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(7 Fixes) Xfinity Router Blinking Orange [Updated 2023]

Without access to the Internet…

Your smart household devices lose most of their functionality. 

So, you shouldn’t ignore an unusual blinking orange light on your Xfinity router. 

Well, today’s your lucky day. 

Because you found the perfect guide to help you stop this problem. 

Continue reading to discover:

  • The most common reasons your Xfinity router is blinking orange. 
  • 7 quick fixes for Xfinity routers that won’t stop blinking orange light. 
  • How to check if Xfinity has service interruptions causing this problem.
  • And a lot more… 

Why is my Xfinity router blinking orange?

Your Xfinity router is blinking orange because your device is updating. This also happens when Xfinity has a service interruption in your area. And your router sometimes blinks orange light if it’s glitching. Loose cable connections also cause this problem to happen.

Xfinity router blinking orange: 7 fixes

#1: Let your router update 

Sometimes, your Xfinity router blinks orange light when it’s updating. 

And as you know, updates are crucial to improving your device’s performance. 

So, before you try to change anything on your router… 

It’s best to let your device download the files it needs from the Internet. Without any interruptions.

“How do I know if my router’s simply updating or already has issues?” 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to distinguish each other yet. 

However, Xfinity routers typically finish updating between 30-45 minutes. 

So, leave your device alone for an hour.

Then, observe if your router still blinks orange afterward.  

If it does… 

Your Xfinity device has issues. Because the lights would’ve stopped within the hour if it was only updating. So if the blinking persists, proceed to the next solution. 

#2: Ensure there’s no service outage

Xfinity is 1 of the most reliable Internet service providers in the United States.

But its servers aren’t totally safe from glitches and bugs. 

So, occasionally, Xfinity’s routers stop working due to network errors. 

During a service outage… 

All Xfinity routers in a particular area will experience some sort of problem. Which includes the blinking orange light issue you have. 

Now, there are 2 ways to check if a service outage is indeed causing this problem:

  1. Through Xfinity’s website. 
  2. By using Downdetector. 

The 1st is more accurate. While the 2nd is much faster to do. 

So, decide which aspect you prioritize. 

Then, proceed to the dedicated steps of your preferred method below. 

Use Xfinity’s website to check if there’s a service outage:

Step 1: Log in to your Xfinity account

Open your phone or PC’s browser. 

Then, head to to sign in.

Step 2: Click the Account icon 

This is the logo that looks like a person on the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Choose Support 

You’ll see this on the small window that shows up.

Step 4: Tap the Status Center icon

This is located in the Common Solutions section. Which you’ll find when you scroll down. 

Step 5: Read the banner at the top of the page 

If you see a green check mark with this sentence:

“Everything looks good!” 

That means Xfinity doesn’t currently have service interruptions in your area.

So, you should proceed to the next solution to fix this blinking orange light problem. 

However, if you see a red icon… 

The service provider is currently working on some network issues. 

Hence, you should simply wait until Xfinity fixes the problem. 

Now, I know this checking process is a bit too long.

So, if you want a shortcut, here’s how you can…

Use Downdetector to check if Xfinity’s servers are down:

  1. Open your phone or PC.
  2. Launch a browser. 
  3. Head to this website.
  4. Read the statement in the middle of the page. 

You’ll see this sentence if Xfinity’s services are up and running like usual:

“User reports indicate no current problems at Xfinity by Comcast.”

So, if you see anything else… 

That means your ISP’s system is currently down.

Note: Downdetector is a 3rd-party website. Hence, it won’t always be up to date with the current status of Xfinity’s system. However, based on experience, its reports are 90% accurate.

#3: Power cycle your router 

Xfinity routers may look like simple devices compared to your phone or PC.

But within their small frames… 

Routers also handle multiple tasks at any given time. 

So, similar to other gadgets… 

Your Xfinity device also glitches if it’s overwhelmed with its activities. 

Don’t worry, though.

There’s a quick way to refresh glitchy or laggy routers.

And that’s to conduct a power cycle. 

In other words… 

You should unplug your Xfinity router from its outlet.

Then, connect it to power again a minute later. 

Now, this might sound too simple to be a fix. 

But as a tech expert…

I guarantee that power cycling is 1 of the most effective fixes for tech-related issues like:

So, let’s also fix your Xfinity router’s blinking light problem with this process.

Just follow these…

Steps to power cycle your Xfinity router:

  1. Unplug your device from the outlet.
  2. Set a timer for 1 minute. 
  3. Connect your router to its power source again. 

Now, wait for another 2-3 minutes to let your device turn ON completely.

After that, observe if it still blinks orange.

#4: Reseat cables 

A blinking orange LED on your router also indicates that… 

There’s a loose cable connected to your device.

Because routers only work efficiently if you plug their cords all the way through. 

So, for this fix… 

Reseat your Xfinity device’s cables:

Note: Turning OFF your router while doing this fix is optional.

Step 1: Unplug every cord connected to your router

The order doesn’t matter. 

So, simply disconnect every cable from your device. 

Note: You may exclude or include its power cord, depending on your preference. 

Step 2: Check the connectors of each cable  

If a connector on a cable shows signs of being:

  • Bent.
  • Rusty.
  • Damaged. 

Replace that particular cord with a new one. 

Step 3: Reconnect the cables to your router

Ensure that you push them all the way through. 

And turn ON your router again if needed. 

After this process… 

Observe your device for 3 minutes to check if it’s still blinking orange.

