Youtube playback problem, check if you need to… 

#4: Update your Youtube app

Update Your YouTube App

Being 1 of the top streaming platforms…

Youtube is constantly getting updates from its developers. 

So, it’s not unusual if your app missed an update or 2 these past recent months. 

But missing updates over time can cause playback issues or even prevent the app from opening. 

So to fix this, you have to update your Youtube. 

This is a very simple solution so let’s proceed. 

To update Youtube on Roku:

  1. Click Home on your remote.
  2. Press right to navigate through the apps. 
  3. Highlight Youtube.
  4. Tap the star or asterisk on your remote. 
  5. Click Check for Updates. 

If your app isn’t up to date, the updates available will show up on your screen. 

Download Youtube updates you missed and while you’re at it… 

#5: Check for System Updates

All Roku players are designed to update automatically without disrupting your experience. 

But there are instances when these updates don’t download by themselves. 

Here are some events that stop the Roku system’s auto-update: 

  • Installing a channel from
  • Disconnecting your Roku from power for long periods. 
  • Installing a non-certified channel on your Roku device recently. 

If you’ve done 1 of these before…

You most likely have a missed update waiting to be downloaded. 

But even if these situations don’t apply to you, I still suggest you try this solution. 

You may have missed updates because of other factors or reasons. 

And fret not, as this will only take a couple of minutes to check.

“But why wouldn’t updating my system cause my Youtube app to freeze?” 

System updates ensure that your device can catch up with the updates of your apps. 

Think of it this way… 

Updating your Youtube is like giving it wings to fly. 

And updating your Roku is like clearing out the sky.

Both updates go hand-in-hand, and 1 works with the other. 

 And if the sky is filled with lightning and clouds… 

Even with wings, your Youtube app still won’t be able to fly swiftly, right? 

So with that being said…

Let’s ensure that your Youtube update can work perfectly by updating your Roku system.

To update your Roku’s software:

  1. Find your Roku remote and tap Home. 
  2. Scroll down until you find Settings. 
  3. Select Settings>System.
  4. Click System update.
  5. Choose Check Now. 

Your Roku will update your device automatically if there are updates available. 

Fun fact: If you have any Roku speakers or subwoofers connected to your Roku, they’ll be updated along with the system’s update. 

#6: Lower the streaming quality of videos

If your Youtube app does open yet, your videos aren’t loading properly…

Your video resolution might be too high for your internet to load. 

If your videos are set to HD or UHD, this is likely the case. 

So to make your videos load, you need to lower your media resolution. 

But unlike the Youtube app on your phone… 

You can only change your video resolution through the Roku system’s settings.

But don’t worry, as that doesn’t make the steps any harder.

Steps to lower Youtube’s video quality:

  1. Press Home on your remote. 
  2. Find and click Settings. 
  3. Go to Display Type. 
  4. Select a lower resolution. 

Tip: Try playing from the lowest resolution to see if your resolution is, in fact, the problem. Once it loads, work your way to a higher resolution. Do that until you find the perfect balance for your playback. 

Note: Doing this will also change the resolution of other applications on your Roku. 

#7: Reinstall Youtube 

If all the previous fixes didn’t work… 

There might be existing memory or software problems on your app. 

But if this is the case, don’t worry. 

Deleting and reinstalling your Youtube app will quickly fix your current playback problem. 

This will reset your Youtube app on your Roku TV. 

And can make it work again. 

Note: Deleting the app will automatically log you out of your account. Ensure that you remember your credentials before proceeding to reinstall your Youtube.

Steps to delete the Youtube app: 

  1. Click Home on your remote.
  2. Access the apps on the right side of your screen. 
  3. Find and highlight Youtube. 
  4. Click the asterisk on your remote. 
  5. Choose Remove Channel. 
  6. Click OK.

Steps to reinstall the Youtube app:

  1. Press Home to access the menu. 
  2. On the left panel, click the Streaming Channels. 
  3. Go to Search Channels. 
  4. Type Youtube. 
  5. Select the app without the TV. 
  6. Choose Add channel. 
  7. Wait for the app to be installed. 
  8. Click OK to finish the installation. 

Open up your Youtube app and if it still isn’t working, check if you need to… 

#8: Disable Screensavers

Some Roku owners have testified that screensavers disrupt streaming playback. 

1 particular screensaver has been recognized to cause disruption to the Youtube app. 

And that’s…

The Aquatic Life screensaver.

If you have this screensaver installed, I suggest you temporarily disable it. 

Don’t worry.

You can always turn it back ON later if this isn’t the factor causing your Youtube problem. 

To disable your screensaver:

  1. Press Home on the remote. 
  2. Go to Settings > Theme > Screensavers. 
  3. Select Change wait time. 
  4. Choose Disable screensaver. 

If you still can’t play from the Youtube app, you might want to… 

#9: Use the Youtube TV app instead

Did you know that there are 2 Youtube apps available on Roku?

You’ve probably noticed this while reinstalling your Youtube app on the previous fix. 

The 2 Youtube apps on Roku are:

  1. Youtube.
  2. Youtube TV.

If you have the first one, this tip applies to you. 

And if you’re asking… 

“What’s the difference between the two?” 

It’s simple. 

Youtube TV is a paid streaming app, while the Youtube app is free. 

You can think of Youtube TV as a traditional cable plan.

In it, you can access popular broadcast networks like FOX and ABC live. 

“So, do I have to pay monthly on Youtube TV?”

Yes, you do need to pay monthly. 

I know it can be a huge leap to pay monthly from paying nothing. 

So… the decision is really up to you. 

If you want to access Youtube TV:

Step 1: Go back to the Streaming Channels you accessed earlier. 

Step 2: Go to Search Channels and type Youtube TV. 

Step 3: Select Youtube TV and choose Add Channel. 

Step 4: Wait for the app to be installed. 

Step 5: Open the app and sign up for their monthly subscription. 

Tip: I suggest signing up to Youtube TV using your phone to make it easier to type your credentials. After signing up, you can just go back to your Roku to sign in on the Youtube TV app.

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