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5 Steps to Change the Batteries in an August Smart Lock

How To Change The Batteries In An August Smart Lock

It’s easy to see the advantages of a smart lock: never get locked out, not having to fumble with your keys when you have your hands full, the ability to double-check if you locked the door after you’ve left for the day.

But your August Smart Lock will need fresh batteries every three months, so you should get familiar with the process of replacing them.

While each generation of the August Smart locks will have specific requirements, all generations except the Wifi Smart Lock follow this general process:

  1. Choose the proper batteries
  2. Remove the battery cover 
  3. Use the ribbon to remove the four batteries
  4. Replace with standard alkaline batteries
  5. Replace the battery cover 

In this article, I will break down the step-by-step process of changing the batteries for each generation.

Keep reading to learn more. 

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First Generation 

Changing the Batteries in an August Smart Lock is relatively and follows the original five-step process closely. 

Step 1: Choose the Proper Batteries

The August Smart Lock, First Gen on, requires: 4 standard alkaline AA batteries. 

August Smart Locks recommends using standard alkaline non-rechargeable batteries in the Smart Lock, First Gen.

While rechargeable batteries save money and are better for the environment, they may fail to provide users with a satisfactory experience. 

Some issues resulting from using rechargeable or extended-life batteries include failure to alert when batteries are low, which can cause the lock to die without warning, or false alarm low-battery alerts. 

Step 2: Remove the Battery Cover

Apply pressure to the faceplate, which is the circular plate on the front of the lock.

Turn counterclockwise to loosen it until the faceplate and battery cover can be removed. 

Once this is done, you should be looking at a circular battery case with two sets of battery sockets in a slight “V” formation.

If the batteries are low or dead, the light in the center of the circle will be red. 

Step 3: Use the Ribbon To Remove the Batteries

The Smart Lock, First Gen requires four AA batteries, which are inserted two by two vertically diagonal in the battery case. 

To remove the batteries, first, pull the foremost two batteries out with your fingers.

The gaps on either side of the batteries should allow the first on either side to be removed with relative ease. 

Once the first two are out, use the ribbon on the inside of the battery chamber to pull out the second battery on either side.

Make sure that the ribbon is underneath the bottom battery when you replace them. 

Step 4: Replace With Four Standard Alkaline Batteries

Replace Your August Smart Lock With Alkaline Batteries

Once the old batteries are out, they can be discarded.

As mentioned before, August Smart Locks officially recommends not using rechargeable batteries in smart locks. 

Replace the dead batteries with 4 new, standard AA alkaline batteries.

Insert the batteries into the chamber, making sure that the ribbon is securely underneath the first battery you put in on either side.

(This will save you from having to disassemble the lock in order to remove the deeper-seated batteries next time they need to be changed.)

It is important to replace all the batteries at the same time in order to make sure that they are all on the same lifecycle.

(This will end up saving you a lot of batteries in the long run, as you don’t end up throwing away only partially depleted batteries.)

Step 5: Replace the Battery Cover

Once you’ve replaced the dead batteries with new ones, the light in the center of the battery case should change from red to green. 

The battery cover plate should snap magnetically back into place. 

Once that’s complete, your smart lock is fully recharged and ready to go.

Keep an eye on the app for the next low battery warning. 

Battery life, according to consumer reports, varies quite a bit, but generally, you can expect to replace the batteries every 3-6 months. 

An alert will appear in the notification on your smartphone when the batteries reach 25% life. 

Second Generation/Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock, Second Gen from, requires: 4 standard alkaline AA batteries. 

The process of changing the batteries in the Second Generation Smart Lock (or the Smart Lock Pro) is almost exactly the same as that of its First Generation predecessor. 

The major difference between the process of replacing the batteries in the second generation (or Pro) Smart Lock is that you press on the  August logo at the bottom of the faceplate in order to access the batteries. 

When replacing the faceplate on the Second Generation Smart Lock, make sure that the August Logo is on the bottom so that you can easily open the battery case next time you need to replace them. 

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Third Generation

The August Smart Lock Pro, Third Gen on, requires: standard alkaline AA batteries. 

The same steps used for the Second Generation/Smart Lock Pro can be used to replace the batteries in the August Smart Lock, Third Generation. 

With this generation of August Smart Locks, and possibly in the others as well, you may continue to receive notifications through your smartphone that the Smart Lock has a low battery. 

This is not unusual, and the notifications will cease after the lock has been used a few times with the fresh batteries, according to August Smart Locks’ support page. 

Fourth Generation 

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, Fourth Gen from, requires: 

  • Two (2)  3-volt CR123 non-rechargeable lithium batteries 


  • Two (2) CR123A lithium batteries

The Wifi Smart Lock, the most recent generation of the August Smart Locks line, is the only one that uses CR123 lithium batteries instead of standard AAs.

The process of accessing the batteries, too, is different from its predecessors. 

In order to access Wifi Smart Lock’s batteries, you still press down on the August logo at the bottom of the faceplate. 

The faceplate should lift at the other end, allowing the user to pull it away from the lock. 

Once the faceplate has been removed, take out both of the spent batteries and replace them with new CR123 non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

Make sure that the positive side of both batteries is facing up towards you. 

The light in the center should blink green if the batteries are properly installed and alive. 

Once the light blinks, replace the faceplate, properly oriented so that the logo is once more at the bottom.

As with the other Smart Locks, low battery warnings may persist for a little while after you’ve changed the batteries. Allow for several locks/unlocks before the alerts cease. 

You may also want to get used to low battery alerts.

Many consumers report that August’s Fourth Generation smart locks suck up battery life at around twice the rate of earlier models.


Changing the batteries in your front door lock is something that Smart Lock users have to get used to frequently doing.

Fortunately, the process of changing the batteries in an August Smart Lock is relatively simple. 

Following the 5-step process listed above, the task of replacing the batteries in the smart lock can be completed in under five minutes. 

If the batteries in your August Smart Lock die, don’t panic.  You can always use the fob or physical key to open the door. 

Simply replace the batteries following the instructions relating to your specific lock, and the convenience of managing your door lock from anywhere is once again at your fingertips.

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