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(7 Fixes) Xfinity Router Blinking Blue [Updated 2023]

Xfinity Router Blinking Blue

Your Xfinity router can’t talk like Siri or Alexa…

But it can communicate using its indicator lights.

So, if your device is blinking blue… 

You should take the proper measures to address your router’s issue. 

Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Continue reading to discover:

  • 7 quick fixes for your Xfinity router that’s blinking blue.
  • How to use your router’s WPS button to stop this problem in seconds. 
  • The most common reasons you see a blinking blue light on your router. 
  • And this is just the beginning… 

Why is my Xfinity router blinking blue?

Your Xfinity router is blinking blue because it’s in  WPS pairing mode. This also happens when your router is glitching or if there’s a service outage in your area. Sometimes, loose connections and stubborn bugs also make your router blink blue light. 

Xfinity router blinking blue: 7 fixes

#1: Wait for 5 minutes

When you see a blinking blue light on your router…

It’s easy to assume that something might be wrong with your network.

But don’t worry. Most of the time…

This light just shows that your router is in its WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) pairing mode. Which means your WiFi source is searching for gadgets to connect with. 

Now, Xfinity routers usually exit their WPS mode after 3 minutes or so. Regardless if they made a connection or not. 

So, set a timer for 5 minutes… 

Then, observe if the blinking blue light disappears during this duration. 

“I’ve waited for 5 minutes. But my router is still blinking blue.”

In that case, it’s time to… 

#2: Press your router’s WPS button 

Your Xfinity device usually exits its WPS pairing mode automatically.

But in some instances…

Your router won’t stop trying to find gadgets to connect with. Unless you interfere. 

So, for this solution…

You’ll need to manually make your Xfinity device stop its WPS pairing mode. 

By pressing its WPS key.

Now, the exact location of this button depends on the type of router you have. 

So, let me help you…

Find the WPS key depending on your Xfinity router’s model:

xFi Advanced Gateway (XB7 and newer)

The WPS button is located at the back of your device.

And it has a transparent icon that looks like alternating arrows. 

xFi Advanced Gateway (XB6)

You’ll find the WPS button at the top of your router. 

And it’s on the left side of the Xfinity logo.  

Wireless Gateway

The WPS button is located at the top of your device. Accompanied by an icon that looks like 2 alternating arrows. 

And now that you know where your router’s WPS button is…

Simply tap it once. 

Then, observe if there’s still a blinking blue light on your Xfinity device. 

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#3: Restart your router 

Did the previous solution not work? 

If so, there’s a huge chance that your router’s currently glitching.

Hence, it can’t fully accomplish the tasks you want it to do. Which includes exiting the WPS pairing mode. 

Luckily though…

Stopping your router from glitching is just as easy as the previous solutions. 

Because all you need to do is restart your device through any of these 2 methods:

  • Using the Xfinity app.
  • Power cycling your router. 

While both are easy…. 

The first one’s more convenient if your router isn’t in an easily accessible spot. 

So, let me start with the specific steps to… 

Restart your router using the Xfinity app:

Step 1: Download the mobile application

Skip to the next step if you already have the app.

But if you need to reinstall it…

Head to the Xfinity application’s download page (iOS/Android).

And update/install the app as necessary before you proceed to… 

Step 2: Sign in to the application

Make sure you’re using the Xfinity account associated with your router. 

Step 3: Tap the Internet tile

You’ll find this when you scroll down the app. 

Step 4: Choose your router

And when new choices appear on your screen…

Step 5: Tap the Restart this device option 

Now, simply wait for your router to restart. 

Note: This process can take up to 7 minutes. 

And as promised, here’s how you can do the 2nd method, which is to…

Restart your router through power cycling:

  1. Ensure that your Xfinity device is ON.
  2. Unplug it from the outlet.
  3. Set a timer for a whole minute. 
  4. Plug your Xfinity router into its power source again when the timer ends. 
  5. Wait for 3 minutes so your device can turn ON entirely. 

If your router still blinks blue after this process, proceed to the next fix to… 

#4: Ensure there’s no service outage 

Although Xfinity is a very reliable Internet Service Provider… 

Its system isn’t always safe from glitches. Or external factors that can affect your network. 

So, sometimes, the company needs to interrupt its services in a certain area to fix a problem. 

And when this happens…

Every Xfinity user in that location will experience network issues. Or see odd blinking lights on their routers. 

