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11 Steps To Change Kwikset Smart Lock Code (2023 How-To)

How To Change Kwikset Smart Lock Code

Do you have a new tenant?

Or did the contract with your former babysitter end already?

Well, it’s highly advisable that you change your smart lock code immediately.

Doing this helps ensure that your home will stay secured and protected at all times.

“But I don’t know how I can change it.”

Don’t worry, as changing the code in your Kwikset smart lock is super easy.

No program coding or disassembling parts!

Continue reading to learn:

  • How to change the 2nd to 4th access codes.
  • 11 easy steps to change Kwikset smart lock code.
  • Where the program button is located, and how to access it.
  • Whether the process is the same when using a program code.
  • And a lot more…

How to change a Kwikset smart lock code – 11 steps

#1: Make sure that the door is open and unlocked

Before starting the process,, make sure that your door is open and unlocked.

Some mistakes in the process can cause your door to get stuck.

It rarely happens, but it’s still possible. 

So, make sure to do this precautionary measure to prevent getting locked in your home.

Do this, especially if you only have one entry/exit door.

Note: The door is unlocked if the deadbolt or latch bolt isn’t extending.

#2: Remove the interior cover window

Next, go in front of the back panel of your lock. 

And remove the interior cover window.

Check if there are 2 screws on the sides of the back panel.

If there are none, simply remove the cover by lifting it upwards.

If there are screws, use a screwdriver to loosen them. Then, remove the entire back panel cover.

Make sure to set aside the screws properly to not lose them.

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#3: Press the “Program” button 

For the 3rd step, you’d need to press the “Program” button once.

It’s located inside the back panel.

It’s the only button you’d see. And sometimes, it has a label on it, depending on your lock model.

So, you shouldn’t have a problem using it.

If you have a Kwikset smart lock 917 or 955, you’d need a SmartKey tool or a paperclip to press the program button.

Note: This process only applies to Kwikset smart locks that don’t have their program codes activated. Changing codes using the program code follows a different process.

#4: Enter new access code

Kwikset Smart Lock New Access Code

Next, go in front of the lock keypad. Then, enter a new access code you want to program.

Make sure that it’s 4 to 8 digits long.

For stronger security, ensure that the first 4 digits on each code are unique.

Warning: The keypad locks out after 5 seconds of inactivity. So, make sure to enter your new access code quickly.

To prevent the process from failing, prepare your new code before starting. Have it written on some paper or your phone.

#5: Press the “Lock” keypad button

Right after entering your new code, press the “Lock” button on the keypad once.

It’s usually wider than the numbered buttons. And has a “Lock” label or icon on it.

“But I don’t see a ‘Lock’ label or icon…”

If that’s the case, then look for a button that has a “Kwikset” label.

On some models, the lock button has a “Kwikset” label.

Check which label is present in your smart lock keypad.

After pressing it once, you may hear 2 short beeps.

Need visual instructions on how to change code in Kwikset smart lock? Then, watch this short video:

#6: Try the new access code

To ensure that your new code is working, try testing it.

Keep your door open and locked. Meaning, the latch bolt or deadbolt should be extending outwards.

Then, enter your new access code.

When the latch bolt retracts, it means that the process has been successful. 

If the door remains unlocked, meaning the process has failed. 

You may have entered the wrong digit combination. Or failed to press the “Lock” or “Program” buttons properly.

If that happens to you, repeat steps #1 to #5. 

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#7: Press the “Program button twice

“I want to change my 2nd access code as well. Does it follow the same process?”

Changing the 2nd access code on a Kwikset smart lock follows almost the same process.

But instead of pressing the “Program” button once, you have to press it twice.

So, to change the 2nd access code, go in front of the back panel again.

Then, press the “Program” button twice.

#8: Enter the 2nd access code

Next, enter the new 2nd access code you want to program.

Avoid entering a code that is similar to your other code.

Also, avoid using your birth date, anniversary date, or any dates that relate to you.

You can use a random code generator to create a unique code combination.

#9: Press the “Lock” keypad button

To confirm your new 2nd access code, press the “Lock” button once.

After pressing it, you may hear 1 long beep.

That indicates that the process is successful.

After that, make sure to test your 2nd access code as well.

Keep your door open and locked.

Enter your new 2nd access code and see if the door unlocks.

If not, repeat steps #7 to #9.

#10: Repeat steps #2 to #4

“Can I still add new access codes?”

Kwikset smart locks allow users to change or add access codes at least 4 times.

Meaning, you can program at least 4 different access codes on your smart lock.

Changing the 3rd and 4th access codes follows almost the same process.

But here’s where it changes:

  • For the 3rd access code: press the “Program” button thrice.
  • For the 4th access code: press the “Program: button four times.

Note: Make sure to press the “Program” button quickly to avoid inactivity. Then, perform the test process as well.

#11: Secure the interior cover window

After pressing the “Lock” button, secure the interior cover window.

Make sure to return the back panel cover.

If you’ve removed some screws, make sure to screw them back in.

After that, the code-changing process is done!

You should now be able to use your new codes on your Kwikset smart lock.

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