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How Do You Open a Kwikset Lock With a Dead Battery? 4 Ways

How Do You Open A Kwikset Lock With A Dead Battery

Kwikset keyless entry locks and smart locks are the latest innovation in home security.

Having a keyless lock means no longer having to rummage through your bag for a set of keys, as the door unlocks with the entry of a secure key code.

But how do you open a Kwikset lock with a dead battery?

To open a Kwikset lock with a dead battery, unlock the smart lock with the appropriate key. As a last resort, you may also force open the deadbolt to access your home. After unlocking your door, take apart the Kwikset lock per the manufacturer’s instructions, and replace the batteries. 

Throughout this article, we’ll explain the process for unlocking a Kwikset keyless lock with a dead battery and explain how you can change the batteries on your unit.

We’ll also reveal why owning a smart lock can improve your quality of life as a homeowner.

Use a Key To Enter Your House

The vast majority of Kwikset keyless and smart locks also open with a standard key.

Models such as the 264 Contemporary Keypad Deadbolt or 909 SmartCode Traditional Electronic Deadbolt serve as smart and classic locks.

If you forget your access code, cannot seem to enter the correct digits, or the battery on your Kwikset lock dies, use the key that works with your Kwikset front door lock.

The Kwikset will open immediately, and then you can swap out the batteries to get the system working again.

Keyless locks use military-grade PKI encryption and other security measures, but having a backup plan is always beneficial.

Even though we use a digital code to enter our home most days, we always have access to our front door key.

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Keep a Spare Key on Hand

Even if you plan to use the digital keypad or a smartphone to unlock your Kwikset deadbolt, having the physical key on your person is helpful.

You could keep a copy of the key in your car, briefcase, purse, messenger bag, or pocket if the digital system on the lock stops working.

Replace Dead Batteries on a Kwikset Lock

Replacing batteries on your Kwikset smart lock is an integral part of keeping the lock functional.

Keyless lock models offer ample warning about the state of the battery. If you notice a low battery warning on your deadbolt, change them immediately.

Below is a quick step-by-step guide that explains how you can replace the batteries on your Kwikset lock.

Some of the steps may be different, depending on the model of the device you own. Kwikset publishes user manuals for all their locks on the official website.

  1. Ensure the lock is unlocked or disarmed. If you try to work on the lock while the system is armed, you may trigger an alarm.
  2. Shift the turn bolt on the interior side of the lock to the vertical position.
  3. Insert the wrench that came with your lock into a screw, which should be on the left side of the battery cover. If you cannot find the screws, consult the user manual.
  4. Repeat Step 3 for the right side and bottom screws of the battery cover.
  5. Remove the battery cover and pull the battery pack out of the lock.
  6. Take out the AA or AAA batteries from within the battery pack, and replace them with brand new versions. If you use rechargeable batteries, ensure the ones you’re inserting have a full charge.
  7. Some Kwikset models require you to press the Program button for 5 seconds and then press the A button for five seconds before reinserting the battery pack.
  8. As you slide the battery pack back into the lock, press the Lock button on your deadbolt for a few seconds as well.
  9. Reconnect the battery cover to the rest of the lock, and fix the screws you removed in the earlier steps into their appropriate slots.
  10. Confirm the low battery warning is gone from your lock and test the interface to ensure everything works properly.

If you have any problems during the above steps, read through the user manual that came with your Kwikset keyless lock.

Here’s a video from Prices Alarms to show you how to replace batteries on a Kwikset electronic lock:

If you’re still confused, here’s another video from sellgooddeals DIY to help you: 

Changing the Code on Your Kwikset Lock

Kwikset makes it very easy for you to change the codes on your keyless lock.

Below is a step by step guide to creating a new master code:

  1. Keep your door open, and press and hold the Program button until the keypad on your lock is flashing green. 
  2. Press the lock button and enter a new master code.
  3. Press the lock button again, and re-enter the master code. 
  4. Press the lock button one final time, and you have a new master code for your Kwikset lock.

Why Invest in a Smart Lock?

Keyless locks are the latest technological advancement in home security.

An intelligent lock is more convenient, secure, and connected compared to a traditional deadbolt.

Kwikset smart lock models typically include a keypad and a key slot for accessing the front door to a house or room.

There’s no need to use the key if your keyless lock is functioning correctly, as entering the code will open up your door.

If you aren’t home, but you want to let a friend or family member in, you can give them your code and then change it when they leave.

Specific Kwikset models allow you to set multiple codes and then disable those codes as necessary.

Kwikset locks also have an auto-lock mode, which can automatically lock your door within 5 or 10 minutes.

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Smartphone Integration

Specific Kwikset locks, including the Halo, Halo Touch, and Aura, have an accompanying smartphone application.

The app is downloadable on both Apple iOS and Android smartphones for free.

If your Kwikset lock has an accompanying smartphone app, you can use your phone to lock and unlock your deadbolt.

The app also supports remote locking and unlocking, which means you can open up the door for someone without giving them a code.

While the standard Kwikset smart locks are appealing, we always go with a smartphone-compatible model.

Not only is it more convenient to lock and unlock from our phones, but the app also offers us so much more information.

We can access the lock history with a few presses on the app, which shows us the specific days when someone unlocks our front door.

Best Keyless Lock Models

The Kwikset SmartCode 917 is an appealing entry smart lock for anyone who wants their first taste of a keyless lock experience.

You can also choose between contemporary and traditional aesthetics in Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, Matte Black, and Polished Chrome.

If you’re willing to invest more money in a keyless lock, you’ll be thrilled with the Kwikset Halo Smart Lock.

The model supports smartphone integration, features both a keypad and key for accessing your home, and comes in four different colors (Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, Iron Black, and Polished Chrome).

There are other brands of keyless locks you may want to consider as well.

Schlange is a well-known maker of smart locks, and the Schlange Encode is an outstanding deadbolt with a keypad, physical key, and smartphone integration.

Final Thoughts

A Kwikset lock should display a low battery warning for at least 2 or 3 weeks before the battery dies completely.

Even if you ignore those warnings, don’t panic if your smart lock no longer functions.

Such lock models still work, even if the keyless component is off without battery power.

Use the regular key that fits into the lock, open your front door, and then take apart the lock to replace the batteries.

Follow the guide above to safely replace the batteries on your Kwikset lock and try to keep a set of spare batteries at home.

As soon as you notice the low battery warning on your keyless lock, replace them immediately.

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