Now, I know service outage sucks. 

But here’s the good thing about this part: 

If Xfinity’s service interruption is causing this blinking blue light on your router…

That means you don’t need to do anything to fix this problem. 

Because once Xfinity resolves the service outage… 

Your router will start showing its standard operational white lights again. 

“How will I know if there’s a service outage in my area?”

Simple. Just follow these steps to… 

Check if Xfinity services are down in your location:

Step 1: Sign in to Xfinity’s official website 

Launch a browser on your phone or PC.

Then go to to sign in. 

Once you’ve successfully logged in… 

Step 2: Tap the Account icon 

This is the button that looks like a person.

Step 3: Choose Support

You’ll find this in the small window on your screen. 

Step 4: Click Status Center

This is under the Common Solutions section at the bottom part of the page. 

Step 5: Check the banner at the top of your screen

Specifically, observe the icon on its left side.

If it’s green…

That means there’s currently no Xfinity service outage in your area. 

So, you should proceed to the next solution to stop the blinking blue light on your router. 

However, if you see a red icon…

Xfinity’s services are temporarily unavailable in your location. Causing this blinking blue light on your router. So, you should simply wait until your ISP’s experts fix this problem.

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#5: Check the cables 

Check The Cables Of Your Xfinity Router

Loose connections also cause blinking blue lights to appear on your router. 

So, for this fix…

You should ensure that your device’s cables are correctly connected. And that none of them has any visible damage. 

That said, let me teach you the exact steps to… 

Ensure that your router’s cables aren’t causing this problem:

Step 1: Make your Xfinity router accessible

If it’s currently at the top of your cabinet or other hard-to-reach spots… 

Lower it down temporarily. So you’ll have a much easier time accessing your device’s cords. 

Pro tip: You may unplug your router from its power source if you wish to. 

Step 2: Disconnect every cable from your Xfinity device

Warning: Don’t wiggle the connectors as your plug them out. This action can destroy the pins that are necessary for your cables to make a connection. 

Step 3: Ensure that there’s no physical damage on each cord

Place all your router’s cables in a well-lit area.

Then, check each of them carefully.

Look out for these signs:

  • Deformation.
  • Open wires or small tears. 
  • Discoloration (burn marks).

And if you spot any of them on a cable, replace that specific cord with a new one. 

Step 4: Reconnect your cables to your router

Note: Do so in any particular order. 

Now, turn ON your router if necessary.

Then, observe your Xfinity device for at least 5 minutes. 

#6: Factory reset your router

Most of the time, restarting your Xfinity device is enough to stop it from glitching. 

But on rare occasions… 

Your router gets bugs and glitches that are too stubborn. 

And the only way to remove them is to factory reset your Xfinity device. 

Warning: This process deletes your information from your router. Meaning you’ll delete the custom name and password of your network. And you’ll also disconnect all devices from your WiFi. 

Now, this fix might sound complicated, but don’t worry. 

All you really have to do is long-press a button for this solution. 

So, just follow these…

3 simple steps to factory reset your router:

Step 1: Prepare a pointy object

Your router’s Reset button lies inside a tiny hole.

So, to push it, you need a sharp item like the following:

  • Paperclip.
  • Toothpick.
  • SIM card key. 

Once you have an object like the ones listed above…

Step 2: Locate your router’s Reset button

You’ll see this at the back of your Xfinity device.

And as mentioned earlier…

It’ll look like a small hole instead of a protruding key.

“I don’t see a tiny hole on my router.”

In that case… 

Consider your device’s WPS key as its Reset button for the next step. 

Step 3: Factory reset your router

Grab the pointy item you prepared earlier.

Then, use its sharpest end to push inside the Reset hole on your router. Until you feel the button inside compress slightly. 

Keep pressing the button for 30 seconds. Or until all the lights on your router turn OFF. 

Note : If your device doesn’t have a Reset hole, press its WPS for the same duration instead. 

After following this process… 

You may use this video to set up and activate your Xfinity router again:

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#7: Contact professionals 

Some Xfinity routers blink blue light due to serious hardware or software defects. 

And unfortunately, only the brand’s representatives can fix these types of problems. 

So, if your device is still blinking blue…

Head to your ISP’s official support website

Then, tap the Ask Xfinity button at the left to contact the brand’s tech professionals.


You may also bring your router to 1 of Xfinity’s centers for faster assistance.