#5: Remove your router’s ethernet splitter

Many Xfinity routers only have 2 ethernet ports. 

So, some users try to work around this problem by using cable splitters. 

Now, most of the time…

A splitter won’t cause any significant issues with your router. 

However, if you’re plugging too many (over 5) ethernet connections to your network…

Your router might be too overwhelmed. 

As a result…

It’ll blink orange lights to notify you that you’re using too many ethernet cables. 

That said, for this solution…

You should remove the splitter on your router if it has one. And only use the built-in ethernet ports on your device

Power cycle your router again after making this change. 

Then, check if you’ve finally fixed the problem. 

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#6: Limit the devices using your WiFi 

Did you know that too many devices can crash a router

See, you can connect over 200 gadgets to your network if you wish to.

But honestly… 

You should only let less than 15 devices use your WiFi. 

Because the more gadgets you connect to your network…

The slower your Internet will be. 

And worst case scenario…

Your router may even stop working. Or start rapidly blinking orange lights when it’s overloaded. 

So, this time, you should disconnect most of your gadgets from your WiFi. 

Note: There are 2 methods to do this process.

Let’s start with the most common approach, which is to… 

Manually disconnect your devices from the WiFi:

  1. Turn ON your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Launch the Settings app.
  3. Select Wi-Fi.
  4. Tap your network’s name.
  5. Choose the Forget This Network tab.
  6. Confirm the action. 
  1. Turn ON your phone or tablet.
  2. Go to its Settings.
  3. From the list, select Wi-Fi.
  4. Press and hold your network’s name.
  5. Select Forget network from the window that appears. 

Note: Exact steps may vary depending on the brand/model of your Android device. 

Now, honestly…

This manual process can be pretty time-consuming. Especially if you need to disconnect more than 5 devices from your network.

So, if you want to save time…

Change your WiFi password to disconnect all devices from your network instead. 

I’ll teach you how to do this using both the Xfinity app and website. 

To start, here’s how you can… 

Change your WiFi password through the app

Step 1: Install the Xfinity application

You most likely already have this app on your phone.

After all, it’s the easiest way to manage your Xfinity services. 

But if you don’t have it yet…

Head to the Xfinity app’s download page (iOS/Android).

And install the mobile application before you… 

Step 2: Log in using your Xfinity account 

Ensure that you use the one associated with your router. 

Step 3: Choose Connect

You’ll see this option immediately when you successfully log in.

Step 4: Select your network’s name 

And once the My Network menu opens up…

Step 5: Tap the Pencil icon

You’ll find this in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Step 6: Change your password

Pro tip: Ensure that you can remember it long-term. 

Step 7: Choose Apply Changes

Note: This blue button is at the bottom of your screen. 

And just like that…

You’ve successfully disconnected your devices from the WiFi. 

Don’t want to use the Xfinity app?

I got you.

Here’s how you can…

Change your WiFi password through the Xfinity website:

Step 1: Go to the brand’s official website

Open up a browser.

Then, go to this URL:

Step 2: Click My Account

This heading is located in the upper-left section of your device. 

Step 3: Tap Settings

You’ll see this right under the My Account heading you selected earlier.

Step 4: Choose Internet

This option is part of the XFINITY Services section on the page. 

Step 5: Select WiFi Credentials 

You’ll find this in the center area of the website. 

Step 6: Edit your network’s password

Find the text saying “WiFi password.”

Then, tap the Edit option on its right side. 

Step 7: Write your new password 

Once you’re sure about the changes you’ve made…

Tap the Save option. 

Then, power cycle your router to refresh its system entirely. 

#7: Factory reset your router

As your last resort for this problem…

You should factory reset your router.

Warning: This process reverts your device’s settings to their factory defaults. So, you’ll remove the custom name and password of your WiFi. And you’ll also disconnect your devices from the network. 

Now, you’re probably wondering:  

“But how would a factory reset remove the blinking orange light from my router?”

Well, as stated earlier… 

This process removes every custom setting on your router. 

And luckily, along with your information…

You also remove bugs and glitches from your router when you factory reset it. 

And if they’re the ones causing this problem…

The blinking light on your device will be gone after this process. 

That said, follow these steps to…

Factory reset your Xfinity router:

Step 1: Prepare a pointy object

Your router’s Reset button is hidden inside a small shallow hole.

So to press it, you’ll need pointed items like the following:

  • Toothpick.
  • Paper clip.
  • SIM card key. 

Once you have a pointy object ready… 

Step 2: Find your device’s Reset button

You’ll see this at the back of your router. Near the ports of your device. 

Step 3: Factory reset your router

Grab the pointy object your prepared earlier.

Then, use it to press inside the Reset hole on your device. 

Keep pushing the button for 30 seconds. Or until all the lights on your router turn OFF. 

After doing so…

Set up your router from scratch again with the help of this video:

Note: Exact steps may vary depending on the model of your Xfinity router. 

Now, the blinking orange light on your device should be gone. Unless there’s something seriously wrong with your router’s hardware or software. 

So, if you still have the same problem… 

Bonus: Contact Xfinity

The hard reality is…

Some tech problems simply need professionals to fix.

But luckily, Xfinity’s representatives are always just a chat away. 

So, go to the brand’s official customer support website

Then, tap the Ask Xfinity button to contact the company’s tech experts. 


You may also bring your router to 1 of Xfinity’s local branches to get it fixed in person.