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Smart TV Keeps Freezing: 4 Reasons & 5 Instant Fixes

Smart TV Keeps Freezing

A smart TV is a great addition to any home entertainment setup; not only does it give you access to a host of advanced features, but it also allows you to stream your favorite shows and channels.

However, despite coming with state-of-the-art features that enhance entertainment, smart TVs are also known to freeze, which can significantly take away from your viewing experience.

So why does your smart TV keep freezing, and how can you fix the issue? 

A smart TV will keep freezing if it isn’t connecting to the internet router, has a poor Wi-Fi connection, has out-of-date apps, or has an improperly connected cable box. Try a power reset, install pending updates or clear data and cache to fix smart TV that keeps freezing.

Curious to learn more about why your smart TV keeps freezing?

If so, then you’ll find this article useful.

Read on as we break down some of the most common reasons smart TVs freeze and how you can fix them.

What Causes Smart TVs To Freeze?

Like most tech-reliant devices, smart TVs are prone to freezing.

You might even be shocked to see your newly bought smart TV freezing up during a binge-a-thon. 

Here’s the good news. 

Freezing is a common problem that often stems from connection issues, not issues with the TV itself.

Below are some of the reasons why smart TVs freeze and how you can fix them. 

No Internet Connection

Your smart TV will almost certainly hang if you’re trying to view an online program or channel without connecting to the internet.

First, check your TV to determine if it’s connected to your Wi-Fi

You might have to disconnect your TV from your internet connection and attempt to reconnect it again.

Once reconnected, your TV should stream without hanging or freezing. 

Wi-Fi Not Working

If you’re connected to the internet, and your smart TV continues to freeze, there’s likely a problem with the Wi-Fi.

Your internet router should be on (without flashing red) for it to connect with the smart TV.

However, if the router flashes red, that may signal an underlying issue that needs fixing.

Check on other devices like phones and tablets to see if they’re connected to your Wi-Fi.

You’ll know the Wi-Fi has issues if your other devices fail to connect successfully to the internet. 

If you suspect your Wi-Fi has connectivity issues, the next step is to switch it off and restart it.

Switching the router off then on will help fix any minor problems with the connection.  

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Unupdated Apps

Smart TVs share a lot of similarities with smartphones. 

First, they both come packed with several applications that enhance overall usability.

Second, their apps won’t work as expected without a stable internet connection. 

As a rule of thumb, update all apps whenever the developers release updates.

Failure to update the apps will affect your smart TV’s performance, leading to frequent freezes, especially when attempting to establish an internet connection. 

Apps like Netflix and YouTube are notorious for freezing whenever they aren’t regularly updated.

If you suspect the apps might be misbehaving due to delayed updates, head over to the app settings to confirm whether there’s an update available for download.

If you update the apps, but they still freeze, you might need to uninstall and reinstall them again. 

Troubleshooting Netflix Freezing Issues

If your TV is freezing when trying to play a movie or TV show, Netflix recommends signing out of the app.

Using your device’s remote, press sign out or start over.

Then, sign back into your Netflix account.

Hopefully, signing out then in again will solve the freezing issue. 

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Incorrectly Plugged Cable Box

An Incorrectly Plugged Cable Box Keeps Your Smart TV Freezing

Another cause of freezing could be problems with cable box connections.

This issue commonly occurs when wires aren’t correctly plugged in or if connections are weak.

Luckily, fixing the issue is pretty straightforward, as all you’ll need to do is unplug the wires and reinsert them again. 

Try interchanging and reconnecting the wires until the cable box is connected correctly.

Quick Fixes for When Your Smart TV Keeps Pausing

It’s common for smart TVs to freeze, especially when connecting to online apps like YouTube.

Below are quick fixes to help sort the issue and restore normal viewing. 

Power Reset Your TV

Sometimes, powering off the smart TV is all that’s needed to solve the freezing problem.

Performing a restart should be reasonably simple regardless of the type of TV you’re using.

Sony recommends unplugging the power cord for two to five minutes before turning the TV back on. 

If you power rest your TV and the problem persists, try checking for notifications about pending updates since they also lead to freezing in smart TVs, as discussed in the next section. 

Install Pending Updates

As mentioned earlier, you might need to install pending updates to address the issue of freezing apps.

Using your device’s remote control, scroll to apps and head to the Google Play Store.

Keep in mind that you need a Google account to access the store.

If you don’t have an active Google account, you’ll need to create one now.

Once you’ve updated the problematic app, your TV should go back to normal and stop freezing.

However, you’ll need to reboot the TV by pressing the power button before testing if the streaming apps resume normal functioning. 

Consider trying the step below if your TV still freezes after installing all pending updates. 

Clear the Apps Data and Cache

If your TV is still freezing after installing updates, you’ll need to take the next step: clearing the data and cache of the app that’s freezing. 

How you’ll clear the data and cache of the app largely depends on the smart TV you’re using to stream.

However, on most devices, the settings button will take you to the app’s settings, where you can clear data and cache. 

If clearing the data and cache doesn’t solve the freezing problem, you may need to perform a factory data reset, as discussed in the next section. 

Perform a Factory Data Reset

Performing a factory data reset will be the last option, as it’ll wipe out all your personalized settings, from wireless network settings to app and channel preferences. 

It’s best to go through your smart TV’s user’s manual to learn more about the troubleshooting process if your TV misbehaves and keeps freezing. 

However, if push comes to shove and your smart TV keeps freezing, consider restoring the factory settings. 

And since performing a factory data reset isn’t standard across all devices, consult with your user’s manual first.

Contact the Manufacturer

On most occasions, you won’t need to get to this step. 

But if you’ve tried all the previous steps and your smart TV still keeps freezing, there might be something wrong with your device. 

Consider reaching out to your manufacturer’s customer support team for assistance.

Even better, you can also claim a warranty if your device has defects within the warranty period. 

Wrapping Up

It’s normal for smart TVs to freeze every once in a while, especially when there are network and connectivity issues.

Always check on your internet connection to determine whether your TV is connected to your local Wi-Fi. 

If you determine that the internet connection works as required, the next step is to check on the TV.

Inspect the freezing app to determine whether it needs an update.

Also, consider uninstalling and installing the app again if the issue isn’t with the app updates. 

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